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Krell Connect

+9    Control your Krell Connect network music player from your iPhone. This app lets you browse your media and control playback.    21 MB    Views 4112

Cool Music Skins

+7    We have added many new features, including the ability to load your own picture in the background The Big Buttons make this player super easy to use, whether you are traveling in the car or working around the house, this Music ...    2 MB    Views 2008


+9    AllControl allows you to configure a range of AllDSP amplifiers directly via iPad. The models supported include: 1800B/1800i/1800iLP, LP26, PLP226/PLP428, EC22D/EC26D, PS3E, RB23/RB23P, RB22P, XM12 and AMP426. AllControl includes all the control functions that the modern sound engineer needs, presented graphically ...    2 MB    Views 6249
0    The RPO's App is the easiest way to stay in touch with everything that is happening at the RPO. Now you have access to the RPO's events at anytime, anywhere. This is a free application. Events Browse upcoming events. Get complete performance ...    25 MB    Views 9459

CSS Remote Control

+20    This is a remote control for the CSS desktop, a software made for Jehovah's Witnesses to be used on Kingdom Halls. It makes easier to play songs, control de time and record meetings. Main functions: Control premeeting music Control 3 piano tracks Control time ...    18 MB    Views 7232

RM523 Remote

control remote
+2    The RM523 Remote App can be used to control the Audac RM523 web based input control units.    1 MB    Views 5879

LH Grain

grain control osc
-2    LH Grain is a two channels synthesiser for iOS 6.0 or later. Generates granular synthesis textures. OSC message support . Samples location control. Grain waveform selector. Trends keyboard. Frequency jitter. Grain duration control. Density of grains control. OSC send & receive.     10 MB    Views 6932

R2 iPad Remote

Related Apps audio control zone remote
+11    The R2 Remote App can be used to control the Audac R2 Multizone audio distribution system. With this app it is possible to control the standard functions of each zone, such as audio source selection and volume control.    1 MB    Views 1303

Techno Chill

facebook control gems
+5    Find us on facebook at From the folks who brought you iAmBeatBox and BeatBox Ultra comes a brand new release 5 gems control 75 original loops. Mix and match, record and play them. Show off your skills to your friends ...    85 MB    Views 6829


-2    SimpleMidiPad is an easytouse MIDI CC source for driving software or hardware synths and effects, and remote control of a DAW. Each of the four pads sends X, Y, and Z MIDI control messages, with userselectable destination addresses. Note that SimpleMidiPad ...    61 kb    Views 2819

Music Control

-5    Music Control lets you control music play back with either big buttons that cover the entire screen or swipe controls in either horizontal or vertical orientation with the album art work in the background. You can also access your music ...    4 MB    Views 62


+2    SCPad is a control interface to be used with Thr44 quark in SuperCollider. It dynamically creates GUIs to control processes coded into Odef objects. To install the quark checkout: svn://    3 MB    Views 3570

Ayon Audio

+20    This app gives you full control of all Ayon NetworkPlayers on your iPad. You can browse music and internet radio stations as well as control playback.    26 MB    Views 2760


+9    With our new app, you can: Track Stars and redeem rewards Order food on the app Leave us Comments Be the first one to know our new flavors and Products Access to our Special Offers Social Networking with us on ...    28 MB    Views 5927

Control Cube

control cube
+4    Control Cube is a complete automation and A/V control application supporting MicasaVerde Vera, KNX, Sonos, XBMC, Global Cache, and many others.    26 MB    Views 4612

M2 Remote HD

audio control remote
+4    The M2 Remote App can be used to control the Audac M2 Mixable Audio Matrix. With this app it is possible to control the standard functions of each output, such as audio source/scene selection and volume control.    7 MB    Views 2746

Chord HD

chord control codex
-1    Control your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX from you iPad. Chord HD gives you full control of your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX, including volume control and media and internet radio browsing.    22 MB    Views 6293


access official
-4    This is the official app for DOSVEC. DOSVEC is a rising star in the Mashup / EDM scene and with his official app you will have access to all of his songs. You can stream them at parties at the ...    908 kb    Views 9350


+26    Eyesight getting worse as you get older? ( Ugh Turning into a Geezer ) Music player too small while driving, biking, running, or at the club exercising? Don't always have easy access to your reading glasses? Wish you had a music player that ...    867 kb    Views 2968


-2    Thanks to Jukup, you take control of the music Whether you are in a bar, at a private party or even in a club, join the playlist on Jukup and take the control Jukup lets you: >> Add your songs >> Vote for every ...    2 MB    Views 6771

Mopho Control

desktop control
+13    The Mopho control app allows you to control all the major functionality of a Mopho or Mopho desktop from your iPad. Particular attention has been paid to making the controls intuitively laid out and never too fiddly to adjust easily. A ...    431 kb    Views 4735


trombone control real
-8    iTrombone is the first "Real control" trombone Apps, same real Trombone control 6 trombone color and included Trombone Slide Position Chart. Best for beginners even professionals.    22 MB    Views 3397


control channels
+15    With AudioMixer player you are able to play items from your media library simultaneously Features: • Supports up to 14 Channels • Loop and Pan controls • Airplay Support • Fade In/Out control • Playback Rate control • Independent volume control for all channels • Main channel includes ...    5 MB    Views 1006


control allowing
-9    Is that a cat's meow, a vocodered scream or an out of control robot? What kind of strange sounds could you make with Monnix? This live performance synthesizer uses three points of touch to control the distribution of up to ...    2 MB    Views 9903

