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+13    Tuneacious is an enhanced music player that searches the web to provide additional information about the songs and artists in your music library. It includes the following features: Artist biographies Artist photos Artist & song videos Access to song lyrics ...    3 MB    Views 2773
+14    The David Finckel and Wu Han Fan App is the easiest way to follow David Finckel and Wu Han. Now you have access to David Finckel and Wu Han's music at anytime, anywhere. This is a free application. FIND OUT WHAT’S ...    15 MB    Views 6636

SiriusXM Canada

+1    Hear something that changes everything with the all new SiriusXM app. Download it today and easily tune in to our exclusive commercialfree music, plus sports, news, talk and entertainment. With access to hundreds of On Demand shows, you can hear ...    NAN    Views 4164

iFilm Farsi

movies search music iranian watch access collection actors demand
+5    This is the iFILM Movies & Series channel's application which you will never miss any programs with it. But that's not all.. You will be able to watch iFILM Live anywhere, anytime. Watch Iranian films & Series trailers and become acquaintance with ...    3 MB    Views 5958

Radio Hotel

+23    RADIOHOTEL "music everywhere", has 15 channels supported on a web platform. Streaming "always on" 24h/7 you can access, since registered at With 15 different music channels, adapts to any time and state of mind during the day and night RADIOHOTEL ...    58 MB    Views 4535

Idyllic Music

music access episodes bonus play latest show touch episode
+3    Now get the Idyllic Music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch featuring songs by independent artists working outside the mainstream. Music you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. It might be Trip Hop or Ambient, Chillout, Dub, Jazz or ...    12 MB    Views 6395


music songs millions create phone online edit access
+8    With Bizmusic app for Iphone you can stream millions of songs and artists. You can take your existing Bizmusic playlists edit them or create new ones. Bizmusic app can remotly: Create/edit playlist for Bizmusic main application, Streaming music to your phone, ...    44 kb    Views 8941

Peter Breiner

Related Apps music podcasts news program browse peter concerts access blogs click
+2    The Peter Breiner Fan App is the easiest way to follow Peter Breiner. Now you have access to Peter Breiner's music at anytime, anywhere. This is a free application. FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW Home page shows the next concert and the most ...    23 MB    Views 506


music lin album club exclusive fan access released
+21    JJ Lin, a multitalented awardwinning artist, was born in Singapore in 1981. JJ released his selfproduced debut album, 樂行者, in 2003 and his music has soon become music industry’s trendsetter ever since. In 2008, JJ started up his own production company, ...    5 MB    Views 2890
-3    PianoType turns your boring old standard keyboard into an amazing working Piano Keyboard Type musically Play your own music as you type, with middle C being on the letter S key. OR, enable AutoPlay and you will always play a song, ...    30 MB    Views 2227

Inside Music Row

music iphone ipad access episodes touch play bonus row latest episode
-4    Inside Music Row is country music's latest entertainment news program. Each week we dive into the topics that our viewers want to see. We bring you features on artists and many people behind the scenes that make country music what ...    9 MB    Views 6078

Q102.7 KBIQ

Related Apps music station day alarm favorite access single show
+4    Take 102.7 KBIQ with you wherever you go Whether at home, the office, shopping, or on the go, The KBIQ app gives you Contemporary Christian Music from today's top artists like Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa, and ...    17 MB    Views 2858

GrooveShine HD

music videos social networks schedule show access
+13    GrooveShine music app provides convenient access to GrooveShine music, show schedule, social networks and videos. Features: • New GrooveShine music • Uptodate show schedule • GrooveShine videos • Quick access to social networks • Downloadable MP3s    24 MB    Views 3480
music artwork album memory player hidden warren access band content
+6    It's more than music; it's an interactive album experience. We invite you to explore Head in the Clouds, the new album from Los Angeles based rock quartet Warren Charles, and connect with the music in ways you've never imagined: ♫ Stream ...    218 MB    Views 851


videos social music schedule networks show access
+3    GrooveShine music app provides convenient access to GrooveShine music, show schedule, social networks and videos. Features: • Streaming playlist of new GrooveShine album in progress • Uptodate show schedule • GrooveShine videos • Quick access to social networks • Offline capabilities    26 MB    Views 3010
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-7    Music Video Player for YouTube is fun and easy to use. You can listen to music and watch videos on your iPhone plus get access to Twitter and Facebook from in the app. You can also listen to music with ...    1 MB    Views 884

