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+8    In the Loop makes it easy to discover concerts and music festivals going on around you. The app's simple and clean UI lets you quickly tap between days to plan your week. You can easily share events, add them directly ...    17 MB    Views 3681

Madooh Radio

+3    Listen to thousands of radio stations on your iPhone or iPod touch with Madooh Radio And if you don't know what to listen use the random Radio selection Discover a new radio every day _______________________________________ FEATURES • Quick and userfriendly interface • Play all stations ...    2 MB    Views 3927
+4    IndieU offers a unique and valuable musicsharing platform that connects independent artists to college students. There are NO ADS and the app is FREE Discover new local acts Search for local indie artists Save your favorites to listen too anytime Post ...    10 MB    Views 6037
music artists tickets live event discover buy find friends
+3    Discover it live with StubHub Music Find out when your favorite artists are playing, discover new music, get event and venue info, buy tickets and invite your friends — all in one place. It’s the ultimate guide to live music. •Enjoy ...    21 MB    Views 2084
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+30    What kind of music would Mozart right if he lived today? Would Bach play his chorals in clubs or in churches? Discover the answer experience the funkiest grooviest remixes of your favorite classics Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi performed ...    52 MB    Views 1392


music electronic world discover
+14    Welcome to Beatport – The Home of Electronic Music ALL ELECTRONIC MUSIC, ALL THE TIME Beatport brings you free, unlimited streaming from our worldclass catalog. DISCOVER WHAT MOVES YOU Connect with the artists you love and find new favorites. BE THERE Discover festivals ...    15 MB    Views 3795

Rockin Grim HD

+12    Download and see why Rockin Grim was featured by Apple as one of last years top Scary Apps and Games He ROCKS He TALKS He SCARES Rockin Grim is the Coolest and Scariest character in the app store. Discover all ...    48 MB    Views 4313

Ensemble Matheus

ensemble follow discover
+30    Discover from the Inside the Ensemble Matheus. For the first time, an orchestra dares the impossible: to make you discover the work of exceptional musicians from the inside. This unique app invites you to follow all the current events of the Ensemble ...    11 MB    Views 1842
+7    Tinrit is a music discovery platform which helps musicians get discovered while helping users discover great songs that are relevant to them based on their geographical location and music listening habit. Check us out on your nearest browser at    4 MB    Views 6257
music tickets shows friends month tastes free discover chances
+3    Jukely Unlimited – get into hundreds of shows a month across 15 major cities starting at 25 per month. Browse it free for up to 14 days. Featured in Vice, Alternative Press, Fortune, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and Dancing Astronaut. What is ...    56 MB    Views 8284
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-2    The official app of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, a 10day event held annually in Burlington, Vermont. Join us for the 2015 festival June 514.    16 MB    Views 1647

3 New Songs

Related Apps music songs discover
+10    3 New Songs lets you discover new music, 3 songs at a time. If you like what you hear, you can find out more about the artist, purchase the song, view the artists' videos, and post to Facebook. Notifications let you ...    2 MB    Views 7844
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+4    Discover the music around you Jamernot allows you to judge and connect to the artists and music that are around you wherever you go Login, listen to music, swipe to judge and collect your favorite songs to connect to local ...    7 MB    Views 9885


cities discover
+9    Discover the music around you Originating in our hometown of Seattle and now covering other cities, fonograf is a locationbased app to discover artists, events, and venues in your city. Share and favorite upcoming shows and add them to your calendar. Coming ...    11 MB    Views 5221

music listen discover collections community fans
+3    Wavo is the place for modern music fans and creatives. Wavo is a vibrant of community of fans, artists and industry working together to discover and surface new music and talent. Find new and trending music in our collections curated by influencers ...    52 MB    Views 878
music playlists hits discover latest top listen create
+21    Watch & Listen makes it easy to discover, play, and listen the latest and the hottest music hits. Choose from millions of music, create your own custom playlists and organize your music in a smart and beautiful way Features: • Enjoy background ...    3 MB    Views 7733
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0    Avec Allzic Radio découvrez la nouvelle façon d’écouter gratuitement et simplement  la radio Haute Qualité. Des milliers de webradios sont disponibles, découvrezles, placezles en favoris, et retrouvez ainsi vos titres préférés sans avoir besoin de faire une playlist musicale. Avec ...    4 MB    Views 2522


