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+1    Transform your iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a quad input DJ mixer and shake the place up Tremor is a Core Audio Mixer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Featured on the Colorado Electronica Collective ( Featured on Podcast ( Episode ...    43 MB    Views 8205

Rainbow Player

+10    Random web searched images and 7 colors body's music player. You can look at the web searched images according to the artist name or the track name with music. Featrue: You can choose tracks from iPod library to play. Images searched with the artist ...    2 MB    Views 6901
+23    Never miss a beat with the sample accurate nTrack Metronome. Choose your tempo spinning the big metronome wheel or tapping with you finger. Practice with your instrument by setting the metronome to any tempo and time signature you want to use, from ...    22 MB    Views 5851

Dubstep DJ D3VIL

+5    World renowned DJ D3VIL brings you his top "Dubstep DJ" Music & Ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks, directly to all your devices. • OVER 73 MINUTES OF DUBSTEP MUSIC • 30 WILD, ENERGIZED & INTENSE RINGTONES √ Play All 15 FullTrack MP3's ...    68 MB    Views 6295
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+10    Odio is a music player with a beautiful interface and advanced audio features. With Odio, you can easily control your music with gestures, whatever your are doing. It's the perfect player for those who enjoy listening to music on the ...    1 MB    Views 6469
recorder audio track share core files
-3    Got an Idea? AirLoop it AirLoop 4Track Recorder is the place for you to capture your musical ideas in 4track fullness right one your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad (iOS 4.0 or higher). Recording is easy, and when you've created that masterpiece, ...    648 kb    Views 2139
audio iphone text artist pages track album book ipod read
+4    In a music and publishing industry first, the lead singer of Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave and solo artist Kristin Hersh released her new studio album, Crooked, as a book—the first time any major recording artist has taken such a ...    561 MB    Views 554

RainbowPlayer Mini

music speakers web artist tap track change images player display colors
+5    Random web searched images and 7 colors body's music player. You can look at the web searched images according to the artist name or the track name with music. Featrue: You can choose tracks from iPod library to play. Images searched with the artist ...    1000 kb    Views 9997

The Opera Player

operas opera player 000 track collection albums enjoy
+10    Listen to your operas while walking, driving or relaxing on the beach. The Opera Player is designed specifically to let you enjoy your operas on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. finds the operas in your collection, and organizes them by composer ...    4 MB    Views 9092
+8    Volume 3 of the awardwinning music app is here Create stunning jazz tracks to your own chords in minutes with SessionBand Jazz the world's only chordbased audio loop app. It's the ultimate jazz play along and the perfect tool for jazz ...    578 MB    Views 8896
iphone time science audio ron track tracks player bass
+19    ‘Beyond Life And Cosmic Kinetics’ (BLACK) is the first song released by Ron Jarzombek as a multitracking app. THIS APP WILL NOT FULLY INITIALIZE ON MOST iPHONE3Gs and iPOD TOUCH DEVICES. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad. Requires ...    31 MB    Views 5051
recording iphone recorder audio party music time track edit multi channel ipod
0    Rectools08pro 8ch Multi Track Recorder Ver1.2.0 ""Extended max recording time to 74min"" Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder Rectools08 is a recording application by Yudo who also is the creator of the in japan top ranked (all categories) Matrix Music Pad and 8 Bitone. Rectools is different ...    780 kb    Views 1361
house audio live noah track ideas shows view midi studio generate
+13    Join producer and Certified Trainer Noah Pred on a production journey as he creates a House & Techno track from start to finish in just two hours with Live 9 Come along for the ride... This course starts with a series ...    481 MB    Views 3651

Notation Mixer

music students audio notation mixer track berklee pulse network jam
+21    The Notation Mixer is a practice, jam, and music teaching tool that synchronizes audio with music notation. It also includes an audio mixer with individual track pan and volume controls. This tool is a central feature of the Berklee PULSE ...    10 MB    Views 7015
recording recorder metronome music audio track song simple includes multi songs perfect
+2    MultiTrack Song Recorder is a premier 4 track recording app. MTSR allows you to record up to 4 tracks with a simple and easy to use interface. Designed with a simple tape recording style and with many features for creative ...    8 MB    Views 9090

Audiobook Player

Related Apps music audio time player track fast position playlist ipod select pause list
+1    Use this player as audio book player or regular music player. Due to big control elements can you use it good in a car. It has a complete iPod control builtin and you have access to your complete music collection ...    550 kb    Views 1432

