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+7    The BEST Athan app on the App Store More than 80 Athan Voices from diverse muezzins and places DOWNLOAD IT NOW The most beautiful adhan with the most muezzins in the world Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. If you want ...    13 MB    Views 9654

SME Radio

+10    Radio is localize radio in Thailand. On air 24 hours/day. Everyone can use this for listen Internet Radio. Wifi or 3G/4G for streaming music. Free for everyone use and no paid for upgrade วิทยุชุมชนของประเทศไทย ออกอากาศทุกวัน ทุกเวลา    1 MB    Views 8076
+5    In the spring of 2014 it happened the most longawaited event for the Russian residents of Larnaca, opened the first Russian radio station, Radio «Lux» Favorite songs, hits, timetested, best new Russian music industry and, of course, a positive mood ...    31 MB    Views 1927
+23    Official Timetable & Map App for Spirit of Folk Festival 2015 provides you with an easy to use interface where you can view timetables for the festival and add reminders for acts you wish to see as well as building ...    13 MB    Views 61
0    This is the Free Version of Sounds of Christmas by mDecks. Try it before you buy the full version. Merry Christmas. Be the Music Master More than 30 Christmas Songs and Sounds where YOU ARE THE PERFORMER. Entertain family and friends with ...    31 MB    Views 2536
voice warm step
+5    • App is designed for those who are looking to enrich their voice while preventing injury and going hoarse. You will start with the essential basics and work your way into some advanced exercises to expand the range and strengthen ...    6 MB    Views 1440
-1    《儿童古典音乐欣赏》的一个显著特色就是用音乐欣赏作为训练素材专业提升孩子的四种能力——注意力、言语能力、记忆力与想象创造力: 注意力提高阶段:该阶段的曲目均是短小的、形象性强的曲目,曲目的素材充满在儿童生活当中,它们具有音乐节奏、曲调等要素的基本架构,透过听、唱、身体律动、游戏动作,让儿童在自然、无意识的情境当中实际体验音乐的力度、速度、音的高低、空间、节奏等诸因素,从而可以达到认识、分辨声乐、器乐,以及进一步认识各种音色的分类、各种不同形态的器乐表现,同时完成了儿童反应敏捷力、注意力宽度与广度的训练。 言语能力提高阶段:该阶段是一组故事性强、趣味性强的具象曲目。乐曲多变且丰富较具起伏性,可引发更大的想象空间。音乐是人类的一种语言,而言语能力是人类智能结构中最重要的基础能力。根据奥尔夫理论以游戏化的方式,将音乐与绘画、诗歌、表演等形式结合,从而对孩子言语能力进行几个方面的训练: A:训练孩子对字、词、句的理解与运用及建构能力; B:训练孩子对实践发展顺序、过程和规律关系的把握与描述能力; C:训练孩子理解、归纳与概括的语言抽象能力与逻辑思维能力; D:训练孩子理解寓意及认识事物本质的能力; E:训练孩子口头语书面作文以及语言交流能力。 通过以上几个方面的系统训练,孩子的言语能力将比同龄孩子提高4倍以上。 记忆力提高阶段:该阶段是以有特点的曲式、代表性器乐、节奏、曲调、和声及音的形态表现与风格不同的曲目组成的部分。人的记忆力不是天生的,都要经过后天的培养和训练,音乐是培养孩子记忆力的最佳教材,通过本套音乐欣赏,让孩子轻松得到记忆力提升。 在孩子13岁之前智力发展的关键时期,通过这套古典音乐对记忆力的训练可以起到事半功倍的效果。 想象创造力提高阶段:该阶段是一组脍炙人口的名曲欣赏,包括莫扎特的《第41交响曲》、贝多芬的《第九交响曲》及《命运交响曲》、亨德尔的《水上音乐》等。该阶段引导孩子用耳朵仔细听不同的声音,用心来感受不同的变化,继而让想象力飞扬其中,进入欣赏的领域,让音乐带着感觉遨游,让孩子沉醉于音乐多彩缤纷的世界中,从而达到由主观到客观的意向思考,由具体到抽象的欣赏层次,是想象力与创造力的极佳训练。    506 MB    Views 6724

