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NS Player

+2    NS Player (No Sync Player) is a music player for playing mp3 files with no iTunes sync. You can simply download mp3 files to NS Player's Documents directory by using App Sharing on iTunes. Simple User Interface Album Image, Lyrics from ...    842 kb    Views 148


+25    iMP3 is an easy to use MP3 player. You can manage your music files using builtin provided web interface that can be run on any computer connected to same WiFi network as the device. Some basic features of iMP3 are: You ...    37 MB    Views 5424

Music Memory Game

+4    The Music Memory Game by Virtual Sheet Music allows you to enjoy the classical memory game in a different way: by learning music. The game has two different modes: the Tune Game and the Image Game. You can also choose among ...    4 MB    Views 4151
+25    PiPlayer allows you to have music clips ready to show at a tap. By simply tapping, PiPlayer instantly plays music clips, each showing player and title to be easily identified. Through the TouchUp, clips can be selected to focus on a single ...    4 MB    Views 3035


-3    ModPlayer is a simple music player that plays MOD, S3M, 669, and other tracker files on your iPhone and iPod Touch. The first MOD file format was created in 1987 for use on the Amiga computer and since then has been ...    904 kb    Views 3160
music game files lite
+16    Play all music files of the strategy pcgame "Game Tycoon", which was released a few years ago. 2 of 12 files are available in this LITE version. Main menu with each scene of the music is included.    5 MB    Views 3951

Sweet MIDI Player

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0    Sweet MIDI Player is a MIDI player for not only auditioning all types of MIDI files, but for modifying the MIDI files themselves. Use its mixerlike interface to easily edit the control messages, transpose the music, change the tempo, mute desired ...    7 MB    Views 8002

Pro Sound Board

+9    Pro Sound Board lets you mix up to 32 tracks preselected from your IPod Music Library or in app recorded audio. Import Any Sound just by recording it via the built in mic or headset mic. Adjust volume control for each button ...    3 MB    Views 4194


audio files
0    Mark your favorite parts of a sound track. Skip to interesting sections of a podcast, chapters in an audio book, or songs from a concert. The simple interface lets you easily navigate long audio files, so you can fast forward or ...    1 MB    Views 7178

Music Room Lite

+14    copyright free after publication more than 50 years) from the server. The number of the resistered music is 256 pieces and expected more in the future. The original monaural recording is converted into pseudostereo. Function: Music files will be downloaded on iPhone ...    5 MB    Views 6207


media dropbox remove files mp3 player control
+3    DropMedia is a fully functional dropbox media player app for iOS: •Turn your dropbox into a personal cloud media player in seconds •User log in through dropbox •Automatically sync with dropbox, so if you remove files from dropbox, it will remove in the ...    4 MB    Views 2853
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+12    White Noise App is a collection of "Sounds of noise". User's can optionally save the sound files as Ring Tones It has ability to play these sound files and have option to have the sound file loop and keeps playing over.    2 MB    Views 1063
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0    Rebuild for iOS8+ and Optimized for all sizes of iPhone,iPod and iPad full screen + Any sound can be converted to a ringtone + Music Tone + Text Tone + Email alert + Fade in/out This app is a ...    5 MB    Views 5349
recorder audio track share core files
+1    Got an Idea? AirLoop it AirLoop 4Track Recorder is the place for you to capture your musical ideas in 4track fullness right one your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad (iOS 4.0 or higher). Recording is easy, and when you've created that masterpiece, ...    648 kb    Views 2139
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0    The recording app used by multiplatinum band Gorillaz on their album 'The Fall' StudioMini is a powerful yet easy to use multitrack recorder with CD quality audio, audio loops & much more. PRO AUDIO QUALITY: Records in 44.1 kHz / 16 ...    147 MB    Views 5264
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+5    Guitar Personal Trainer Series Catalog (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) Welcome in the GUITAR PERSONAL TRAINER SERIES CATALOG Guitar personal trainer is the best series of apps for guitar that you can find in the App Store. Thanks to the dozens ...    28 MB    Views 6675