Dance DJ

Related Apps music dance ringtones retro audio iphone track full mp3 download play bass device
+21    Top "Dance DJ" music and ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks. BASS THUMPIN' FULL TRACK DJ MUSIC & RINGTONES √ Play All 8 Full Track MP3's (press "black speaker buttons") √ Play All 19 Ringtones (press "black speaker buttons") √ Download All ...    48 MB    Views 5432

Musicians Hypnosis

program audio career time hypnosis musicians track works mind confidence included
+2    NB Works perfectly. Mute Switch will mute the audio Ignore the onestar reviews from people who didn't bother to email me. Musicians Hypnosis is the most comprehensive and powerful selfhelp program specifically produced for Musicians in any format and on ...    145 MB    Views 3799

Electronic DJ

+3    Top "Electronic DJ" music and ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks. ELECTRIFYING FULL TRACK DJ MUSIC & RINGTONES √ Play All 16 Full Track MP3's (press "black speaker buttons") √ Play All 30 Ringtones (press "black speaker buttons") √ Download All 16 Full Track ...    70 MB    Views 5390

Loopy HD

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-4    As seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Create music with Loopy HD by layering looped recordings of singing, beatboxing, or playing an instrument with a savvy, sophisticated, tactile new looper that totally reinvents the formula. Now compatible with ...    13 MB    Views 3185
music playing time button tap record track player rotate screen select
+5    Remember listening to music with a record player a long time ago. What did you do at that time? While thinking toward that memory, let's listen to your favorite music with the Analog Record Player. Can rotate the record player Features: While not playing, can ...    7 MB    Views 1113


audio music video streaming track duo
+5    KOAN Sound is an electronic music production duo from Bristol, United Kingdom. The duo consists of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow. The name is taken from the word kōan. A track from the Max Out EP is titled "One Hand ...    2 MB    Views 9975

Zoom Player

music playing artist ipad player zoom tap swipe application friendly track
+13    The fastest way to play your music on the iPhone or iPod Touch Just tap the Zoom Player icon and it begins randomly playing a song from your music library. Once your music is playing, you can control playback by ...    1 MB    Views 5537
Related Apps music audio apps musician jazz chord world track volume swing styles loop
+4    Volume 2 of the topselling music app is here “Extraordinarily useful for jazz musicians of any ability” Jamie Cullum “A supremely versatile music app... the future of jazz playalongs” Jazzwise “The perfect app” James Tormé Create proquality jazz in minutes with the world's only ...    597 MB    Views 3885
-2    Chord Detector is an app that will analyse audio sources and automatically detect the musical chords within it. With Chord Detector you can learn to play any track in your devices music library or Dropbox folder providing its not DRM encoded. Chord ...    17 MB    Views 3903
Related Apps music audio musician apps jazz chord loops track world loop instantly
0    Jamie Cullum: "An extraordinarily useful tool for jazz musicians of any ability..." James Tormé: "For me, this is basically the perfect app. It helps me with composition, arranging and even helps me decide how to sing a particular song. Ridiculously useful. ...    625 MB    Views 704


Related Apps audio iphone tracks looper download track play easily note separate
-8    Looper is a simple and easy to use backing track player. Looper enables you to, 1. Play up to 4 separate audio tracks on iPad and 2 separate tracks on iPhone 2. Each audio track has a; Play, Stop, Loop function. 3. Adjust the ...    17 MB    Views 5568
-2    Learn the art of recording voiceovers This course, by voiceover artist and Logic Pro expert Jonathan Slatter, explains how to record, edit, and produce the most fundamental instrument of all: the Human Voice. App Features: • 135 minutes of video training • Super ...    295 MB    Views 7155

mScrob Free

iphone playing music scrobble play track realtime player
+7    mScrob is a Scrobbling application. It's designed as companion to your iPhone's built in music player. When it's running and in the foreground it will: Scrobble in realtime Update your currently playing track on Let you 'love' the current track. Let you see the ...    2 MB    Views 86


audio recording multi track dropbox sampler midi project chorus
+10    With energyXT for iOS you can create, record and work with your ideas on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then drag and drop the tracks into your DAW as midi and/or audio files. energyXT for iOS has seamless integration ...    16 MB    Views 8716
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-2    Yusi Music Player for YouTube and SoundCloud Why Yusi? Yusi is ideal when you are interested only in the audio of the large collection of videos available on Youtube. Yusi smartly downloads only the audio and caches for offline play, ...    11 MB    Views 1450
audio drum metronome editing control percussion midi rhythms volume flamenco application track
+7    We have designed this app for all musicians and all kinds of musical styles. It is a powerful tool for learning drum patterns , or the rhythmic accompaniment , for example, a flamenco guitarist or a jazz pianist . All ...    15 MB    Views 4973
Related Apps recording recorder music audio metronome track simple song perfect songs multi includes options
+12    MultiTrack Song Recorder Pro is a premier 4 track recording app. MTSR Pro allows you to record up to 4 tracks with a simple and easy to use interface. Designed with a simple tape recording style and with many features ...    8 MB    Views 5988

