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+5    MiniMethod for Jazz Guitar With this Guitar method you will understand the basics of Jazz chords along various sequences from Classic to Brazilian and Gypsy Jazz. Including 8 sequences of increasing level Theory, informations, tabs and video for each lesson Learn ...    41 MB    Views 2788

Common Core Rap

+14    The COMMON CORE RAP EXPERIENCE is now available for iPhone and iPad Compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (app scales to any size). PERFECT FOR STUDENTS – Content is built around Common Core concepts and provides unique, engaging learning ...    15 MB    Views 8165
+21    Learn how to play the Slide Guitar with this collection of 315 tuitional,informative and demonstrative videos. The slide guitar brings another dimension to your guitar playing and its not actually too hard to learn. These 315 videos should inspire you to learn ...    22 MB    Views 1442

Bezan DAF

learning tutorial set animations lesson lessons play
0    Bezan DAF is a multimedia learning aid for those interested in learning to play DAF (Middle Eastern FrameDrum). With the current version of the app we have provided 45 tutorial lessons . These lessons are designed for complete beginners up ...    13 MB    Views 4122

Second Piano Lesson

lesson learn play chords tempos faster slow read mastering hand
+7    After mastering our first lesson, we are now starting to use both hands. While playing the melody with your right hand, you will learn to play chords using your left hand Play the tunes you know and learn some new ones. You ...    2 MB    Views 558
music chord ukulele chords tuning common intervals type
-4    Yet Another Ukulele App (YAUA) allows you to find chords and their alternatives fast and easy It's designed to show you the most common way to play all of the main chords as well as other possible (playable) chords you ...    3 MB    Views 4924

E-Guitar HD

guitar jazz blues lessons part chords folk required lesson play
+10    iPad teaches you Folk, Blues and Jazz Guitar This guitar method will give you informations & technics to improve your guitar skill. No musical knowledge is required to use this app, you just need a guitar. Divided in three parts : Part 1 ...    289 MB    Views 8913
playing music clarinet play lesson notes lessons high part english
+15    Learn to play the Clarinet with this series of 122 tuitional video lessons. Lessons include: How to Put on a Clarinet Reed How to Put Together a Clarinet How to Apply Clarinet Cork Grease How to Hold the Clarinet How to Blow the Clarinet How to Tongue ...    4 MB    Views 4979

Jazz Buddy

jazz chord notes scales diminished scale dominant common major chords
+2    Jazz Buddy is a simple program intended for jazz musicians that links chords to relevant scales. You select a chord and it will display the scales you might play against that chord. The end result is a list of the ...    3 MB    Views 2129
+21    Take a MASTER CLASS in the EUKELE with this fabulous collection of 226 tuitional and informative video lessons. The Ukelele is a brilliant and fun instrument to learn to play. Its not too hard to get started and this app has ...    9 MB    Views 3939
calendar work students student picture delete lessons lesson option
-1    LeopoldLessonPlanner is an application for private music teachers to keep track of their students, lessons, notes, and progress. Most features are selfexplanatory and work the same way any other iOS app would work. When the app is first opened, it will ask ...    17 MB    Views 6578


music video audio students text time recording notes version lesson project application free working
-4    ‘Music Lesson Noter’ is an application designed to help music performance students in their individual practice. The core idea of the application is to provide students with tools for recording lesson’s most significant tasks in a series of multimedia notes ...    33 MB    Views 1076
Related Apps music audio management song equalizer playlist range level frequency common
+4    Best HighFidelity Music Parametric Equalizer for iTunes Song Library. • 100 dB EQ Range with 10 Programmable EQ Frequency Points and Song Level Adjustment for each song. • Turn Earbud into a quality Headset with Simple Twist to Enjoy far Richer Range ...    9 MB    Views 2884
math learning teachers common core grade apptutor part scores multiplication
0    This app covers all requirements for Grade 3 Math under the new Common Core Standards. Written by an experienced team of teachers to meet the needs of all learning styles with fresh updated math strategies. With daily use of AppTutor ...    56 MB    Views 387

AMUZical Child

music children lessons lesson hear downloaded method child classical
+4    AMUZical Child provides a series of fun interactive music appreciation lessons for young children, based on animated stories that relate to beautiful classical music. The lessons are based on a method developed during 25 years of teaching music to young children, ...    214 MB    Views 4195
Related Apps playing trombone slide jazz play band lesson lessons trailer
-1    Learn To Play The Trombone is a series of 120 easy to follow video lessons that will have you up and running in no time. The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see how you can... ...    26 MB    Views 9905

