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+22    Alles, was den Rhythmus macht: Das epaper drums & percussion liefert Ihnen jede Menge schlagzeugspezifischen Themen: Vergleichstests, HintergrundStories, Herstellerberichte und Interviews rund ums Schlagzeug und die Percussion. Hier erfahren Sie alles Wichtige aus der Szene national und international. Playalongs, ...    NAN    Views 7282

Radio Tahiti

+23    Radio Tahiti Listen to live radio from Tahiti on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Features: 6 radio stations (Taui FM, NRJ, Polynésie 1ere, Radio 1, Radio Tiare, Radio Maria No Te Hau) Unlimited listening Control from your Apple Watch Runs in ...    2 MB    Views 2795


+26    Equalizer was also added from version 2.1 (TenMediaPlayerAd) also has published advertisement. This place does not support equalizer. If you want to use the equalizer Please use this place There is also a progress report by twitter. Please use. Music that can change pitch, tempo, playback ...    719 kb    Views 8331
-1    A super responsive, needleprecise chromatic tuner with a beautiful, intuitive interface that can tune guitar, ukelele, cello, younameit. Once purchased, a chromatic tuner will be installed on your Apple Device. The Apple Watch extension is currently a work in progress ...    32 MB    Views 543


+10    The brand new official Dream Aria Mobile App is now available Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates from Dream Aria on your mobile device ...    10 MB    Views 4890

Clarino - epaper

apple sie epaper abo abonnement eur ihnen ihr auf und
+15    CLARINO bringt Sie weiter – das Fachmagazin für Blasmusik vereint die verschiedensten Musikrichtungen in einem und bietet Ihnen Monat für Monat einen umfangreichen Service rund um alles, was das Bläserherz begehrt. CLARINO wendet sich an Amateure und Profis: aktive Musiker, ...    NAN    Views 3877
+2    손에서 터지는 최신가요 스파클링 리듬액션, 하이파이브 “8월 최신 가요 BIGBANG [쩔어] / [우리 사랑하지 말아요] 업데이트” : 에이핑크, 걸스데이, AOA, 씨스타, 카라…. 음원차트를 점령한 걸그룹 총출동 : 인피니트, 비스트, 신화, 블락비, VIXX…..대한민국 대표 아이돌 총집합 : 아이유, 이승철, 버스커버스커, 다비치…..대중들이 사랑하는 인기가요 100여곡과 함께하세요 “터치&누른 ...    NAN    Views 4413
music apple library airplay access itunes mac
-5    NEW VERSION UPDATES New High Definition Fireplaces Added 7Themed Borders Access iTunes Library Cuddle up and relax to a warm and cozy virtual fireplace set to music. These reallife simulations of burning firewood and crackle is presented in Full 1080p HD Video resolution They're ...    470 MB    Views 2227

Keyboard Guitar 2

Related Apps music love apple steve passion great good
0    Several days ago, we got a letter from a musician, who loves music, just like you and me. Being a music lover, he has developed a passion for recording and creating unique sounds on the iPad. And, he has a passion to ...    32 MB    Views 5087
0    DISCOUNT OFFER FOR MAHA SHIVRATRI : Buy app for 0.99 (Offer limited upto 27th Feb,2014). Now, the glorious journey of Fountain music company continues in Apple App Store. Here we come with "Mahamrutunjay Mantra" in Suresh Wadkar's sound. The great mantra dedicated to Shiva ...    14 MB    Views 8770

Inspire Digital

apple radio australia digital inspire god christian day life
+17    Inspire Digital is Australia's newest Christian radio station with a format of the best Christian music and teaching programs from around Australia and the world. It can be heard on DAB+ digital radio in Sydney and Adelaide, and online via ...    472 kb    Views 7497

Mid-Cheshire Radio

radio apple mid
-8    The Official App for MidCheshire Radio. This App allows users to listen to their Local Radio Station ANYWHERE in the world, and interact with programmes using Facebook, Twitter and the MidCheshire Radio Website without leaving the App The MidCheshire Radio App also ...    8 MB    Views 454


radio apple los musica net
-7 Radio Porque eres lo que escuchas Esta aplicacion es la primera en su genero en la tienda de apple Rock en Español y Rock en todas sus manifestaciones. Los grupos que estan a la vanguardia , su musica, entrevistas, fotos, noticias ...    13 MB    Views 3078
Related Apps music apple listen dropbox files favorite watch player
+2    Enjoy your favorite music anywhere, anytime with NUBAIR. NUBAIR is a powerful music player for iPhone and Apple Watch that allows you to listen your favorite songs directly from your Dropbox folder. Streaming music files from your Dropbox Download the files ...    6 MB    Views 8899

