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INIPARK Limited produces all performance music in Daybreak, and has the rights of ownership of all performance music in Daybreak.

Start your day with Daybreak.

INIPARK Limited is established in Auckland, New Zealand, and Sound team in INIPARK Limited produces piano plays and all music needed in application or other multi-mediea contents. All performance music in Daybreak was produced as a part of the process during creat music for application and other muti-mediea contents.

Piano plays in Daybreak are divided by four themes with Love, Ease, Vibrant, Sad.

Daybreak-“VIBRANT” has two versions. Oneversion is for free ( 10 piano plays ), another version need to be paid for play ( 40 piano plays including free version). Depend on your use, we will supplement piano plays.

Please, inquiry if you need to use these piano plays for commercial business.

Hope to start your lively day with Daybreak.

Main Function

1) Play and Stop

2) Repeat

3) Random and Repeat

4) Edit your own list

Upgrade Notice

1) Alarm function

2) Update for more piano plays
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Daybreak Ease

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Published 2015-03-30
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