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+2    The Clefs app allows musicians to explore different chord progressions for a given key without having to memorize all the music theory. It transcribes a scale degree on which a chord is built and gives a visual numerical representation of ...    5 MB    Views 6046
Related Apps piano calculator chord symbols chords keys
+28    Quickly map chord symbols to piano keys with this unique piano chords calculator. FEATURES familiar calculatorstyle interface customizable keys to match chord symbols vast library of over 300 chord symbols ability to construct slash chords easy chord inversions 5octave keyboard display ...    13 MB    Views 9465

Chords Guitar Ad

+2    "Chords Guitar Ad" is a specialized application that guitar chord. Simply register button chords, you can easily play the chord. Tone, Folk Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar (distortion) can be selected from three types. It is possible to register a name in the ...    23 MB    Views 854
Related Apps guitar chords real chord master
+10    Chords Master is one of the largest chord references available on and outside the App Store. Chords are autogenerated with notes and finger position indicators as you move along the fret on real guitar images with real guitar sounds. Please share, ...    37 MB    Views 8860
flashcards key chord chords diatonic learn
+12    Memorize the diatonic chords in each musical key with these flashcards. The app lets you choose which key you are trying to learn and then will prompt you with the chord numbers in that key (e.g. II or VI). You can ...    18 MB    Views 2373
0    Now with InApp Tape Store Robert Fripp, King Crimson, September 2014 : "We no longer take mellotrons on the road. Instead we take this iPad app" Paul Nagle, Sound On Sound Magazine, February 2014 : "An easy one to sum up, M3000 is ...    197 MB    Views 93

RealChords Pro

Related Apps guitar chords chord save
-5    RealChords is a new way to see, hear and save everything to do with chords on the guitar. Join the dots. All chords are easy to find. The swipetochangekey, scrollchordshapes, and the DisplayAllNotes (DAN) features give you the big picture ...    35 MB    Views 890

ChordMate Express

-3    The right chords can transform a song. ChordMate Express will help you find the right chord voicings and discover new sounds. find the perfect chord voicing with filters to specify the top and bass note, location on the fretboard, etc. ...    20 MB    Views 4430

Chord 2

chord control codex
+1    Control your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX from you iPad. Chord HD gives you full control of your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX, including volume control and media and internet radio browsing.    23 MB    Views 1246

Chord Ear Training

+6    An ear training music drill designed to help students improve their chord recognition skills. Students must click the play button to hear the chord, then submit their answer (Major, Minor, Diminished or Augmented). A 'Show Answer' button can help them.    10 MB    Views 5156
Related Apps guitar chord easy built tool learn
+3    Great tool for a guitarist of any level. For the inexperienced players, it allows you to learn guitar with easy to understand visuals. The built in basic chord chart allows you to efficiently learn every major chord. It also has ...    3 MB    Views 3321


Related Apps chords chord play
+30    Chords is an app aimed at providing musicians with an easytouse and portable chord bank. With Chords, you can browse through a list of the most commonly used chords and you are able to play a selected chord to get an ...    9 MB    Views 2174

Chord Chart

0    Chord Chart is the new way for guitarists and keyboard players to store and maintain chords charts on a tablet or the desktop. Songs can be added using the integrated online search feature then viewed and transposed at the press of ...    3 MB    Views 7513


identification chord hearing
+13    Become a better musician Master the identification of intervals, chords, scales and rhythms solely by hearing them. Earpeggio is an ear training app which lets you improve your musical hearing. Earpeggio provides ten different exercises, including: Interval identification Chord identification Chord ...    12 MB    Views 5105

Melody Maker

chord melody maker types create progressions
-3    Melody maker is a songwriting tool. You can create and play advanced chord progressions easily on your phone. And more,you can create melody on the chord progressions. Let's try be a hit maker like Lennon & Maccartney I will do this application program humbly ...    4 MB    Views 5719