Top 40 Radio Live

radio apple audio live stations top station play airplay
+1    If you like Top 40 songs, you will love Top 40 Radio Live. No need to download or synch your songs. Listen to music radio stations live using your WiFi or data connection. Bluetooth supported: You can send audio from this ...    1 MB    Views 7547


Related Apps apple video iphone audio touch ipod access content
-7    KidFlix stops kids from accidentally activating the onscreen controls while listening to audio or watching videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch, therefore eliminating accidental exits, fastforwards, etc. To exit a video, simply click the Home button. KidFlix is compatible with ...    2 MB    Views 5676

GoodTimes - epaper

apple sie und epaper ber eur abo auf ausgabe abonnement von
+15    Das Magazin für die Musik der 60er, 70er und 80er Jahre: Good Times epaper berichtet fundiert und unterhaltsam über Beat, Pop, Disco, New Wave, Punk und Rock. Viele Stars sind nach wie vor auf der Bühne oder im Studio ...    NAN    Views 5651
chinese apple sing learn watch
0    ••• Now supports Apple Watch ••• Sing to Learn Chinese helps your child to learn Chinese words and phrases through many catchy Chinese children rhymes Download the app and enjoy it on your iPhone or iPad You can also sing along with ...    38 MB    Views 3111

Trumpet Watch Tuner

-9    Trumpet Watch Tuner will help you tune your trumpet with your Apple Watch. You can use your Apple Watch or your iOS device to tune your instrument. All notes are based on 440 Hz and are authentic trumpet sounds. Icon by ...    7 MB    Views 2032

Bear Seeking

apple bear band world single newest
+4    Apple girls band has recently released their newest single called "bear seeking". Bear seeking is a game which player must hit the bears at the same time try to achieve the highest points as they can and "bear seeking" is ...    31 MB    Views 3488

Calcomp NAS

apple nas application mobile device
0    Calcomp NAS Apple application is our main application for any kind of Apple IOS Mobile device. No matter how big the capacity of your Apple mobile device is, the people can use Calcomp NAS Apple application to watch, share, and enjoy ...    1 MB    Views 5349


audio apple play record change speed watch raise
+12    Record and Play audio in sentence level Mark sentences to play separately Change speed / background play Share your audio with your friends Control with Apple Watch What can you do with it? Record and play sentences repeatly to memorize ...    7 MB    Views 1154

FONO FORUM - epaper

apple sie eur epaper und von die der ber abo
-5    Das Magazin für Klassik, Jazz und Hifi – und das seit über 50 Jahren. Im epaper FONO FORUM stellt Ihnen ein Team von renommierten Autoren jeden Monat die Stars der Szene sowie aufstrebende Nachwuchskünstler vor. Ob Anna Netrebko oder Daniel ...    NAN    Views 9358


apple version playback loop playlist change shuffle
-1    Equalizer was also added from version 2.1 There is also a paid version multifunctional. There is also a version shuffle, loop playback of the corresponding adsupported. Equalizer is not implemented. It is a player that can change pitch, tempo, the playback speed. Access to ...    741 kb    Views 229
+3    Let's listen to Taiwan online radio stations including UFO, Hit FM, Kiss Radio, Apple Line, Pop Radio, ICRT and more... +Key Features + Alarm Sleep timer Support apple watch Support today widget And more... Note: an internet connection is required to enjoy ...    35 MB    Views 5038

Guitar Tuner Pro+

Related Apps guitar apple iphone watch tuner sounds pro easy sound
+20    ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Guitar Tuner Pro+ is the single best guitar tuning app for Apple Watch. Play each guitar sound by using your Apple Watch or your iPhone, and set the sound to Acoustic or ...    10 MB    Views 3812
keyboard apple piano midi integrated configuration bluetooth select
+24    Universal Midi Keyboard Features: Full 88 Keys Piano Keyboard Two independent Keyboards on iPads Select Midi Channel Select Midi Note On Velocity Scroll and Glissando Mode Sustain Integrated Piano Sound (can be turned off) Act as Virtual Midi Source and / ...    7 MB    Views 4453