Avivamiento Radio

+29    The best Spanish Christian music and programming to help you in your daily walk with God. Lo mejor de la música Cristiana y programación de la más alta calidad para ayudarte en tu diario caminar con Dios. ¡Aviva el fuego que ...    13 MB    Views 6850
-3    ・JAPANESE MUSIC VIDEO ONLY TV application ・You Can watch the Official Japanese music video like MTV. ・Discover new japanese music    270 kb    Views 9416
+7    Radio FM es la app de radio definitiva Escucha permanente: Sigue escuchando la radio aunque uses otras apps o bloquees tu iPhone. Diseño impresionante para iOS 7/8 con soporte nativo para iPhone 6 y 6 Plus. Universal. Descarga una vez ...    18 MB    Views 9891
+11    Create your own relaxing music for your dog Mix together relaxing piano music with nature sounds and sound sweeps to grab your dog's attention, then save it to play to your dog later. Unique relaxing dog music made to help dogs remain ...    18 MB    Views 7229
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+10    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS All best music genre are collected here for you. So, don't miss this chance to leave mark in history of this music world. Everything's already prepared for you best mix pads with powerful samples and loops, ...    50 MB    Views 9047

World Top Radios

radio time stations world listen stream radios refresh station
+23    World Top Radios is an application that brings you several ultimate and Popular Radio Stations from all over the world to stream. Listen to them in realtime from you iPod,iPad or iPhone device. From pop to dance, there is always a ...    32 MB    Views 997
sertanejo dio
+4    Toca hits, sertanejo, sertanejo universitário, pop , rock e outros. Sorteio de brindes , horoscopo, noticias locais, somos afiliada da Rádio Itatiaia.    4 MB    Views 5516

KJIL 991

oklahoma western 991
-6    KJIL 991 is a listener supported Christian Contemporary Music Ministry. Broadcasting Live out of Meade, KS, we can be heard in Western Kansas, Eastern Colorado, Western Oklahoma, and the Panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas, AS WELL AS WORLDWIDE Thanks to this App. ...    8 MB    Views 3724


+1    listen and download us    14 MB    Views 1997
Related Apps music queue
-1    Host a party and let everyone add music to the Queue from their own phones.    5 MB    Views 7129

La Ley 100.3

+17    Never be without your favorite radio station. La Ley 100.3 is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features ...    18 MB    Views 9409

Radio Special Hotel

Related Apps radio hotel special
+30    Special Radio is a Offical radio of Special Hotel:    14 MB    Views 969

My WH Radio

+6    Emisora online que te toca los éxitos del momento, noticias y lanzamientos de nuevos talentos    3 MB    Views 3526


+22    Aqui suas bandas dão um ShownaNET    2 MB    Views 8950
+3    Estación 69.G Características · Reproducción de audio en alta calidad tanto con conectividad WIFI o 2/3/4G. · Función alarma: Despiértate escuchando tu radio favorita. · Función sleep: Ve a dormir escuchando la radio, puedes programarla para que se apague automáticamente un tiempo más tarde. · ...    7 MB    Views 6744
+9    Listen to the station with a difference, we combine music and Sermons from the Gospel Of Jesus Evangelistic Pentecostal Church located in Sea Cows Bay Tortola Virgin Islands,UK.    3 MB    Views 1864
-7    Sie sind auf der Suche nach Querflötennoten in Kombination mit verschiedenen anderen Instrumenten? Sie suchen neue Literatur und Arrangements, die komplett anmeldefrei sind? Sie suchen neue Querflötennoten, die "hörbar" sind, also Kindern und Jugendlichen (und vielleicht auch Ihnen) gefallen? Sie suchen pädagogische Literatur ...    NAN    Views 3348

Sri Vinayagar

+8    Tamil Devotional Songs on Vinayagar Sung by Meerakrishna,Music by Manikkavinayagam. Songs from Shri Vinayagar album produced by Sruthilaya Media Corp.    19 MB    Views 7990

Poetry Readings

poetry moon youth night readings young heart
+11    38 poems. Poetry readings with music. Author: Hsi Mujung. Reader: Blue Lily. Contents: 01. Love Feast 02. the Death of the White Bird 03. Clam and Bead 04. Leaving Home 05. When I First Met You 06. Young Heart 07. Wish 08. Pray 09. Cantabile Andante 10. Mountain Road 11. the Value of the ...    127 MB    Views 1397