Tap Chords

chords tap play chord
+30    TapChord makes it easy to play chords You can assign any chord to a button and just tap it to play the chord. This app includes a list of basic chords from which you can select. Besides you can create chords on the ...    5 MB    Views 6745
learning musician voice chords chord exercise bass jordan 4th inversions keys rudess
+16    When Dream Theater's keyboard wizard teaches a course about rock & pop harmony, it's time to pay attention. Dive into this exclusive, examplefilled course by musician extraordinaire, Jordan Rudess This course, shot on location in Jordan Rudess' private studio, takes you ...    461 MB    Views 9791
Related Apps library guitar lite chord
0 is pleased to offer you The "Guitar Chord Library" Lite version.    5 MB    Views 4046

Pocket Chords

+11    Pocket Chords is a chord library app for iPhone that will assist you in learning guitar chord shapes and variations: Hear what each chord sounds like by strumming the strings Select labeling: finger position and note names Right and lefthanded ...    11 MB    Views 6160

Chord Pro

chord pro strings finger chords
0    Chord Pro provides a comprehensive guitar chord dictionary directly at your finger tips. You control the chord selection and the strumming of the chords, or plucking of individual strings by touching a single string or sliding your finger across the ...    5 MB    Views 2642


Related Apps audio cubase chord tracks
-4    This is a Excellent Application on Learning Cubase Get up and running with Cubase, the venerable DAW that produces cuttingedge sounds. In this training course, introduces the most essential features in Cubase Pro 8, including the templates, which allow you to ...    906 MB    Views 4992

CigarBox Guitar

guitar play chord strum easy proper
+11    ANYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR An instrument anyone can master, this easytoplay guitar app is a fun and easy way to strum just about any song with a retrovibe. Just choose a key, tap the chord buttons and strum or pluck the ...    10 MB    Views 4017
Related Apps piano keyboard iphone voice arpeggio chord key practice mode tone scale button sound
+14    ver 1.12 add new feature "Voice Result". It says result aloud in Practice mode. Touch 'voice' label to enable/disable this function. You can practice by just listening (without seeing keyboard). This is PERFECT PITCH (ABSOLUTE PITCH) PRACTICE tool (auditory training tool) by Piano. This ...    2 MB    Views 2874
Related Apps piano joe chord play hands
+2    Learn piano with YouTube's piano teacher, Joe Raciti. Learning how to play the piano with this app is easy, thanks to a broad selection of quality video tutorials arranged into convenient playlists. For quick reference, a chord dictionary built from ...    11 MB    Views 9475

Chord Calculator

+21    This application is a handy tool to help you spell chords properly, preserving thirds at all times. It's especially useful when dealing with double flats and double sharps. It also reveals the inherent patterns present in chord construction, which are ...    221 kb    Views 7670

GuitarToolkit Lite

metronome tones tuning chord 1600 ear
+8    Essential guitar utilities for your iPod Touch, including 1600+ chords, a powerful metronome, and calibrated tones for tuning by ear. FEATURES Chord library with over 260 chord maps and 1600 variations for quick and easy reference Adjustable metronome with visible flash ...    8 MB    Views 8069
mandolin chord good chords book
+13    The Good (Mandolin) Book is your all in one resource for Mandolin chords and scales. Quickly pick a chord or scale with intuitive picker. Then simply swipe left and right to view the different voicings of the chord. Then, once you've ...    2 MB    Views 4493

Complete Chord

+29    An interactive music theory drill designed to help students improve their ability to build chords on the staff. Students are given a chord type and starting note (3rd, 5th, 7th etc) and must try and build the indicated chord, then ...    12 MB    Views 5219

Guitar Tabs World

Related Apps guitar tabs tablatures bass chord rock
+28    Wanna be a Guitar Master? Rock out on guitar or bass, this is it the ultimate & best Guitar Tabs Here is the most intelligent and convenient application for using guitar chord forms, such as Guitar Tablatures or bass Tablatures and ...    3 MB    Views 4550