+5    KFOX57RADIO.NET it's a radio app that allows IPHONE/APPLE product users to listen our radio station directly from any iPHONE/APPLE device. KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT RADIO HERU SHABAZZ TALK RADIO Custom Whipz Magazine Radio Hard & Soft Talk    1 MB    Views 5152

Phoenix Radio Live

radio audio apple live stations phoenix station choose great
0    If you like Phoenix, you will love Phoenix Radio Live. No need to download or synch your songs. Listen to music and news radio stations live using your WiFi or data connection. Phoenix Radio Live has a simple and intuitive user ...    1 MB    Views 6694

Violin Watch Tuner

Related Apps apple violin play watch sounds tuning tuner
+27    Play all 4 violin strings on your iPhone by using the Violin Tuner app for Apple Watch. This gives an easier experience for tuning your violin, as you will only need to tap on the Apple Watch to play the ...    10 MB    Views 9949


apple supports generation ios itunes https equalizer
+27    There is also a paid version. This one is multifunctional, such as equalizer. Please use this option if you would like to test any of the equalizer for free It is the music,movie player who can change pitch,tempo,speed. It supports bluetooth earphone Because it ...    909 kb    Views 6520

Kronos Connect

apple sonos watch control select queue play
+20    Control Sonos from your Apple Watch. Kronos allows you to control the most common features of your Sonos Music System directly from your Apple Watch. Select Sonos Zone, control volume, play/pause, skip forward/back. View the playqueue and select track from the queue. Album ...    3 MB    Views 3214


music apple playing time genre watch button
+30    Elly is a simple and beautiful onebutton online music shuffling application that just plays music based on your selected genre. Every time you press the center shuffle button, it starts playing a song and if you let it play until ...    23 MB    Views 2755
music apple
+2    「貴族唱片 Noble Music」強調無瑕優質的原味音樂,期望每張精心製作出版的專輯,都能如悠揚回聲般,於樂迷耳中久久不散。 本應用程式為貴族唱片 Noble Music 專屬行動應用程式,提供各項便利功能供下載使用。 【功能】 ● 關於貴族 ● 發行資訊 ● 每週優惠 ● 嚴選推薦 ● 最新消息 ● 官方臉書 ● 新片試聽 ● 影音頻道 ● 活動特刊 ● 新聲報 ● 詢問清單 ● 會員專區 ● 推薦連結 ● 線上問卷 ● 我的最愛 ● 分享下載 ● 客服專區 【備註】 ● 本應用程式操作裝置為 Apple iPhone 4 以上,iOS 5.0 以上版本。 ● 蘋果公司非活動贊助商,且未以任何形式參予活動。(Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of or involved with ...    6 MB    Views 4026

Beautiful Word

apple application start screen beautiful lyrics
-1    画面一杯に歌詞を表示するアプリです。 (It is an application that displays the lyrics full screen.) 歌の中にある美しい言葉を堪能しましょう。 (Let's enjoy the beautiful words that are in the song.) 標準アプリ「ミュージック」で再生開始して下さい。本アプリは再生開始機能はありません。(Please play started with a standard application "Music". This application does not have a playback start function.) 本アプリを起動します。歌詞が表示されます。 (I will start this app.The lyrics ...    2 MB    Views 5068
-9    クラシック・ギターの専門誌、月刊「現代ギター」は、現在国内外のギターを愛する人々に広く読まれており、特に毎月のユニークな特集記事や貴重な楽譜はたいへん好評です。取り上げる記事もルネサンスから現代音楽までと幅広く、フラメンコ、古楽、ウクレレ関係も連載されています。もちろん、国内ニュースや海外の話題、新刊書や新譜CDの案内、コンサートガイドとレビューなど、最新情報も豊富です。 ================================== 【定期購読について】 1年 (自動更新) : 10,800円 購読料はお客様のiTunesアカウントに課金されます。 定期購読期間中は、定期購読の期間変更や途中解約をすることはできません。 定期購読期間終了の24時間以上前に自動更新を解除しない限り、定期購読が自動的に継続されます。 自動更新の解除は、[設定] > [iTunes & App Store] > [Apple ID:(お客様のApple ID)] > [Apple IDを表示] > 購読の[管理]から行えます。 ================================== This magazine is proudly powered by PressPad. Find out more at    6 MB    Views 3902

