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+4    MOROW is THE progressive rock webradio. It's The Best Progressive Rock of Yesterday and Today MOROW in your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Listen to MOROW, the Prog Radio, when you want, where you want MOROW in your iPhone, it's : The ...    4 MB    Views 7634

La Bamba Radio

radio iphone ipod
+7    Listen to the best Spanish Radio Station on you iPhone,iPad and iPod devices. La Bamba Radio Escucha la mejor estación de radio en español en el que los dispositivos iPhone, el iPhone y el iPod. La Bamba Radio    925 kb    Views 5956

MixDeck Scratch DJ

+14    There is a new version 2.0: itms:// MixDeck Scratch DJ is the first iphone application that simulates a real turntable Just scratch the music on your ipod or iphone like a real DJ You play it back faster, slower or even backwards ...    7 MB    Views 5373


0    ShamZ hub of music, rhymes, vibes and videos all in one spot This is the first version and already includes a lot of features Updates as I go grow shall grow. App Features: Easy streaming with downloading option for mixtapes and music ...    66 MB    Views 1037


ipad iphone episodes access play touch latest call features episode ipod
-2    This is the most convenient way to access Shite'n'Onions CelticPunk on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You're always connected to the latest episode. Instant access, just touch and play This App contains the following features: Streaming access to play episode ...    8 MB    Views 9270

Music Control

Related Apps music iphone playing control ipod
+15    Music Control lets you control music play back with either big buttons that cover the entire screen or swipe controls in either horizontal or vertical orientation with the album art work in the background. You can also access your music ...    4 MB    Views 62
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+27    Enjoy the best Mexican music for free on your iPhone iPod with this special version of Batanga Radio. Bachata Radio gives you direct access to the best Mexican Music in a fast and easy way Listen to all of today’s hits, ...    6 MB    Views 9023

Scratch LP

Related Apps iphone scratch ipod tunes
-5    Scratch out some funky scratches with Scratch LP. Scratch LP is a simple, fun, and addictive iPhone/iPod Touch turntable and record Scratcher. With Scratch LP you can scratch over your favorite tunes from your iPhone/iPod music library or over some of the funk and beat tunes ...    9 MB    Views 9520
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+2    This app is the exclusive source of Michael Buble, which includes the latest news, photos, podcasts and heaps more This app supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad This app is being updated a couple times every day with new features being constantly ...    27 MB    Views 437


+5    iBlues for the iPhone/iPod touch. Play the iPhone/iPod like a real harmonica. With iBlues you are sure to have loads of fun with this app. The most common types of harmonicas are chromatic and the diatonic harmonica. The diatonic harmonica has 10 ...    22 MB    Views 8122

Feats At Five

Related Apps iphone ipad episode access episodes touch play features ipod call
0    This is the most convenient way to access Feats At Five on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You're always connected to the latest episode. Instant access, just touch and play This app contains the following features: Streaming access to play ...    7 MB    Views 3115


iphone radio time alarm touch ipod slick set
+7    Use this app to easily set the alarm and time of supported Slick alarm clocks for iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or later. Simply open the app, select the desired alarm settings and dock your iPhone or iPod touch, ...    2 MB    Views 1548

Rádio Novo Som

iphone dio som novo qualquer ipod agora
+13    Agora o contéudo da Rádio Novo Som está disponível em qualquer lugar a qualquer momento através do seu iPhone ou iPod Touch. Baixe o aplicativo agora e aproveite. É a Rádio Novo Som que levando aos ouvintes a melhor programação também ...    5 MB    Views 2841
Related Apps iphone ipod fun xylophone touch
-8    Simple, easy and straightforward: Xylophone by AppsGaGa lets you play your favorite melodies for fun on your iDevice at any time It's really FUN Try it now ■■■■■ FEATURES■■■■■ High quality sound beautiful graphic iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5 Generation) ...    8 MB    Views 78
Related Apps music radio iphone pop batanga ipod free application enjoy
+12    Enjoy the best Pop music for free on your iPhone iPod with this special version of Batanga Radio. a. Batanga Pop Radio gives you direct access to the best Pop music in a fast and easy way b. Listen to all ...    2 MB    Views 3112

NZ Radio Stations

Related Apps radio iphone stations station background features touch version ipod list
+7    BUY NZ RADIO NOW And you will be listening to many stations from New Zealand in your iPhone or iPod Touch. New stations added all the time by users request. iOS4 Support for background playing (iPhone 4, 3GS ...    2 MB    Views 3825