MLcontrol Mobi

-2    Remote control for a MidiLite II lighting system. Allows basic control of system for setup, system tests, bulb checks, etc. Requires the Mac OS X MidiLite Studio software, or Mobi Bridge software (available free with purchase of MLcontrol Mobi) and MidiLite ...    345 kb    Views 7455

LH Grain Pad

Related Apps audio grain control osc
+15    LH Grain is a two channels synthesiser for live. Generates granular synthesis textures. OSC message support . Note: No AudioBus. No Audio Input. No Audio Files Import Samples location control. Grain waveform selector. Trends keyboard. Frequency jitter. Grain duration control. Density of grains control. OSC send & ...    13 MB    Views 7601
Related Apps music video library cloud favorite offline access device player box control
-6    Save space on a device, have instant access to your audio files,video files anywhere ( Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Cloud, OneDrive ). Listen to your music, audiobooks and play video directly from the cloud If you've got large iTunes music library ...    14 MB    Views 1241

Control Presents

+4    CONTROL is one of the longest running events in the world today. Take CONTROL of your nightlife, get early access to tickets, unreleased music, merchandise and more.    10 MB    Views 1960

SUB Control

Related Apps control remote
+19    This APP is used as remote control for the ELAC subwoofer models SUB 2050, SUB 2070 and SUB 2090, using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) as remote control protocol.    5 MB    Views 7995

Bang Dat Music

music access
+11    This app provides easy access to my music. You can watch videos, listen to music, and chat with me live. No more buying cd's. This is the future of music. You will also have access to my twitter and facebook ...    36 MB    Views 4901

מה נשמע

+13    'מה נשמע' הינה אפליקציה ייחודית לשידור וזיהוי שירים בגלגל"צ. בנוסף ליכולת השידור של התחנה, האפליקציה מספקת מידע בנוגע לשם השיר והמבצע, כמו גם תמונה ולינק לשיר ביוטיוב. ניתן לסמן שירים אהובים ולגשת אליהם בדרך כפתור ה״מועדפים״ שנמצא למעלה וכך בעצם לזכור את ...    4 MB    Views 958
Related Apps tickets time web control access console information booking real
+5    This app is for scanning tickets only. To buy tickets, please visit our web site at This is the Infoconcert Access Control app. It is specifically designed to allow you to control access to your venue or event when ticketing ...    17 MB    Views 1761

MIDI Remote Control

midi control works remote
+12    This simple app allows you to easily remote control your digital audio workstation. Works with all DAWs supporting MIDI timecode and MIDI machine control. Works with all common applications like Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase ...    2 MB    Views 4985

Owen Eff Music

music access
+4    The OFFICIAL mobile app of HipHop artist Owen Eff Get instant access to new music and videos and up to date information. You can view, comment and keep in touch with Owen Eff with easy access to his Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and ...    29 MB    Views 2842
Related Apps ipad instruments virtual audio control logic faders pro channel access displays
-4    xMix Logic Edition is an interactive, user friendly MIDI DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Control Surface specifically designed and optimized for use with Logic Pro 9. No drivers required. Powered by CoreMidi Networking Technology with speeds of almost zero latency, xMixLogic ...    4 MB    Views 2984


features access mobile
+24    The LPU mobile app allows you to access all the great features available to you on on your mobile device. More features to be added regularly. The LPU is the best way to get oneonone access to the members ...    10 MB    Views 3101
ipad control arts
+4    Control your ACCUSTIC ARTS STREAMER ES from your iPad or iPad mini. This app gives full control of all the browsing and playback functions.    21 MB    Views 7767

Mook : Monospore

+15    Gameplay from the Mook game, Industrial Music from Monospore´s debut album "Control the game..Regain control". Get in control, and get your pulse rising with the industrial beats from Monospore. You need fast fingers, but dont shoot us. Control the Game.... Mook:Monospore is ...    86 MB    Views 8362
control arts
+8    Control your Accustic Arts Streamer ES from your iPhone. This app gives full control of the browsing and playback functions.    21 MB    Views 5137

Gooppy RC

application player control
+28    Gooppy RC is the addon application for the OS X player named Gooppy. This remote control application gives user the direct navigation of the Gooppy application. You can choose and pair your iPhone with the desktop library, play your tracks, control ...    3 MB    Views 1025

ŠKODA Remote

Related Apps radio remote control
+2    With the ŠKODA Radio Remote Control app your smartphone becomes a genuine remote control based on Bluetooth with which you achieve almost all functions for which you would press the radio keys.    NAN    Views 4552
mac control volume
+21    Remotely control the volume of your Macintosh from your iPhone or iPod Touch. No special software needed on your Mac As simple as that.    3 MB    Views 9246