AppleBite (Zombie)

apple zombie fun sounds terrifying crazy record
+8    +++ More than 125 downloads +++ (Note: if you are allergic to awesome, then this app is not for you. :D ) The apple eater which makes your Halloween fun: with crazy, NIGHTMARE sounds :D (Four amazing sounds are awaible right know: NormalBite, ...    3 MB    Views 768
+29    Download this App KICK 104 Today's Best Country is Rapid City and the Black Hills' Country StationNow you can take KICK 104 with you anywhere on your Apple device Your phone or tablet. KICK 104 is on both Listen to ...    3 MB    Views 6824

Live Digi Drummer

Related Apps drum apple drummer live play rock real kit
+25    33% DISCOUNT RUNNING Ever wanted to play the drums? "Live Digi Drummer" is the closest you can get without a real kit. "Live Digi Drummer" has been featured by Apple. "Live Digi Drummer" is the fastest and most realistic drum app ...    50 MB    Views 6004


audio apple sketch service touch loro
+2    My Sketch Service is an application created for Apple Touch devices and is designed for planning Audio / Lights Service. My Sketch Service è un applicazione nata per tutti i dispositivi Touch della Apple ed è stata ideata per sfruttare al ...    1 MB    Views 3053

Bolton FM

apple iphone live itunes stream listen view studio
+30    You can now listen to 96.5 Bolton FM on the go with our iPhone/iPad App Features include: Listen Live Stream Multitasking background Live Stream Live Studio Webcam Live Show & Song Information View Our Twitter Feed View Our Schedule Contact The Studio Please ensure that you have a sufficient ...    4 MB    Views 3518
apple slots big
-8    Welcome to Big Apple Slots where dreams are made Come and play the most exciting Slots game in app store Fun graphics and Many ways to win    17 MB    Views 7023
Related Apps apple time tempo set song watch
+12    Musicians, keep time on stage with Tempo for Apple Watch | Tempo flashes to the tempo of your choice for each song | When creating a new song, tap the colored box on iPhone or Apple to set the speed/tempo | Create a ...    2 MB    Views 7750

AC-7 Core Mini

software apple core pro mini works studio logic touch mackie
+4    The AC7 Core Mini is a wireless touch control surface for Apple's Logic music production software as well as many other environments. This Mini version has almost all of the features of it's big brother (the iPad app AC7 Core), and ...    5 MB    Views 244
apple holy land
+17    HOLYLAND聖地搖滾工作室,各項音樂服務,課程、樂器、練團、維修、出租、演出場地、音響工程,努力讓台灣音樂環境紮實成長。 本應用程式為 HOLY LAND 聖地搖滾專屬行動應用程式,提供各項便利功能供下載使用。 【功能】 ● 最新消息 ( News ) ● 聖地搖滾 ( Intro ) ● 搖滾據點 ( Profile ) ● 服務內容 ( Menu ) ● 線上訂單 ( Order ) ● 線上預約 ( Reserve ) ● 搖滾教師 ( Teacher ) ● 官方臉書 ( Facebook ) ● 搖滾相片 ( Photo ) ● ...    11 MB    Views 9179

Mixmag - epaper

house apple sie und epaper eur das auf von abonnement den
0    Das Musikmagazin: Das deutsche Mixmag epaper berichtet über Trends und ClubEvents hierzulande, aber auch über internationale Themen. Im Visier der Redaktion: elektronische Musik in den Hauptsparten Techno, House, Tech House, Trance, Drum 'N' Bass und Dubsteb. Außerdem finden Sie ...    NAN    Views 5341


apple windows
-5    The Best R&B Station on the Net. A mix of the New & The 90's. Slow Jams everynight 11EST. >>DL our App> Apple Android Windows (Haze FM)    28 MB    Views 8333


