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Tha Experience

+1    Tha Experience w/ JLao & Big Red the biggest iRadio show in the south.    13 MB    Views 1010


+2    Thank you for checking out OraStream OraStream uses adaptive audio bitrate streaming to allow music listening at the highest possible sound quality available on home or mobile networks. With a good connection, music lovers can stream and play 16bit (CD) and ...    3 MB    Views 3767
Related Apps audio game experience quality screen tunes high sounds
+5    Brand new independent rhythm game MUSYNC now on iPhone High quality graphics using each pixel of the retina screen to create beautiful game images No matter your screen size or finger thickness, we guarantee you an enjoyable gaming experience With professional ...    311 MB    Views 8099
summer 2012 jazz village concerts york experience
+1    Experience the best of New York jazz in the charming Valby village in Copenhagen
. Valby Summer Jazz 2012 brings the exclusive New York jazz scene to the cozy village Valby in Copenhagen. Experience international top names in 22 concerts mixed with ...    6 MB    Views 5921

Jay Gatz Experience

music artwork jay song tap visual unique experience
+9    The OFFICIAL music app for Jay Gatz. Get unlimited, adfree access to Jay Gatz' music along with a unique visual experience SONG DESCRIPTIONS Get the true meaning behind a song, and understand what Jay Gatz is trying to say through the song. VISUAL ...    36 MB    Views 9981

iMusic (free)

-3    An elegant and exquisite music player, comprehensively integrated with iPod. It can bring you not only the enjoyment of hearing,but also comprehensive information, good vision, pleasant interactive experience. It meets the full range of your needs, engage you the ultimate ...    18 MB    Views 7533


radio music internet free experience service
+15    PALMBEACH.FM is a FREE internet radio app that broadcasts live music to over 192 countries. FREE Internet Radio: Anytime, Anywhere. For most people using typical standard radio apps in search of the perfect song to fit the right moment is time consuming ...    20 MB    Views 4835
-3    ————Experience the realistic yet simple physics with this monster truck madness in this hilly journey——— ———One of the best physics driving you might have ever played———— It’s not so easy as it seems to be. The gorgeous terrain and the rough surface ...    28 MB    Views 99
download festival 2015 rock experience
-6    The official 2015 Download Festival App. Europe’s biggest rock festival returns to Donington Park in 2015 with headliners Muse, Kiss and Slipknot. The app is your guide to the festival experience. The place to go for tickets and all the Download ...    NAN    Views 8471
+22    Recast tune in to radio's playlist. Radio stations play the best music, but listening to them is a frustrating experience full of interruptions and inconvenience. Recast takes the best part of radio the music and gives you a listening ...    19 MB    Views 8569
-4    This app allows Howard Jones fans to get involved at Howard's Live Concerts and interact directly with the performance. Howard Jones’ new project ENGAGE is his most ambitious to date. Conceived as a multimedia live experience, it brings together classical, pop, ...    29 MB    Views 7810


tracks wild experience nature
+9    Rekindle sundrenched bush memories in this wild tapestry of birdsong and wide open spaces...BushTracks invites you to let your imagination run wild immerse yourself in an hour of crystalclear savanna,bushveld, woodland and waterfront interaction Audio engineer, avid naturalist, nature guide and photographer, Greg Kietzmann has ...    57 MB    Views 6318

Sonata Brasileira

music sonata brazilian brasileira composed experience form sonatas
+11    Welcome to SONATA BRASILEIRA, the first tribute to Brazilian piano Sonatas Originally created in the Old World, the SONATA form enchanted Brazilian composers, who themselves composed overwhelmingly beautiful masterpieces. As a forwardlooking delirious fantasy, here, the SONATA form portrays a plural ...    159 MB    Views 5713
music productions experience mixes
+2    Grandes Ligas Productions is an entertainment media company providing millions with the latest music trends. Experience extravagent service with a SWAG. With over 5 years of DJ experience, we take passion in creating the most unique celebration by giving our ...    24 MB    Views 8338


music unique visual experience touch electro sensitive interactive
-7    A touch sensitive interactive electro dj music app with a unique visual and musical experience. Fun for all ages. An interactive touch sensitive electro dance visual sound machine app filled with beats, sounds and stabs. Hours of entertainment and inspired creativity. ...    15 MB    Views 5019


