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+4    The amazingly easy to use sBASSdrum drum machine and synthesizer let's you blast off to new sonic realms with your iPad Instantly add DJstyle filter/resonance effects, loop your performance, and keep it looping in the background to play another app's ...    14 MB    Views 2949


audio music time moog sound filter delay midi control oscillator lfo
+10    Filtatron is a realtime audio filter and effects engine. Use sound from sound sources: Line/microphone input Sampler Builtin oscillator Import any song on your iDevice into the Sampler. Run a sound through a virtual version of the famous Moog filter with a little ...    33 MB    Views 6418


+5    Virtual Analog Synthesizer 4 voice oscillator x2 low pass filter 24db/oct filter ADSR amp ADSR LFO auto arpeggio delay mono/poly alt 32 program Youtube :    2 MB    Views 6570

DJ Rig for iPad

+2    NEW VERSION INTRODUCES PLUG AND PLAY SUPPORT FOR iRIG PADS DJ Rig is a fullfeatured DJ mixing app for iPad that lets you auto mix, tempo sync, add effects and more to the songs in your device's music library. Now you ...    50 MB    Views 2378

iSyn Poly

+1    60% off for a limited time iSyn Poly is an electronic music studio for use with Apple iPad. iSyn Poly places an unbelievable number of features including three studioquality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine packed ...    13 MB    Views 1370

Volume Maximizer

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+6    All these simple and useless music boosters are nothing in comparison with this powerful Volume Maximizer app. Best sound tools for perfect sounding are collected here audio compressor, gain booster, bass booster, stereo enhancer and music equalizer. Fantastic addition ...    65 MB    Views 5740


voice sound sounds filter page create cutoff wavetable speed
0    SIDPAD is a flexible 8bit style synthesizer offering many features: 3 Voice Synthesizer Over 40 controllable parameters to create a wide range of 8 bit chiptune sounds. All knobs midi controllable Multimode Filter includes Type, Cutoff, Resonance and customizable Cutoff Envelope Flexible Modulation Hand draw up ...    8 MB    Views 3983


iphone audio filter lfo screen touch cutoff signal line maximum
+26    Filterer is a chunky little lowpass filter with resonance and an LFO. Here’s the featurelist… first finger down on the screen has XY touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance. second finger down on the screen has XY touch ...    3 MB    Views 1768


audio time apps frequency presets filter gain shelf midi input
+5    A versatile 4band parametric stereo equalizer for everything between subtle frequency enhancements and agressive boosting/cutting or special resonator effects. This app is part of the AUFX series, a collection of simple and powerful audio effect apps. • High quality 32bit DSP engine. • ...    3 MB    Views 2954


+4    The Dub Filter is a dual lowpass/highpass 24/48 dB filter, with resonance and the exclusive Overlap parameter It contains a completely redesigned stereo sample player with LFO and scrubbing capabilities. Main Features: Audiobus and InterApp Audio support (sender and FX) State Variable ...    9 MB    Views 8058
audio apps hanuman chalisa bali write winjit sound
0    Hanuman Chalisa the word of Bajrang Bali, his aura, his bahubal (power). The sound of the Hanuman Chalisa mesmerizes and empowers the devotee. Reading or listening to the Chaupais make you a better human being, purifies your thought and makes ...    16 MB    Views 4449


photos photo audio sound add play highly effects record
+14    PixKix offers a novel way to share your photos in a highly musical and entertaining manner. Now you can add an interactive or plain soundbite to your photos before you share them so people can see AND hear them. Actually they ...    11 MB    Views 6101
audio samples left dark sound fader
+6    This little application has a handful of sound samples taken from a single voicemail left for me by one of our Audio Engineers I work with who i affectionately call Dark Fader. From the left you can select the audio bed ...    12 MB    Views 6106
Related Apps audio acoustics ipa sound approach fundamentals simple system application basic
+28    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    49 MB    Views 6353


ipad audio filter lfo cutoff touch signal line application screen
+1    Filterer is a chunky little lowpass filter with resonance and an LFO. Here’s the featurelist… first finger down on the screen has XY touch control over the filter cutoff and filter resonance. second finger down on the screen has XY touch ...    3 MB    Views 4845
Related Apps audio microphones sound application ipa approach simple sms system fundamentals
+14    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    65 MB    Views 9378
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-6    The relaxing music and sounds in this app have been created for the listener to arrive to a state of mental tranquility and to help practice mindfulness meditation in its entirety. Inspirational, high quality images combined with the most relaxing sounds ...    13 MB    Views 8012