Related Apps pentatonic scales chord find
+9    Learn new pentatonic scales Pentatonica includes scales from Jazz, Indian and Asian music. Use the Chord Matcher to find all the different pentatonic scales you could be playing over your chord changes. There's a quick reference so you can look up ...    16 MB    Views 2296


guitar chords chord save
0    RealChords is a new way to see, hear and save everything to do with chords on the guitar. Join the dots. All chords are easy to find. The swipetochangekey, scrollchordshapes, and the DisplayAllNotes (DAN) features give you the big picture ...    35 MB    Views 1867


chords chord features
-3    The extraordinary Chordinary Tired of boring picture chord applications that don't cover everything? You won't find a better app that includes 78 variations for each chord in 12 keys, plus inversions for each This is a flabbergasting total of 936 chords Get the app ...    20 MB    Views 7379


playing musical chord
+8    AutoSynth is a musical app which allows the user to select a chord using the keyboard and buttons and swipe across the playing surface in order to hear the chord. The app is accessible for people with no or little musical ...    1 MB    Views 5545

Chord Dictionary

dictionary chord
+6    Chord Dictionary will name every conceivable chord on the guitar neck also the ones physically impossible to play, it will also display the intervals of the chord. If you need to know a name of a chord, Chord Dictionary will ...    10 MB    Views 5294

Chord Hacker

chord sound chords
+19    Find new chords in any tuning or capo placement (including partial capos). Chord Hacker takes the setup into account, tries hundreds of chord shapes/positions, and picks out every result that actually forms a chord. From there it throws out the chords ...    16 MB    Views 8738


+12    Improve your musical improvisation with Chops Chops is a practicing aid for musicians. Enter the chord changes you would like to play over, or select chord changes from the included library of standard chord progressions, and Chops will strike up the ...    16 MB    Views 1929


minor major chord flat picker chords
+19    Find chords easily using key picker, e.g. "F", and chord type picker, e.g. "minor 6". More than 1800 chords are available in all 12 keys with the following types: major,minor, 7, sus4, minor 6, 7sus4, 6, minor 7, 7 flat 5, major 7, minor (major ...    835 kb    Views 2796

What Chord

-7    What Chord is a chord detection app that automatically detects musical chords in live music. Modelbased algorithms match harmonic intervals to major, minor, diminished, augmented, dominant 7th, minor 7th, major 7th, sustained 4th, diminished 7th, minor 7th with flat 5th, ...    7 MB    Views 6997


chord suggestions add progression tunings
+17    The right chords can transform a song. ChordMate will help you create interesting guitar chord progressions and discover new sounds. find the perfect chord voicing with filters to specify the top and bass note, location on the fretboard, etc. get ...    17 MB    Views 8492

Chord HD

chord control codex
+21    Control your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX from you iPad. Chord HD gives you full control of your Chord DSX1000 or CodeX, including volume control and media and internet radio browsing.    22 MB    Views 6293

MI Voice

-3    MI Voice was launched to provide you with the most entertaining programs and the latest Arabic hits, Magazine and directory for local businesses.    14 MB    Views 3267


Related Apps chord chords fretboard
-4    Chords is a free, nofrills guitar chord reference that offers 28 chord types for each note. Chords will not play you chord sounds or impress you with a colorful fretboard, but you will be able to read chord diagrams on a ...    3 MB    Views 4203


chord sequence option
-7    ChordWriter is a quick and simple way to generate ideas, chord sequences, and songs. With a push of a button, users are presented with a 4 chord sequence, with the option of basic triads, accidentals, and 7th chords; and the ...    806 kb    Views 5010
Related Apps pitch chord note musical key
+21    Pitch to Note + Chord is a pitch detection app that detects and displays musical pitches as notes on a standard musical staff. Builtin music understanding algorithms automatically determine the correct key, adding sharps or flats as appropriate for that ...    1 MB    Views 3307

Name that chord

chord chords
+22    Name that chord is a fun way to learn and remember guitar chords. The quiz will show you a fret board with the chord displayed and a audio clip of the chord been played. Learning chords by sight and sound is ...    7 MB    Views 4807

Guitar Chord Player

Related Apps guitar chord
-9    This application easily selects, and can perform the guitar chord . In addition, when the fingerplate is pushed, the sound of the chord is emitted. Please use it by various scenes of the reference, the composition, and the ear copy, etc. for ...    23 MB    Views 3310

What's That Chord?

