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+12    ==================================== ==================================== 1,000,000 DOWNLOADS ==================================== ==================================== The No.1 downloaded Photo & Video App in Israel The No.1 downloaded Photo & Video App in Saudi Arabia Millions of FREE and LEGAL music created by our Music Robot Free MP3 for YouTube provides you with the perfect background music for ...    5 MB    Views 5218
+19    100% FREE NO SONG LIMIT Musify allows you to search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube for free Search for artists, tracks, albums Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists Features: Seamless listening to millions of free songs ...    7 MB    Views 87
music videos iphone search facebook audio video youtube play monkey musik songs playlist
+28    Top Music App in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. 9/10 "this is a terrific app for all music lovers"  BDM’S ITech Special Series  ============================ Use to search and stream music off YouTube? Do it better with Musik Monkey Musik Monkey is ...    11 MB    Views 1499
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+10    SMS A Song allows you to send a song or a movie to a friend via SMS/Text message. With SMS A Song app you can: Search YouTube for the song or movie you would like to send. Preview the song from ...    464 kb    Views 1781

Music Mexico

music radio twitter wikipedia facebook audio iphone ipad mexico xico streaming youtube ios
+2    Music Mexico makes it easy to listen to your favorite music while on the go or overseas Buy Music Mexico and get your favorite Mexican Radio stations direct to your IPHONE, IPOD Touch, or IPAD. Music Mexico app includes the following features: ...    1 MB    Views 3145


karaoke search facebook free youtube share sites fans
+3    KaraokeSinger is the app for all Karaoke Fans out there Search for free karaoke videos in sites like youtube, use them to record your own karaoke video and share it via youtube and facebook all within a few taps Search ...    3 MB    Views 404
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-4    TURN YOUTUBE INTO YOUR PERSONAL MUSIC LIBRARY Listen to millions of free songs Background playback control & track info use PlayTube with headphones and speakers Quick Youtube search find any song Browse dynamic top 100 list get ...    8 MB    Views 5741

BeatPad | Lite

email music facebook audio creative apps ipad beatpad kits download record friends song beats youtube
0    We believe everyone is creative. Our apps BeatPad and Pocket Studio are built to be easytouse yet very powerful tools for creative people. Download BeatPad to make music and Pocket Studio to record 90+ tracks of vocals and guitar tracks ...    86 MB    Views 3193
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+30    The official iPhone app for River's Edge Music Festival at Harriet Island in Saint Paul, Minnesota on June 23 & 24, 2012. Your allinone app to guide through your music filled weekend. Features include: Festival Schedule and Lineup: View when and where ...    10 MB    Views 1948
+22    DESI MUSIC PLATINUM COMPLETELY ADFREE Precious bandwidth dedicated to playing songs, not downloading ads. Your songs will play faster with lesser data usage by the app DESI MUSIC PLATINUM is now on sale Download now Love the free ...    20 MB    Views 4908

Radio Sputnik FM

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-6    This is the official Radio App for Sputnik FM (Ufa, Russia) • Official site: • Facebook:СпутникФМ/292771164090544 • Twitter: • Vkontakte: • YouTube: > If you intend to use the app over a cellular network you may incur significant data charges. An ...    7 MB    Views 5089
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+29    Music Video Player for YouTube is fun and easy to use. You can listen to music and watch videos on your iPhone plus get access to Twitter and Facebook from in the app. You can also listen to music with ...    1 MB    Views 884
music search apps artist free song play youtube pop playback songs
+5    【All you can listen completely free music.】 ●While listening to music can be opened other apps. ●Smoothly find a song , continuously Auto Play with repeat. ●Since the iTunes ranking song on YouTube videos full and can play, you can hear the popularity ...    8 MB    Views 5892

