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#3 Free App & #1 Music App in UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka.

#1Music App in Egypt, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Macau.

Top 3 Music Apps in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

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For all cat lovers!

SingingCat Free is a cute music instruments application.

You can also use SingingCat Free as a communication tool with cats.

You can let the cat sing your favorite song by tapping pads (buttons).

The Pads are arranged as a piano keyboard.

When listening to music, launch SingingCat and tap the sound pads to let your cat sing along!



* Just over one octave keys in landscape mode. (20 notes)

* Easy-to-use interface

* Cats respond to the sounds

* Cute graphics

There is no ads version, SingingCat ($0.99)


#1 in Japan (Full version, Music category)

#6 in Japan (Full version, All paid apps)

#6 in El Salvador (Full version, Music category)

#8 in Qatar (Full version, Music category)

#11 in UK (Full version, Music category)

#11 in Russia (Full version, Music category)

#13 in Östareich (Full version, Music category)


The sound is not emitted in the silent mode.

The sound is emitted only from the headphone in the silent mode.

Please check the mode.
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Published 2015-08-11
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