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Slow Player Lite

+11    This App is the Music Dictation Player and the fastest, and easiest way to learn new songs by slowing down or speeding up play back without changing the pitch Works with guitar, bass, trumpet, piano, voice or any other instrument and ...    2 MB    Views 5230
+3    MUSICALME SLIDE SHOW DESCRIPTION “A new slide show app, where every image strikes a chord” “Enjoy soothing, meditative music played with the various colors of your personal photos.” “It's a fantastic sleepaid” ABOUT MusicalMe Slide Show is an easy to use app designed to allow ...    48 MB    Views 9005


+16    "Color Lamp is an application which is based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. when the lamp is connected with your iPhone through Bluetooth, you can change the lamp's color, adjust the lamp's brightness, and play music. 1 lighting control: turn on/off the ...    6 MB    Views 3069
+10    Play YouTube video continuously with playlists. FoxTube 4 HD features: Easy search (autocompletion, search history) Play & manage YouTube playlists directly from app Play continuously from search results, playlists, subscriptions. supports multiple YouTube account login Graphic Equalizer. supports YouTube HQ videos ...    9 MB    Views 945
+1    What can be cuter than little pretty creatures singing? Right, nothing That’s why we give you Little Friendly Monsters, who not only sing, but also play different musical instruments You can create your own band of little monsters which can ...    110 MB    Views 4669


audio apple play record change speed watch raise
+5    Record and Play audio in sentence level Mark sentences to play separately Change speed / background play Share your audio with your friends Control with Apple Watch What can you do with it? Record and play sentences repeatly to memorize ...    7 MB    Views 1154
Related Apps voice recording playback play reverse speed screen recorded start top button
0    ■ Play in the voice This app is an app to record voice and play. Recording a voice voices of friends, family, your own, please adjust the play(including high and low voice) playback and reverse playback speed. Also available as a simple voice ...    7 MB    Views 4088


music play change mode setting menu songs note demo notes set
+25    Transform your iPhone into a music instrument. Thanks to the gyroscope, it is now possible to play music using body gesture. Featured by How to play: Tap anywhere to play a note Hold to sustain a note swipe for volume change tilt for ...    4 MB    Views 1528

Steroid Tune

media speed songs select fun slider play tune control
+7    With Steroid Tune you take control of the playback speed of your media items • Play seminars at a higher speed to learn faster • Slow down music for easier learning • Change your favorite songs speed for fun : some songs ...    1 MB    Views 6427

Mobile Folk Guitar

+1    This is just a guitar app. you can select left hand chord by clicking on L.H. menu or select right hand fingering by clicking on R.H menu. on main screen, you can set play speed, change chords and fingering that ...    23 MB    Views 5855


iphone person game hold mode arcade easy speed play master
+10    Featured in "App Store: Best of 2014" for iPhone. TOUCH ARCADE 5/5 "Masterfully crafted" POCKET GAMER 8/10 "You've experienced nothing like FOTONICA" Ever wondered what running at 140mph feels like? FOTONICA is a firstperson game about the thrill of speed and ...    94 MB    Views 7819
audio music radio language player speed listening long track change control
+3    Audipo is an audio speed changeable player. The app is useful for music dictation, language study , and listening to long recorded audio etc. You can use this app as audiobook player and as radio player. Features Audio speed change. ( x0.5 ...    5 MB    Views 1056

Yumi Loops

kids music children play fun band rhythms characters change
-6    Your kids will play with the coolest band on the planet Giraffe on keyboards, octopus on drums, deer on the bass, alligator on guitar and, playing a bit of everything, the snail. Swipe your fingers over characters and change the style of ...    50 MB    Views 5393
Related Apps music library apple playing key tempo track play speed adjust
+24    Highnote lets you adjust the tempo and key of the tracks in your music library as they are playing. It's an ideal practice tool for musicians and dancers. It’s also great for running or working out to your favourite songs ...    269 kb    Views 8757

Tumbi Nut

nut play easy dhol notes route change key
0    The wait is finally over. Introducing the worlds first ever Tumbi available on the App Store today. Tumbi Nut is fun and easy to use and replicates the real sound of a Tumbi. Simply touch the route note and change ...    9 MB    Views 2782
Related Apps music audio musician speed slow lite amazing files changing play
+28    If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer ...    6 MB    Views 4778
Related Apps music speed boost change
+5    The first app to change your music according to your speed Boost changes music according to your speed; Determine which songs you want to hear for every speed level and when you hit that speed Boost will change the music. Enjoy your ride ...    37 MB    Views 3955

