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Fun Kids Piano | MUSIC-appsios

Fun Piano for Kids!

This is a great app for developing music skills for your children, not only it it colorful and fun, but it is a great way to learn some of their favorite childrens songs including:

-Mary had a little lamb

-Twinkle twinkle little star

-Do Re Mi

-I love you

-Row row row your boat

and many others!

It has 2 modes, play mode where you go solo and play however you want. And learn mode, where the keys of the song you select will be highlighted and you will start playing them and learning them in a fast and amazingly fun way!

Music is great for babies and toddlers development, this piano will be loved by them!
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Play and Sing - Piano for Kids and Babies

Author musicappsios
Published 2015-06-30
Categories Fun, Learn,
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