Music Geek Monthly

music geek albums monthly month group favourite meeting access
+12    Music Geek Monthly Have you ever wondered why there are no music groups that are like reading groups? Every month Music Geek Monthly will be exactly that. New album releases will be reviewed in a hit, miss or maybe style. There will ...    3 MB    Views 4665
twitter email music library beats instrumental download pro access
-3    Instrumental Beats pro, Download new hot instrumental beats produced by today’s hottest producers. Instrumental Beats Pro has been created for : Music Artists Rappers Singers Film markers. This app provides access to a beats library containing beats from various world leading ...    2 MB    Views 6392


-7    BABOOM is a global service that empowers artists and fans, allowing artists to release music globally for high quality streaming or download. Engage with your favourite artists, and get access to exclusive experiences. This application lets you take the BABOOM experience ...    58 MB    Views 1206
karaoke music hit songs vip song access favorite
+4    "Be the Music" with the only Karaoke game with real AutoTune™ Sing your way through your favorite songs to unlock more songs or become a VIP for unlimited access. Pick your favorite song, hit the right notes, and make any radio hit ...    33 MB    Views 9069


music artists recording grammy awards year live industry access
+27    The GRAMMY Awards brings together thousands of musicians and creative professionals in the recording industry from all over the world for Music's Biggest Night. Now you can have insider access with fresh content 365 days a year on your mobile ...    15 MB    Views 7531
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+28    A MustHave for Enrique fans: the latest VIDEOS, MUSIC, SOCIAL, PHOTOS & more Listen to any songs/MVs in the Weekly HOT 100 chart FOR FREE All VIDEOS official music videos & fanmade videos All Enrique's SOCIAL accounts in one ...    25 MB    Views 7851

The Fish 95.5 FM

Related Apps music station fish day single favorite access alarm show
-6    Take the FISH with you wherever you go Whether at home, the office, shopping, or on the go, The Fish app gives you Contemporary Christian Music from today's top artists like Chris Tomlin, MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Mandisa, and ...    17 MB    Views 27
Related Apps music artist lyrics access quickly songs tap album swipe
0    Camena is one of the longestrunning lyrics apps on the App Store, and was a favorite from the beginning. No ads, gimmicks, or clutter, Camena shows you exactly what you want – lyrics. • See the lyrics to the song you're ...    922 kb    Views 8836

Play Tunes

+2    Want all your Music, Videos and Movies at one place? This is exactly the app for you Play Tunes is a simple and beautiful way to listen music and watch movies and videos in most formats. Features: Easy and user friendly design to ...    4 MB    Views 4138


Related Apps music library line songs friends access gain playlists listening free
-8    LINE’s official music service, “LINE MUSIC’ is finally open We’re giving out free tickets for new users (Until November 20th, 2015) Gain access to an expansive library of music, ranging from the latest hits to the classics. Share your favorite songs by LINE ...    NAN    Views 9203


music deal access
+21    With the POPmarket app, you'll get instant access to HiFi vinyl, rare box sets, DVD’s, and music accessories at the press of a button. is the premiere, membersonly, flashsale destination for music collectors and aficionados, allowing you to shop the ...    5 MB    Views 1571


-3    RenewFM The App Listen to the live RenewFM stream Plays in the background so you can continue using your device Also can send audio to AirPlay compatible devices See the current and next program and music, and also look ...    1 MB    Views 807


music access server setup http
+6    Ampache is the latest Ampache client for iOS Supports backgrounding, dock controls, LTE, caching, track seeking, multiple servers, lightening fast searching, and more Ampache is a music streaming system that allows multiterabyte music collections to be streamed over the web, for worldwide ...    8 MB    Views 8754
Related Apps music american express content live exclusive alerts access events
+6    American Express UNSTAGED gives you new and innovative ways to connect with some of your favorite artists and discover new, upandcoming acts. Get access to our full catalog of content, events streamed straight to your mobile device, and alerts to keep ...    7 MB    Views 8992
Related Apps music social access industry guides easy top list
-3    The Music Industry How To app is an extension of the Music Industry How To website. It allows easy access to all our guides, social sites, and advice. Additionally, it conveniently lists our top guides voted by you, and more. ...    4 MB    Views 2774