Artwork Shuffle

Related Apps library artist music screen images bottom change direction tap button speed front
+11    == Please watch the websearched images of the artist with playing music == Images are flowing in the front and back on the screen for each direction. You can change each direction(left,right,up,down,rightoblique/leftoblique)and each speed of the both flows. Stand the iPad and play ...    216 kb    Views 1108

Musical Speedometer

-5    When you increase your speed, your device increases the volume of your music, as simple as that Just imagine the adrenaline in a highway (please do not go over your legal speed). Our software will play music from your native iPod ...    608 kb    Views 773
jump gangnam level run game speed play points levels fast
+6    You are about to enter the Gangnam Speed Runner zone Prepare yourself for a high octane, energy driven, actionpacked game with fastpaced Gangnam Speed Runner music Run fast and make your way to the teleportation device at the end of each level. ...    19 MB    Views 9480
Related Apps piano playing music ipad sheet play sound speed notes keys
+14    The app allows piano fans to learn/play piano following animated autoplaying piano sheets. Using the app, you can read a piano sheet, watch it playback by itself, and follow it to practice on your piano or iPad. Moreover, you will ...    5 MB    Views 7771
audio video library music play speed easily file import users
-4    Learn by slowing down audio is not enough, AVTune is capable to slow down to the lowest 10% play rate for both audio and video with excellent audio quality. Practice with AVTune, users can easily and efficiently learn anything you ...    15 MB    Views 4049
instrument favorite songs create play speed ios change musical
-4    A chaotic musical instrument for iOS. Catalyst will change the way you think about your iDevice. Record your voice, your surroundings, or even your favorite songs onto Beatballs that play whenever they hit the edges of your device. Fling them at ...    14 MB    Views 18
Related Apps music center change swipe tap loop menu albums play player
+3    Loop is the best music player for the iPhone. Intuitive interface, essential functions, elegant theme will satisfy you. Features tap or swipe to change songs finetune volume menu: playlists, artists, albums, songs the shortest navigation for artist's albums Controls tap center button to ...    4 MB    Views 2495
0    This is the free version. It is an ideal app for those who want to learn to play basic concepts of contemporary music styles on the Drum Set. It includes seventy lessons on the following contemporary music styles: Rock (15) Blues (15) ...    57 MB    Views 5886

Dokodemo Gakki

keyboard drum guitar children piano play songs change rec data record recorded
+13    The simple keyboard made ​​for children. Features and automatic performance using acceleration sensors, Recording features songs used in it. Such precision is not really playing. Please note that only a toy for children. m(_ _)m How to use + You can set various screen ...    12 MB    Views 2537

Awesome Monkeydrum

play change den sounds
+11    Get your Karate Kid 2 on with Monkeydrum (also known as DenDen Daiko) Crystal clear sounds. Great on builtin speaker or headphones Tap to play, or twist 3 different drums with alternating sounds Autoplay at Tempo Play over a song ...    1 MB    Views 1525
+3    Full Speed off Road Car Racing Experience this Fun, Free Race Game for ALL ages Jump between levels to avoid obstacles, and collect the money To Play: Tap and hold to Jump Features: Cool Graphic's Driving sounds Endless game play Gamecenter interaction    26 MB    Views 3083
Related Apps song band worship hand sections change play section tempo rehearsals
-2    We believe in the critical importance of worship. It moves our hearts in ways nothing else can. Our goal is to create tools to help and support worship teams. In doing that, we built the Worship Band in Hand app ...    9 MB    Views 2719

Guitars Lite

Related Apps guitars change adjustable volume play
-3    Rock out with Guitars Features: Play an Electric Guitar. Bendable strings so you can change the pitch of the note you play. Adjustable volume change the volume of the guitars to suit your audience. Adjustable sustain change the ...    17 MB    Views 2070