Tempo Primer LE

Related Apps time playing facebook metronome tempo primer timing beat signatures watch youtube volume
0    Tempo Primer LE – the most accurate timing trainer designed to help master any musical instrument. With Tempo Primer you can: Hear whether you play in time or not Record your playing, slow the tempo and watch on the screen how ...    2 MB    Views 2891
videos music search artists artist playing facebook songs player list youtube playback
+4    A gesture controlled, fully customizable music player with the most complete set of features. PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS WITH PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE OR TO THE SUPPORT EMAIL. THANKS Supporting iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Coming in the ...    21 MB    Views 9032
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+6    KPOP Music is KPOP Music Player for Youtube KPOP Music is free streaming music player Try KPOP Music, the easiest to use music app Simple KPOP Music is very simple, and has strong functions. You don't need to log in Youtube, you can ...    12 MB    Views 7540
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+28    ดูวิดีโอเพลงฮิต 40 อันดับแรกบน YouTube ชาร์ตเพลงฮิต 40 อันดับแรก, วิดีโอเพลง, ซื้อเพลง และอื่นๆ นำเสนอ: Avicii, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Pitbull และอื่นๆ อีกมากมาย... ติดตามเพลงฮิต 40 อันดับแรก, ดูวิดีโอเพลง YouTube, ซื้อเพลงจาก iTunes และโพสต์ลงใน Twitter และ Facebook เลือกชาร์ตซิงเกิลหรืออัลบั้ม กรองตามประเภทเพลง: อัลเทอร์เนทีฟ, ป็อป, ร็อก, คันทรี, ฮิปฮอป, แดนซ์... ...    35 MB    Views 1677

Mejdoo Radio

radio twitter facebook https stations google youtube application live
+5    Mejdoo Radio is a legal application for listening to radio stations on live in your smartphone or tablet. We are working hard to sign agreements with radio broadcasters from all over the world to get a non exclusive license to use ...    26 MB    Views 6144
+2    Free Limited Time Launch Sale (0.99 > Free) Get it before the price raise up Enjoy your YouTube music with HDVideo Designed for iOS 7. Search Various online searching options Search by playlists Search by channels Music Video player HD videos supported. Repeat and shuffle Background playback (iPhone 3GS, ...    9 MB    Views 8902

bComposer Scales

music facebook basic www scales youtube concepts theory https application
+7 Play and learn to compose music bComposer Scales is a unique free and funny application that contains the basic rules of melody and harmony composition Just in one application. You are going tol understand and master the fundamentals of music theory ...    9 MB    Views 3779
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+3    ============= K2Tube ============= Enjoy the sleek and simple way to search and play your favourite videos from YouTube ================================ K2Tube, the fast and easy application to view YouTube videos, also puts anything you need to search and browse new clips directly at your ...    4 MB    Views 6756
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-6    The biggest collection of free music for your iPhone Search, play YouTube songs & stream music clips. Only top quality sound, no account needed. Turn YouTube into the best music service with Free iMusic Play Any songs, albums, clips free, without limits ...    NAN    Views 5583
karaoke voice love videos facebook free songs youtube sing favourite maroon
+4    Yokara is all what you need. It's one of the best free karaoke applications using videos from Youtube. Now we have more than 2 million users around the world. Not only do you sing karaoke and record, but also you make ...    16 MB    Views 7596
music time video ipad facebook watch http visualizer www effects youtube microphone images
0    The incredible visual experience comes to the iPad. Wow This is a spectacular visualizer The images and movement this generates are incredibly trippy and draw you in like nothing else I've seen to date. Makes me even more overjoyed to ...    9 MB    Views 339

Music S

+2    Music S is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments. Every time you open Music S, you'll see new photos and youtube videos from your closest friends, plus breathtaking moments shared by creative people across the globe. See the ...    14 MB    Views 3732
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+7    Free Version SUPER ORIGINAL & SUPER EASY Music Style Show You. Guitar sounds. You use only 7 actions. Shake, Tap, Rotation with two fingers, and Swipe each 4 orientations in EVERYWHERE. iPhone/iPad & Retina/HD support. Become a fan of RAGE BOX on ...    4 MB    Views 7562
music videos songs free youtube play function 200 itunes
+17    Listen to the iTunes Top 200 songs in the 100 countries worldwide. Streamy is the most powerful YouTube client for iPhone and iPad. Features: Top 200 music charts by genres Listen to millions of free songs from YouTube Beautiful UI Continuous music ...    9 MB    Views 7465


+7    Free Playlist Manager for your favorite streaming sites Youtube Vimeo Dailymotion Yes, we did it Generate your unique playlists across different streaming pages. Currently you can search through Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. More will come for sure Plays music on ...    34 MB    Views 4844
chinese people china songs song youtube version application japanese listen screen free
+7    Do you like Chinese songs from Hong Kong, Taiwan, or mainland? Have you confused in searching these songs in YouTube? This application help you to listen the golden songs coming from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong on your iPhone/iPod Touch through ...    11 MB    Views 5766