Catholic HUB

+7    CatholicHUB LIVE TV and Radio App, Streams Catholic Hymns, Prayers, Talks and News in Telugu, English and Tamil, which takes people closer to God. It helps people to share in the divinity of the Lord through daily Eucharistic celebrations, healing ...    10 MB    Views 7522
radio online khan
+2    Radio Shah Rukh Khan Online .. From Egyptian Fans    14 MB    Views 2837
Related Apps playing instrument button side touch sound notes system note accordion
+7    Using the builtin note guide, you will quickly learn the notes on the treble side of the CSystem Chromatic Button Accordion and be playing songs in no time Introductory price of 0.99 The instrument has extremely highquality individually sampled notes from a ...    25 MB    Views 9930

Almasaa Radio

+8    إذاعة المساء إف إم 101، آخر محاولة لإعادة الألق القديم لإثير السوداني الطليق rnعبر الأغنية والفصيدة والخبر والحوار والتواصل.rnالمساء منبر لإدارة مُثاقفة ثرّة بين سودان الريف والمدينة والمرافئ البعيدة. rnإذاعة المساء منبر إعلامي حُر ومعنى جميل يصنعه إعلاميون بلا قيود ...    13 MB    Views 1810


guitar fender
0    'Frett' is your go to tool when discovering the year your guitar was released. Just select a guitar make, enter a serial number and go Current support : Fender USA Fender Japan Fender Mexico (Gibson and Gretsch model years will be available ...    16 MB    Views 9813
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-2    Never be without your favorite radio station. Kiss Country is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features and ...    18 MB    Views 6813

Free Bike Valet

bike free
+28    Free Bike Valet is a beach city music app which focuses on capturing the coastal lifestyle, sand romanticism, brisk fog, desert dust, and gold rush nostalgia that characterizes the West Coast. Download the app for coverage of the most exciting ...    27 MB    Views 5705

Christian Kaspers

und alle christian ber informiert
+18    Mit dieser App wirst du über alle aktuelle Termine und sonstige Aktivitäten von Christian Kaspers und seinem Orchester informiert. Verpasse keine Events. Verfolge alle BildPostings. Auch über Videos und Audiotracks wirst du hier zeitnah informiert. Let's go    NAN    Views 8397

Rete Italia


Dj A-Run

+1    All The Happings With Me.    5 MB    Views 2963
-5    Using the builtin note guide, you will quickly learn the notes on the treble side of the BSystem Chromatic Button Accordion (Bayan) and be playing songs in no time Introductory price of 0.99 The instrument has extremely highquality individually sampled notes from ...    25 MB    Views 9940

ZBB Live

-9    Step inside the JEKYLL + HYDE experience Download to explore fan photos and videos from a live Zac Brown Band show.    13 MB    Views 5902


0    SCR ist das inGameWebradio von Secret City. Hier bleibst Du stets auf dem Laufenden. Neben Hintergrundinformationen zum Programm gibt es aktuelles zum Citygeschehen und Blicke hinter die Kulissen. Mit dieser App kannst Du Dein Lieblingsradio endlich überall hin mitnehmen.    NAN    Views 1588


music guests enjoy
+16    Fusion of cool music and beautiful images Guests can enjoy the music Guests can enjoy the graphic Do not hit the alien. That's all.    13 MB    Views 8723
radio freedom
0    Revolutionary Radio is dedicated to playing the best from up and coming artists. Revolutionary Radio's anchor show, Wednesday Revolution airs every Wednesday at 9pm EST. Independence is Freedom and Freedom is EVERYTHING    3 MB    Views 5432

99x Durango

morning radio music weekend station access favorite hit
+4    Never be without your favorite radio station. 99x Durango is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features and ...    17 MB    Views 8150
0    为钢琴爱好者准备的教程讲解、技巧练习方法和演奏曲目。 从学习演奏简单的曲调和音阶练习开始,然后通过进一步熟悉音符、掌握弹奏基本和弦的关键点与识读乐谱的专业方法而获得进步。 著名的钢琴教程,包括约翰·汤普森,拜厄,车尔尼简易基本钢琴视频教学,提供最容易、最不费力的学习钢琴的方法,对进一步学习复杂节奏、聆听内声部及低音旋律、训练手指的触键和跑动提供丰富的训练内容。    15 MB    Views 836

