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0    Learn all the crazy Guitar techniques Advanced & Intermediate Guitar Method Techniques : LegatoTapping, Two hands Tapping, Polyrythmic Tapping, Chicken picking, Alternate picking, Sweeping, Arpeggios, Tril, Natural Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics, Chromatisms, String jumping, Combinated techniques... Artist stylelick studied : Joe ...    4 MB    Views 7842

All Day: Decoded

+10    Visualize hundreds of samples from Girl Talk's All Day album with this free app Includes the album MP3. Features Include Hundreds of samples with album art stream across your iPad as the music plays. Bundled with the Creative Commonslicensed All Day ...    171 MB    Views 9686
+17    Ever want to get into a top producer’s head and see what makes him tick? In this course, Eyal Amir – with outstretched arms – welcomes you into his creative world as he imagines, sketches, develops and produces an amazing ...    601 MB    Views 9538
+3    It's the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate than with music? Give your loved one the most creative music making app this season, the Musical Tree Play a chromatic scale of christmas bells that have ...    18 MB    Views 885
radio audio creative music voice work sound podcast mike
+3    Exclusive Features of the MRC App With this app you can listen to many podcasts, live broadcasts and chat live with the hosts, Mike & Izabela, during our live shows. Music Radio Creative Podcast The Music Radio Creative Podcast with Mike Russell and ...    12 MB    Views 1841


-4    Committed to providing artists and community members access to the airwaves for creative and experimental use, ART+FM employs sound, music, and conversation to explore the hidden properties of audio broadcasting. Sculpting with frequency that is delivered in watts, ART+FM amplifies ...    1 MB    Views 6098
+3    The digital edition of Turner’s groundbreaking thinking on how artistic representations of thinking serve as the context for critical thinking and learning in elementary and early childhood education. This app edition features interactive multimedia and demonstrations videos that will help ...    57 MB    Views 7811

Starbust Mobile

creative search market process inspiration flow
+11    Starbust makes your creative process flow The creative process has multiple Phases Inspiration , Incubation, Collaboration (Bounce Ideas) , and Evaluation (Market). If there is an obstacle in any one of the phases your creative process will not flow Capture inspiration ...    21 MB    Views 7291


ballet artists program theatre creative create performance oregon obt part
+12    Oregon Ballet Theatre Create program for iPad Note: This is the program for the performance. CREATE May 28–June 1, 2014 BodyVox Dance Center Share an intimate look at the creative impulses of the artists of the company as they showcase specially chosen excerpts and present ...    107 MB    Views 2867


+13    MoodJooser is the groundbreaking new iPhone app that utilizes sound frequencies to enhance or change your mood… it's like having a remote control for your brain Listening to MoodJooser is the smart way to get energized, be creative, stay focused, relax ...    49 MB    Views 9

VoKey Lite

keyboard piano wifi painting map guitar creative midi waveform sample samples record play keys played
+7    Create your own instruments from sounds you record. Make your own Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or Majestic Bug Piano, or get creative and create something with your own voice. There are no limits. Record any sound, and ...    34 MB    Views 238

Jamn Multi-tool PRO

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0    Jamn's multitool helps you become a better musician. It reveals the relationships between keys, chords and scales using the uniquely designed Jamn Wheel. This multiaward winning app will help you improve your playing and songwriting skills. Add it to your ...    61 MB    Views 8045

KORG Gadget

music ipad creative drum gadgets korg ideal production songs electronic function
+4    The ultimate mobile synth collection on your iPad KORG Gadget the allinone music production studio • Selected by Apple as "App Store Best of 2014" • Achieved the 1 in the Top Paid Music App category USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, ...    358 MB    Views 7159
music games history composers time creative creating tension game levels loops learn cues adding
-6    Do you want to know how to compose music for games? Would you like a piece of a 50 billion dollar industry? If so, put down your game controller and pay attention to the monitor, because the talented and entertaining ...    241 MB    Views 8119

Creative Music

creative mais nos anos uma mercado para
-3    "VIEMOS PARA FAZER A DIFERENÇA" A Creative atua no ramo do entretenimento á alguns anos, com grandes artistas do mercado. Mas a necessidade do mercado foi tanta, que a demanda nos fez mais forte e consistente. Hoje chegamos de fato para ficar, com ...    422 kb    Views 8648


music iphone apps relax meditate audio creative time drone beautiful drones chords
-7    Droneo will bathe your ears with rich polyphonic textures Droneo is a synthesizer which drones with various timbres and precise intonations that blur the distinction between tones, timbres and chords. Its drone is great for meditation, centering, and calming, walking and ...    11 MB    Views 1077

