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Tom Ryan's Saturday Night (TRSN) | MUSIC-appsios

"Tom Ryan's Saturday Night" is a live syndicated radio show on a

The show contains radio remixes of songs from the likes of Wilkinson, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams & Many more. As well as this, the show contains a good flow of links at a decent speed so the show runs smoothly. The show is ideal for any radio station and really has a club weekend feel to it. The show has been specificially designed for Saturday nights and this type of radio has been proven to be popular.

Also when the show is off air - not to worry! We stream music 24/7 to this application to ensure your ears are constantly entertained right up to the live show! The Tom Ryan's Saturday Night App is super handy so you can listen on the go!

For more information on the show visit or like our Facebook page at
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The BOB & TOM Show

Author musicappsios
Published 2015-12-18
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