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+23    Turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a music controller for Sony's "HomeShare"() products. Access your personal music collection and play it on Sony's network audio products located anywhere in your home, wirelessly. Each Sony network audio product can playback a ...    4 MB    Views 2883
0    The name says it all. Controlling your Music for Multirooms from the comfort of your Ipad through crystalclear remote control Interface. So what does that really mean for you? You can listen to anything, and we do mean anything, in ...    2 MB    Views 7441

Radio Caribbean

+15    The iOS 7 version of Caribbean Radio is finally here It now includes the UberStations directory: a complete, feature rich directory of Caribbean adio stations. Supports AirPlay to let you stream music throughout your entire house — wirelessly. Caribbean Radio includes both ...    6 MB    Views 7062

Sonos Controller

music home house audio control room sonos sound hear tablet
+27    Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components designed for every space in your home. It unites your digital music collection in one app that you control from any device. ENGAGE YOUR SENSES WITH IMMERSIVE SOUND Feel the music ...    38 MB    Views 3031
-3    The most comprehensive media streaming solution for your iOS device directly stream music and photos on your iOS device to other devices this includes XBox 360, Playstation 3, TVs, Bluray players, WDTV Live, DirecTV HD DVR, Windows 7 Media ...    6 MB    Views 6887
Related Apps home audio music speaker bluetooth compatible system application
+10    This application allows you to control LGE’s latest Home Audio and Home Speaker devices. Music files on your mobile device can be played on the Home Audio and Home Speaker system via Bluetooth. Compatible Products: Portable Speaker System Some models may not be compatible ...    33 MB    Views 7912


media home management video time audio formats documents play page
+11    RP.MEDIA Home is an easy to use tool to manage audio files, MIDI, video collections and documents in various formats. In addition to viewing images and movies you can send and see on a screen outside the page and the ...    7 MB    Views 1961

Onkyo Remote 3

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+26    The Onkyo Remote3 Control App is the official Onkyo application for iPhone/iPod touch that lets you intuitively operate compatible Onkyo network products. A refreshed and streamlined user interface makes it easy to get more from your home entertainment experience. Available as a ...    5 MB    Views 3793
solar audio system sonic technology content interactive experience
0    Welcome to Phi Sonic Solar System. Best experienced with headphones. The Template's new interactive, audio visualization app is now available free. Phi Sonic Solar System utilizes GyroScape™ technology so that your mobile device can move the camera via it's tilt and gyroscope functions ...    90 MB    Views 7938

Audio Test

+2    Audio Test It's Free Make sure your iPhone mute switch is NOT set to mute or sounds will not play. CAUTION Use caution when playing low frequency or high frequency tones through an amplifier or through headphones or earphones. The tones may seem inaudible ...    14 MB    Views 1646

HEOS by Denon

music audio speakers home room play wireless online services denon
+15    Play any Song in any Room with HEOS by Denon. This is the companion app for your HEOS Wireless MultiRoom Sound System. The app provides everything you need to set up and enjoy music on your HEOS system . By ...    33 MB    Views 9434
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-7    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    64 MB    Views 3711

Audio Audit

audio speakers time tools home music frequency generator equipment find reference phase
+2    The best measurement result you get with iOS 6 Play the reference sounds and measure your audio equipment at the SAME TIME with RTA Watch Audio Audit presentation on Professional tool with simple control. All samples are made with ...    100 MB    Views 3462

Digital Recorder

recording audio recorder home school sharing supported digital selection
+22    Record and play recordings in many audio formats. Not just a recorder, Digital Recorder is equipped with a builtin advanced Audio Converter. That makes this app very special yet useful for our daily recording usage. As such, we also build a ...    9 MB    Views 312
home library audio music experience speaker bluetooth wireless listening unique playback
+30    Experience music as never before with Mira by Braven the Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker App. Compatible with the Braven Mira Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker, Mira is a fully functional audio player application that features unique playback controls and settings, ...    12 MB    Views 6908


audio driving car radio card ipad iphone control 219 aux system experience
+7    Market Leading APPs Controlled Car Audio Present by STEL Multi Media GmbH XOMAX model XMRS219AC with APP "XOMAX 219" XOMAX 219 allows you to gain full control over your car audio system from your everyday handheld devices. Compatible with most version(iOS4.3 or above) ...    12 MB    Views 3540
home music audio guitar artist apple surround sound theater tracks system playback
+14    Experience the world’s first surround sound appalbum Discover the full potential of your home theater's audio system as surround recording artist and guitarist Jeff Perrin takes you on a journey of guitarcentric soundscapes and instrumentals, each specifically arranged and produced for ...    346 MB    Views 5923
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+6    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    30 MB    Views 4934