Diddy DJ Lite

iphone library tracks lite position load cue ipod allowing
+10    DIddyDJ Lite replicates the key functionality of a CD DJ deck, allowing you to load up tracks, cue position, and alter the tempo, allowing you to beat mix tracks together like you would with CD's in a live dj set. A ...    5 MB    Views 7525

Bizim FM

iphone bizim ile touch listen ipod
+8    Bizim FM application lets you listen to Bizim FM on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Bizim FM broadcasts Turkish popular music from London. Besides listening Bizim FM radio station, you can also do the followings with the Bizim FM app: Browse ...    19 MB    Views 2297


-5    TyroTuner is a microphonebased utility that tunes the standard sixstring guitar. Select what string you want to tune, and then play the guitar string...the needle will tell you whether you need to tune up or down. The green zone represent +/ ...    1 MB    Views 5762
christmas ringtones iphone press hold enjoy features icon
-1    Christmas is around the corner The most popular Christmas Ringtones and Soundboard for your iphone is here. Customize your iphone with Christmas spirit ringtones. To use favorite clips as ringtones,Press Favourite Button. Press and hold on icon for features Features : Includes 48 Christmas ringtones Press and ...    11 MB    Views 6917

A Simple Piano

Related Apps piano iphone simple ipod
-4    Let's become the next Beethoven or Mozart A simple piano for the iPhone and iPod. Invented 300 years ago, the modern piano is one of the foremost instruments for creating music. A Simple Piano is a portable, compact piano you can carry ...    4 MB    Views 3780
Related Apps video music iphone touch ipod
-3    Now supports iPhone and iPod touch You are the music video director, telling a fully 3D character when to dance, what to wear, changing cameras and scenes and even launching special FX. This is the first release featuring "It's Raining, It's Samba" ...    59 MB    Views 7384
Related Apps ipad iphone ipod
-6    Mongolian Radio "Elgen Nutag" (Hearth Land) 96.9 on your iPhone/iPod/iPad live streaming from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Улаанбаатар Хотоос Шууд Дамжуулж Байгаа Элгэн Нутаг ФМ 96.9 Радио Суваг шууд таны iPhone / iPod / iPad дээр тоглоно. App brought to you by: & ...    13 MB    Views 534


Related Apps music iphone sound play touch select ipod sounds
0    Graviano is new type Music instrument application that you play music using gravity. Tile iPhone or iPod Touch to select sound (selected sound becomes red), And Tap "♪" or "" to make sound. Flip iPhone(or iPod Touch ) over to select a octachord ...    3 MB    Views 5618

Air Drummer

+26    A new way to play drums on the iPhone. Flick your iPhone like a drumstick and the accelerometer detects your hits. Hold pads and flick to play drums. Kick drum plays without pad. It will take practice to be able to ...    2 MB    Views 9412


Related Apps drum iphone kit bongos cowbell touch sounds high ipod
-1    Go Ahead. Bang on the drum all day Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a drum kit, bongos, congas and more. Designed for those of you who "need more cowbell" or just would rather tap on your iPhone/iPod touch instead ...    14 MB    Views 7349

Bizim FM

iphone bizim listen application ipod touch ile
+13    Bizim FM uygulamasi ile Bizim FM iPhone ve iPod Touch larinizda Bizim FM Türkçe popüler müziği Londradan sizlere ulaştırıyor. Bizim FM radyo uygulaması ile Bizim FM i dinlemenin yanında Bizim FM'in web sayfasını ziyaret edebilir, programlar listesine göz atabilir, iletişim bilgilerine ...    1 MB    Views 2707

CasterPlay iREC

+4    Portable audio recorder for CasterPlay RadioAutomation system. Records in AAC or PCM format, upload audio directly to studio. iPod need external microphone connected iPhone 3G will not record in AAC (AAC works on iPod 2nd: gen or newer, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 ...    7 MB    Views 8922
Related Apps library music media artist artists video iphone ipad playing songs song features ipod
0    SoundCatcher makes impossible This app provides you with the smart technology of instant m u s i c r e c o g n i t i o n. Just tap on S button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ...    31 MB    Views 8307


iphone touch ipod effects listening
+1    iViz visualizes your iPod music on your iPhone/iPod touch. Enjoy 4 different 3D visual effects while listening to your favourite songs. Touch the display of your iPhone/iPod touch to adjust the beats per minute (bpm) to match it to the song you ...    799 kb    Views 3354

Radio Spirits

Related Apps radio iphone time shows listen ipod great touch spirits
+18    Listen to the best shows from the Golden Age of Radio. Radio Spirits presents its nationallysyndicated program When Radio Was which features a selection of Old Time Radio (OTR) shows and is hosted by Greg Bell. Access an archive of recent shows ...    2 MB    Views 1220


