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Singularity - The arcade puzzle action challenge | MUSIC-appsios

You are a rectangle that are trapped in a weird world called Singularity. Your objective is to battle through 22 levels and avoid anything purple.

What does others think:

"this game is very beautiful, minimalist graphics features, plus is a game that forces you to think to solve levels" - * * * * * 5 Stars

Do you have what it takes to challenge the Singularity?

Game features:

◉ 22 Levels

◉ Real-time physics

◉ Action puzzles - Requires quick thinking to solve

◉ Surprises - Not everything is as it first appears

◉ Game is completable and has an ending

Try Singularity - The arcade puzzle action challenge today.

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Author musicappsios
Published 2015-11-15
Categories Iphone, Blocks,
Views 2074