Piano Legend

piano songs midi play files song hand legend
-8    Piano Legend is a musical education game Select a song and play along on the onscreen keyboard Improve your sheet music reading skills Play lefthand and righthand songs Download songs from an online library Compose your own songs using the ...    5 MB    Views 1352

Listen Repeater

Related Apps audio auto sentence files point set support repeating button
+7    It will be free for three days(9/28 9/30) Enjoy yourself Feature: Support download audio files from RSS of VOA. Repeat a part of audio file Auto split sentence and repeat one by one Auto Next after repeating several times. Remember your playback position Support openin feature for ...    2 MB    Views 2046

Sound Speed

0    Turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a 300 handheld portable recording device that allows you to capture high quality pristine audio anywhere you go For film, video, and broadcast, to journalism, podcasting, musical performance, songwriting and rehearsal, Sound Speed provides ...    3 MB    Views 2047
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+17    Firo is the fastest way to get a musical idea out of your head and into audio. Make your own songs, riffs, and compositions with an instrument that's designed from the ground up to bring your musical ideas ...    24 MB    Views 8913


audio files sounds file
-3    Build your own sound board The premise is pretty simple: load audio files into this app, and it creates a grid of buttons to play them. Works with iPhone and iPad. No way. Finally. Get your sounds into the app via ...    2 MB    Views 6394
files edition secrets
+6    Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on this site. If you're using FireFox or Chrome, you can simply drag & drop your files to begin uploading. We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily share your ...    6 MB    Views 5445

Sheet Music Live HD

Related Apps music sheet midi files live
+1    This iPad application creates sheet music views from music files (midi) downloaded from the internet or your own library. The audio is rendered intime with the staff, which provides an ideal learning tool for beginning to advanced musicians. For a demonstration ...    14 MB    Views 581


audio files file
+5    A compact and concise local music file palyer. Choice audio files through file browser. Support filelist function, easy to manage audio files.    6 MB    Views 3875

EZMP3 Player Pro

0    EZMP3 PLAYER is a music player which can play MP3 and M4A (Apple's Lossless Music File Format) files. You can directly input your music files and there is no need of iTunes sync. When operating using remote control, you can use beep sound ...    13 MB    Views 3365

Midi Tool

midi tool messages files note mail monitoring
+5    Midi Tool is an excellent tool for monitoring or sending MIDI message. Also, you can play MIDI music by using MIDI Tool. Features: 1.Monitoring MIDI messages received and displaying on screen. Various types of MIDI messages reveal in different colors. 2.Sending record log ...    12 MB    Views 197
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-3    Free Edition of Roadcast The Radio Reporter's App. Turn your iPhone into a professional field recorder. Record high quality audio files. Keep track of your recordings with the Roadcast organizer. Send your files as email attachments or transfer them to your ...    5 MB    Views 3882
+1    2010 Billboard Music App Award Winner Gibson Guitars is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instruments. Gibson has partnered with Legacy Learning Systems, the producer of the Learn & Master Guitar course, to create ...    18 MB    Views 4218

EQ Dictation

+4    Nice and easy, this app allows you to record audio files and organise them. You can also choose to send the recordings to us for transcription. You can enter formatting notes and specify deadline at the time of uploading the files. ...    8 MB    Views 709

AudioTracker HD

audio navigation files easy bookmarks controller dial long
+3    This application makes it easy to track audio files, and even contains a bookmark function that lets you move to a specific part of a song, audio book, or podcast. Allows easy navigation through an audio file rapidly and precisely using ...    3 MB    Views 931
-9    The ExFiles app is an investigation through the eyes of a woman deciding if the man she has chosen is worth her time. Xeno Devale pleads his case by revealing his past relationships to her through music, film, games, and ...    79 MB    Views 4758

