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Air Music Cloud Streamer | MUSIC-appsios

Streaming to your audio file(mp3, aac, m4a) for mobile iOS device.

It is the Air Music that can sound source directly without synchronizing devices iOS, streaming as a server on your own hard drive.

There were many people in trouble every time you synchronize the sound to the capacity of the iPhone / iPad little far!

Who were slow to take too much care is too large music library synchronization people!

If you synchronize every time I was tired well alongside new music people!

I think this person would be required to come!

The advantage of the first time Air Music that is differentiated from other existing streaming music app!

• You will be able to control the playback on the lock screen of the song title and artist name, album art display, without having to enter a passcode lock screen also.

• Buffering time in a slow network environment to avoid long, the client application, leave the pre-buffering of the next song automatically right before the playback of the currently playing song ends.

• The Server app, OS X, as well as full support for other OS.

• When there is more than one server that is registered with the server list, visual distinction clearly is possible to display a unique icon OS.

• You can also test to find the IP address that is accessible from the outside of their program on the server, whether the connection is possible.

• blocking the access of others that are not allowed, such as authentication and IP Block List Rule Pass-code.

* This application does not provide services for the sound source. License of the sound source, is independent of the developer, but is under no obligation to protect developers, users who do not pay the license fee legitimate.

Support file format: mp3, m4a, aac.

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Air Music Cloud Streamer Free

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Published 2015-09-29
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