+5    Tono turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an audio tone generator. Want to test system audio, test sounds instruments, subwoofers and even test the thearter or cinema acoustics. If you are engineer or DJ, this application is for you ...    930 kb    Views 1807
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-7    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    42 MB    Views 531
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+4    Be the hero network troubleshooting powers for mortals Get notified about network problems the moment they occur and find culprits quickly with PingPlotter's graphing and alert system. Our best in class graphical traceroute and ping tools go wherever your network ...    37 MB    Views 3899
music moon library home audio mind technology index simple playback allowing
+7    MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) is much more than a product. It is a way of displaying, listening to, and enjoying your music. MiND technology streams music from your digital music library to your audio system, allowing playback via your ...    78 MB    Views 1169

Belkin Thunder

ipad home video audio music mode system theater designed
-7    The Belkin Thunderstorm app provides advanced feature control for the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater system. The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater is the first and only truly portable iPad carrying case with a full range stereo speaker system. All in ...    38 MB    Views 7772
audio iphone library ipad music home res playback pioneer usb wireless files
+21    Wireless HiRes Player ~Stellanova~ is the music player allows you to playback the various audio coding formats and the HiRes audio such as DSD. And it enable to playback not only iPhone/iPad local library files but USB external storage library files ...    NAN    Views 17
+20    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    68 MB    Views 952
home ipad time security house wifi office audio monitor music control blaze lights automation controls
-8    “A Smarter Home With Blaze” Blaze's Home Automation is designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies, media content, and internet connectivity that, when working in concert, result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle. At Blaze, we merge all ...    12 MB    Views 7956

Mobile Tools

time measurement audio tools test system response analyzer spl rta microphone
+5    Car audio analysis tools. Now you can test your automobile sound system audio using a professionally designed test and measurement app. The free app includes the professionalquality SPL meter, as well add the DQ61 module to support the AudioControl DQ61 processor. The ...    48 MB    Views 9698
+11    Only this week 70% off Calibrate your audio system to greatly enhance the music quality and listening experience Something that was possible before only with extremely expensive hardware, now on your iPhone and iPod This will make your speakers or ...    14 MB    Views 9859

Piano Book

piano home audio love music beethoven sonata movement song songs bach chopin
-8    Classical Piano Pieces the Whole World Loves Features: High resolution, professionally typeset music score Beautiful piano soundtracks played by me with feelings Alphabetical index for easy selection of songs by title Create and manage your own bookmarks of songs Swipe gesture ...    174 MB    Views 3715

Stereo Speakers

Related Apps speakers audio playing music time stereo devices speaker system sound song enjoy effect
+3    ●●● Limited time offer: 50% off ●●● Why buy wireless speakers if you already got magnificent ones from Apple? Stereo Speakers turns a pair of iOS devices into a wireless stereo sound system Connect to a 2nd device of your ...    43 MB    Views 3620


music audio home quality bit experience lossless high
+21    Thank you for checking out OraStream OraStream uses adaptive audio bitrate streaming to allow music listening at the highest possible sound quality available on home or mobile networks. With a good connection, music lovers can stream and play 16bit (CD) and ...    3 MB    Views 3767


virtual ipad hardware radio audio system controller control
-2    Control your Meridian Audio 500, G or 800 Series system using your iPad. Developed for Meridian, the Virtual MSR app gives you the same control of your Meridian system as your current MSR+ Meridian System Remote, from your iPad. Virtual MSR ...    2 MB    Views 277
iphone facebook audio twitter sample volca korg sound http www system
+5    Send sample data directly from your iPhone to your volca sample AudioPocket enables you to program your volca sample memory with audio samples from the following: • The app. Record onthespot with the app, where you can preview, trim and normalize your ...    9 MB    Views 5821

