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+24    The mustread magazine of the classical music profession, with news, analysis, features and latest jobs. Meet the people who make it happen and get backstage – with Classical Music. Engaging interviews, product reviews and indepth news reports. Essential music news so you ...    4 MB    Views 8185

iFiddle Magazine

magazine tunes
0    iFiddle Magazine is a free subscription for musicians and everyone who loves music, especially fiddlers. Each issue of iFiddle Magazine will highlight new and old tunes, and standards played by the top fiddlers in the world. The subscriber will enjoy ...    32 MB    Views 1973

Bass Gear Mobile

0    Bass Gear Magazine is the world’s leading online and print magazine dedicated to thorough reviews of the instruments and gear used by electric and double bassists. BGM provides use and listening reviews, as well as independent bench tests and technical ...    2 MB    Views 6642

DIY Magazine

diy music magazine
+5    For over a decade, DIY has been at the forefront of music discovery. A monthly, free magazine based out of London, DIY deals with everything exciting about alternative music. Be it buzz bands in back rooms or stadium sized monsters, it ...    3 MB    Views 6090

CBC Music Magazine

+9    From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC Music Magazine covers the best music across all genres from Canada and beyond, with exclusive interviews, thoughtprovoking essays, ondemand audio and video, and fun, interactive graphics From counting down the greatest Canadian albums of ...    10 MB    Views 8945
magazine opera issue pocketmags subscription current issues period free account
+29    Opera Now magazine takes you to the heart of the opera world, capturing all its colour and drama both on stage and behind the scenes. Every issue of Opera Now includes: Interviews with opera’s famous personalities. Exclusive coverage of new productions, ...    4 MB    Views 9187


music magazine
+8    Around is a unique music emagazine introduces good pop、indie and rock music. It is also the most professional music emagazine with very high reputation in Chinese market by far. This Application is powered by VcRead. With the search keyword "vcread", you ...    14 MB    Views 1523
+24    Show Off The Magazine is a FREE full scale multicultural entertainment, fashion, modeling, cars, etc. magazine coming out of the Midwest quarterly with a distribution of 50,000 copies per issue that just recently went NATIONAL. Created by two young hungry ...    24 MB    Views 4131

The Word Magazine

Related Apps magazine word music subscription period account user current renewal david free
+26    The Word is a monthly music magazine. Some kind fellow once described us a "literary rock and roll title" – which we rather liked – and we cover rock music, films, books and television for people old enough to still ...    2 MB    Views 5770

Jazz Magazine

+4    Jazz Mag, le "cultissime" magazine de jazz crée en 1954, vient de fêter ses 60 ans. L’occasion de lancer sa première application digitale. Interviews, dossiers, portefolio, guide des disques et agenda des sorties « Live » : retrouvez toute l’actualité du ...    1 MB    Views 9343


magazine fashion boom
-7    BOOM connects trendconscious readers with the latest in music, clubbing, fashion and art in Hong Kong, Macau and across Asia. Published monthly in English and Chinese, the magazine features interviews with leading performers, cuttingedge fashion editiorials and visuals by emerging ...    12 MB    Views 2932


Related Apps music pocketmags current subscription period issues issue account free purchased
+7    Shindig Magazine is publication that is issued every six weeks, put together with genuine understanding, sincerity and utter belief. We seek to end mediocrity in music magazines... to bring the scope and knowledge of old fanzines and specialist rock titles ...    20 MB    Views 2286
music magazine roland production
+18    PowerOn magazine covers music production, the music industry and the people within it as well as lots of cool musicmaking gear. PowerOn is published by Roland, one of the world's leading brands of musical instruments and music production equipment.    12 MB    Views 8749

Ozone Magazine Inc

magazine favorite
+4    Since 2002, OZONE Magazine has been your favorite rapper's favorite magazine. With this app, you can view all of our back issues plus new releases.    9 MB    Views 6601

Walk magazine

magazine walk música
0    Primera revista para tablets española especializada en música alternativa. Disfruta de la música como nunca antes lo has hecho. Walk Magazine siempre será una revista gratuita.    NAN    Views 2313
Related Apps software guitar recording issues pocketmags issue purchased current subscription period account
-8    MusicTech Focus is the high quality, special edition magazine from the publishers of MusicTech. Each issue takes a leading music production software package or key technique, and dedicates 132 pages to giving the reader practical, handson information to master the ...    4 MB    Views 9703