Related Apps music designed experience famous enjoy player
+1    AIRDECK+ is a new music player and you can enjoy a new music experience. Music and animations will start when overlay an iPhone or iPad that is running this app onto the printing designed for AIRDECK+. As the first work, special printings designed ...    43 MB    Views 2676
sounds experience channel
+21    Experience sound and music influenced by the spectacular landscape of Rhossili and Brean Down, located either side of the Bristol Channel. The app can be used either as a locationaware experience using GPS to trigger sounds as you move ...    43 MB    Views 4822

WLOM On Demand

artists christian experience combination
+26    At 92.7FM The Voice WLOM we want you to have the best possible listening experience featuring a combination of the hottest new artists and the most established artists in Contemporary Christian Music. We also want you to experience the style of ...    24 MB    Views 2908


+3    Volotic is an experimental nonlinear sequencer. What does that mean? It means a fun way to create songs for everyone, with no musical experience required. To compose a song, populate the grid from a library of towers to create, modify ...    33 MB    Views 8190


accordion application experience user
-1    The Goterplay App is the World's first application for diatonic accordion, which allows you to play both with right and left hand (melody and bass side). The Goterplay App is the first application offering a truetolife simulation of the classical threerow ...    14 MB    Views 9523

iDrummer Inside

rock fun experience play grooves pop
+26    Fun for Kids & Adults and anyone who wants to awaken and experience their inner drummer:) This playful interactive app gives the oppotunity to play along with your iTunes music as well as preset grooves that you can mix and ...    NAN    Views 6144
challenge surface physics perform monster experience madness truck
+5    ————Experience the realistic yet simple physics with this monster truck madness in this hilly journey——— ———One of the best physics driving you might have ever played———— It’s not so easy as it seems to be. The gorgeous terrain and the rough surface ...    22 MB    Views 9916


game experience
0    MrMixit is a spinbased matching game where you must frantically mix record labels against the clock. Freak and tweak the turntables to assemble symbols but beware, thousands of challenging crosscut puzzle combinations can throw you for a serious loop. So ...    31 MB    Views 1939
music artist time montana experience performance
+22    Enjoy an immersive musical experience spanning genres from jazz to country. 11th & Grant with Eric Funk is the premiere outlet for music performance in Montana, seeking out the state's most acclaimed, accomplished, and pioneering talent. The six time Emmy ...    10 MB    Views 7038

Edge of Nostalgia

+19    Edge of Nostalgia is an interactive audio experience album by composer and electronic musician Mikronesia. The App welcomes the listener to experience the sound world around them as a magical reality. While the seven track album of original music plays, ...    61 MB    Views 9381
Related Apps music time navigate festival easy band experience
-5    Norman Music Festival is a free three day music and arts festival in Norman, Oklahoma that takes place from April 2325, 2015. Now there's a tool to enhance your festival experience: the Norman Music Festival App Just like the festival, the ...    11 MB    Views 2676

Drums X Pro

Related Apps drums sounds position elements experience real pro
0    If you're looking for a cool Drums for your iOS device, you're in the right place Drums X PRO offers 4 different drumkits at your fingertips and a great experience made by real sounds CUSTOMIZABLE ELEMENTS POSITION You can move your ...    14 MB    Views 2459

A Rave Conductor

-2    A DISCO IN YOUR POCKET This sweet little app will have you dancing and bouncing for hours Plug in your headphones and for a full on rave experience press the RAVE ON button : You will remix the included loops with the ...    2 MB    Views 3904


music player features built selection compatible listening experience
+17    Improve your music listening experience with QueueTunes Fully iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatible. QueueTunes is a different kind of music player. It encompasses well known features with some new mechanisms to make playback and music selection simple and straight forward. It ...    6 MB    Views 7353

Drums X HD Pro

Related Apps drums sounds position elements experience real pro
+5    If you're looking for a cool Drums for your iOS device, you're in the right place Drums X HD PRO offers 4 different drumkits at your fingertips and a great experience made by real sounds CUSTOMIZABLE ELEMENTS POSITION You can move ...    14 MB    Views 910


audio experience event information visual
+28    PM Audio Visual and DD Entertainment have partnered to bring you the Ultimate Sound and Lighting experience to your event. Located in NEPA with over 25 years combined experience we can turn your audio visual dreams a reality This App contains ...    3 MB    Views 4195