Live Music Play

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+6    Free Today Only download now. Listen to all your favorite New Bollywood and Indian music, free, with in this app. Music is a simple, beautiful, and 100% free way to listen to over one million Indian and Bollywood songs with the great ...    8 MB    Views 1330
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-9    100% FREE NO SONG LIMIT YoMusic allows you to search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube for free Search for artists, tracks, albums Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists Features: Seamless listening to millions of free songs ...    7 MB    Views 7709
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-5    Play videos in YouTube playlists continuously and easily Play YouTube videos / music in the background with stop timer Search playlists to get popular shows, series, or music albums Keep your favorite playlists created by others Set password to ...    9 MB    Views 9804
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+2    Download the FREE official David Choi app available worldwide Watch exclusive performances, get MP3's, Meet & Greet passes, learn how to play your favorite David Choi songs, and much much more Note Navigate by swiping the white ball in the ...    38 MB    Views 8952
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+14    Streamly is a great way to listen to free music on youtube while using other apps. Its simple, elegant & clean user interface gives you an amazing experience. Play music while the app is in background Automatically plays the next ...    9 MB    Views 9494
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+8    JPopMusic is free streaming music player Try JPopMusic, the easiest to use music app Simple JPopMusic is very simple, and has strong functions. You don't need to log in Youtube, you can make playlists in this app. Completely free And there is no ...    NAN    Views 6814

Conga Replay

facebook youtube watch http www conga find replay
+12    Follow the steps of a Congalero by repeating sequences using four latin drums. Just make sure you wait until your turn comes up when you hear the chime. If you're confident in your skills, or just want to play around, you ...    3 MB    Views 1214
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+21    The biggest collection of free music for your iPhone Search, play YouTube songs & stream music clips. Only top quality sound, no account needed. Turn YouTube into the best music service with Free iMusic Play Any songs, albums, clips free, without limits ...    NAN    Views 6027
+2    Search and listen to your favorite music free. Over 20 million songs and albums. No limits Add songs and radios to Favorites. Find and play any music, any genres and watch music videos free & legally Main features: Search any music by title, artist,genre ...    NAN    Views 9002
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+5    The biggest collection of free music for your iPhone Search, play YouTube songs & stream music clips. Only top quality sound, no account needed. Turn YouTube into the best music service with Free iMusic Play Any songs, albums, clips free, without limits ...    NAN    Views 7810
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+2    PlayTube Free Video & Music Player for Youtube playlists let you use YouTube as music & media player completely free (full application): choose music and videos playlist page. choose your favourite video genre: Music choose from various channels. ...    3 MB    Views 5200

my9 superfan

music artists facebook twitter websites wikipedia search flickr youtube experience
+4    Keep up to date with your favorite singers & bands in one awesome App. my9 superfan (my9sf) is the social music powerhouse, combining live feeds from twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, flickr, wikipedia &, plus the artists' own website  together on ...    65 MB    Views 4291
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+26    PocketTube is YouTube player specialized for enjoying music + Easy to use + Automatically organizes YouTube music videos by artist and album. Supports background play, continuous play, and shuffle The free version allows you to store up to 20 tracks in the library. Even ...    NAN    Views 6179
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-1    ABOUT SING & SEND STORYCHIMES Sing & Send is the best way for the kids (and parents alike) to sing along with their favorite songs, record them and then send them. All at the touch of a button. The easytouse design will ...    13 MB    Views 9715

my9 superfan DE

twitter facebook wikipedia flickr von musik das nstler youtube
+14    Bleib am Laufenden mit deinen LieblingsSängern und Bands mit dieser tollen App. my9 superfan (my9sf) ist das soziale MusikKraftpaket, das Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & vieles mehr zusammenführt. LiveFeeds von Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Wikipedia & Patchwork werden kombiniert, gemeinsam mit den ...    20 MB    Views 2559
clips parties playlist www youtube free
+6    Promo video: Create instant parties everywhere. Play clips from Vimeo,Youtube and Soundcloud. Invite your friends. Compose playlists together. Vote clips in and out. Join parties near you. Share links to your favorite clips. Export playlist to spotify. Stream from other ...    41 MB    Views 1313

Yusuf Tomakin

facebook music youtube yusuf production
-7    menajerlik: 0049 177 751 36 51 tonstudio / music production / wedding dates studio tomakinler by yusuf tomakin facebook / youtube / instagram album / single / promotion music production / tonmaister    NAN    Views 8663

Music Videos.