iphone apple won purchase
+10    NOTE: The iPhone version of this app is not currently functioning correctly, but Apple won't let me update it because the name is a breach of Apple's copyright This is despite the fact that it was already on the app ...    2 MB    Views 2080
Related Apps music apple video trip light player game points album
-7    The Amplifetes present an interactive music video game for their forthcoming album "Where Is The Light." From the beginning of its inception, The Amplifetes have never been afraid to push boundaries and try new things. Their forthcoming album, "Where Is The Light", ...    28 MB    Views 4859
video music apple listen player lets watch
0    Available on Apple Watch You will certainly kill your Music app after you get this NanoMusic is a powerful and beautiful way to listen to your home music and video. It lets you express your emotion in every move of your finger. ...    14 MB    Views 4893
spotify music apple shuffle control mute plays watch
-8    Designed specifically for Apple Watch, Decibell allows you to control your Spotify playlists from your wrist. Load up your lists, control what plays and shuffle it up. Force touching the screen brings up a menu which lets you control playback, shuffle ...    6 MB    Views 9942
music apple future festival info 2015 event
+5    Download the Official Future Music Festival 2015 App. Future Music Festival 2015 will be bigger than ever in this year with a whole bunch of new international acts including Drake, Avicii, The Prodigy, Knife Party, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Darude, Sven Vath ...    49 MB    Views 1724

OKEY - epaper

keyboard apple sie und epaper eur abo oder ihr abonnement ausgabe
-4    Hier spielt die Musik: Das epaper OKEY bietet Ihnen sechsmal jährlich interessante Reportagen aus der Tastenszene, PraxisWorkshops, ProfiTests der neuesten Instrumente und ZubehörProdukte sowie spezielle Notenarrangements für Orgel und Keyboard. Das Fachmagazin für Orgel, Keyboard und Digitalpiano wendet sich an Amateure ...    NAN    Views 2623

Upsize for iPad

apple ipad music art cable support touch
0    Upsize puts your music on the big screen. Don't just hear the sound, get your album art up on your TV Do all your friends have an AppleTV, but you've just got a cable? Upsize can make you cool again. Explore ...    916 kb    Views 4256
apple sie epaper eur magazin und abo abonnement ihnen der
-8    News, Szene, Praxis: Alle zwei Monate präsentiert das akkordeon magazin epaper Ihnen alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten aus der Akkordeonszene. akkordeon magazin bringt Künstlerporträts, Berichte, Interviews, Reportagen und Veranstaltungshinweise. Und auch informative Rezensionen und nützliche Spieltipps kommen nicht zu kurz. Zusätzlich ...    NAN    Views 2548


+5    提供流行音樂、影音產品,以及進口國外 CD。代訂東洋、西洋、古典、粵語等音樂商品,以多元化的音樂商品來滿足您對音樂的需求。 本應用程式為佳佳唱片行專屬行動應用程式,提供各項便利功能供下載使用。 【功能】 ● 最新消息 ● 關於佳佳 ● 精選預購 ● 發行情報 ● 精選推薦 ● 官方網站 ● 我的最愛 ● 分店資訊 ● 分享下載 ● 影音分享 ● 官方臉書 ● 客服專區 【備註】 ● 本應用程式操作裝置為 Apple iPhone 4 以上,iOS 5.0 以上版本。 ● 蘋果公司非活動贊助商,且未以任何形式參予活動。(Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of or involved with this sweepstakes in any manner. ) 【版權】 ● 本應用程式經由佳群唱片有限公司(佳佳唱片行)授權開發製作。    8 MB    Views 6799
Related Apps apple sie und epaper eur stars abo auf abonnement ihnen
0    Was gibt´s Neues in der Schlager und VolksmusikSzene? Stars und Melodien epaper versorgt Sie alle zwei Monate mit Infos und vielen ExklusivStories. Sie erfahren, wann welche Konzerte stattfinden, welche Neuheiten es auf dem Musikmarkt gibt und können Kontakt zu ...    NAN    Views 9821


apple released songs recordings enjoy quiz set labels
+5    Between September 1962 (Please Please Me) and January 1970 (I Me Mine) John, Paul, George and Ringo recorded and released 186 songs in the UK on the Parlophone and Apple labels . In addition to the well known set of ...    5 MB    Views 6563
magazine music apple www http world podcast store
-8    Best of Songlines magazine: Celebrating 100 issues Exclusively available on the App Store. To celebrate the 100th edition of Songlines magazine (published on April 25, 2014) we've reproduced over 120 original pages of the very best features from Songlines magazine ...    10 MB    Views 4496


apple artwork random track
-5    RingoAudio is an appleshaped audio player. "Ringo" stands for an apple in Japanese. This plays music tracks from iPod libraries containing artwork images in a random manner. It's unique because of playing a track only during peeling action continues. You can see a next ...    330 kb    Views 8686
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