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+27    Hustling to get or book a gig can be like chewing on tin foil. Ditto for small bar owners, venues, wedding planners, or anyone looking for a musician or band But no more. GetAGig is the app for small bar owners, ...    12 MB    Views 5658

Hip gig

0    Hip gig is a fun and simple way to find any music show in your area, it exists to connect you with the music you love. Features Create a personalized list of venues anywhere in the world See all events in ...    3 MB    Views 4506

Spark It Up

0    Create the most spectacular show of light and music using your magic fingers to compete with the greatest witches and warlocks of the world A sometimes frantic combination of action, reaction and music elements makes this a unique treat with incredible ...    59 MB    Views 5765

Scarlette Fever

+11    The Official Scarlette Fever App Watch Scarlette's videos, get the latest news, view upcoming show dates, access app exclusive content, preview songs available to purchase. Interact with other fans in the community, get turn by turn instructions to gig venues. Make sure ...    15 MB    Views 3032
+19    Get closer to Jordan with The Jordan Allen community app. It's the easiest and best way to keep up to date and get involved with everything that's happening with Jordans rise to stardom. Going to a gig? get involved, the ...    19 MB    Views 8147

The Music App

+24    The Music's free Gig Guide is a guide with benefits. Not only offering Australia's biggest listing of gigs and events across the country, The Music app also provides the latest music and entertainment news updates. There's also interviews with all ...    5 MB    Views 5182


rat gig band guide
0    Your Ultimate Guide to Rock Music Click and Navigate Getting to see your favorite band and discovering new ones has never been easier and Quicker Allinone Gig Guide and band Following Tool.Join the RAT culture RAT 'n Roll    79 MB    Views 5413

Beck's Gig Finder

search gig gigs location finder
+6    Never miss a beat with Beck's Gig Finder. Search for upcoming gigs nearby or specify another location to search. Scroll through the results or use the map view to see where the gigs are. Find out more information about each artist and watch ...    2 MB    Views 2050


+18    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WEB BASED APP. AN INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED TO USE IT'S FEATURES Stop ringing around trying to find out if everyone can play a gig. Stop suggesting songs at band practices for them only to be ...    NAN    Views 5352

Play Gig-It

-1    PLAY GIGIT's Free & Official Companion App. Everything you want to know about PLAY GIGIT is available directly on your smartphone Stay updated with what's happening with PLAY GIGIT: Official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts Current Leaderboard positions of top concert creators Explore the ...    8 MB    Views 7401
+17    MUSIC NEWSは音楽関連の最新情報、話題の情報を入手するためのツールです。 面倒くさい設定は一切必要なし。ワンタップで世界の最新音楽情報に触れることができます。 WEEKLY TOP 30では、短い時間で話題の記事をさっとチェックできます。 気になる記事はお気に入りに入れて手元にストックしましょう。    NAN    Views 4381

JustHITS! Radio

-4    New music, old music, chat shows, guests and lots of hilarious banter    1 MB    Views 5248


-1    The Other Side Of Morning official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    7 MB    Views 5247


+12    Imagine music is space and you're flying though it. You are the pilot and the music is your flight path. Navigate through the music landscape and try to stay alive without crashing. FEATURES: Take music listening experience to a next level ...    26 MB    Views 7186

Gig Hopper

artists artist gig gigs venue
+11    Gig Hopper is a platform for small Venue Owners and Artists to market their gigs. The app allows users to view gigs nearby and follow preferred Artists and Venues. It is also a medium through which Artists can promote their ...    5 MB    Views 2767

WBMU Radio

0    The Best Music from Yesterday provides the Best Sounds for Today. Adult Contemporary Music, R&B, Soul and Jazz.    516 kb    Views 1586
+28    Our job to turn off your music while you sleep.    3 MB    Views 1357

FMG Music

-6    Keep up to date with the latest from Freedom Music Group. Facecrunching unskippable music that sets you free    14 MB    Views 3455
-3    Rock & Metal music come to you as you’ve ever seen in a free way with RockMAP. RockMAP is an exclusive app for Rock & Metal lovers that will provide the more complete concert and festivals agenda that you could find ...    12 MB    Views 6102

Gig Pic

artists people gig pic sharing user event
+5    Gig Pic is for music lovers and gig goers who enjoy sharing their concert experiences with other people. Gig Pic allows the user to check in at an event or venue and begin sharing pictures; these Pics can be shared among ...    18 MB    Views 3062


+7    "Tarang" is best music app for "South india" music lovers. This is provided by Vega Entertainment Private Limited. In this we have audio songs & Full length HD Quality Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam Movies. And best Action,Comedy, Romantic & Sentiment ...    5 MB    Views 333