Echo String™ Lite

Related Apps music record midi speed chord playback button tap version play
+13    Echo String™ is an innovative harp app. with it, you can create wonderful music with more easy and more fun. It has 3 partitions strings (In full version has 7 partitions) with different Chord Mask settings,you can just glide over and ...    2 MB    Views 5657
Related Apps guitar play listen part animations band electric speed fusion basic
-1    Learn to play basic Fusion concepts on the Electric Guitar. This app includes five lessons. Each lesson is integrated by four sections. You will see animations that visually show how to play your part on the Guitar. You will see animations ...    22 MB    Views 6533

Guitars HD

guitars change adjustable play volume
+7    Rock out with Guitars Features: Play an Acoustic or an Electric Guitar. Bendable strings so you can change the pitch of the note you play. Adjustable volume change the volume of the guitars to suit your audience. Adjustable sustain ...    23 MB    Views 5097
Related Apps library song change pitch speed player ipod octave ear
-5    For all musicians who want to learn and play a song by ear SpeedPitch is a music player to change speed and pitch of a song. Just load a song from your iPod library, then let’s start practicing All you ...    3 MB    Views 1904


time music play tempo favorite speed
+2    myTempo is a revolutionary new app that enables you to play any music file on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch at a reduced tempo without affecting the pitch (note values) of the music. This app is targeted towards people learning to ...    457 kb    Views 8215
Related Apps music ipad voice audio speed pitch change import region tempo
+5    Change your music's tempo and pitch in realtime quick and easy. Just select an audio file, mark the region you want to play (and loop/repeat) and change speed and pitch on the fly. It is also possible to export the changed ...    18 MB    Views 3095

FinalGuitar FREE

guitar playing music learning play loop includes speed great practicing tracks
+4    "FinalGuitar FREE" is the absolute, allinone guitar app developed by actual musicians for musicians in all levels from beginners to experienced guitarists. Simply, tap and bend the strings, and you can reproduce that passionate & soulful guitar play that ...    42 MB    Views 9308

Quad Scratch

-3    "Quad Scratch" provide 4 TURN TABLES .This is deluxe version of "Easy Scratch". ■FUNCTION You can play forward,reverse,slow,play random position with pitch and volume control. You can scratch sound by turning tables clockwise and counterclockwise. Two person play at the same time.(you can set ...    27 MB    Views 674

5 Seconds To Glory!

kids video videos surface world play speed class speeds break fingers seconds record fastest
+23    UPDATES NEW 1.1 version completely rewritten to answer some complaints about touch sensitivity LEADER BOARD ADDED compete against people in your own city, town, stage or the world Load time is drastically reduced. Speed/stability improvements Smaller file size (10x's ...    592 kb    Views 1114


music audio play speed drm protected listening
+5    I redesigned all new design and operability. New FastMusic. What is FastMusic? FastMusic can be used to speed listening a Music. Freely change the speed of music on your iPod and easily play it back anytime, anywhere. This is particularly ...    874 kb    Views 2469

Just The Music

Related Apps music art iphone speed song player play screen support pause touch songs
+9    Just The Music is a music player that’s built with an easy to use interface with big buttons that you can easily tap while on the go It’s great for joggers, in car use or as a compliment to any ...    5 MB    Views 5541
music time pitch speed songs change equalizer playback function
-1    This player can control speed/pitch in realtime WITHOUT importing songs into this app. It supports 50 200% speed, ±1 octave pitch. Main features This is a music player WITHOUT importing songs into this app. It can be available in the similar ...    2 MB    Views 1087


Related Apps guitar song playalong chord speed play songs ukulele banjo learn
+8    Supernifty's Playalong offers an easy new way to learn a new song on your guitar, ukulele or banjo. Playalong provides ukulele, guitar and banjo chords, and lyrics to each song, while keeping you in time with the timing of the original ...    6 MB    Views 2700