Related Apps keyboard chord
+4    Have you ever played a chord on a keyboard, but didn't know its name? With this app, you form a chord on a virtual keyboard, and discover all its possible names. Over 300 chord variations included.    650 kb    Views 4319

Guitar Chord Finder

guitar chord
0    Try out the new Guitar Chord Finding app. It's easy as it has never been before. Just select the bends to press and listen the chord playing. Also the app determines which Chord it is you play.    2 MB    Views 561

Chord Cafe, Guitar

guitar letter chords chord easy cafe
-8    Get chords that sound great on guitar. It's instant songwriting: just tap a letter and play the resulting chords. Get different chords by tapping the same letter, a different letter, or the sharp symbol. Over 400 unique progressions available. Minimalistic ...    60 kb    Views 6645

Voice Of Grace

voice grace
+27    Voice of Grace radio mobile application for AntiochPatriarchate.Org    687 kb    Views 3970
voice power
0    Are you noisy? Check the power of your scream Download the app and find power of your voice in decibels (dB) Decibel Scale Near total silence 0 dB A whisper 15 dB Normal conversation 60 dB A lawnmower 90 dB A car ...    5 MB    Views 4288

Tab Builder

text entry buttons chord tab
+25    Quickly and easily create your own guitar tablature. Add text and lyrics. Share tabs with AirDrop. Export as PDF or text. Programmable chord buttons for rapid entry. Multitouch enabled arpeggio buttons for easy arpeggios or for selecting a subset of ...    1 MB    Views 664
music recording email voice guitar piano instruments chord vocal tempo songs song generated share choose change
-5    Got a song idea off hand? Bring it to life within seconds. Simply sing out your original melody and MelodyMiner will generate various songs with unlimited sets of chord progression in different tempos. In each generated song, your voice will automatically ...    23 MB    Views 7318


0    Record voice of your friends and get fun    3 MB    Views 5043
Related Apps voice music guitar amateur games singing learning language instrument training ear play hear game answer instinctively chord
+8    Voice Ear Training the ear training app you play with your voice Voice Ear Training is a relative pitch ear training game that is designed to help you master how to hear, recognize and sing melodies, intervals, triads, ...    15 MB    Views 1184

Guitar Fretworks

Related Apps guitar chord
+12    This application teaches the chord of the guitar in an actual photograph. It's published 85 kinds of basic chord and a Fretboard.    2 MB    Views 4559
Related Apps voice recording metronome drum singing email facebook twitter tempo song style choose sing headphones hear change chord
+3    Even if you have no musical knowledge, just sing and this app will do the rest You decide on the style and the tempo you want. The app will write the backing track for your personal hit song. [Requirements] For the ...    42 MB    Views 6041

Write Chord

students chord root answer write
+6    A music theory drill designed to help students improve their chord writing. Students are asked to write complete chords starting from root position (i.e. B Dominant 7) and are given the root note. They must build the chord, then submit ...    12 MB    Views 4684


guitar strum chord saving creating editor
+10    The world's fastest virtual guitar Whether you are an experienced performer/songwriter or a complete beginner, Strumstrum has everything you need to play along with your favorite songs, compose new ones, or just have fun. Features: Real guitar sounds Chord library containing ...    12 MB    Views 2095

Chord Trainer MIDI

chord midi
+19    Practice piano chord playing with this app The app requires that you connect a MIDI keyboard, e.g. using the camera connection kit. This is not included in the App but you have to acquire it yourself. The app displays a sequence of ...    1 MB    Views 3890
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