-4    Inspired by the Baby Concert Tour in the Netherlands. Discover together with your child the world of music and sound: of the sea, jungle or the pitter patters of the rain. Explore songs and discover sounds together. Sing along together and ...    160 MB    Views 7038


discover american
+8    Discover all afroamerican musics; rare funk or disco gems, old school rap, DC GoGo releases, soul from the vaults. BMC is high speed music, but also smooth & jazzy. BMC is American, english, french. Discover our audio biographies & enjoy ...    28 MB    Views 8597

Top Tunes

artists music songs top tunes discover
+1    Lists the highest ranked songs for any artist & makes it super easy to discover new music you're bound to love. You can choose artists already in your iPod library, or search for any other artists you are curious about. ✓ Rankings ...    2 MB    Views 1072
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-9    Discover a free new music video every day with Rory Every day a new independent music video is made free to watch and share: + Monday Rock + Tuesday Indie + Wednesday Electronic + Thursday Urban + Friday Pop + Weekend Roundup (the most popular video of ...    4 MB    Views 3814


Related Apps music www discover
-5    ThelovelySound The beauty Of Music. Discover the finest music. ⍟ Deep House ⍟ Chillout ⍟ Hip Hop ⍟ Indie/Nu Dance ⍟ AlternativeWe promote and support artists/producers to get their name and song out to the world. Stay tuned and ...    18 MB    Views 1345
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+12    A new way to discover new music. Unique flat design. Uses Soundcloud API. No need user registration for listening. Search for music using Soundcloud. Trending music of Soundcloud. Explore tracks of Soundcloud. Full background play and remote (play,pause,next,forward). Continuous play. ...    3 MB    Views 4016
-4    White Label charts the best new hiphop being played online daily. Play fulllength tracks from Soundcloud, read what fans are saying live on Twitter and discover what’s trending in HipHop. Features Play fulllength tracks instantly from Soundcloud; no sign up or existing ...    15 MB    Views 2525
weekend jay amazing discover live enjoy affiliated price
-6    "JayZ App" Weekend Celebration Offer. Get 66% Off For this weekend. Usual rate is 2.99. Buy your copy before this weekend Enjoy "The Best JayZ app for 2014" Everything about JayZ in one place. Featuring ◉ Jay Z music videos ◉ Exclusive Interviews with ...    16 MB    Views 4032
music artist search discover soundcloud cloud pro concerts song
+5    First app to introduce soundcloud and concerts under one single app Now works with Chromecast device to play song directly on your TV Listen to music find artist events, discover new artist and concerts based on your current location Cloud Pro allows you ...    8 MB    Views 9693


+6    Enjoy the new and exciting way to discover music. Discover over 1000 music genres from all over the world. Learn more about the artists and the history while listening to music clips which define that genre.    11 MB    Views 5540
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+23    Discover helps you find new music, based on what you're listening to. It's built upon one of the most popular music discovery service, It's smart it finds the recommended song for you on YouTube or the iTunes Store at a ...    5 MB    Views 1490


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+7    With ILR widget: You can listen to ILR ITALIA live You can listen to ILR CHILL & GROOVE live You can get in touch with ILR staff You can go to to discover playlist, djs, shows, cooking and much ...    2 MB    Views 7942


Related Apps music radio listen discover
-7    Like the music? Discover radios devised to make you forget the full FM radio advertising Access to millions of tracks, updated daily and share your favorite on Facebook & Twitter Music blog "Wait a second & listen" lets you discover music news of ...    34 MB    Views 8273