Main I

recording audio music play main augmented headphones requires version track record songs
+13    Mainvolume presents: Main I. Main is mainvolume's app label. Main I is the first release with Mainvolumes multi dimensional audio (MDA) music engine with augmented sound. For the first time, you can play a songs, record your personal version of the ...    216 MB    Views 4669
audio learning track record learn songs material speed records
-3    Amazing app for learning audio Grab your favorite solos in a tempo that you are comfortable with. Learn foreign languages in slow motion. Place markers to remember track positions on the go or even record along with your favorite backing ...    7 MB    Views 8443

Protein Der Klang

Related Apps audio apps samples play track effect patches touch
-5    Protein Der Klang is a fresh musical sampler designed for public performances. Play, hack & record your audio samples from your bed up to the stage using an intuitive multitouch musical instrument. ● Play with 12 simultaneous samples on the 3 coloured ...    57 MB    Views 6494
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+28    A big part of editing video is knowing how to edit and optimize your audio. Learn all about Adobe Premiere’s integrated audio features in this 35 video tutorial course by video expert Michael Wohl. App Features: • 111 minutes of video training • ...    291 MB    Views 2584


+29    iLoop do you loop? iLoop is the ultimate multitrack natural audio loop generator for Garageband. Perfect for trying out composition ideas, beatboxing, singing, and recording all natural audio around you. Hearing an amazing natural sound? The crunch of feet on gravel, ...    3 MB    Views 1680

Smart Album Player

artists album albums playback player shuffle stops smart repeat track plays
+28    Smart Album Player is iPod Library player with album shuffle functionality. It can play whole albums instead of dividing albums by artists. Features: Plays whole albums, does not divide albums by artists Album repeat Album shuffle Track repeat Track shuffle Plays albums ...    521 kb    Views 4907


radio audio recording iphone stations station listen track song played find
-9    FireRocker lets you listen to over 1600 stations on your iPhone or iPod touch including ESPN, Antenna1, CNN, Virgin Radio, BBC and many others for less the cost of any of them alone On the main tab you will find information ...    3 MB    Views 8375

Audio Player HD

Related Apps audio play songs easy handy player
+14    Audio Player HD(iMusic) is an app that let you easy to play any song or music in your iPad. It provide an handy way to classify your songs by categories. You can easy to find the songs you want to ...    2 MB    Views 5456
Related Apps audio music love apps blues sessionband styles chord shuffle track instantly world loop
+25    Create your own proquality Blues tracks in minutes with this special dedicated Blues edition of SessionBand – the world's only chordbased audio loop app. With over 16,000 stunning, chordbased Blues audio loops (included) individually recorded by 4 of the world's top ...    651 MB    Views 5099


music audio library artist browse ipad queue network track player drop
0    DLNA compatible controller for network audio. Experience full control of your digital music with this stylish and intuitive iPad App from Plinius Audio. Arataki enables you to conveniently explore your music collection and stream digital audio to your HiFi system with sophisticated ...    9 MB    Views 4788

StudioApp 2.0

audio recording instrumental count mono khz track unlimited beats speaker
+28    Brand new beats for you to spit on Or import your own instrumental. Check out StudioApp Pro to make your own beats and record over them too It combines StudioApp with a drum engine and digital sampler StudioApp Features: Track Count Infinite ...    137 MB    Views 9141

Techno DJ D3VIL

Related Apps music ringtones audio iphone techno play full download track mp3 gold buttons
-3    If you enjoy great Techno, Trance and Electronic music with a lot of bass, then you're in for a real treat. World renowned DJ D3VIL brings you his top "Techno/Trance DJ" Music & Ringtones from the U.S. cellular networks, directly to ...    67 MB    Views 5969


iphone audio apps number track playback beginning remember support player skip
+3    This audio player is different than most other audio player in the App Store. It is optimized for simple use while driving. It offers settings you may not find in other apps but avoids overloading with features. Attention: Due to Apple's restrictions ...    6 MB    Views 2009