AmpliTube LE

guitar recorder iphone time audio creative library virtual instrument recording amplitube studio purchase mics gear tone track

MusicalMe Kids Pro

Related Apps kids photo music animal instruments creative musicalme play share sounds background record
-7    MUSICALME KIDS PRO DESCRIPTION “A new way for kids to interact with their photos” “A fun way to play musical composer AND photographer” ABOUT MusicalMe Kids Pro is the full, unlocked version of MusicalMe Kids. It includes all 16 instruments and fun animal sounds. ...    60 MB    Views 7819
0    The geomungo is a traditional Korean stringed musical instrument, which has movable bridges called Anjok and 16 convex frets. The strings are plucked with a short bamboo stick called suldae, which is held between the index and middle fingers of ...    40 MB    Views 3893

Abe's Audio

audio voice creative demos talent client variety listen
+13    Abes Audio is a production and voice over studio, delivering creative audio on time, on budget and on brief. Whether you're meeting with a client or producing on the road, the Abes Audio app is ideal for creative directors, writers, account ...    2 MB    Views 6378
Related Apps drum gym learning creative tools exercise rudiments kit practice musical version
-8    Drum Gym Lite is a free version of Drum Gym the app that provides you with the tools you need to be creative and musical in your drumming. This lite version includes six rudiments, four combinations and two full ...    139 MB    Views 2418
work creative writing instrument wifi midi ideas chord inspiration song inspire songs
+2    Vince Clarke from Erasure tweets about ProChords: "Intend to make liberal use of it, in all future compositions.” ProChords is a unique iPhone application developed to write songs with professional chord progressions, in an easy and intuitive way. In the process of writing a ...    11 MB    Views 7698

Radio ART

Related Apps radio art
-8    Radio ART – La Radio di chi Ama la Radio Radio ART ti propone 24 su 24 le hit più forti di tutti i tempi e le notizie in tempo reale grazie alle 13 edizioni giornaliere dei suoi Radiogiornali. Inoltre rubriche di ...    1 MB    Views 500
music artists audio love apps facebook software twitter creative ninja intuitive mix tune stars remix
+13    "I really like the app: it just says ‘Go have fun and if you’re enjoying it... dig deeper” Amon Tobin "I should take it to my show tonight and just play this... I’ve not seen anything like it.” – Bonobo Ninja ...    37 MB    Views 9331

Creative Juice HD

+23    Are you an artist, musician, writer or a just a creative person? If so, you've probably experienced moments when the creative train was stuck at the station. Creative Juice is an attempt to jar your thoughts enough to help you ...    NAN    Views 8896

You've Got Rhythm

Related Apps drum kids music time creative metronome rhythm play drums hit pitch features sounds
0    You've Got Rhythm is a fun and creative music app that teaches kids rhythm and how to play the drums in a new and exciting way Anyone can now play the Congas, Bongos, and African Drum with our unique LearnNPlay ...    100 MB    Views 5346

MusicalMe Kids

kids photo music creative play musicalme share background auto record musical
+20    MUSICALME KIDS DESCRIPTION “A new way for kids to interact with their photos” “A fun way to play musical composer AND photographer” ABOUT MusicalMe Kids is a fun, creative app designed to allow kids of all ages to “compose” custom background music to a ...    61 MB    Views 1986
-9    Learn all the crazy Guitar techniques Advanced & Intermediate Guitar Method Techniques : LegatoTapping, Two hands Tapping, Polyrythmic Tapping, Chicken picking, Alternate picking, Sweeping, Arpeggios, Tril, Natural Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics, Chromatisms, String jumping, Combinated techniques... Artist stylelick studied : Joe ...    4 MB    Views 1438

Paint The Beat

Related Apps music creative library videos artistic time canvas beat brush visual paint strokes grid
+3    With Paint The Beat, visual arts get with the beat. Visual choreography. Song graffiti. This is a unique app for creative expression. It is also challenging; targetted at those interested in combining freeform visual expression and aesthetics with the music ...    2 MB    Views 1127

ATL Beat Battle

creative music networking beat battle producers atl wayne showcase lil
+12    The official ATL Beat Battle mobile app lets you view pictures, watch videos, and stay connected to the latest updates Atlanta Beat Battle has become Atlanta's premier producers and songwriter networking event established in 2007. Producers from all over the country, ...    2 MB    Views 2932
art creative iphone design artists audio music visual infinity japan application sound remix share
+29    [State of the Art REMIX'n SHARE app from the Creative Commons movement] This free application offers a totally new music experience, using more than 140 sound tracks produced by cutting edge artists mainly from US, Japan and also worldwide With a simple ...    6 MB    Views 5050