MegaCurtis FREE

recording keyboard apps love synthesis paste works granular wavetable files
-2    ☢ Turn any recording into a unique synthesizer ☢ Use the builtin presets or any recording to create sounds never heard before. Make a synth from opera, from screeching cats, from the latest radio newscast. Sample one hand clapping, or a ...    2 MB    Views 8757


audio music upload automatically files google
-6    Stream music from your Google docs accounts and share the music you're listening to on Facebook and Twitter. Features: Audio file type supported: mp3, mp4, wav. Support multiple accounts. Play audio in background. Recognize your music collections automatically. This application does ...    6 MB    Views 5314
Related Apps music apps add itunes select files button tap shuffle
+21    FastShuffle is a simple music shuffler that randomly shuffle & play your music. Features Add your music via iTunes (please see below for steps to add files) One tap shuffle & play Continue playing when the screen is locked Double tap ...    157 kb    Views 6713

Rectools Unlimited

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-6    A multitrack recorder with support for an unlimited number of tracks is now here Finally exceeding the functionality of portable MTRs. Each track has it's own 3 band Equalizer and the possibility to record and edit up to 3 hours of ...    742 kb    Views 9232

MusicReader PDF

music pdf support sheet easy multiple annotations display files pages
0    MusicReader is a digital music stand app for the Apple iPad. It makes it very easy to manage and use your sheet music: Real PDF Support all settings / annotations are stored in the PDF. View your PDF sheet music. ...    4 MB    Views 1273

Amazing Slow Downer

Related Apps music musician slow speed amazing files changing
+22    If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer. You ...    6 MB    Views 8718
+25    Enjoy your favorite music anywhere, anytime with NUBAIR. NUBAIR is a powerful music player for iPhone and Apple Watch that allows you to listen your favorite songs directly from your Dropbox folder. Streaming music files from your Dropbox Download the files ...    6 MB    Views 8899
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+5    Annoying Sounds and Ringtones App is a collection of "Sounds of Annoying noises". User's can optionally save the sound files as Ring Tones It has ability to play these sound files and have option to have the sound file loop and ...    8 MB    Views 7393

Karaoke Player

Related Apps karaoke iphone player ipod files play mp3 song touch
-2    99¢ SONGS Or, add your own Buy a 10 pack of songs for only 6.99. New: Recording and TV Output Support. (TV Out only on iPhone 4, iPad or 4th gen iPod) Karaoke Player is an app that allows you ...    7 MB    Views 9101
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+6    NEVER pay for another ringtone Use your favorite iPod songs to create UNLIMITED number of FREE ringtones With the help of Ringtone Maker, you can: Make your incoming phone call AWESOME and UNIQUE. Set your own ringtone as Alarm Clock music, let ...    6 MB    Views 8777


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-3    If you own a WiCloud device, this application allows you to easily manage files in your iPhones/iPad and WiCloud devices. It is integrated with files operatin, media files playing, remote visiting, and etc.    6 MB    Views 7029

Cloud Music

music audio google upload play cloud files
+6    Play your music collections from Google docs. Upload your audio files to Google docs and play them by Cloud Music anywhere. You can also play music shared to you by your friends. Audio file type supported: mp3, mp4, wav. This application ...    3 MB    Views 6186


recorder audio recording monitor hardware files function recordings effects handy aac
-2    The HandyRecorder app allows you to record highquality audio with your iOS device. Use it with a ZOOM iQ5 mic, which is designed to capture audio of the best quality with iOS devices, and record using the highfidelity linear PCM ...    9 MB    Views 1779
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-6    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS You won't forget anything with this handy audio notes recorder. University lecture and science conference, team meetings and important speech this Voice Memo Audio Recording Pro tool will be irreplaceable Turn it on of your ...    3 MB    Views 9951
ringtones iphone ringtone files easy unlimited designer free create
-9    Ringtone Designer Professional is an easy to use tool which could be used to make amazing ringtones from music library in your iPhone. Use the app with an easy wizard and create unlimited ringtones and set separate tones for all your ...    6 MB    Views 1385


audio coptic organize began files
+3    MarenHoos is a Coptic phrase which means "let us praise". MarenHoos .org began as an idea in january of 2011 to organize and create playlists for audio files that interested the user. It originally began because of a great need ...    5 MB    Views 8064
Related Apps playing audio music files player drive features
-1    Player of your audio files from clouds. Supports Dropbox, Yandex.Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box. Features: streaming and offline playing; playing all common music formats, like mp3 and wav; playing files in folder one by one; file repeat; files shuffle. This is a full ...    9 MB    Views 1678