Related Apps apple video iphone audio touch ipod access content
+23    KidFlix stops kids from accidentally activating the onscreen controls while listening to audio or watching videos on your iPhone or iPod Touch, therefore eliminating accidental exits, fastforwards, etc. To exit a video, simply click the Home button. KidFlix is compatible with ...    2 MB    Views 5676

Karaoke Player

Related Apps karaoke iphone player ipod files play mp3 song touch
+18    99¢ SONGS Or, add your own Buy a 10 pack of songs for only 6.99. New: Recording and TV Output Support. (TV Out only on iPhone 4, iPad or 4th gen iPod) Karaoke Player is an app that allows you ...    7 MB    Views 9101

Rusty Trombone

iphone trombone touch dark ipod alley blow share note
+20    Rusty Trombone is the ultimate trombone experience on iPhone and iPod touch. Have you ever longed to play an old rusty trombone in a dark trash filled alley with a conveniently placed neon sign, which reads Rusty Trombone, with only a ...    2 MB    Views 1153


Related Apps guitar iphone electric indication touch sounds ipod
0    Electric Guitar 1 Electric Guitar Application for iPhone/iPod/iPad. A Must Have Need help tuning your electric guitar? Not a problem simply match the authentic sounds in this app to your guitar and you should have a fully tuned electric guitar OR Want to play ...    8 MB    Views 7581


iphone person ipod devices bluetooth change
+7    Have you ever wanted to change the music being played in your iPhone/iPod/iPad from another iOS device? With this app you can. Imagine you are driving on your car and you don't have quick access to your iPhone/iPod and a person in ...    10 MB    Views 2051

Music Drums

Related Apps music ipad iphone drums ipod play touch application
+3    Using this application, you can enjoy the music with drums. It's a virtual drum kit for your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. Features: You can play drums along with your favorite song. You can change volume. Cool and hiresolution graphics for iPhone, iPod Touch, and ...    9 MB    Views 6860


+18    ON SALE: 50% for a limited time iQualizer visualizes what your iPhone hears. It analyzes the sound picked up by the iPhone's microphone and converts it into beautiful abstract imagery. Use it as an equalizer display for your stereo, ...    160 kb    Views 600

Denon Audio

music audio radio library artist playing car internet denon features stations save ipod
+4    Designed to enhance the listening experience with Denon’s new line of Music Maniac™ headphones, the Denon Audio app is designed for the onthego audiophile. The Denon Audio app features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible ...    13 MB    Views 4518

DHD 52 Sidekick

Related Apps iphone wifi remote control ipod
0    DHD 52 Sidekick iPod/iPhone App The easy way to remote control your sidekick with a single iPod/iPhone App over WiFi. Visit DHD Deubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH: Remote Control: 12 Buttons 2 Potis (one as Fader view) 2 Signalisations Individual configuration of all components. Create ...    1 MB    Views 8505


music instrument iphone ipod play arabic touch application
-2    The Riqq is a type of tambourine used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. It is an important instrument in both folk and classical music throughout the Arabicspeaking world. This application provides a Riqq with 5 different sounds. Tap on ...    749 kb    Views 5301
Related Apps audio speakers ipad iphone touch mac send ipod device
0    Airfoil Speakers Touch turns your iOS device into an audio receiver. Send any audio from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, using Airfoil and Airfoil Speakers Touch. You'll be able to send audio from any audio ...    9 MB    Views 7351

Xmas Carols

christmas iphone search carols ipod caroling touch bar features application carol
-8    AN INDISPENSABLE CHRISTMAS CAROLING COMPANION With lyrics to over 50 of the most popular Christmas Carols, this iPhone and iPod Touch app is great for family gatherings, caroling doortodoor, or anywhere you might be in the mood to spread some Christmas ...    335 kb    Views 8145
Related Apps iphone voice recordings soundtrack express selection ipod
+13    iPhone 5 Compatible Using this app you can carry your voice with your iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can express yourself by sharing recordings to your friends and family. Soundtrack selection directly from iPod library. Soundtrack selection from DropBox. ...    13 MB    Views 9290
Related Apps guitar music iphone ipad play features free choice
-6    My Guitar is an innovative guitar simulator for the iPhone that ensures you will never again find yourself guitarless during an inspirational moment. My Guitar features a selection of guitar interfaces that have been especially tailored to the iPhone/iPad to give, ...    5 MB    Views 2249

