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Most Beautiful Voice Of Adhan (Islamic Azan Prayers Ringtones) | MUSIC-appsios

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The most beautiful adhan with the most muezzins in the world

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful and fascinating voices of muezzins in the islamic world, you have to download Adhan or Azan application of diverse places athan from mecca (makkah ) or medina or al masjid al-haram, Adaan Saudi, ezan from Egypt, Al quds ( Jerusalem ) Athan.

Adhan app - application is a simple and quick software that works on iOS phones and allows to its users to listen to the latest muazzins’s incredible voices and enjoy the beauty and deep words

By downloading this ADAN application, you will have the right to listen to whom you like

The prayer call in Arabic :.

Allah'u Akbar .(twice)

Allah'u Akbar.(twice)

Ash'hado ana la illa ila Allah.(twice)

Ash'hado ana Mohammad'n rasool Allah.(twice)

Haiya al'a al salah.(twice)

Haiya al'a al falah.(twice)

Allah'u Akbar.(twice)

Ash'hado ana la illa ila Allah.(once)

Translation :

God is Great (twice)

God is Great (twice)

I testify that there is none worthy of worship except God .(twice)

I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God.(twice)

Come to prayer!(twice)

Come to success.(twice)

God is Great.(twice)

There is none worthy of worship except God.(once)

The most known muezzins :

Muazinines: al Ghamidi, abd el basset abd essamad, Ali ibn Ahmad al mala, issam Boukhari, Sheesha, Mahmoud al Khalil, et Rashed Mishary Alafasy Ibrahim al Arkani mansoor Az Zahrani Hamad al Deghreri majed hamathani nous fait en sorte de rassembler tous ceux muadinine partir chaque coin de la Wold islamique: Arabie, algérienne, égyptienne, Sudani, irakienne, marocaine, yéménite, syrienne, Tunisiann somalienne, Émirats unis, Jamahiriya, jordaniens, palestiniens, mauitanian, Koweït, omanin, quatari, Bahreïn

This Adhan - Azan - Adhan app assemble the coolest sounds in one amazing application that combines many of the adhan or azan from different parts of the world and Senate for months and Readers

Sound that does not cut off over the past 24 hours on the globe, the voice of Azan, the call to prayer, the application contains the Adhan on the most beautiful voices of singers

True ears and takbeers Eid Free Mp3

Adhan- azan Ears voice coolest Senate.

You can listen to the ears of a lot louder and a lot of readers by the reader or the mosque .

The most beautiful Adhan listen to Adhan Azan or Ezan or Athan or Atan or Adan

Athan beautiful sounds. Selections from fresher voices

This is a list of the major Athans in the app:

Abdul-Bassit Abdul-Samad,Mansour Zahrani

Farooq hadrawi

Faisal Labban

Mouhammad Luhaidan

hamed shakernejad

Mchari Al Afasy

Mohammed Hassan

Adthan Samir Bachiri

Hamad Deghreri

Adthan Khaled al Jaheem

Salman al Utaybi

Abdul Razzaq al Dulaimi

Salah al Hashem

Azam al Maqdisi

Ahmad al Lahiden al Dossary

Abdul Mohsen al Lahou

Ali al Maksiat

Mohammed Al Zahed"

Wadi al Yamani

Ahmad al Nafees

Athan Mohammed el Kak

Ibrahim Haidar

Fares Abbad

Athan Mohammed Farhoud

Athan Ala Nooman

Abdullah Awad al Juhany

Athan Osama Salman

Mohammed Daghriri"

Abdul Nasir Harak

Motasam bel Allah al Asali";

nasar al qatami";

Mohammed Rafat";

Farooq al Hadrawi";

Mohammed Zahidi";

Abathar al Huluji";

Rafa al Amri

Majed al Zamil

Mohamed el Chimi";

ahmad al ghamdi

Athan Makkah, from Saudi Arabia,Saudi Arabia al Riyadh,Palestine, amman, egypt, ,malaysia,athan lebanon,Athan Qatar,Athan Tunisia,Turkey,Pakistan,India,Morocco,Kuwait,Iraq,Algeria, Iran,Athan Jordan,Indonesia,afghanistan,

Athan from Al-Haram

in Madina Munawara

masjid al aqsa

malik fahad mosque

umar ibn khattab mosque

masjid al rifai mosque

mosquee al imam abdul wahhab

mosque al rajhi

mosque al masjid al aqsa

Mashhad Imam Ali-Rida

mosque al cheikh al kilani


Athan Ali Ahmed Mulla

haram ali farooq hadrawi

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