Terrorizer Magazine

Related Apps artists magazine issue issues pocketmags current subscription period account users free
+28    Terrorizer is the world’s most exciting music magazine, covering with authority the best black, death, thrash, doom and heavy metal. With international vision and exclusive access to the world’s most exciting extreme artists, our features cover bands at the cutting ...    5 MB    Views 5513
work news composers issue organ pocketmags subscription current choral issues free choir
+16    The leading, international voice of the choral and organ worlds. Choir & Organ brings you essential news and previews, topical features on new and restored instruments, and indepth interviews with choirs, choral conductors and composers. Choir & Organ is a mustread ...    5 MB    Views 3934
-3    Free Guitar Magazine. Guitar Coach Magazine is a totally free magazine for all guitarists, packed with practical guitar coaching videos, features, news, articles & reviews. Video lessons from beginner to intermediate level, including songs, riffs, licks, solos and improvisation. Subscribe and ...    25 MB    Views 7465
magazine music classic drummer free features fame hall drummers issues html
+3    Enjoy Classic Drummer Magazine digitally for FREE FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE Download the Classic Drummer App for free and subscribe or download individual editions of Classic Drummer Including the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame edition. Back Issues of Classic Drummer ...    26 MB    Views 9295
music magazine subscription purchase offer current period trial account free
+22    EXCLUSIVE OFFER: SAVE 43% AND START WITH A 30DAY FREE TRIAL WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION Download the app now and take advantage of this amazing offer Please note offer applies to annual subscriptions only. Uncut is the essential magazine about rock ...    NAN    Views 5396
magazine des interviews
+4    Feuilletez le magazine MyRock en numérique : des news, des livereports de concerts et de festivals, des interviews de vos artistes préférés Découvrez des vidéos exclusives, makingoff, interviews et des photos supplémentaires non parues dans la version papier    5 MB    Views 5022
piano magazine news issue pocketmags current issues subscription international free account
-7    International Piano is the world's leading independent magazine for the piano world, featuring articles and reviews by some of the world’s most respected contributors in the industry. Each issue includes: Interviews with the world’s leading pianists and rising talent. Exclusive tutorials ...    4 MB    Views 1208
magazine music classical
-4    Klassisk Musikkmagasin is the only Norwegian magazine that concentrates solely on classical and contemporary music, as well as opera and ballet/dance. Through profiles, interviews and essays, the magazine presents important Norwegian and international composers, musicians and dancers, and also highlights ...    5 MB    Views 3231
-8    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 30DAY FREE TRIAL WHEN YOU PURCHASE AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. Download the app now and take advantage of this amazing offer when you subscribe. Uncut is the essential magazine about rock music, written by people who love that music ...    NAN    Views 6171

Costruire HiFi

Related Apps magazine audio purchase subscription period current account electronic
+6    CHF Costruire HIFI is the right magazine for those who intend to study, design, modify or assemble their own system for good music listening. CHF readers and collectors value this magazine as an irreplaceable source of information and as ...    6 MB    Views 1033

Wax Poetics

music issues pocketmags subscription issue wax current period account
-3    Wax Poetics is a quarterly journal focused on the African American musical tradition, from R&B and jazz to disco and hiphop, with a look at all other funky music worldwide. With fifty issues in its tenyear history, Wax Poetics has ...    3 MB    Views 4402
+25    Drumming Innovation Magazine is a FREE digital magazine published bimonthly that features streaming video drum lessons, app and drummer reviews, featured articles from influential educators inspiring a new level of creative performance and effective regiments in the practice room as ...    22 MB    Views 5811

Bax Magazine

magazine een het deze
+2    Het is inmiddels een mooie traditie geworden. Zo vlak voor de feestdagen kunt u de klok er sinds een paar jaar op gelijk zetten; dan is het Wintermagazine weer beschikbaar Deze winter vergeten wij de iPad gebruikers niet en bieden ...    67 MB    Views 6007
Related Apps music iron metal issues pocketmags heavy subscription current issue
+12    Iron Fist is a new magazine aimed squarely at disciples of heavy metal, whether that be traditional, classic or new wave of British heavy metal, black, death, thrash or doom. Iron fist is born out of passion for music, and ...    10 MB    Views 7117

Music News

Related Apps magazine news music
+15    Get the latest music news from your favorite magazine. Including: Rolling Stone Magazine Billboard Magazine Vibe Spin NME Blender Alternative Press Mojo Paste    4 MB    Views 1367
Related Apps guitar pocketmags subscription issues account current period subscriptions issue
+30    Guitar & Bass Classics brings you the best of the best in stringdriven culture. Whether it's the finest instruments, the greatest players or the legendary songs, this new series of bookazines from Anthem Publishing provides knowledge, insight and sheer guitarlovin' ...    5 MB    Views 2233
pocketmags logic find pro settings data purchases privacy
+20    Welcome to the MusicTech Focus Logic series, these magazines will give you everything you need to unleash the power of Logic Pro Users can register for/ login to a pocketmags account inapp. This will protect their issues in the case of ...    8 MB    Views 7788

Disorder Magazine.