M2 Remote

Related Apps audio control remote
+5    The M2 Remote App can be used to control the Audac M2 Mixable Audio Matrix. With this app it is possible to control the standard functions of each output, such as audio source/scene selection and volume control.    1 MB    Views 7871

Studio One Remote

ipad software apps recording studio remote control access network parameters
-4    PreSonus Studio One Remote is a free iPad remote control app designed specifically for use with PreSonus Digital Audio Workstation Studio One 3 Professional on Mac and Windows computers. It’s the perfect companion, both as a “second screen” app in ...    66 MB    Views 4520


radio audio twitter channels favorite ios requires higher control access playback
+14    Listen to your favorite satellite radio stations on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Access the same Music, Talk, News and Sports channels available from your computer. Enjoy CDquality sound from over 120 channels including Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony ...    1 MB    Views 9046

KQAL 89.5

play access
-9    KQAL has been Winona's radio alternative since 1975, offering you jazz and rock music, public affairs, arts and culture programs, and WSU Warrior playbyplay action. Listen to KQAL at work, home, or on the road. Install the free KQAL app and ...    17 MB    Views 3863


+26    VMix for Axia by Broadcast Software International allows you to control the Vmix functionality of your Axia LiveWire Mix Engine or Power Station and remotely control your BSI SkimmerPlus record decks from your iPad.    5 MB    Views 7884
Related Apps beat control settings free
-6    Here you are one among the most accurate metronomes on the store. And yes, it's free. _extremely high precision engine (beats generated at buffer audio level 44.1Khz) _30 to 300 bpm (with tap tempo) _different time signatures _different beat divisions _single beat settings (mute, normal ...    11 MB    Views 9566

Remote for Rdio

rdio remote mac control
+13    Remote for Rdio allows you control the Rdio Desktop app straight from your iPhone or iPod touch. If you have a Mac Mini connected to your sound system this is perfect for you. Play/Pause/Skip tracks Control the volume Search for Albums ...    403 kb    Views 296
pin control volume
-9    Remotely control the volume of up to four Korus speakers individually or as a group when used with the Lightning or 30pin Korus Batons. NOTE: This app must be installed and open when using the 30pin Korus Baton. The app can ...    7 MB    Views 6883

Prezy On Demand

Related Apps content demand access
+17    This app is designed as an all access and on demand tool to get content for artist PremeDaPrez directly to a growing fan base. It will feature exclusive content and world premier videos that fans will have direct access to.    43 MB    Views 8518

Swipe Control

Related Apps music swipe finger control pause ipod
+4    Finally, you can control your iPod with a swipe of your finger Tired of fumbling around for the small previous, pause and forward iPod buttons while driving or running? Need an easier way to navigate through your music? With Swipe Control, you ...    293 kb    Views 7225

Chord for iPhone

iphone chord control codex
+8    Control your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX from you iPhone. Chord iPhone gives you full control of your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX, including volume control and media and internet radio browsing.    22 MB    Views 1263
Related Apps radio music soundboard ipad full control focus access
+15    The Jingleplayer by VHU Europe is a professional iPad app for radio DJs. Never before has it been easier to control your radio imaging. It helps you maintain full focus on your radioshow. The Jingleplayer delivers: • One finger touch control The ...    31 MB    Views 9325


Related Apps loops create play musical control
-5    Flourish is a musicmaker designed for anyone creative. With the perfect blend of exploration and control, Flourish makes it easy to produce impressive musical compositions. Follow the link to the Explore and Create website to see Flourish in action. Flourish has a fresh and ...    8 MB    Views 414

Rodgers Remote

Related Apps instruments infinity remote control
-7    Remote control for Rodgers Infinity Series instruments. Allows remote control of Hymnplayer, Prelude player and Demo modes of Rodgers Infinity II instruments Does not include a sound module: requires a Rodgers Infinity II instrument with a WNA1100 Wireless Network Adapter    2 MB    Views 6927

Krell Connect HD

Related Apps music control connect
+30    Control your Krell Connect network music player from your iPad. This all lets you browse your music collection and control playback.    21 MB    Views 5965

PCMusic Mobile

mobile application control
-6    PCMusic Mobile is a remote control application for PCMusic’s MUSICbox software. Developed for entrepreneurs, managers and employees working in dynamic customer service environments, the application facilitates full control over the music in a business location from the convenience of a ...    4 MB    Views 9652

DTX400 Touch

Related Apps yamaha series parameters pad touch control firmware interface access
+1    Take control DTX400 Touch offers an innovative way of interacting with the Yamaha DTX400 series. It’s now even easier to customise the sound that you want Swipe to select any of the 10 Preset Kits. Control an extensive range of parameters ...    NAN    Views 9938

Cobalt Remote

remote control
+11    Cobalt Remote is a remote control app for iDo Technology Cobalt. It allows to control audio setting of Cobalt from your iPad.    753 kb    Views 7482
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