+14    Create your own music, using the main features of music theory. The edition is simple, simply select or drag the symbols wherever you desire. You still have a metronome, if you want to monitor the implementation of your music, or ...    17 MB    Views 7095
-8    A gateway to original music and musical parodies from    194 kb    Views 3375


-2    Carlos Gardel was one of the most important interpreters of world popular music in the first half of the 20th century, by the quality of his voice, by the number of albums sold (as a singer and as a composer), ...    10 MB    Views 8030

Power To

+25    With the "Power To" App, you can watch an exclusive gig bringing together the pioneers of hardcore hiphop, RUNDMC and emerging homegrown talent Raleigh Ritchie. Vodafone marks its 30th anniversary from the first mobile call in the UK and is celebrating ...    6 MB    Views 9177

The DJ List

+3    Global Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Event Listings, Local Events, Full DJ Lineups, Latest News, DJ Profiles, Music, Videos and more.    10 MB    Views 5129

Now 97.9

0    Now 97.9 with today's best music No rap. No hard rock. Not too old. Not to's a great mix of current adult contemporary music featuring such hit artists as: Taylor Swift, David Cook, Coldplay, Matchbox 20, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, ...    2 MB    Views 9176

Live Nation

+22    The Live Nation app provides you with the latest and most relevant gig information. From newly announced shows and events in your area, to a personalised wish list and a bespoke listing made just for you based on what you ...    NAN    Views 3021

D.E. Music

+5    D.E. Music official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    4 MB    Views 923
recording video audio gig hard lyrics set songs song scrolling quickly
+2    Gig Hard smoothly scrolls lyrics or notation for live music gigs, band practice or rehearsals. Whether you're in a rock group, jazz ensemble, band or choir or are performing solo you need to Gig hard Simple. Elegant. Easy to use. KEY ...    4 MB    Views 9254
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-7    Bandm8 Song, Band & Gig Manager is the essential allinone band, gig, song, set and rehearsal organiser for professional musicians. Do you have trouble keeping track of what gigs you have lined up? Who's playing each gig? The sets you ...    7 MB    Views 9940

Gig Tracks

tracks playlist gig
-1    Used for playing tracks while performing. Create a playlist of songs, Gig Tracks plays one song then returns to the playlist.    1 MB    Views 7371


instruments stage gig details equipment musicians add layout musical
+8    GiGalator is the fun stage layout and gig organizer for musicians, DJ's, and entertainment planners. Add instruments and equipment to the stage, optionally enter musician and gig details, and your gig organization is virtually done it's that easy Instruments: Choose from ...    38 MB    Views 4859


+27    This app is able to search for Music videos using the song of your Music library. It's so simple and useful.    6 MB    Views 1319

Hellcats Band

Related Apps band vocals live gig rock sound piece
+26    Hellcats are a two piece, stripped down, bare knuckle rock n roll band from Johannesburg. They are Alessandro Benigno on drums and vocals, and Warwick Rautenbach on guitar. The duo started the band in August 2014 and played their first gig ...    15 MB    Views 1039


iphone promo free gigs gig invite venue
+4    Find a Gig, invite a friend, get a free Promo PopUpGigs is the coolest way to use Passbook Discover gigs near you Select gigs you want to attend Get automatic notifications of upcoming gigs Invite your Facebook friends When you attend ...    12 MB    Views 3829

Music Super Trivia

+7    This app is a collection of facts and quotes about Music which you can share through Email, Twitter and Facebook. Did you know most popular modern guitarists were left handed? Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney. Did you know the word ...    10 MB    Views 1428


+3    iGig is the ‘must have’ productivity app for the working musician that 1. Keeps track of all your gigs (songs played, set lists etc) 2. Calculates set times automatically for you 3. Lets you build and edit setlists from your song database 4. Generates ...    540 kb    Views 679


-7    Lifestyle Music App for promoting, marketing, and showcasing independent music.    253 MB    Views 8883
+25    Пропаганда official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    7 MB    Views 6648


+30    Keep up with the hottest hiphop music label Maybach music group and all their artists Rick Ross,Triple Cs,Meek Mills,Wale and more. Check out interviews,Music Videos, The latest news in hip hop it not a job its a Life style.    5 MB    Views 1055

Beat Magazine

music calendar gigs melbourne easy beat gig good live
-6    Melbourne's favourite source of music and gig information now comes in an easytodigest app format. We've kept it simple. Gigs, gigs and more gigs. With a live news feed thrown in for good measure so you can keep track of the ...    7 MB    Views 84


music access gig integration platinum latest
+2    Katchafire are no strangers to success, they are truly ‘World Famous in New Zealand’ with a double platinum debut album Revival, a platinum follow up Slow Burning, 2003’s highest selling single ‘Giddy Up’ and the critically acclaimed 2007 release Say ...    19 MB    Views 8739