Related Apps magazine music issues pocketmags subscription current period purchased account issue application
0    Londonbased music and style magazine gives you the hottest new talent from indie to electronica and pop to hip hop, the brightest upcoming fashion designers, actors and artists. If you need to know what's happening first in music, film and style, ...    3 MB    Views 2036
Related Apps guitar magazine subscription account republic period subscribers current automatically free
+24    Guitar Republic Magazine Subscribe For Free and Get Instant Access to Subscriber Only Issues with Top Notch Guitar Tuition Guitar Republic Magazine is brought to you by and is focused towards the South African Guitar Scene. You will find high definition video ...    21 MB    Views 1603
Related Apps magazine guitar pocketmags acoustic issues subscription current period account issue
+2    Acoustic magazine is the UK's only magazine for Acoustic Guitars & Players Interviews with artists, gear tests and reviews & expert columns from respected acoustic players such as Martin Taylor, Martin Simpson, Gordon Giltrap, Doyle Dykes, Martin Barre of ...    4 MB    Views 2297

Sensation Magazine

magazine dance sensation event
0    Sensation Magazine opens the world of the Sensation dance event, on stage in more than twenty countries worldwide. The magazine looks behind the worlds leading dance event, comes close to the star DJ’s of the globe, the visitors of the ...    22 MB    Views 8468
-9    LoadIn International is a stateoftheart digital trade publication for the live production and touring industry. Subscribe for free and get instant access. Features include indepth production profiles sound, lighting, video, special effects, design and implementation, plus interviews with key players ...    26 MB    Views 7375
magazine complete digital
+5    The Oppikoppi enriched digital magazine is a complete info guide on everything you need to know about Oppikoppi. You will have the complete stage lineup, an interactive map of the festival, videos, music and social media at your fingertips. Also ...    150 MB    Views 1537
magazine drum subscription period current issue terms purchase free
+3    Rhythm: The Magazine For Drummers celebrates everything that is great about the world of drums and drumming. Each issue is jampacked with expert product reviews, practical features and lessons to help you play and sound better behind the kit and ...    44 MB    Views 1336
Related Apps music magazine indie
+3    The digital magazine for all things Indie. From upcoming gigs, to the greatest new songs by independent artists. You found it here first Keep uptodate on the latest news & find inspiration in indie music. Pick & choose which sources you want ...    4 MB    Views 8820

Molten Magazine

Related Apps magazine time issues pocketmags subscription account period current issue subscriptions application
+6    Bringing you the latest news, interviews and reviews in hard rock and metal heavy, death, thrash, extreme, doom, black, sleaze… MOLTEN has it all. Giving a voice to local scenes and underground artists. By fans, for fans. KEEP IT ...    13 MB    Views 1413
Related Apps home magazine recording download tones free issues tips techniques
+23    Home Grown Tones Home Recording Tips, Tricks and Techniques SPECIAL OFFER: FREE Subscription for a limited time DOWNLOAD NOW DOWNLOAD IT NOW TO Get "Home Grown Tones Magazine" Delivered Automatically on your iPad every month. Learn and Master the Art of Home ...    22 MB    Views 4683


magazine ears
0    HarkN is available for free on mobile and tablet devices. Bring your favorite magazine articles directly to your ears, wherever you are. Each audio article can be streamed instantly or downloaded for offline use without any charge. Browse or search ...    4 MB    Views 7034
Related Apps music magazine pocketmags subscription issues current issue period account find
+10    Songwriting is a magazine aimed at songwriters and at fans of songled music – of all genres. We take advice from successful songwriters, producers and industry experts to provide you with tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration to keep the music ...    5 MB    Views 3857