Hanuman Abhishekam

hanuman divine animated experience
+10    Amazing Hanuman divine app is a gift for all God hanuman's devotee. This app which gives very nice graphics,sound experience and animated Hanuman Chalisa first time ever in any divine app. This app will give real feel and experience of ...    65 MB    Views 5374

Piano Experience

piano play compositions editor favourite experience
+18    Piano Experience turns your iPad into a one of its own musical instrument. It's the only app available that displays the entire keyboard at once, allowing you to play anything with no scrolling A built in tutor shows you which keys ...    24 MB    Views 7237


Related Apps music videos experience favorite
+30    Music Videos Are Cool Again. A beautiful new music video experience on your iPhone. We made the experience simple and fun. Playing music videos has never been easier. Interact with our community. You can like, comment, and share with your friends. Easily ...    3 MB    Views 2647

Bon Jovi - Official

jovi bon official experience band
+10    Unlock a whole new world of Bon Jovi The official Bon Jovi app is the best place to see exclusive live performances, hear new song clips, watch interviews with the band and view album artwork FIRST. Enabled with the astounding ...    17 MB    Views 7837

Soukompa Station

caribbean experience station
+2 is a portal for the world to connect to one another to share the Caribbean musical experience. is one of the site that promotes Caribbean music, specially Zouk and Kompa. Experience Soukompa Station LIVE on your mobile phone.    27 MB    Views 8619


audio memories mobile anytime museum user experience
+3    Fragmentz is an interactive audiosensory experience where a user will hear the memories of Charlotte and Harrison, two lovers torn apart by World War II. Users will go on an audioguided journey exploring a space and collecting fragments of their memories ...    44 MB    Views 4561


-3    AlexHits is an online radio and music service application, our goal is to make your listening and hunting for good music much easier, you can listen to a different kind of music from the middle east and all around the ...    30 MB    Views 4834

music video artists experience jazz live smooth philadelphia
-9    This application will give you access to the best jazz, hosted by Michael Tozzi,Program Director and air personality for Smooth Jazz WJJZ, Philadelphia for more than 13 years. The idea behind is to help satisfy the thirst in Philadelphia and ...    1 MB    Views 3062


music experience amazing world
-7    Let Music enter your world in the most amazing way . Listen to songs using GramoTunes its an experience worth enjoying Feel the chords It has : A Spectacular UI Amazing Quality Awesome features its Just all you need in your world of music . This connects ...    17 MB    Views 2782

Urban Grooves Lite

urban time grooves groove wanted experience swipe
-6    Urban music sketcher. Ever wanted to drop the beat to that lyric that is ringing in your head? Ever wanted to have a groove sketcher in your hand when the inspiration comes? It´s the time to let it be, let out the MC... Swipe ...    53 MB    Views 7513
music speaker playground experience
-3    Playground is a new way to experience the music of curated artists from around the globe. Swipe and tap on the unique template objects and discover your path to musical expression. Fun and easy to use for beginners, become a real performer ...    NAN    Views 3435
Related Apps music experience symphonic christian electronica
+4    Immerse yourself in the stunning artistry of Christian Larsen Music. Cutting edge symphonicelectronica meets the revolutionary iPad, in an amazing multimedia experience. Engage in splitscreen scrolling and interactive views to explore CD quality music, video, discographies, and more. This is not just ...    2 MB    Views 7108

The Empty Air

square put park air experience
-1    The Empty Air is an interactive soundwalk of Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square Park, created by The Mural and the Mint. Go to Rittenhouse Square, launch the app, put on your headphones, put your phone away and go for a stroll. Each ...    26 MB    Views 3761


Related Apps music edm experience
-7    Shindy offers the greatest EDM experience on your mobile device. To people who love EDM, being a part of the music culture is just that: an experience. Our platform gives users a targeted array of content that is tailored specifically ...    15 MB    Views 8068
Related Apps music visualizer experience
0    Sync up your eyes and ears with this audio visualizer Audiomatic will titillate your senses and enhance your musical experience. At a club, dance party, or concert? Bust out your Audiomatic and get things bumping through the night. Features: Visualize live music or ...    6 MB    Views 2248