Gone In 60 Lite

Related Apps iphone music lite ipod stereo touch start features custom playlists
-7    Gone In 60 Lite is an onthefly music timer for iPhone & iPod touch. Make a playlist right in the Gone In 60 Lite app on your iPhone or iPod touch and a single tap of your finger will start ...    2 MB    Views 3134


Related Apps iphone ipad sing supported ipod hear touch
-1    Is your friend sharing Youtube music clips with you all the time? Sometimes you would sing to it and wish you can hear your own voice. Well, wait no more, with Burning Mic you can sing to any videos you ...    11 MB    Views 3921


iphone control receiver supports corporation features
+1    Remote for Onkyo Receiver Main Features: Save different and individual types of your remotes Supports 85 different functions, including zone control (also control of your iPodSoftware on your device if you want to use airplay) Use 5 different screens and arrange ...    9 MB    Views 4684

I Am T-Pain 2.0

Related Apps iphone voice library pain effect sing ipod beats featuring auto
-6    It’s a fact: everyone sounds better with the TPain Effect. Transform your voice and get your TPain on with scrolling lyrics and original beats from the hottest producers. Sing the songs included in the app or give your voice the ...    20 MB    Views 2382

iSimple WiFli

Related Apps iphone radio ipod wireless application control
+11    The WiFli application is made to support the WiFli wireless FM transmitter from iSimple. Together the WiFli and the application will allow you to wirelessly connect your iPod or iPhone to any FM radio. The WiFli is Plug and Play so it’s ...    87 kb    Views 5747

ec Violin

iphone music voice violin ipod touch play hand
0    Demo Video The first app that you can REALLY play violin music SMOOTHLY on your iPhone / iPod Touch Function: Play single note or double stop Bowed or pizzicato performance Feel like playing real violin: Bow the string with right hand, press ...    9 MB    Views 3026
Related Apps music spotify search podcasts artists features podcast itunes tracks ipod track user
-5    KREAFUNK is a music player that brings together all of your listening needs in a slick and easy to use app. It can play the music you've synced from iTunes, Spotify and podcasts from iTunes Store. Queue one track from ...    11 MB    Views 3001
Related Apps music iphone radio latin jazz touch stations ipod
-7    The Hottest Latin Music Radio for your iPhone and iPod touch. Dozens of the best urban and classic latin stations hand selected and streaming only the best music to your phone live over EDGE, 3G or Wifi 24/7 365 days a ...    2 MB    Views 144
Related Apps instrument note tune touch ipod tuning tuner features wheel
+2    ProTuner is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the builtin mic in your iPhone or using an external mic on your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch. ProTuner features ...    9 MB    Views 2617

My Guitar Pro HD+

Related Apps guitar music iphone ipad play choice features
-1    My Guitar is an innovative guitar simulator for the iPhone that ensures you will never again find yourself guitarless during an inspirational moment. My Guitar features a selection of guitar interfaces that have been especially tailored to the iPhone/iPad to give, ...    4 MB    Views 2207
Related Apps iphone audio big tunes player ipod touch
+29    Simply put, Big Tunes is audio player for the iPhone/iPod Touch that has all the bells and whistles ripped out and replaced with a simple 3 button interface. If you use your iPod Touch or iPhone with your car stereo you ...    74 kb    Views 5928

Gone In 60

Related Apps iphone music ipod stereo touch features playlists playlist start custom
+2    Gone In 60 is an onthefly music timer for iPhone & iPod touch. Select a playlist right in the Gone In 60 app on your iPhone or iPod touch and a single tap of your finger will start you on ...    2 MB    Views 2300

Reap DFX

Related Apps guitar iphone amp ipod touch
-2    Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Guitar Amp As featured in Daily App Show: Get a big amp sound from your guitar with these awesome built in effects pedals: EQ Distortion / Overdrive Echo Reverb Chorus Effect settings can be ...    3 MB    Views 8646

Awesome Xylophone

animation ipad iphone touch xylophone retina ipod
+4    Virtual Xylophone application for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad No Advertisement. High quality sounds. Multitouch lets you play chords. Xylophone mallets animation. Highly detailed animation. Retina display support (iPhone 5, iPad Retina, iPod touch 5th Gen) New and Noteworthy featured app.    1 MB    Views 3965

Tweeting Birds

iphone sounds birds touch ipod
-5    Tweeting Birds brings quality Sounds for your iPhone and iPod touch. The application allows you to hear amazing sounds of different Birds. Just tap the PLAY tab and Listen to the stunning sounds. Compatibility: iPhone and iPod Touch IOS 3.0 and Later    9 MB    Views 4079
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