Play The Trumpet

trumpet lessons beginners overview scales play high scale notes lesson
+20    The Trumpet is a brilliant instrument to learn to play. This app is designed to get you up and running in no time There are 100 easy to follow video lessons that cover the very simple beginners lessons right up to ...    26 MB    Views 5131

Play Guitarr

guitar board lesson tablature chords iii read chromatic scales chord
+15    Learn to play the guitar with this complete and easy steps of lessons. Guitar Lessons also includes an electronic book that will teach you how to read and write tablatures. You're on the subway or the bus on the way to college ...    8 MB    Views 8321
+18    Playing the guitar is fantastic fun and its quite easy to learn. This app not only has lessons for absolute beginners but has lessons to teach you over a hundred songs to learn. In all there are 179 lessons that include: How To ...    16 MB    Views 4028
word skill students addition skills problems core common random based
+20    This app furthers the concept of counting and cardinality and teaches numerical solutions up to 20, word problem recognition, properties of operations as strategies and fluency of addition facts. G1A students begin to apply mathematical rules as a solution to ...    42 MB    Views 392

Music Lesson Noter

music drawing audio video text recording students notes lesson application instantly set
-4    ‘Music Lesson Noter’ is an application for iPhone designed to help music performance students in their daily individual practice. Similarly to this app's bigger sibling the application for iPad ‘LessonNoter’ – it enables students to record the highlights of their ...    30 MB    Views 732
Related Apps guitar lesson chord major chords minor play rhythm notes
0    Play & understand the basics of acoustic guitar chords and fingerings in less than two months "If you're looking for an efficient method to learn how to play acoustic guitar, there's an app for that" No musical knowledge is ...    41 MB    Views 5999
piano music love video play tutorial sheet feat lesson easy rihanna bieber
-7    Easy To Play Piano Songs is a collection of some 150 easy to follow video lessons that will help you learn all your favourite songs The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see how you can... ...    28 MB    Views 9912


music piano learning family adventure future teaching system learn friends lesson difficult
-4    Future Piano, a new way to approach music. Have you ever tried learning to play the piano, but gave up in half way? Now we combined Alfred Music teaching materials with game in an interesting way. You will find the fun ...    61 MB    Views 1071
0    Welcome to AppTutor “appetizer” Introduction to Multiplication Tables. This app actually TEACHES math Not just another quiz or worksheet app, this app shows how AppTutor teaches and interacts with students to truly grasp the subject at hand. Includes lessons, ...    17 MB    Views 69
guitar playing bass play lesson scales chords flat major scale minor
+11    This app has an incredible 315 easy to follow video lessons on how to play the Bass Guitar All aspects are covered from the beginners stage to Slapping styles and everything in between. Lessons include: Bass Guitar Lesson Playing Notes The Basics Bass Guitar ...    2 MB    Views 1011
guitar love acoustic play easy songs beginner lesson super lyrics tutorial
+5    This app is every guitarist's dream It's a collection of 479 tutorial videos all dedicated to teaching you famous guitar songs. The easy to follow lessons will easily help you ad to your song collection and build your repetoire. The easy to ...    13 MB    Views 9388
+5    Welcome to AppTutor “appetizer” Introduction to Rounding. This app actually TEACHES math Not just another quiz or worksheet app, this app shows how AppTutor teaches and interacts with students to truly grasp the subject at hand. Includes lessons, tools, ...    16 MB    Views 9062

Jingle Bells

Related Apps play bells common jingle sound songs ios
+7    iOS7 ready (iOS 3.x iOS 7.x) With 'Jingle Bells' can you easily play common or your own songs. Everybody can play nice music you don't need to be a musician. It's almost impossible to play any 'wrong' tones since all 14 ...    6 MB    Views 6840
ipad music user eric booklet view lesson selection play addition
-8    Eric Marienthal is one of the most indemand and influential saxophone players in music today. His distinctive voice and incredible technique have made him the choice saxophonist to countless headlining artists. In addition to being a "first call" Los Angeles studio ...    353 MB    Views 4151
Related Apps guitar video playing bass slap play lessons beginner technique lesson scale hammer
+26    This app has 112 video lessons dedicated to teaching you how to learn to play "slap" bass guitar Lessons: How to Slap Bass in Rhythm Blues Slap Bass How to Add Syncopation Slap Bass How to Do Cool Tricks Slap Bass What Are Time Signatures ...    10 MB    Views 9303