Rainy Mood

library sleep audio sounds sound thunder sample amazing
-2    • Stunning highresolution HD audio. Enhanced 48kHz sample rate for betterthanCD quality. • Allnew sounds recorded by the world's top audio engineers. These amazing sound designers have also done work for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and BBC. • Random sound generator with ...    60 MB    Views 2651

NLog MIDI Synth

-4    Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting AudioBus, InterApp Audio, WIST and Core MIDI compatible apps & interfaces ::: Demo videos on YouTube channel nlogmusic ::: Check PRO version for iPad and Audio Unit & Mac/VST version in Mac App Store ::: Most versatile ...    48 MB    Views 8291

WOW Filterbox

audio support sync filter types power midi
+4    WOW2 is here With a futuredripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types with the famous vowel mode. With distortions that cover your tracks with gas and put them on fire. Modulations that cause more trouble than your modular dark room. ...    44 MB    Views 4434


audio sound generator soothing tracks
-2    Just put on earphones and let iSleepy Sound Generator take you to that state of mind you most desire. The audio stimulation capabilities of iSleepy Sound Generator may help you to: Prepare for stressful situations or challenging tasks, Improve learning achievements ...    50 MB    Views 2069

1FX - be the DJ

Related Apps music effects pass beat filter djs songs
-5    Pick your favourite party songs and amaze your friends Combine 6 powerful music effects that DJs use All effects can be triggered at the same time See live music visualisation Play songs from your music library Even your little sister ...    49 MB    Views 7008

Hibiki 3.6

iphone playing audio rate playback mode dsd device sound
-8    A digital sound will be to a next era. Hibiki engine is a whole new upconvert playback technology. Please realize the overwhelming difference of the reproduced sound. 1. About PCM sound resource · Supported formats All formats that can be played on iPod (m4a, wav, ...    709 kb    Views 6897
Related Apps recording audio guitar session recordings quality sound mixer file
+3    Powerful multitrack digital recording mixer. Great for laying down vocal and instrument tracks, capturing sound effects, recording practice sessions, and more Fully featured portable recording studio for serious sound enthusiasts. Also functions as a sophisticated and easy to use general purpose ...    6 MB    Views 7674

Stroke Machine

+14    Stroke Machine is a professional Groove Synthesizer for the iPad. New: • Play your percussion sounds in the new Pad view. • Mix your tracks in the new Mix view. • Assign MIDI Controllers to any sound, effect or mixer parameter to control them ...    57 MB    Views 8050
audio recording play record press sound list sounds
-8    Record sounds, name them and play them back from a list. Very simple to use. Enter the name of your sound before or after then press Record, when you are finished recording press Finish Recording and then press the Save ...    2 MB    Views 5971


Related Apps audio music audiobus sound
+1    Frobulator is an experimental stereo modulated filter and delay effect. A combination of time and frequency domain processing gives it a different sound to a normal echo box. The special "FAIL" mode adds chaotic variations driven by an iterative map ...    5 MB    Views 586


-4    Pianola HD is a beautiful electronic keyboard synthesizer, capable of reproducing sound only obtainable with the more famous and expensive audio synthesizers on the market. You can try your arrangements, agreements at any time of day and in any place, simply ...    8 MB    Views 2222
recorder audio recording apps quality save sound don high
+2    Brand new level in audio recorder apps Around you always somebody says something funny or you hear some unusual or pleasant for you noises and sound effects. And you want to remember it but your device recorder is too weak ...    47 MB    Views 4073
Related Apps music education instruments filter moog part bob sound foundation resonance filters modulation
-2    Learn all about Filters from synthesist Marc Doty and support the educational activities of the Bob Moog Foundation all at the same time... If Oscillators generate sound, then do Filters degenerate sound? Find out in this third course in the 6part ...    877 MB    Views 3477

NLogSynth PRO

Related Apps audio virtual apps keyboard editing running videos ipad midi control modulation core interfaces filter sound
-5    Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer supporting AudioBus, InterApp Audio, WIST and Core MIDI compatible apps & interfaces. ::: Demo videos on YouTube channel nlogmusic ::: Check Mac & Audio Unit version in Mac App Store ::: Most versatile iOS synth with professional grade ...    12 MB    Views 9841