MTN Music+

Related Apps music library mobile access
-4    MTN Music+ is a first stop for music access Boost your music experience with its roundtheclock exciting way of music streamlining, music sharing, playlisting & more. Get instant access to your favorite songs from its huge music library, especially the Naija music Streamline ...    17 MB    Views 8208


social media music feeds exclusive interact favorite access official
+1    The official Deleasa iOS app Get EXCLUSIVE access to new content, videos, and all the latest updates Insider Receive EXCLUSIVE content Feeds View Deleasa's social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) ALL in one location Interact (like, comment, retweet, share, favorite) with ...    58 MB    Views 6800
music kids tap songs player access simple guided images song
+1    Simple to use music player for kids. Toddlers just tap on the pictures related to each song. Even the smallest babies love listening to music and as they grow they like to choose the songs by themselves. But regular music players ...    2 MB    Views 2952

Muzzia music

Related Apps music songs millions listen access
+8    Muzzia gives you instant access to millions of songs – Listen your old favorites and explore latest hits anywhere anytime What is Muzzia? Unlimited ondemand streaming music service allows you to access millions of songs. Listen your favourites around the clock just ...    4 MB    Views 4999
Related Apps music library cloud access collection favorite offline folders player playback m4a
+27    Save space on a device, have instant access to your audio files anywhere. Listen to your music, audiobooks and podcasts directly from the cloud Try Lite version before buying full. If you've got large iTunes music library this music player is the ...    14 MB    Views 4772

Orange Radio

radio podcasts music orange stations access programmes find station country
-1    Orange Radio provides worldwide free access to thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts. A catalogue of over 15,000 radio stations and 5,000 podcast programmes, is sorted by continent, country and genre: music, business, sports, news... You can access your ...    20 MB    Views 9494

基恩敬拜 AGWMM

+26    一個可隨時瀏覽、搜尋、建立組曲清單、傳送基恩敬拜歌譜及投影片的App。 將所喜愛的基恩敬拜詩歌帶於身邊,隨時與人分享神的愛。我們會定期更新更多功能及內容。 基恩敬拜App功能 關於我們 最新消息及動向 最新產品 建立組曲清單功能,助你隨時組合所需要的歌譜及投影片 關鍵字搜尋功能,助你尋找相關的歌譜及投影片 隨時瀏覽你喜歡的基恩敬拜詩歌曲目,及以電郵方式與別人分享或列印 定時更新 投影片可直接播放在電視或投影機(需要附加硬件接駁到電視或投影機) †部份功能需要連結到網路 †基恩敬拜網站: †因為詩歌及投影片包下載需時,見議在WiFi連線中下載。 An application that lets you not only browse and search AGWMM hymns, and build lists of them, but also send our music scores and PPT slides anytime, anywhere. Since your beloved AGWMM hymns are always within your reach, you can ...    7 MB    Views 1140
Related Apps music news navigate access sites place blogs users top
-2    A Smaller Place is an up to the minute music news source app which compiles and presents music articles and blog posts via feeds from music sites and blogs from around the world. Once launched, users have instant access to the ...    4 MB    Views 402

Houston Ballet

Related Apps ballet videos news browse podcasts music houston events blogs event access
+1    The Houston Ballet Fan App is the easiest way to follow Houston Ballet. Now you have access to Houston Ballet's music at anytime, anywhere. This is a free application. WHAT’S NEW Shows the next event and the most recent music, podcasts, news ...    10 MB    Views 1017
music apple library airplay access itunes mac
+1    NEW VERSION UPDATES New High Definition Fireplaces Added 7Themed Borders Access iTunes Library Cuddle up and relax to a warm and cozy virtual fireplace set to music. These reallife simulations of burning firewood and crackle is presented in Full 1080p HD Video resolution They're ...    470 MB    Views 2227


music browse listen add djs access
+19    InnDigital Music Store. Created for Djs Access Digital Music from InnDigital on your iPhone/iPad device with this App. Browse, listen, and add music to your wishlist from anywhere, making purchases easier from InnDigital online Web Site. All you need is a ...    11 MB    Views 1273


fitness music access mixes professionally featured custom stop pre
-4    Access the entire Yes Fitness Music library of professionally premixed albums and/or unlimited custom/nonstop mixes with the FREE YesGO App. Yes is the 1 Fitness Music Producer in the world. With our new YesGO App, you can access and play your ...    5 MB    Views 8786

Lost Village

music village lost acts place access
0    A unique music festival taking place in an abandoned woodland village, deep in the Lincolnshire countryside. Featuring the world's best international DJ's, artists and live acts. Prepare for a surreal music experience like no other. The woods are waiting... With access ...    16 MB    Views 9946