CrossDJ Remote

Related Apps iphone audio remote free track control touch mix ipod remotely
+10    This remote application requires CrossDJ Free available on MacApp Store. Also compatible with the full version CrossDJ "If you already have Mixvibes’ CrossDJ Free, this could be the killer app you’ve been looking for" ( With CrossDJ Remote, you are getting a stylish ...    11 MB    Views 4636

FireRocker HD

radio audio recording ipad stations listen station track song played
+27    "Gorgeous radio app packed with powerful features at an amazing price. A must for music lovers.", AppSized FireRocker HD lets you listen to over 1600 stations on your iPhone or iPod touch including ESPN, Antenna1, Virgin Radio, Absolute Radio and many ...    2 MB    Views 3154
Related Apps music audio apps drum country sessionband chord styles tracks world track loop
+14    The dedicated Country version of the awardwinning music making app is here Create stunning Country tracks to your own chords in minutes with SessionBand the world's only chordbased audio loop apps. It's the ultimate Country play along and the perfect ...    714 MB    Views 6065

Trap Studio

Related Apps audio music art trap track effects tracks studio sound samples
+24    Have the power of Trap Music creation in your pocket. Trap Studio allows you to easily create, record and share multitrack trap music. Trap Studio is intuitive enough to start using with no prior knowledge of music production. Listen to demo ...    89 MB    Views 1434
Related Apps music time audio history library track select clip beat bpm tempo rhythm
+19    LickMixeR PRO features include: iTunes Music Library Integration. ( Please note any iTunes track you choose to LickMix must be loaded to your chosen iPhone/iPad device first ) UNLIMITED AUDIO TRANSFORM FLEXIBILITY: Whatever the length of clip you want to LICKMIX ...    11 MB    Views 57
Related Apps playing music tap button record player track rotate select
-6    Good old analog record player Would you listen to your favorite songs with a 'big' record player in your iPad. Can rotate the record player Features: While not playing, can rotate toward upper or rotate toward right. Select one tune, the record type will become ...    22 MB    Views 2028
Related Apps recording audio drum exploring midi cubase bass track project toolbox events
+17    This musicianfocused Cubase 8 course is designed to help you generate ideas and get them into Cubase as fast as possible. Take a ride with Matt Hepworth as he shows you all the cool inroads for making music with Cubase Tutorial ...    456 MB    Views 7248
tap swipe playback drive control shuffle rap screen player track
0    RAP, it may seem a normal music player but with only a tap it becomes your best friend when you drive, without takes your eyes off the road you can control playback of your songs. Tap the car shaped button to ...    807 kb    Views 2804
Related Apps audio video music paul content album mccartney play download track
+14    The fourth release from the Paul McCartney Archive Collection featuring: · the original 12 track album audio remastered · 5 video clips including a new documentary narrated by Paul · an extensive interview with Paul · previously unpublished photos by Linda McCartney plus the ...    72 MB    Views 7662
iphone audio apps number track playback skip remember light beginning
-8    This light audio player is different than most other audio player in the App Store. It is optimized for simple use while driving. It offers settings you may not find in other apps but avoids overloading with features. Attention: Due to Apple's ...    7 MB    Views 4984
music search audio free add track controls listen playback player
+25    100% FREE NO LIMITS Listen to unlimited FREE music anytime, anywhere Discover new music or search your favorite, add songs to playlists. Enjoy tailored collections with millions of free legal music and audio tracks available to listen on your device KEY FEATURES: + ...    NAN    Views 8081
music audio track effects create samples edm tracks add studio
+7    Break the barriers of genre. Make good music without conforming to standards. EDM Studio allows you to easily create, record and share multitrack EDM music with no prior knowledge of music production. With a heavy dose of Big Room House, Dubstep, ...    55 MB    Views 3961

FLAC Player

music audio flac playback file files info supports track bit
-4    The Original audiophilequality music player designed for lossless, gapless playback of FLAC albums and live recordings on iOS. Redesigned and Reengineered, optimized for iOS 8 FLAC Player can download from SFTP Servers including any Mac with Remote Login, NAS devices, or ...    4 MB    Views 2592

Vox Reducer

audio vocal amount track processing stereo selected song settings
-1    Vox Reducer is an audio processing app that reduces the level of the main vocal in a stereo music track selected from your iTunes library. Using the target frequency, bandwidth, and intensity settings, the user can "dial in" the current ...    2 MB    Views 4076
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