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KSBI Radio - KSBI.CA's Radio Station for Mobile


This is a simple web application designed for KSBI's radio station, users are able to enjoy our radio station and browsing our website at the same time !



Thank you for tuning in to KSBI, the online radio station designed to bring you Music Without Borders to Inspire the Soul! Our goal is to showcase indie artists, an emerging segment of music industry whose popularity cannot be denied. The indie music scene is one of the fastest growing models and, with very little support from major record label, indie has allowed artists the freedom to control their destiny.

Our radio content consists of cutting-edge music of the indie scene. Why? Because the independent community has always been the foundation for change! According to the American Association of Independent Music, music on independent labels outpaced the major music label groups in 2012, charting 32.6% of all sales. According to CNET purchases in 2011, followers of the indie scene generate earnings of over $130 million; $53 million generated by CD Baby, while Amazon reported $78 million. The market for indie artists is undeniable. They are loyal and are always willing to seek out indie music through the internet to discover the new and emerging grass-root talents.

The StreetBeat ArtworkIt’s no coincidence that youth and indie artists intertwine with KSBI and the indie music scene in general. This independent movement is powered by our niche audience: youths between the ages of 12-18. The youth are the largest consumers of the internet, smartphones, other relevant forms of technology, and notably,

the largest group for music downloads. They are usually at the front end of viral movements. These viral movements aren’t limited to the indie scene,

as the re-election of US President Barack Obama and the 2011 Egyptian uprising demonstrated. This energy needs to be embraced and flourished for all to see as it will soon depict our future. This market cannot be dismissed simply because of their age. In fact, with their knowledge and ability, youth are some of the most powerful consumption markets out there. They don’t just buy stuff, they buy the purpose behind the product. They’re interested in the substance behind what the world provides. At KSBI, it’s our mission to provide powerful indie music intended to inspire.

Although the prime market is youth, the parental involvement of this age group is strongly embraced. The benefits of KSBI’s model and the cool factor of KSBI’s content extends our overall market to a broader audience of those young of mind, aged 19-45. This meets the need of indie expression, and exposes our audience to emerging music movements, exemplified by the trends of the indie music scene and through The STREEXB’s subsidiary, STREEXB Entertainment Society.

Our movement cannot be done alone! KSBI needs your support! Listen to our programming and request indie songs and artist that you follow. We ask that you spread the word about us through online mediums and word of mouth, attend events sponsored by KSBI, and partner with the ever-growing STREEXB U-Network! Together, we can bring a greater awareness to many talented indie artists.


App developed by Ted Wu
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