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+2    Best Gayatri Mantra app with the following feature: Repeat Mantra for 11,21,51 or 108 times. No requirement of internet during use of app. Smooth transitions & full of animations. Can use Bell , Shankh & Flowers. No push ads, spam in app. Gayatri Mantra: AUM BHOOR BHUWAH ...    6 MB    Views 9985


+8    Our purpose through inspirational music and programing is to offer praise unto God; to edify the saved listener and to plant a seed in the heart of the unsaved listener that Christ will nurture into complete salvation. It is the goal ...    4 MB    Views 920
+4    HLE Radio is a ministry first radio station dedicated to bringing the gospel forth through song in a Christian Country format. It is our desire to reach the lost, touch lives and change people’s way of thinking who think that ...    2 MB    Views 4986

Siempre Cristo

tus hotmail 100 god dios
+3    THE ISSUER OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD. 100% Christian. Write the mail, pray for IT and your needs, let us know the songs you want. leave us your FEEDBACK ...... Psalm 47: 7 BECAUSE GOD IS THE KING OF ...    28 MB    Views 9564


jesus lyrics scores praise lord christian god
+5    20 sweet Christian hymns. Both English and Chinese. Playable not dumb PDF. Autoscrolling in playing or manual scrolling, easy to see scores and lyrics. Pointer on lyrics like TV karaoke plus pitch, speed, instrument adjustable abilities. Smart zoom function to change size of scores ...    301 kb    Views 5025
0    This Project is an attempt to encourage god's people to seek His voice in order to discover their place in the body of christ. It is my hope that you find your answers to the three big questions of life: ...    22 MB    Views 2820

Radio Alabemos

radio god praise
+15    Praise Radio created to praise God . With music that praises to our God . Radio Alabemos    14 MB    Views 1758

Jaime Jorge

god official
-4    This is the official App of Jaime Jorge Jaime is a worldclass violinist who's dedicated his life to serving God and blessing others. His concerts and presentations inspire and motivate hundreds of thousands of people every year to reach their ...    4 MB    Views 9477

Ganesha Mantras

+4    Our Application "Ganesha Mantras" will stream Many Genesha God Mantra's from our music library Songs will be keep updating in our Server that will be reflecting in the application Songs will be streaming in Alphabetic order so that you can ...    31 MB    Views 6908

My Journey FM

+12    No matter where you are in your walk with God, you are welcome on The Journey. The Journey is more than a radio station. We invite you to engage in authentic conversation about life, and even share your story of hope. ...    19 MB    Views 342


-4    Jollee Abraham, the man chosen by God, to serve HIM, through Multimedia. RADIO ZION , is another media that Jollee Abraham decided to use for the Glory of God. Jollee Abraham, gave up his 22 year old Film Career ,in 1997, ...    3 MB    Views 4396


radio jesus word god station gospel world christ son
+14    God is in love with you For God so loved to world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to ...    5 MB    Views 7896
music god check day houston downtown christian
0    KSBJ, Houston’s leading contemporary Christian music radio station, can be heard on 89.3 FM North & East of Downtown Houston and 96.9 South and West of Downtown Houston. As the voice of hope connecting people to God through music and ...    7 MB    Views 9907

KOKS 89.5

Related Apps radio jesus lord god christ gospel station ministry giving
0    KOKS is a 24 Hour Christian Radio station dedicated to giving Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.The Radio Station was established in 1988 by the Stewart family. KOKS is primarily supported with donations by our listeners. KOKS is located at ...    22 MB    Views 212
god prayer ministry
+30    IWOLERIKAN EVANGELICAL MINISTRY is an Interdenominational prayer mountain ministry ordered by God May 8, 2012 after 8hours encounter to liberate men, women, old and young from the oppression of the devil via Apostolic Prayer in the western worlds and worldwide. We ...    10 MB    Views 9051

Ben Tankard

music ben god records latest christian preview note
+11    Welcome to the official Ben Tankard App. Download the Ben Tankard app and preview tracks, purchase music downloads from iTunes and 7Digital, watch the latest videos from Ben Tankard and much more... About Ben Tankard Ben Tankard has been called "the Godfather of ...    15 MB    Views 1472
bible social god christian org related kingdom
+8    MYCSN.ORG is a Christian alternative to other social networks. This website is for anyone interested in Christianity worldwide. This is a place to help expand God's Kingdom. Christians can meet on and offline for friendship, fellowship and worship. Christians can ...    16 MB    Views 738
radio shalom poder los dios victoria esta god
+14    One of my dreams is to one day have an air station as we call ordinary mind to continue preaching this holy word not only in the Los Angeles area but throughout the world. You can be part of this ...    14 MB    Views 6801

Lord Shri Krishna

krishna lord god content supreme
-9    Krishna is the eighth incarnation of the supreme God Vishnu. Krishna is a Godchild, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.Krishna's story are the Mahabharata. Now on your mobile phone. Install application and get the ...    13 MB    Views 6591

Galeed FM

christ 2013 church god tamil
-2    About Galeed FM Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Galeed FM was founded by servant of God Gregory Martine and Sis Mary Sabajini Martine on April 20, 2013 and was dedicated on December 25, 2013 at New life Church of God, Milton Keynes ...    689 kb    Views 7374