BPM Evolution

Related Apps music evolution bpm experience
-5    BPM Evolution is on the forefront of electronic music. While representing artists and fans from numerous countries BPM Evolution is able to provide a unique multisensory music experience. Listeners not only get to appreciate their favourite producers art but also ...    28 MB    Views 8434

Silent UK

radio silent experience station
-4    UK's 1 Urban Internet Radio Station playing the best in HipHop & RnB. With Silent UK?s new app you get the radio station you already enjoy, and so much more. You get a rich beautiful listening experience, complete with matching visuals ...    311 kb    Views 9370

Music Orb

music concert experience live innovative features interface reverberation easy
+7    Enjoy your music in iPod application in a totally different way With 3D sound capability ,reverberation and equaliser effect you can create any music experience in any simulated environment such as a live concert Easy and innovative interface is provided for best ...    2 MB    Views 4852


tour twitter time news fans fan connected experience complete
-9    U2 fans have enjoyed the complete experience when it comes to U2TOURFANS social community. This brand new app allows fans to view the tour schedule which is updated real time. Communicate with other fans about the tour, shows or even ...    60 MB    Views 2801

Piano Lessons Lite

piano students learning game note correct answer names staff experience
+9    Learn your note names Piano Notes is an electronic flashcards game with the objective of learning the names of notes on the musical staff. It is perfect for beginner students of any instrument who are learning to read music. The ...    321 kb    Views 7188


audio experience listening sound pre
+8    Experience precision sound and personalize it to your listening preference. The ROAM EQ mobile app connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to your ROAM ROPEs leveraging its proprietary EQ Engine (amplification, digital signal processing, and equalization) with the performance and versatility of balanced ...    4 MB    Views 8450
experience soundtrack
+26    Experience what critics describe as "one of the best films of the year, period" in the official Sicario soundtrack app Listen to an early release of 4 tracks from the film at a pace controlled by you, go behindthescenes with the ...    223 MB    Views 6810

Drums X HD Lite

Related Apps drums sounds position elements experience kit lite real
-9    If you're looking for a cool Drums for your iOS device, you're in the right place Drums X Lite offers a full Classic drumkit at your fingertips and a great experience of real sounds CUSTOMIZABLE ELEMENTS POSITION You can move your ...    8 MB    Views 2450

Beast HD UI

beast experience server
+4    Maximize your experience with the ReQuest Audio Switzerland "Beast" audiophile music server. This app will help you locate the Beast server and provide the identical user experience as the builtin 7" touchscreen.    2 MB    Views 7868
ringtones iphone years experience
-9    Our team boasts ten years' experience in music creation and two years' experience in App development. So, We will not just go for the quantity of ringtones, which would compromise service delivery. we will not offer low quality ringtones , which would make ...    239 MB    Views 9821

Archnemesis Music

Related Apps music experience
+6    Stay connected with Archnemesis and get exclusive news, music, pictures and tour updates directly to your phone. Formed in 2009 with a sound based primarily in, but not limited to, “electro hiphop soul”, Archnemesis has compiled an extensive catalogue of ...    24 MB    Views 3121


midi experience switches pad sliders
+2    Tweak is an iOS MIDI Controller designed for a plug and play experience...simply connect to a MIDI network and you are ready to go Tweak comes with 4 presets (Sliders, Switches, XY Pad, and Ricochet) Use Sliders, Switches, and the XY ...    948 kb    Views 6116
slot game slots experience fun vegas machine machines free
0    Free Slots Game Actionpacked slot machine fun Win big in this brand new and exciting slot game This game brings the excitement of Las Vegas to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by transforming your device into a slot ...    74 MB    Views 5597

SpaceOperator HD

ambient musical experience visual touch
+27    An ambient music and visual generative interactive loop based experience. Anyone can simply tap and create unique patterns and dreamlike sequences. Great for headphones and external speakers. A touch sensitive musical and visual discovery experience filled with ambient blooms, tones, ...    10 MB    Views 5505
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