Music Zone Widget

Related Apps music lets access zone widget
+3    Music Zone is a widget that lets you access your music library from the notification center. You can play songs from your playlists, albums or choose by artist. The 'On Deck' (queue) feature lets you create a playlist on the fly, ...    2 MB    Views 9032


music search wikipedia term musical access main german score
+11    Almond is a dictionary for musical terminology. It includes over 1400 listings, 200 illustrations and is designed to deliver short and concise definitions. In addition to most common phrases in music today also standard Italian and German terminology is included. ...    3 MB    Views 6544

JB Hi-Fi NOW Music

Related Apps music artists artist radio songs access mode millions offline tracks
-8    JB HiFi NOW Music is a music streaming service that gives you instant access to millions of songs from thousands of artists. Stream music to your PC or Mobile online, or save your data charges by syncing songs offline to ...    NAN    Views 9365


music artists caribbean listen access playlist tracks discover
-6    Chune gives you instant access to Re Discover Caribbean Music on your mobile device. With Chune, you have access to the best Caribbean music. You can listen to new tracks from artists, or create your own playlist of your favorite ...    28 MB    Views 1718
Related Apps music iphone ipad google play access songs cloud purchase interface
+5    The ability to have your music everywhere you go is profoundly freeing. Google Music is how you can accomplish this and Cloud Play is the perfect way to listen to your collection on iOS. Cloud Play is designed as a ...    7 MB    Views 9793

Edge Music 3.0

music videos artists love video edge playlists access channels side content
0    EDGE MUSIC APP A unique music video experience designed just for you. VIDEOS BY THE TOP ARTISTS View the top artists from major music labels sidebyside with emerging indie artists, all in one place. Edge Music is your source for an unlimited and ...    13 MB    Views 913

Music NOWs!

news music band category easy access user
-6    Music NOWs is a easy to use news app that aggregates up to the minute music news articles from the web’s best sources. The user modifiable subcategory band provides easy access to custom article lists. Various sharing options make posts ...    5 MB    Views 5614
music artist exam trivia questions access user hip hop
+2    Rapology is a free Hip Hop Trivia App designed to educate, test and reward rap music fans. Rapology offers their users more than any other trivia app on the market. With over 2,000 original questions, streaming music, artist partnerships and multiplayer ...    60 MB    Views 2124


tickets audio music blog stream listings access purchase easily
+3    fabric for iPhone & iPad The fabric app lets you stay connected with one of London’s iconic nightclubs. Buy tickets, surf the fabric Blog, stream music and more… Listings: Access new and updated listings quickly and easily Tickets: Purchase tickets from ...    10 MB    Views 4540


music queue access version songs
-9    Free JukeBox app that allows you to listen to your music whilst choosing new songs to add to the queue, without having to spend ages creating a playlist in silence. Great for parties where your friends can choose some songs without ...    16 MB    Views 8744
Related Apps media music videos search cloud favorite device playlists access storage
-6    “Excellent App It's nice to be able to stream my music and access my playlists from where ever i am. Awesome” –Appoday Drizzle allows you to seamlessly stream or download and play YOUR music and videos from more than 32 GB ...    4 MB    Views 5695

Jukebox for Spotify

spotify party music iphone library jukebox songs access tracks premium
0    Turn your iPhone into the best Jukebox of the world At your next party you and your friends will have millions of songs available. Jukebox for Spotify allows everybody to request favorite songs. You can change the order of the playlist ...    13 MB    Views 6329

After Romeo

Related Apps social music media feeds exclusive view official access interact
-2    The OFFICIAL After Romeo iOS app Get EXCLUSIVE access to new content, videos, music, and all the latest updates Insider Receive EXCLUSIVE content Feeds View After Romeo's social feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) ALL in one location Interact (like, comment, retweet, ...    78 MB    Views 8677

NAD Media Tuner

Related Apps media audio music internet network access tuner upnp
0    Upgrade any HiFi Stereo or Home Theater system to include Wireless Network Audio Streaming. The NAD Media Tuner (MT) connects between your HiFi and the Internet via your local WiFi network, and provides access to internet music without the need ...    6 MB    Views 7111

Owen Eff Music

music access
+4    The OFFICIAL mobile app of HipHop artist Owen Eff Get instant access to new music and videos and up to date information. You can view, comment and keep in touch with Owen Eff with easy access to his Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and ...    29 MB    Views 2842
Related Apps music celtic access episodes irish play features touch episode latest
+26    Irish & Celtic Music is one of the largest shows dedicated to Celtic music. It is hosted by Celtic musician, Marc Gunn. Twice a month you can download this free radio show of Celtic music by some of the best ...    7 MB    Views 1944
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