IXION Maestro

music radio home speaker connect smartphone hifi tablet system set plug
+8    IXION is HiFi system with a new sound performance., MADE IN NORWAY. You can play all your favorite music with high quality in all the rooms in your home no extra cable needed. Just plug your extra IXION speaker in the ...    4 MB    Views 4961

AirAlarm 2 Lite

audio ipad apple speakers iphone system connected airplay sound
+14    Not compatible with portable speakers or sound systems with auto sleep function. Check out AirAlarm if that's your case. AirAlarm 2 lets you wake up to your favorite music playing through any sound system or speakers connected to your iPhone, iPod, ...    22 MB    Views 4981

Beep Controller

music home apps beep play control integration volume system rooms
+22    Beep is a small dial that can be placed anywhere in your home and works with any speaker system with an auxin port, connecting your speakers to your music over WiFi. SIMPLE SETUP AND DIRECT INTEGRATION Setup is easy and quick and ...    2 MB    Views 9930
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+8    Ministry of Sound Audio is a brand new range of audio devices including portable wireless speakers, WiFiconnected multiroom home speakers and highquality headphones. The products have been manufactured in close collaboration with the sound engineers and inhouse DJs behind Ministry's main ...    12 MB    Views 8576

Teac Avr Remote

+26    The AVR Remote Control App is an official TEAC application for iPhone/iPod touch that lets you intuitively operate TEAC network A/V receivers. Available as a free download, it is compatible with all networkcapable TEAC A/V receivers released in 2012. (1) Internet ...    10 MB    Views 1500

Microphone Pro

audio home speakers microphone pro button volume device cable mic ios touch
+29    Microphone Pro turns your iOS device into a microphone with a multifunction on/off button and volume control, making it great for use as a talkback mic in live and recording applications, karaoke, public address, or anywhere you need an easytouse ...    21 MB    Views 7225


iphone audio car microphone echo generating system hall concert
+22    EchoMic is an app, which transforms an iPhone to an echo generating microphone. This echo generating microphone can be connected to a car audio or a home audio system with wire or wireless tools such as bluetooth, FM transmitter or ...    11 MB    Views 1938


music home audio lovers wireless digital controller services room
+29    HIFI NEVER WENT AWAY, IT JUST NEVER WENT WIRELESS. UNTIL NOW. The Bluesound Controller App is designed to be the fullfeatured remote control for all your Bluesound Players. Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, the Bluesound Controller App uses ...    24 MB    Views 8472


audio system
+30    The Soundog App lets you listen to the TV of your choice at bars, restaurants, health clubs, and other venues that are equipped with the Soundog Audio System. NOTE: THE SOUNDOG APP ONLY WORKS IN LOCATIONS THAT HAVE UPGRADED TO THE ...    6 MB    Views 5381


audio car music philips system control convenient note speed
+9    Made for the iPhone and iPod Touch, this Philips app brings the smartphone experience to your dash with Philips Wireless AppsControl technology. Now your entire music collection is at your fingertips, letting you browse and play your favorites with incredible ...    9 MB    Views 460


audio home telugu sri english swamiji
+6    Gateway to Sanathana Dharma. All in One. Vishista app is intended for everyone. Learn/listen slokas/discourses while in commute, or at home. You are always a 'click ' away from divine spiritual world. Prayer is the panacea of all the good, it enriches ...    46 MB    Views 6402
music speakers home system multiroom master wireless satellite speaker set
-8    The Thomson Multiroom System app allows you to set the volume of the Thomson Multiroom System speakers, and also to change other settings such as full stereo mode, equalizer. Thomson Multiroom System is a set of wireless speakers which allows you ...    6 MB    Views 4123