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0    "Satellite" is an interactive app presenting a new band, Mari and The Ghost, to its fans. Based around one song, Satellite, it offers several interfaces: + VIDEO: watch a superb video of the forthcoming single "Satellite" + LYRICS: discover the ever so beautiful ...    72 MB    Views 4478

tunehog Discover

music artists recommendations thousands songs discover discovery
-5    tunehog Discover is a fun new way to search the best of established, current and emerging music wherever you are. Get more accurate music recommendations that you’ll love by utilising our unique intelligence technology. The tunehog app puts the most powerful ...    15 MB    Views 9158
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+21    You are finding out the new music listening trends? Try to find some friends with same music taste? Let's take part in WePlayIt and discover the huge of music world with new friends around the world, ALL FOR FREE With WePlayIt you ...    31 MB    Views 8847
downloading free songs itunes download 100 top song notifications discover
+13    Free Songs Notifier reminds you to download free songs from iTunes. Install to miss out free songs no more. Every week iTunes gives out one or more free singles and we all loved this, problem is we tend to forget to ...    7 MB    Views 293


Related Apps music community tracks world discover listen info join
-7    KOLLEKT.FM: music awesome playlists created by our community Free to use :) Language: English KOLLEKT.FM lets you listen to the best music, selected by the web and your friends. KEY FEATURES: • All your KOLLEKT.FM favorite tracks and playlists, available on the go • Listen ...    3 MB    Views 6984
Related Apps music people played songs week itunes combined discover
0    25 Most Played is the most social way to discover music on iTunes and Apple Music. Follow what music your friends and people of interest are listening to each week. Create groups of people with good taste in music and have ...    34 MB    Views 8140

Iono Music

-9    This is your ticket to access all Iono Music areas as a VIP passenger. Download the app and plug yourself into a world of the music you love Discover new frontiers that will be only a tap away…. Come on, what ...    1 MB    Views 9315
material print application discover
-1    „Discover Szymanowski“ is an application for iphone and ipad. It comprises of a set of video clips and podcasts as well as blog articles. The material features the fall 2012 concert tour of the London Symphony Orchestra performing the full ...    15 MB    Views 6364
music videos video artists love discover watch swipe
-7    Rormix Music Worth Watching Watch the best new music videos by independent artists with the Rormix music video discovery app. With the Rormix app you can watch music videos, search for music based on your unique taste, and discover new emerging ...    13 MB    Views 840


music love share friends listen stream discover tracks
+4    Undrtone™ lets you share and discover music you love. • Easily discover, share and listen to music for free. • Select Facebook™ friends to share, comment on, and love tracks with. • Follow featured curators and their musical tastes. • Collaborate with your friends ...    21 MB    Views 2908
festival 2015 discover
+4    Discover the Greenfield Festival 2015 Available in English and German, this app is your official and complete guide to the Greenfield Festival 2015. Discover the full LineUp, find band profiles, information about the festival, select your favourite artists and create your ...    28 MB    Views 3240

Soriko Radio

radio stations songs open hand discover listen
+24    Radio for every occasion. Listen to your favorite radio stations or discover new ones. Soriko Radio is free, fast and it could be the radio player you have been waiting for. • Listen to radio from all around the world, with handpicked ...    8 MB    Views 7206
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-4    The Best Song is Tinder for music discovery. > The easiest way to discover good music, with fun and addictive features. With The Best Song... ...Swipe through music to discover your next favorite song ...Turn your friends best songs into your personal radio ...Get music ...    15 MB    Views 7467

Live DJ!