Club Soda Festival

Related Apps music festival club
-9    Club Soda Festival is an electronic music festival based in Avelgem, Belgium. It brings together music and arts. You can use this app to read news, view the artists and create your own lineup.    25 MB    Views 669

Gig Bag Radio

Related Apps music artists radio gig
+9    We feature the best in independent unsigned artists from around the world. Gig Bag Radio is not just about the music, it's about getting to know the artists themselves, discussing music in general, and a lot of fun and laughs. ...    3 MB    Views 51

UTA Radio Primicias

-4    The new station of Technical University of Ambato can visit:    13 MB    Views 1632


radio australia broadcasting remote top units services communities
+1    Listen to TEABBA Radio The Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association (TEABBA) broadcast across 29 Remote Communities across the Top End of Australia. TEABBA, is a not for profit Organisation whose Project Objectives are to provide operational support for the 29 ...    3 MB    Views 3112

Karen Clark Sheard

+3    Stay connected with Karen Clark Sheard Download the official KCS app to get the latest Karen Clark Sheard news, photos, videos, tour dates, and more    25 MB    Views 944
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0    LIVE RADIO BROADCAST Listen to the best radio stations of Colombia in our application: Caracol, BLU Radio, Tropicana FM, La Mega, Bésame FM, W Radio, Los 40 Principales, La X 96.5, Radio Oxígeno, Olímpica Stereo, Vibra FM, Radio Tiempo, Radio ...    37 MB    Views 3731

Dj Ron Tinsley

Related Apps music house radio set chicago play night internet friday
-1    Born and raised in Chicago, grew up on mostly R&B and Disco but always had an open interest in other varieties of music genres. House Music grew on me and stuck to me like my skin and runs through me ...    10 MB    Views 3942


-5    The radio of the future, listen 24/7    22 MB    Views 797


-8    一个持续了数万年的阴谋,布置下重重的迷雾;一个普通修士的热血奋斗,彰显着激情澎湃;一个门派的崛起,预示着权谋与利益;一场人妖两族的对抗,展示着联盟与背叛;一场大劫的临近,埋藏着杀戮与秘辛;一段段秘辛的揭露,拨开了重重的迷雾。    22 MB    Views 4113


magic avec pop est
+4    FREQUENCE MAGIC, c'est la webradio qui vous ressemble. Diffusée 7j/7 24h/24, retrouvez infos, météo, agenda, chroniques exclusives, jeux, cadeaux et bonne humeur, notamment avec le Magic Morning chaque jour de 6h à 9h avec Sébastien Lecoeur. Côté musique: Pop, Rock, ...    7 MB    Views 5073

Rádio Primo

+17    Baixe o aplicativo da Rádio Primo.    406 kb    Views 4354

Radios Chile

twitter radios las del gratis chile cualquier para
+20    Descarga gratis ya y empieza a escuchar tus radios favoritas de chile Disfruta del diseño moderno e intuitivo. Cualquier radio, desde cualquier lugar del país y del mundo, solo necesitas Wifi o datos móviles. Todas las radios funcionan a diferencia de otras aplicaciones ...    6 MB    Views 9244


+9    Latest Hip Hop Mainstream and Undergound, listen 24/7    22 MB    Views 9546

Hope Fest 2015

music food hope liverpool fest festival 2015 http information www
-8    Hope Fest 2015 The Music Festival in Aid of Liverpool's Homeless 18th20th September 2015 This app provides the uptodate lineup for this year's Hope Fest held over 18th20th September 2015. The data is updated frequently to make sure you've got the latest information ...    3 MB    Views 1105


-7    La radio au coeur du Gros de Vaud    22 MB    Views 4848

Pirate Radio 107.9

Related Apps radio station access favorite listen road single pirate 107
+2    Never be without your favorite radio station. Pirate Radio 107.9 is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app. Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features ...    18 MB    Views 9750
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