Christmas Belles

christmas creative music holiday recording piano family apps art play song keys songs
-5    It's time for the big performance Help the Belles learn 3 different Christmas classics in a musical holiday iPad app with gorgeous animated art and songs that will truly get you into the holiday spirit Christmas Belles is based on ...    72 MB    Views 9080


creative kevin licensed licenses org
0    Você acha que tem ritmo? O pequeno Robotune Y3 precisa da sua ajuda Teste seu jingado e o ajude a fazer a música acontecer São várias músicas com ritmos cativantes, num divertido jogo para todas as idades Do you think you ...    49 MB    Views 2175
writing writer music facebook creative media time song box lyrics lyric start quickly
-9    Music & Songwriting all in one app. Song Box Lyric Writer has been designed for song writers who need to have access quick access to their song lyrics. With Song Box Lyric Writer it’s no longer necessary to carry around bulky ...    11 MB    Views 756

Feeding Edgar

video creative music running record clip phone character
-7    Download this app to record your own footage to be included in Feeding Edgar's music video for the new single, Answers. It's a tale of two lovers running to reach a destination where they can be together and Feeding Edgar want ...    13 MB    Views 9780

iTeach Music

Related Apps music learning students reading keyboard creative lessons learn play fun songs
0    Music learning made fun for preschool through adults. Developed by music professors and public school music teachers for optimal learning. Designed as a game to keep even the youngest students engaged, it teaches music reading and aural skills in nine ...    17 MB    Views 6684
Related Apps music playing creative action chord chords advanced years 100 beautiful hear
+24    Never need sheet music again. Chord any song in minutes and hear and finetune you creations. Unlock the mystery of playing by ear and find out what that is really about. Anybody can do it, it is not a gift, we ...    87 MB    Views 8404
+24    This is an app for you and your children, designed to help you help them master the routines they will need to be successful and engaged in creative movement and music activities. Listen, Move, Think Establishing Routines will provide you with ...    47 MB    Views 323
film videos music websites photography creative work lennon album interactive features links
0    This official Julian Lennon App uses cutting edge technology to bring you a fully interactive, high quality media experience. The App features: 'Through The Picture Window': the feature length interactive documentary The visual album: Julian's latest album 'Everything Changes' in bespoke ...    855 MB    Views 7160
sleep apps relax creative music meditate loop beautiful zen create mind
+3    Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre: “Beautiful, simply beautiful Subtle, musical, original, appealing, thoughtful, easy, inspirational. Oh yeah— and free. Thank you” Relax your mind with the zen tranquility of Loop. Each tap creates an expanding circle which chimes and rebounds ...    44 MB    Views 6773


creative music time beats patterns touch track simple samples beat hold
+1    bip is a fantastic creative tool for playing, recording and performing musical rhythmic patterns. Starting with the simple idea of a programmable generated beat, touch and hold gestures are used to select beats and patterns. Patterns can be mixed and ...    38 MB    Views 8573
music dance art creative musician edm track olav logic pro learn collection
+7    Do you want to learn EDM? Would you like to learn it from one of the coolest dance music producers on the planet? Who doesn’t? Well, sit back and learn some amazing artistic EDM tips – and Logic Pro – ...    450 MB    Views 2775

UKYA Derby

artists art creative young derby university event arts performance
+15    UK Young Artists is an exciting, new organisation working nationally and internationally to showcase young, creative practitioners between the ages of 18 – 30 whose work spans across all art forms; from visual arts to music, performance to literature. UK ...    11 MB    Views 5867
Related Apps music creative sounds record decks tap loop recordings mix play
+5    GET CREATIVE with this new music instrument Rock the party with this great BeatBox App Amaze your friends and create music from any sounds you mouth can produce. • TAP and hold on the decks to record your best beat • Single tap to ...    6 MB    Views 8629