Repeat Sound

sound selection region playback add repeat files
+5    Repeat Sound is an app for playing sound selection region repeatedly, it is your good assistant for practice listening. Features: • Selection region history, back to selection region you have repeated • Add texts • Bookmark • Recording • Playback rate adjustment, from 0.5 to 1.5 • ...    1 MB    Views 5038

MP3 Folders

music mp3 folders controls earphones play files include folder
+28    [MP3 Folders] is a mp3 player that plays songs from a folder (include sub folders). Features play mp3 files from a folder (include sub folders). lock screen music controls control center music controls play after Interruption pause when earphones ...    974 kb    Views 4795


music iphone ipad goddess booklet files played album
-3    An application version of AREA51's album "Goddess" for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad gives you a more possibly overwhelming impact than actual CD quality while the iPhone makes our work portable. Try going out with your booklet and music ...    13 MB    Views 5383

SoundCue Lite

audio playback song button play files track lite count
+8    Sound your best with Professional Live Track Playback for the iPhone Playback your audio tracks at the touch of a button. Great for musicians, bands, traveling singers, live audio engineers and even radio and television production work. Key features: Instantly play back ...    3 MB    Views 7585
Related Apps music player playlist files file folder manager add songs
+2    √ File Manager Folder manager Search by file name, video title, duration, singer/actor. Move files in a folder, from one folder to another, delete files. Add files to playlist and to player. Add folders to playlist and to player. Play file in File Manager. √Media Player Fully functional ...    NAN    Views 9323
hardware recording drum midi super reason external features synths data internal files
+29    Reason 7 is deep into MIDI Madness. Watch as Reason specialist Mo Volans take you into the depths of Propellerheads' latest version of Reason and its expanded, enhanced and supercharged internal and external MIDI features. App Features: • 125 minutes of video ...    424 MB    Views 4541

kids Songs 5

animation children software songs show network files listen beautiful buttons
-9    recommended for children Software 1, the beautiful animation show 2, the sounds of children songs 3, the mass songs for children 4, children animation songs 5, idiom stories animation 6, child MV Animation Features of the Software 1, the selection of the best songs to listen to the ...    91 MB    Views 9383


music files file collections songs
-4    SNESPlayer is an app for the iPhone that plays SNES music. Both .spc and .rsn files are playable. RSN files are however the recommended choice since they contain collections of songs. Search for your songs by game name, artist name ...    1 MB    Views 7899
french midi listen files songs suite features
0    MidiPlay lets you keep all your MIDI files in a single place making it easy to listen to your entire library wherever you may go. There are no restrictions on which songs you can listen to and no additional purchases ...    4 MB    Views 1503
Related Apps playing audio music files player offline drive features
+12    Player of your audio files from clouds. Supports Dropbox, Yandex.Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box. Features: streaming and offline playing; playing all common music formats, like mp3 and wav; playing files in folder one by one; file repeat; files shuffle. This is a free ...    9 MB    Views 2781

Recorder Pro !!!

Related Apps recorder recording files microphone button pro recorded
+1    How To Use Recorder Pro: Once you downloaded the app open the app and you will see microphone to start recording you need to press on the rounded red button is in the middle of the microphone and next to it ...    847 kb    Views 3139
Related Apps ringtones annoying sounds sound files
+7    Annoying Sounds and Ringtones App is a collection of "Sounds of Annoying noises". User's can optionally save the sound files as Ring Tones It has ability to play these sound files and have option to have the sound file loop and ...    8 MB    Views 6774
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