JAYS Curves

music iphone research hardware love audio software sound earphones quality dsp filter
-1    PUSHING PHYSICAL BOUNDARIES JAYS Curves is not only an easytouse music player, it also provides optimized sound quality through the use of Dirac HD Sound technology. This patented DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology by Dirac is the most advanced available today. The ...    5 MB    Views 7045


keyboard music virtual module modulation modules keys control modes sound filter
0    September sale Get synthQ for 40% off until the 17th Requires iOS 7.0 or higher Introducing the queuing synthesizer for iPad. SynthQ has been designed from the ground up with the touchscreen interface in mind. SynthQ is a subtractive synthesizer with a customizable ...    42 MB    Views 4378

Audio Recorder Pro

Related Apps recorder audio recording apps quality save sound high don
+3    Brand new level in audio recorder apps Around you always somebody says something funny or you hear some unusual or pleasant for you noises and sound effects. And you want to remember it but your device recorder is too weak ...    47 MB    Views 4388


audio support audiobus midi filter special blocks sine
+17    rrarrow is the experimental noise machine / modular audio effect for the iOS featuring extended feedback capabilities. Key features: Simplicity. The interface is simplified for faster assembly and more flexible connectivity — you can assemble your effect very fast and control ...    16 MB    Views 6319

DJ Loop Synth Plus

Related Apps music time virtual piano sound presets loop synth creation synthesizer don huge filter
-9    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Hey, piano guys This virtual music instrument was made for you. DJ Loop Synth Plus – this your musthave music making application. All these real piano keys or synthesizer keyboards are too heavy and too expensive. This ...    141 MB    Views 4373


Related Apps voice keyboard filter pitch
+18    Monophonic keyboard app with voice filter The sound from oscillator changes like human voice through voice filter.(formant filters) The Voice filter is modulated with the voice motion pattern driven by ADSR envelope; also manually controllable. other features: 8 programs 8 patterns for voice ...    3 MB    Views 5334
+2    Polyphonic Subtractive Synthesizer with Resonator. Oscillators : Saw, Pulse, Sub, Noise High Pass Filter Low Pass Filter Resonator AMP Envelope Generator LFO Effects : Chorus, Delay Programmable Arpeggiator You can easily create your own pattern. InterApp Audio You can stream live audio ...    2 MB    Views 5431
Related Apps time audio tools sound volume track cut edit
-2    "Beautiful clutterfree interface" — "Hokusai will convince you that audio was meant to be edited with a touch screen — it's just so natural within this app that you’ll find yourself consistently coming back to it." — iOS Music And ...    6 MB    Views 9746

Pro Sound Board

Related Apps board audio sound device remotely mic files pro control
+12    Pro Sound Board lets you mix up to 32 tracks preselected from your IPod Music Library or in app recorded audio. Import Any Sound just by recording it via the built in mic or headset mic. Adjust volume control for each button ...    3 MB    Views 4194

Real Guitar

Related Apps guitar audio real chords sound
0    Real Guitar is one of the most realistic guitar simulator apps featuring a userfriendly interface and an awesome sound quality. All the notes have been recorded from the live guitar. With the help of Real Guitar you can easily strum, ...    51 MB    Views 9280

Sound One Plus

Related Apps audio metronome recording playing effects sound editor filter playback input add delay
-4    Sound One Plus is easy to use if you just want to record a sound and send it to someone, while including an audio editor, 20 effects, and other features that make it a great musician's scratch pad. Recording is just ...    11 MB    Views 9761

Arctic ProSynth

audio music midi sharing arctic filter sync presets synthesizer sound
+3    Be rude. Be rough. Be bold. Be tough Arctic Pro Synthesizer / Vocoder is a modern subtractive synthesizer. It does not aim to accurately model or recreate vintage synths of yesteryear. Instead Arctic Pro offers the contemporary synthesist a rude, rough, ...    43 MB    Views 971


Related Apps editing audio recording clock metronome voice keyboard music midi filter input live step
+5    SidTracker64 is the ultimate chiptune production package tool for the iPad. It emulates the SID sound chip from the dominating home computer of the 80s The Commodore 64. Added in this version: choice between "circular" and "linear" knob interaction. "Open ...    28 MB    Views 1205
part workshop filter synthesis modes sound envelopes loop mode
0    This tutorial is as much a lesson in the theory of synthesis as it is a deep exploration of the ES2 in Logic Pro X. Drawing on years of sound design experience, Steve H. shows you what subtractive , FM, ...    273 MB    Views 2136