Related Apps party music songs djs full song live favorite playlist discover
+3    Discover music in a new way Never miss a song by finding the full music playlist LIVE while you are at a party or even after a party is over. Features DJs: One tap to begin listening and automatically tag every ...    18 MB    Views 8002

Uforia Música

Related Apps music radio artists stations create access live genres discover
+5    Available in English and Spanish | Disponible en inglés y español Listen to your favorite radio stations, create custom channels, discover new music, and now, go deeper into Latin genres and artists. Listen to live radio: Get all your music, DJs and ...    12 MB    Views 8300

Key Chords

music chords key theory discover progressions
+15    Stuck in that "same old chords, same old progressions" rut? Key Chords helps guitarists discover new chords and new chord progressions. Ever study music theory? With Key Chords, music theory 101 is built in. No complicated formulas, theories, Aeolian what? Drag & drop and ...    13 MB    Views 2562

25 Most Played

Related Apps music people played songs week combined itunes discover
+6    25 Most Played is the most social way to discover music on iTunes and Apple Music. Follow what music your friends and people of interest are listening to each week. Create groups of people with good taste in music and have ...    6 MB    Views 9960
Related Apps music search soundcloud discover player free stream
-1    SoundCloud Player Free allows you to easily search and discover new music. Stream your favorite tunes and listen to them everywhere and anytime Features: Discover & search directly on SoundCloud HIGHQuality Integrated music player Shows song title and artist Album artwork ...    5 MB    Views 7260
artists shows local concerts list set favorite discover
-1    Find good music ahead of the curve. Discover up and coming local artists with the beautifully designed Local Concerts app by ReverbNation. Thousands of gigs updated daily Inapp song previews let you choose concerts that fit your style Favorite upcoming shows to share ...    9 MB    Views 1770

blog profile iphone application discover comments send friends
-5    Skyrock is launching its iPhone application An app especially designed for managing your blog, your profile wherever you are and whenever you want. Take your blog with you and never again miss a new comment or message, a new friend, a ...    14 MB    Views 4491
Related Apps music artists friends discover follow listen playlists favorite feed recommendations
+9    Discover new music from your friends and favorite artists. Listen for free. Feed. Listen to new music from your favorite artists and music friends in your feed. Click the heart button to save tracks and share with friends. They'll always be ...    14 MB    Views 5783

Darvin Music Band

Related Apps music play musicians band musical game features discover original
+18    Darvin the Cat arrives in the village and starts to play. As soon as they hear the music, the bear, the rabbit, the elephant and the stork want to join in. Find each of these musicians to create a genuine ...    36 MB    Views 6580
Related Apps music radio discover playlist song recommendations smart auto plays
+28    Discover new music anytime RIZM is a free music player with smart recommendation capability. RIZM is perfect for you if... You play music while you are working on something. You want to discover new music, but too busy. You don't mind if ...    20 MB    Views 5166
Related Apps radio stations favorite listen day share mobile discover access
+11    Streame All radios stations. Any time. Any place. We are excited to share our passion for the Radio you. At Streame we aim to be the medium that allows you to enjoy the company of your favorite radio stations wherever you are, ...    10 MB    Views 9469


profile musicians find network start jam customize discover connect
-2    MusicianU is a network that helps bands and musically inclined individuals of all skill levels discover each other and connect. If you are looking to start a band, learn a new instrument, find someone to jam with, or promote ...    4 MB    Views 2723


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+3    Discover the magical little world of MiniTunes Filled with entertaining songs and fun games that even the youngest in the house can learn to play What are MiniTunes? They are six friends who want to explore every corner of their little ...    NAN    Views 9576


Related Apps music listen played albums discover album share friends
+4    Do you love music? Are you always on the hunt for cool new music? TRUST YOUR FRIENDS TO HELP YOU DISCOVER NEW MUSIC, NOT ROBOTS Join The Social Music Revolution Mubu lets you show your friends what you listen to and discover what they ...    874 kb    Views 8285

MTV Song Of The Day

Related Apps music day song listen discover genres mtv playlists
-1    MTV Song of The Day is your definitive music discovery destination Want to listen to amazing playlists and discover new exciting music from different genres? This app is just for you A new song for every new day – play it, ...    5 MB    Views 3776
Related Apps music artists users discover
-3    Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys these are all names that reached the top. But who’s next? You decide. Tradiio ( is a music app that works as an artist accelerator, putting users in charge of launching new artists to ...    28 MB    Views 9955
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