Musical Ears

Related Apps time lesson note play answer top add pitch chord settings octave
-5    Musical Ears is the music ear training App. This App feeds absolute pitch and relative pitch. And it's useful for Interval training, too. A sense of pitch may grow if you play successively. Melodies are created by Musical Ears at random. At ...    7 MB    Views 7466

Scale Buddy

guitar instruments scales scale bass standard mandolin string open common
+24    Scale Buddy is an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch that generates tablature for any combination of instrument, key, scale, and tuning. This is handy for learning guitar scales, bass scales, mandolin scales, etc, or as reference for those ...    303 kb    Views 1309

Learn Guitar Theory

Related Apps guitar learning playing lesson chord overview chords major scale strumming patterns
+4    Lessons for all levels and styles... It doesn't matter if you play an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or both. Our lessons are designed for both. Whether you are a complete beginner or if you have been playing for years and ...    19 MB    Views 4399
dance music practice mark player lesson play moves range part
+13    It's the half price until July 31, 2015 by release commemoration. The player who specialized it in practice and lesson of a dance. "Range play" and "change in the playback speed" of music can be done, so you can practice ...    11 MB    Views 4310

Lesson Book

music email lesson built lessons book
+1    Lesson Book allows music lessons to be managed on the iPhone. Teacher's notes and recordings can be sent to the student over Bluetooth, email, or printed on paper. An iPad version is also available called "Music Lesson" which also permits viewing ...    4 MB    Views 9882

Learn Piano Lesson

Related Apps music piano students love education singapore min years learn theory develop lesson started
+17    Learn Piano Lesson Singapore was started by MinMin Tay, who is an accomplished pianist, performer and fulltime piano teacher. She is passionate about music and teaches piano and music theory from her music studio. Her love for music started when ...    84 MB    Views 2145
+15    This app covers all requirements for Grade 2 Math under the new Common Core Standards. Written by an experienced team of teachers to meet the needs of all learning styles with fresh updated math strategies. With daily use of AppTutor ...    60 MB    Views 383


video package download lesson step complete lessons purchased buy case
+6    A true and proper drum course with which you can easily learn to play starting from scratch. A personal teacher will accompany you step by step in your progress until you reach a professional level, thanks to a gradual and ...    36 MB    Views 9503
Related Apps guitar lessons free riff songs lesson speed send riffs
-5    GuitarRx is a free guitar riff app for your smartphone. It comes preloaded with 5 practice segments. We will send you an additional 5 riff lessons every 2 days over the first 12 weeks after installing the GuitarRx app. Thereafter, ...    25 MB    Views 7270

Metronome M1

metronome time signature music triple common tempo signatures practicing
-6    Metronome M1 is a simple and extremely accurate metronome for mobile devices and now, for Apple Watch. It comes with all the essential features anyone will need from a metronome. Metronome M1 supports a wide tempo range between 30300 BPM, ranging ...    2 MB    Views 2984


time reading lesson data lessons addition sight
0    "iDokufu" is an application for learning the sight reading. As a lesson mode, the usual "normal" in a weak note exam in addition to focusing on "overcoming weak" to challenge the restrictions in time and Sight Reading "time limit" is available ...    6 MB    Views 1915
music videos ukulele play lesson uke lessons tutorial george free chords
+18    Ukulele For Beginners This app has 134 easy to follow videos that are dedicated to help you learn to play and appreciate the Ukulele. Probably the most famous Ukulele player of all time was George Formby and we have included 8 performances ...    26 MB    Views 1547
ringtones ringtone email create messages alerts cure talking common
+1    AntiRingtone is the cure for the common ringtone Create 100% unique TALKING ringtones for incoming calls, email alerts, text message alerts and more Use SAFER ringtones with messages like "If you are driving, do not answer" Create your ringtones then download ...    28 MB    Views 7981
Related Apps learning ukulele play learn days start playalongs step lesson
-4    This app only contains english language. A complete learning course. ”Learning Ukulele – In 7 Days ” is the ideal start to learn to play ukulele. You don´t need any knowledge to use this app. You just have to have a ukulele. You can ...    170 MB    Views 8414
ipad iphone students learning long addition apptutor skills full common practice great lesson
-1    Welcome to AppTutor “appetizer” Introduction to Long Addition. This app actually TEACHES math Not just another quiz or worksheet app, this app shows how AppTutor teaches and interacts with students to truly grasp the subject at hand. Includes lessons, ...    16 MB    Views 9489
Related Apps piano learning program music child lesson play learn student mini
+13    Welcome to Mini Maestro Piano Learning for the IPad. With this revolutionary program you use your own acoustic piano or 88 key keyboard. It has added features that enable your child to easily learn to read music, understand rhythms, and ...    155 MB    Views 2568