Related Apps videos music video youtube top watch free
+6    MUSIC VIDEOS IS THE BEST FREE APPLICATION TO WATCH TOP MUSIC VIDEOS Watch TOP music videos for FREE Music Videos is very simple and fun to use. You can brose music videos by genders and by TOP music artists Note that videos playing ...    15 MB    Views 9851

De Fischer Rockt es

facebook und youtube der dem jetzt
+23    Jetzt gibt es De Fischer rockt es als offizielle App für's Smartphone, somit Rockt Fischer auch Unterwegs Thorsten Fischer Alias "De Fischer Rockt es" Stellt in der APP allerlei aus dem Bereich Technik, Webradio , Webdesign und seinem privaten Leben vor, unter ...    NAN    Views 6483
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0    With Free Music Machine, you can stream unlimited free music from YouTube. Enjoy free music videos in a fully featured powerful music player. The application comes as a powerful music player, which could be used to stream audio content from YouTube ...    17 MB    Views 5829 Music Player

Related Apps music spotify artists love facebook twitter urban search bop service song play https youtube playlist remixes
+19 is a free music app that creates a home for every song on the internet. The app sources music from any streaming music service you can play your high quality tracks from Spotify and new remixes and leaks ...    16 MB    Views 1723

Magic Stave Free

magic music instrument playing singing piano search keyboard reading stave notes note free displays youtube
-5    Magic Stave Free listens to you singing or playing an instrument and displays the notes being played on a musical stave and shows the note position on a keyboard. Checkout this YouTube demo or search for 'magic stave'. Magic Stave Free ...    2 MB    Views 9718
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-3    More Better music player for YouTube ・Search the videos of YouTube, to register favorites and Playlists ・Play YouTube playlists nonstop ・Playlist videos can be played in any order you free ・You Can Play Music Continuously ・You Can Play music in the background ・You Can Repeat the ...    4 MB    Views 7899

Love This Song!

Related Apps love video facebook song listening youtube share
+23    Love This Song is a fast way to share with your Facebook friends a YouTube video of the song you're listening. How does it work? Open "Love This Song" while you're listening a song You'll see a list of YouTube's videos containing the ...    4 MB    Views 8972
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+1    ============== Feature list: 【Continuous play】 Your personal music video channel, play YouTube playlists nonstop 【Millions of music videos】 YouTube integration,easy to favorite the music videos worldwide. 【Hot music video list】 YouTube hot music video list, you can find the good music videos more easy. 【Playlists ...    8 MB    Views 9591
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+9    Free Youtube music and video player. The easiest way to get the most popular video and music Background play Continue to listen to your favorite music / video / show while playing other apps    806 kb    Views 6639
Related Apps music youtube player tube enjoy free
+14    Tube Music is a free youtube music player for youtube music channel.You can enjoy the youtube music anytime without registration TubeMusic features: Fast and Convenient youtube music player Easy search HD videos supported: Enjoy a better video definition We use youtube api ...    5 MB    Views 3195
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+14    Free Today Stream YouTube & Soundcloud content together in unlimited playlists created by you No ads, no In App Purchases, no worries    6 MB    Views 3063
music search iphone videos songs youtube playback free copyrights tracks
+20    Insanely easy way to get favourite songs free. Fast music search and unlimited playback. Over 20 million songs for any taste. Find, play, discover best music on your iPhone. All is free & legal Main features: Quick music search by song title, artist, genre. ...    60 MB    Views 4576
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0    Easily add videos to a playlist, and have them playing in the background Manage YouTube videos in the form of playlists Music Movie player is an exceptionally useful player app This handy app allows you to search for clips of your favorite artists, ...    7 MB    Views 3059


Related Apps music facebook twitter blues alley https acts www youtube
-7    24/7 Blues from the classics to breakout new acts Early Blues Music, Delta Blues, Memphis Blues, Chicago Blues, Piedmont Blues, you name it...we play it Plus, we love discovering new acts Facebook: Twitter: TheBluesAlley YouTube: Email us at: Please send all mail ...    6 MB    Views 6199
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