creative beats friends sharing star
+18    Sittinonmusic is a fun app that allows users to be their own producers. Listen and download beats in different genres and get creative. Write lyrics and sing or rap to the beats you select. Impress your friends by posting and ...    12 MB    Views 7244
music creative chaos midi random noah devices electronic tracks
-1    Inspiration is often born out of chaos. In this course, by electronic artist Noah Pred, you learn how to control chaos using devices in Ableton Live along with Reaktor and Synplant to infuse some inspiring randomness into your tracks. Noah Pred ...    325 MB    Views 8760
Related Apps music artist creative art facebook videos album digital format 3plet piece integration
+3    No more CDs No more MP3 A true music album is now 3 equal elements together: Music + Graphics + Story = 3plet, a revolutionary app, the new music industry format. Add here Song Lyrics, Music Videos and integration with Facebook ...    120 MB    Views 4184
building creative drum bass style generating unique techno top stereo dirty playback
+10    Recording artist Deepchild reveals how he creates his dirty analog sounds in Ableton Live. Watch this course to learn about the unique sound design techniques used in his mutant techno tracks. App Features: • 107 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • ...    295 MB    Views 4358
audio apps creative voice time notes midi synthesizer features patterns support sequencer step
+27    Xynthesizr is a streamlined yet capable 32step matrix sequencer/monotimbral synthesizer with generative features and MIDI. "This really is a lot of fun and, hooked up to a synth like Thor or Z3TA+, there are plenty of creative options to be explored ...    11 MB    Views 459

Finger Rock

music instruments creative guitar scene finger free fun click scenes main twinkle
+5    Welcome to《Finger Rock》 Most creative MusicMixing app ever Ladies and gentlemen,may I have your attention please? During promotional period: no ads forever the main scene is free free Plugin1 permanently(click Sale get access to the shop) the rest 3 Plugins together only 0.99 FEATURES: 5 ...    29 MB    Views 8876


music guitar creative musical experience level auto chord mix jam
+20    jamMix the companion app for the jamstik(tm) provides instant music making fun for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod. jamMix will have you making music in minutes, but engaged and creative for hours. Anyone at any level can experience this DJmeetsGuitar musical ...    91 MB    Views 6753

SG Edutainment

creative music favorite artistes local enjoy arts works updates events
+9    ZCAL was founded in 2013 as a nonprofit organisation in providing a multimedia production & ecosystem in development of nonmainstream creative songwriting and edutainment of local talents to propagate its educative philosophies, arts & culture, expression, passion, inspiration or heritage ...    24 MB    Views 8344
creative vocal mix track original adding compression falling production tilt
+2    Legendary hitmakers, TILT, propel you deep into the production of their new release “Falling Again.” Follow along as they deconstruct their creative process in this Logicbased production course. App Features: • 56 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no ...    258 MB    Views 6957
Related Apps time creative history pitch flex vocals logic tuning creating gain
+4    Focusing on how to use Flex Pitch with vocals, this course starts with a history of pitch correction in Logic. Next, you learn how to identify problem areas with your vocals, and correct the singer's pitch, gain, and formants. Then ...    132 MB    Views 5312
music art creative work artistic band exit project jazz piece live electronic
+26    No more CDs No more MP3 A true music album is now 3 equal elements together: Music + Graphics + Story = 3plet, a revolutionary app, the new music industry format. Add here Song Lyrics, Music Videos and integration with Facebook ...    132 MB    Views 5056

Red Planet EP

music artist design research creative london magic planet create red version wanted unique dark
+12    Please Note This app is quite large (over 600 MB), we therefore recommend a fast wifi connection for installation The Lite Version 'Red Planet LE' (100 MB) is available for iPhone 4 users and those with insufficient data ...    590 MB    Views 9754

Paint The Beat LT

music creative artistic video time canvas visual beat brush paint strokes visuals
-1    (This is the free edition of the app that offers all the features of the paid app except for the ability to export to video and to save and browse projects. See the app store for the pro edition.) With Paint ...    2 MB    Views 8723
drum videos career video creative playing version free trailer full instructions clip clips hans
0    DRUM CLINIC HD LIGHT, Hans Eijkenaar Drum Clinic HD Light is the ultimate trailer version for Drum Clinic HD (full version). It gives you an insight into the first Drum Clinic app ever to appear for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch All ...    197 MB    Views 308

Studio Linked

music skill urban software creative studio products vst production sound
-9    Here at Studio Linked VST, we focus on catering to urban producers by making their job as easy as possible. You can find the exact sound you need for your next hit by searching through our detailed sound libraries. We ...    20 MB    Views 6489


creative phoenix signal
-9    AZ933 is Arizona’s Alternative. This is a format that has not been on Phoenix radio in several years, and in the past it was either on a poor signal, or inconsistent at best. It is popular, creative, innovative, and just ...    1001 kb    Views 5971
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