DoReMi Music Lesson

Related Apps music piano tap note lesson
-1    Do you want to play the piano while watching the music? This is a piano practice app for such people. Since the note from the right will come flowing, please tap the keyboard with the same sound as the note. GOOD point will ...    2 MB    Views 9575
practice teacher tempo shuffle number type micro lesson week challenges
+7    Want to play an instrument? This app makes it easy & fun to follow your teacher's exact instructions, with a focus that you didn't believe was possible. Just type in your assignments at your lesson, check out "Practice Tempo" and ...    9 MB    Views 2119
lesson human beat add box shows double popular ios
+5    Download human beatbox lesson application presented by the most popular Japanese beatboxer, Daichi You can learn how to master technics of Human Beat Box. This APP is compiled under the supervision of Daichi, one of the most popular Human Beat Boxer in ...    71 MB    Views 6256

Pear Music

artists songs top played albums common
+26    Pear is totally free for a limited time Which songs do you have in common with friends? What's your top played artist? Album? Find out in Pear BOOM That's the sound of a massive update Pear has been completely redesigned and reengineered. ...    16 MB    Views 2862

Banjo Master Class

time banjo lesson chords play techniques essential steps beginners easy
-5    Take a Master Class on how to play the Banjo with this collection of 321 Easy To Follow tutorial and informative videos. All aspects of Banjo playing are covered from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Learn to play in different styles ...    9 MB    Views 8476


music learning time learn www lesson tabla bhajans
+15    “I wish Musiguru a grand success” Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. Balamuralikrishna “I am joining all of you in your effort to learn Carnatic music through this app” Abhishek Raghuram “Using Musiguru you can learn music anytime, anyplace, at your own pace” ...    6 MB    Views 2717


students music teachers parents lessons lesson share access record organized
-6    LessonRecord is the best app for Music Teachers who want to Record, Save, and Share their students' music lessons. It helps teachers stay organized and provides a valuable learning tool for students. LessonRecord is a Simple, EasytoUnderstand Free Tool designed ...    9 MB    Views 6434
math learning teachers part core common grade addition apptutor number
-2    This app covers all requirements for Grade 1 Math under the new Common Core Standards. Written by an experienced team of teachers to meet the needs of all learning styles with fresh updated math strategies. With daily use of AppTutor ...    69 MB    Views 73
Related Apps iphone music user eric booklet selection lesson view addition itunes
+4    Eric Marienthal is one of the most indemand and influential saxophone players in music today. His distinctive voice and incredible technique have made him the choice saxophonist to countless headlining artists. In addition to being a "first call" Los Angeles studio ...    226 MB    Views 6362


directions facebook lesson student manage information alerts
+4    LessonLodge connects passionate music teachers to inspired students, enabling both to reach new heights. Our app was created to enhance your lesson experience while simplifying administration. Features included in the LessonLodge app: Manage Your Calendar: View and manage upcoming lessons on the ...    6 MB    Views 2084

Third Piano Lesson

Related Apps piano play lesson read tunes
+3    Lesson number three brings your playing to the next level ... After mastering lessons one & two, we now turn to more tunes, more chords and more rhythmic patterns.... Read the instructions and learn to read rhythm as you play a few ...    3 MB    Views 6042
students video piano management audio email business ipad music voice studio student month lesson easily monthly year
-4    "Holy Grail of studio management" Sandra Bowen, Clavier Companion Sept/Oct 2013 Moosic Studio empowers you to streamline your music studio business & consolidate all the tools you require to run your business in a single featurepacked iPad application. NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS If you ...    4 MB    Views 7206
guitar jump video dog fingerstyle blues lesson acoustic tab lessons play country
+5    Learn To Play Finger Picking Guitar with this great app that includes 417 easy to follow video lessons. The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see how you can... play the lessons alter the lesson title ...    13 MB    Views 6715
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