Dominion Magazine

Related Apps music magazine pocketmags issues account subscription current period purchased
-7    DOMINION is the only massmarket music magazine covering goth, darkwave, industrial and dark alternative music. As they say in Germany, Dominion ist schwarze muszik. Bridging the halcyon days of 1980’s goth to more contemporary artists like O Children, The Birthday ...    10 MB    Views 1726
magazine love issue pocketmags issues current subscription purchased account period click
+3    If you love to play, love to listen to or simply love to discuss organs as an instrument, this is the magazine for you. It provides a kaleidoscope of the organ world, with articles, information and stunning pictures covering a ...    9 MB    Views 5433
Related Apps music time pocketmags issue current subscription rock period account free
+1    Vintage Rock celebrates a time when music changed the world 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Spanning the dawn of the '50s and the seismic release of ‘Rock Around The Clock’ through to the early '60s and ...    7 MB    Views 5829

CCM Magazine

magazine music christian
+2    CCM Magazine has been the leading voice in the contemporary Christian music subculture for the last 30 years. CCM is a monthly Christian music magazine that features articles on all your favorite, Christians artists in both mainstream and gospel music. ...    2 MB    Views 97
Related Apps music magazine search sessions issues florida
-5    View the FMEA Conference schedule. Bookmark sessions and concerts that you might like to attend. Click the "Now" button to jump to sessions that are currently happening or start within 15 minutes. Quickly search sessions by name, topic, professional development ...    4 MB    Views 5710

Corillo Magazine

Related Apps magazine music auto turned purchase subscription user account stuff
+19    Check out interviews with some of EDM and Latin music's biggest names, music exclusives and previews of upcoming stuff your favorite DJs, Producers and Artists are working on. As well as other interesting stuff happening in and around music. The magazine ...    9 MB    Views 7944
issues issue pocketmags current subscription account period del purchased
+21    La música antes de ser industria es un arte que refleja identidades culturales y es un divertimento del cual podemos asegurar que a todo mundo le gusta. El problema que se vive actualmente es la monopolización del gusto del consumidor ...    5 MB    Views 5487
Related Apps magazine pocketmags issues subscription current period account issue application purchased
-5    SICK SOUNDS is the world’s only guitar magazine meeting the needs of extreme metal guitarists. It has definitive gear reviews, lessons and tablature written by expert musicians enabling intermediate and expert players to understand the equipment, technique and compositional methods ...    9 MB    Views 8241
magazine live bristol
+13    Bristol Live Magazine is Bristol’s dedicated new music and listings magazine, founded in 2012 as Fear Of Fiction. It’s our mission to shout about all things live – giving exposure to our favourite artists, with an emphasis on those hailing from ...    26 MB    Views 6957

Hi-Fi Plus Magazine

Related Apps audio music magazine issues pocketmags subscription current account period issue
-9    HiFi+ is Europe’s premier Englishlanguage highend audio magazine. Whether it’s the latest in digital audio technology or the best turntable you’ve ever heard, HiFi+ magazine is the ultimate audiophile authority. Our goal is clear; to seek out the finest audio components ...    4 MB    Views 6043
Related Apps music magazine pocketmags issues current subscription purchased period issue account
+6    The world’s leading magazine entirely dedicated to cuttingedge, forwardthinking rock, metal and experimental music. Packed full of indepth interviews and the latest album reviews, it provides unrivalled coverage of artists pushing the boundaries of music. This is a free app download ...    3 MB    Views 8364
engineers software recording magazine subscription issues period pocketmags issue current account charged free
0    MusicTech is the magazine for producers, engineers and recording musicians. Every issue is packed with handson features written by professional producers and engineers. There are software workshops for every major DAW, interviews with top named producers, artists and engineers, plus ...    5 MB    Views 3685
Related Apps music magazine gospel
+30    Based on the popular Digital Gospel & Christian Music Magazine, you can now read exclusive Gospel music interviews, watch hot new music videos, view upcoming releases and see who's climbing the Gospel music charts straight on your iPhone/iPod touch.    213 kb    Views 439


artists artist magazine music engine feedback
+16    Groovebug is a personalized media music magazine and discovery engine designed for the iPad. The app scans your music library and culls all related content about each artist from the internet into one place and creates a fluid interactive magazine ...    5 MB    Views 8808

Substream Magazine

Related Apps music lifestyle time magazine issues pocketmags issue current subscription purchased account period
-3    Substream is a bimonthly music and lifestyle magazine that focuses on discovering and sharing the best in new music, fashion and entertainment. By the time the mainstream media decides to cover it, Substream has already beat them to it We ...    9 MB    Views 1093
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