Karma Music

-6    Hi there Let me pull up a chair for you and fix you some coffee or tea, perhaps? You will soon be aboard a magical journey filled with ethereal music, a plethora of photos, kaleidoscopes, deep sea divers, romantic moonlight walks, ...    16 MB    Views 2688

Gig Road

track gig road
+4    Gig Road is a very simple app intended to help bands keep track of their members, as well as a handy world map. There is a lot of additional functionality to come in the near future, but until then use ...    2 MB    Views 6100

Florian Meindl

+11    Music, it's all about music The deep meaning behind it. The experience while listening and feeling it. The force to turn something to good. Stay tuned to my official iPhone application to hear my latest tracks, see photos from my events ...    2 MB    Views 1438

Set Wizard

iphone text library music playing set songs wizard repertoire setlist data song import gig
0    Get in control of your repertoire, gigs and set lists Create setlists easily on your iPhone Import songs from iPhone Music Library Create setlist as PDF or plain text Playback songs from your iPhone library directly from your repertoire and ...    3 MB    Views 5738


-7    the planets no'1 eclectic underground music radio station bringing you the very best in music    792 kb    Views 1293
+1    「らぶにゃん Music Player」はシンプルなMusicPlayerです。 主な機能は以下の【4つ】のみ!! 再生 一時停止 曲戻し 曲送り とてもシンプルです。 iPhone/iPad/iPodに入っている曲の中からあなたのお気に入りの曲だけを選択、リストを作成する事ができます。 猫でも操作しやすいように最低限の機能のみにしました。 らぶにゃんを連れて音楽を楽しみませんか? ちなみにダウンロード数によって今後隠し機能も追加されるかも・・・? 【特徴】 ・らぶにゃん ・Listから音楽を選択 ・シンプルなデザイン ・直感的に操作可能 ・バックグラウンド再生 ・プレイリスト作成 ・オートリピート機能 当アプリケーションを使用して万が一データの破損や消失が発生した場合など、いかなる損害についても当方は一切責任を負いかねます。あらかじめご了承ください。    4 MB    Views 4911

90's Music

+1    Easy radios to listen international 90s music. Stream music in the background while you use other things. Control audio player view playing channel from the lock screen. Hottest 90's music music wherever you are. Optional buffer signal. Universal app compatible with the iPhone iPad iTouch.    4 MB    Views 2776

Rupert Stroud

photos twitter time action news event live gig friends share date check favourite
+3    Get closer to your favourite artist with the Rupert Stroud community app. It's the easiest and best way to keep up to date and get involved with everything that's happening with Rupert. Going to a gig? get involved, check in ...    20 MB    Views 9400

The Tapestry

photos guitar time action twitter news event live band friends offers special gig share
+14    The Tapestry are from Manchester. They are Liam Faherty (vocals/guitar) Katy Baker (Bass/vocals) Dyna (Guitar/vocals) and Zara Finnegan (Drums/vocals). Their tunes are both impossibly catchy and implausibly glamorous. Get closer to the band with The Tapestry community app. It's the easiest ...    16 MB    Views 6549
track gig backing performance tap tracks musicians designed visit
+9    Gig Track is the Professional Backing Track Player for all musicians and performers, whether gigging or rehearsing. Use backing tracks? Own an iPad/iPhone/iPod? Then Gig Track was designed for you Gig Track is used by singers, guitarists, duos and all types ...    6 MB    Views 8981
money screen costs report band pay gig amount members session
+11    Simple application designed for musicians and performers to quickly calculate whether the amount offered for a gig will result in there being enough money available to pay themselves and their musicians after costs have been taken into account. It also ...    6 MB    Views 2493
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-3    Keep tabs on all live music happenings in Singapore so you and your friends will always be intheknow on where to go, who to see, what to catch when it comes to live music in town. Be in the loop with ...    31 MB    Views 7285

All Things Es

+27    All Things Es official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    7 MB    Views 6934


+19    isMetronome is a great metronome app provided by ISPIANO to help music learner, pianist or others for music playing assistance.    9 MB    Views 9403


+14    WebRadio Electro Dance House Music 100 % Non Stop Music – No Talk No Commercials    3 MB    Views 1960


photos twitter action news time event live band gig friends date special
-9    Picturehouse are an Irish band from Dublin, Ireland most famous for their hit "Sunburst" from the album Karmarama. Download the app and be part of the PictureHouse community. Get closer to the band with The PictureHouse community app. It's the easiest ...    16 MB    Views 4703


army gig band
-5    Keep up to date with all The Quails latest news, gig dates, listen to tracks and watch videos. The Quails first joined forces over a pint three years ago in a Devon pub. All five had been in previous bands, but ...    48 MB    Views 35
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