Core Control

Related Apps music browse media audio search keyboard ipad artist home control system zones core date create
-3    Get the most out of your Meridian Digital Media System by using your iPad as a rich wireless controller. The Core Control app lets you take full advantage of Meridian's awardwinning digital media system to store, manage, browse, and play ...    2 MB    Views 3369
video home alla playback system variations button
-1    This app plays Goldberg Variations of J.S.Bach (BWV988) on VGS. VGS (SUZUKI PLAN Video Game System) is a virtual video game system for the smartphones. VGS has the wave memory sound system. This spec is 6 channels, 4 tones(pulse, saw, ...    2 MB    Views 3076
Related Apps audio signal gain path ipa sound system understand approach
+23    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    32 MB    Views 708

Smarter Player

music audio sleep home play list tap button book fans rewind add
+2    Features: 1. Remember the playing progress of each play list. 2. Variable playback speed: finish 1 hour audiobook or movie in 40 minutes. 3. Sleep timer: plays music and then auto turns off after given time. 4. Create your own play list. 5. Can add ...    9 MB    Views 5453


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+6    Make Your PC, TV, AUDIO System Smarter Stream Content via Smart Multishare USB The Smart Multishare USB is a multishare, streaming device that lets you share STORED content from your smartphone or tablet. Plug in the Smart Multishare USB into to any ...    14 MB    Views 3878


web music audio work browse artists iphone library home squeezebox server http computer start album
+3    Squeezecast (former SqueezePod) turns your iPhone/iPad into a Logitech Squeezebox™ player. You can stream your music from your home computer to your iPhone without any loss in quality (WiFi) or encoded as MP3 (over 3G/Edge). FLAC is supported. Squeezecast simulates a Squeezebox ...    936 kb    Views 2128
Related Apps audio movies iphone work sound system explains application professional ipa acoustics version
-8    Sound Made Simple iPA is a training application that takes an 'academic' approach to teach the basic fundamentals of audio, acoustics and sound system equipment. Adapted from the highly acclaimed SMS iCD, iPA (portable application) enables iPhone and iPod touch ...    524 MB    Views 9688


Related Apps music browse search keyboard art media artist audio home system control zones play date touch
+25    Get the most out of your Meridian Sooloos system by using your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod Touch as a rich wireless controller. The Sooloos app lets you take full advantage of Meridian's awardwinning Sooloos digital media system to store, manage, ...    2 MB    Views 3289
Related Apps audio music ipad wifi home design server blaze control zone application
-2    The name says it all. Controlling your Music for Multirooms from the comfort of your Ipad through crystalclear remote control Interface. So what does that really mean for you? You can listen to anything, and we do mean anything, in ...    2 MB    Views 2097

Denon Hi-Fi Remote

Related Apps music audio personal language home ipad network denon control player power system remote
+6    Say hello to the Denon HiFi Remote This brand new app for iPhone and iPad will give you an unprecedented level of command and control over your network ready Denon new CEOL, CEOL piccolo and network audio player DNP730AE. Along ...    NAN    Views 9160
speakers theatre home sound level system output buy
+14    THE ONLY app in the App Store that lets you estimate your sound system or home theatre output BEFORE you buy speakers and amplifiers. If you are thinking of a home theatre or going to buy a good sound system ...    31 MB    Views 5677

TuneLink Home

Related Apps home audio iphone media entertainment ipad remote system control setup interface sound
+6    The TuneLink Home Bluetooth audio interface for home audio provides a wireless audio link AND a media remote control interface between your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your home entertainment or sound system. NOTE: The TuneLink Home application is designed ...    41 MB    Views 873
audio home product ultra theater high review
-7    The Ultra High End Audio and Home Theater Review is among the premier sources for product announcements, industry news, product reviews, manufacturer interviews, commentary and other information relating to all aspects of high performance audio and home theater.    7 MB    Views 6272
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-8    Listen to hundreds of Italian radio stations Supports AirPlay to let you stream stations throughout your entire house — wirelessly Now with Twitter, Facebook and MySpace support: tell your friends what radio station you're listening to, "live", without ...    3 MB    Views 4993


audio 255 application system address manager live features
+4    PYKONAUT v0.9 PYKONAUT is a professional audio application developed by Digigram for Audio Manager system users. If you take advantage of such a system, the PYKONAUT application enables you through the WiFi connection of your iPhone/iPod to: control the status of your ...    3 MB    Views 7782
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