BeatMaker 2

Related Apps audio instruments instrument keyboard library drum tools iphone music recording support create tracks control record pad filter
+6    50% discount for a few more days BeatMaker 2: the most advanced mobile music workstation. Combining music production tools that were behind the success of countless artists, BeatMaker 2 is a powerful, easytouse composition interface for amateurs and professionals ...    510 MB    Views 234


measurement audio music iphone green frequency room response equalizer set filter sound
+2    If you are using your iPhone together with external loudspeaker or even a HiFiSystem then this app provides the next level of sound quality by applying a smart room frequency response equalization technology. Your loudspeaker and amplifier combination may have a ...    2 MB    Views 5809
audio sound level content concepts spectral
+15    What is sound and audio? How can we measure it? Why do we perceive it the way we do? Learn the nature and science of musical sound, audio and perception in this prolevel audio course by sound engineer, Joe Albano. App ...    252 MB    Views 9105
Related Apps audio signal gain path ipa sound system understand approach
-7    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    32 MB    Views 708

Filter Mexico

filter mejor xico
+4    La mejor información de la música independiente está en FILTER México. Actualizaciones constantes, boletos gratis, así como el mejor calendario de conciertos sólo lo encontrarás en esta app. También busca cada seis semanas nuestra revista impresa en locales cerrados de ...    3 MB    Views 3969


audio love instruments time playing surface control filter position visual planet modulation planets
0    Immerse yourself in the wonders of a visual/audio experience like no other Take the role of viewer AND creator in a galaxy where you reign. SpaceWiz allows you to interact with and control your environment at the highest level of complexity. With ...    49 MB    Views 8795
Related Apps twitter audio facebook artists email people recording add lyrics pitch filter share track high filters instantly
+19    New app called Appapella, it allows people to sing and rap over instrumentals you can then add a audio filter, similar to how you would add a photo filter on Instagram, then instantly share the recording via Twitter, Soundcloud, SMS, ...    19 MB    Views 2467
voice audio recording time filter live reverse modes touch delay matrix
0    What's OttO saying? He's repeating your words backwards, LIVE as you speak. Just mutter something into the mic and hear your words back in reverse. Slow it down, speed it up, or turn it all around. Add a bit of ...    665 kb    Views 5152

Rhythm Studio

drum music hardware audio instruments studio rhythm synth machines real synths classic support filter
+9    Now with Audiobus 2 Rhythm Studio is a must have app for musicians It is a premier universal electronic music making app, boasting richly detailed graphics and incredible sound, with impeccable recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other ...    13 MB    Views 1459

Modular Synthesizer

audio design beauty music modular synthesizer sound modules band synthesis build powerful filter
+15    TAKE YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVEL Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound The latest update requires iOS 7 for Audiobus 2.1 Compatibility • High fidelity virtual analog synthesis using band limited oscillators and oversampled filters • Audiobus and background audio ...    36 MB    Views 9196


time ipad audio streams sound granular midi
+27    This major release of iDensity 2 introduce the multistreams Granulation. iDensity 2 is fully compatible with iDensity 1, you can play old presets and sound files. InApp Purchase will give you all the functionalities for all Granular Streams. iDensity is rated as a ...    11 MB    Views 779

Dubstep Producer

dubstep producer multi filter includes making
0    Dubstep producer is the ultimate app for making killer dubstep music in minutes Includes: a multisample 16 step drum sequencer for making RAD beats, a bass synthesizer with multimode filter for wobbles, a vowel filter & bit crusher for those Skrillex sounds. Add ...    18 MB    Views 8993

freqTrain SE

Related Apps audio skills frequencies designed live training sound ios mixing
+1    1/6/14 Half price for 2014 Take advantage of our sale while it lasts Accept no imitators, freqTrain is THE standard for studio and live sound iOS training apps Attention audio engineers, students, and musicians All aboard the FreqTrain Freqtrain SE is ...    1 MB    Views 5452
instrument music audio playing apps keyboard ipad instruments ondes axis adjustable control filter wavetable
+5    Ondes is an extraordinarily fun and expressive musical instrument for iPad. • 2014 Best iOS Instrument Sonic Joy Awards • • 9.0 / 10 Apptronica Magazine Review • Inspired by early electronic instruments such as the Ondes Martenot and the Theremin, ...    13 MB    Views 9305

Color Chime

chime color filter sound
0    Shapes, colors, sound Make music in seconds with Color Chime. Tap to create a melodic sound collage. Includes simple controls for timbre, scale, tempo, delay, filter cutoff and filter resonance. Color Chime is an amusement park for your fingers and a bubble ...    853 kb    Views 4566
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