recording audio limited playback play band pitch gain data control equalizer speed
-1    The audio player that can speed ​​control, pitch control, and equalizing. You can play tunes with effects in iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. You can also do the supplied remote control earphones. Since it is possible up to +20 dB total gain in the ...    11 MB    Views 6469
dance music capoeira brazilian style speed change moves player
+9    Loop player with "Capoeira" Brazilian beats. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was created in Brazil mainly by African descendants, it is known by quick and complex moves, using power, speed, and leverage ...    18 MB    Views 9028
music pitch device tempo change speed reverse adjust
-1    iRemix The ultimate app for your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad iRemix lets you select any song from your music library on your device and change the Tempo, Pitch, Speed of your favourite music tracks It has some fantastic features such ...    41 MB    Views 7475
speed pitch easy song settings looping quick save change
-2    Musicians and dancers (and anybody else), SongTool is your new best friend Finetune the speed and pitch of any song, then save those settings for later. Focus on any section of a song with quick and easy looping. Designed by ...    819 kb    Views 7838
video time movie pitch speed change function 200 changing playback octave
-6    This player can control speed/pitch in realtime for the video/movie in the device. It supports 50 200% speed, ±1 octave pitch. Main features It can be available in the video data including the standard app "Videos", "Photos". Time stretch : This ...    2 MB    Views 6611


apps play ukulele basic change chords life
+2    uCanLele is an app that works best with iPhone 4. But the auto mode is still working in the other iPhones, and that alone is totally worth the dollar you pay for this app Kids, are you tired of spending your ...    17 MB    Views 1015

iBone XL

music guitar piano play songs ipod tune trombone learn change
-2    NOW ON SALE Winner of the 'Best Musical Instrument App' in the Best App Ever Awards and iTunes Rewind pick. Just like iBone for iPhone/iPod Touch, it's not only a tool for trombonists anyone can play, and it even shows ...    14 MB    Views 2270

Celtic Harp

Related Apps green music harp strings play string song sound change left tuned colored
0    (Please Note if you are having problems hearing the sound please try switching the orientation lock/mute switch on the side of your iPad. Depending on how you have your settings, it could be acting to mute the sound.) Here ...    64 MB    Views 975
music play listen bass electric styles band speed contemporary part
+28    This is the adfree version. It is an ideal app for those who want to learn to play basic concepts of contemporary music styles on the Electric Bass. It includes fifty lessons on the following contemporary music styles: Rock (15) Blues (15) ...    49 MB    Views 3161
Related Apps artists music wifi ball left required speed change turn
-8    You can listen to music from up and coming artists from all genres Jazz, Funk, HipHop, DubStep, Pop and so on. Let's turn your room into a hot new music expo with the discoball Features: You can see the artist information( 3G or WiFi ...    32 MB    Views 5537

Rainy Season

Related Apps play rain pause rainy sound change
+27    This is a simple but useful app providing effects and sweet sounds of rain which bring you muse and inner peace. It is designed for the person who loves the rain and wants to make it rain at own choosing. ...    36 MB    Views 6556

iDiscoBall free

music room turn left speed direction change enjoy ball light
+26    When you turn off all the lights in your room, it will light your room and creat a nice atomosphere. You can enjoy the atomosphere like the night spot even in your room. You can listen to music from up and coming ...    30 MB    Views 8766

Music Speed Changer

music voice audio tempo change pitch speed region import
0    Change your music's tempo and pitch in realtime quick and easy. Just select an audio file, mark the region you want to play (and loop/repeat) and change tempo and pitch on the fly. It is also possible to export the changed ...    18 MB    Views 4164


speed change tunes import tune key
+21    Learn tunes by ear slow down and loop sections of a tune. Change the key to fit your voice. Import from iTunes or drag tunes from your desktop. Change the speed from halfspeed to double speed Change the key by semitones up ...    13 MB    Views 1314

SpeedUp Player Lite

Related Apps sleep podcasts music speed repeat set pause timer ipod audiobooks play
+9    Listen to your iPod collections at 0.5X 2.5X speed. Study mode(A/B repeat, quick rewind/forward), sleep timer. Save time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Play at any speed Study mode helps you learn more effectively. Sleep timer can save your ...    3 MB    Views 8371
monsters friendly crown play change musical song melodies amusing
+12    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS What can be cuter than little pretty creatures singing? Right, nothing That’s why we give you Little Friendly Monsters CROWN, who not only sing, but also play different musical instruments You can create your own band of ...    106 MB    Views 9452
Related Apps photo music instruments instrument version tune create speed change beat
-6    Create music from photos using this easy, intuitive app.  This free version of Phusic comes with over twenty pictures, so try a meditative landscape or colorful garden scene. Phusic will create a unique melody based on the pixels. Here’s how you can make music: • ...    22 MB    Views 4178
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