Inspire Digital

apple radio australia digital inspire god christian day life
-1    Inspire Digital is Australia's newest Christian radio station with a format of the best Christian music and teaching programs from around Australia and the world. It can be heard on DAB+ digital radio in Sydney and Adelaide, and online via ...    472 kb    Views 7497
bible music songs choose god fun series child noah
+16    From the makers of the 1 Bible Story series on the App Store, introducing a fantastic new way for kids to have fun learning about God Bible Songs Singalong to great Bible Songs and music from the Child Evangelism Fellowship Choose a hero ...    53 MB    Views 6040

Patriotic Music Box

music apps tunes patriotic fireworks includes america national god anthems
-1    Want a fireworks show in your pocket? Great patriotic music to listen to during a fireworks show And now with full screen animations, you can watch animations of fireworks and other patriotic fun stuff Includes these 16 songs. Patriot Tunes America The Beautiful Stars ...    52 MB    Views 5265

Prayer Planet

+23    This is a Free app. When Wanting to get the blessing of God While traveling or Outside. We Could Just take out our iDevice and worship the god we want to pray . A song will be played according to ...    3 MB    Views 1073
piano jesus pianoman play hymn god high friend joy
-2    Anyone can be able to play piano just with one finger♪♪ Limited price per PianoMan off during a special campaign ( ∇)/。・゚・ This application is a piano lesson software, already downloaded by over than 1 million users()∠※PAN The design and the production have been ...    7 MB    Views 7844

Morning Mantra

morning mantra day mantras server gayatri god
+15    When Hindus wake up in the morning, they pray to God, seeking blessings for blessings for the day . we can use Our App "Morning Mantras" to listen meny morning mantra's like Gayatri Mantra which is considered to be the ...    31 MB    Views 3835

Music of our Faith

-3    We believe that the primary purpose of Christian music is to offer praise unto God; to edify the saved listener and to plant a seed in the heart of the unsaved listener that Christ will nurture into complete salvation. Christian music in the ...    4 MB    Views 4736

Guitar God ToolKit

Related Apps guitar scales practice chord view upgrade chords god tracks
+10    Become a Guitar God Essential tools to mastering the Guitar Features: Chromatic Tuner Chord Library Over 1500 Chords View Chord Formation View Finger Placement Strum to hear chord (upgrade to hear all chords) Scales Over 130 Scales View neck formation Upgrade to ...    17 MB    Views 2529

Night Mantra

mantra night gayatri server god
+1    Hindus before going to sleep they pray to God, seeking blessings . we can use Our App "Night Mantra" to listen meny Night mantra's like GanapathiSloka,Gayatri Mantra which is considered to be the most important Mantra (prayer chant). It is ...    7 MB    Views 3683


chalisa god
+6    Chalisa Sangrah is a collection of Most Popular Chalisa of All Major Hindu God and Godess. Chalisa Sangrah application is listed following chalisa of God: Ram, Laxmi, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesh, Shiva, Sai, Shani, Durga. Feature: All the Chalisa are in Hindi language User can read ...    14 MB    Views 1780
gifts dios god
+5    We are a small church of evangelical Christians , with a great appreciation for the study of the Word of God , permanent praise and mercy . We believe God has given His children , gifts ( spiritual gifts ) ...    14 MB    Views 7111


word god teaching ministry
+5    KIHL 103.7 FM is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Hilo. Our desire is to help build up the Kingdom of God through the teaching of the gospel. Isa 55:11 So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it ...    3 MB    Views 2050

Vox of God

Related Apps voice recording simulation audio god vocal features user vox
-6    The “Vox of God” app is a Voice Modulating iOS app developed for Lamb of God in support of the “Resolution" album release. The idea is to create a Lamb of God vocal simulation by applying advanced audio processing techniques ...    17 MB    Views 9163

The Bible Radio

word bible radio god station
-2    This is an Advert free, 24/7, non denominational, Christian Radio Station, playing the latest hits, powerful sermons and verses from the BIBLE. THIS STATION WAS SET UP AS A VOW TO MY GOD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND ISRAEL TO ...    13 MB    Views 4164

Stir Up The Gift

music lives god songs life gift
+14    You and I have a choice of what to do with what is in our hands. In my case, I have scripture songs concerning God’s provisions for spirit, soul, and body. It is in my heart to minister life into the ...    1 MB    Views 8539
praise north east sermons god church
-5    Praise Cathedral is home to vibrant worship, lifechanging sermons, a thriving children's ministry, and a congregation full of caring people. With our mobile app you can: • Watch or listen to the sermons • Sing along with the songs • Share your prayer requests • ...    23 MB    Views 6480
+12    God's melodies Radio station Virtual Radio for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ GENESIS: 2214 Our Vision Winning souls Identifying people with the love of God, be a spiritual guide and counselor, and especially praise the name of God ...    14 MB    Views 951


love music world life god share
+26    "What's Up World;" My name is Jameel "Reborn" Mallory.Thank you for Downloading the IAM REBORN mobile app My Mission is to leave an unforgetable Legacy of Love on the world. This is accomplished one day, one life and one moment ...    27 MB    Views 6396


radio jesus lord worship god christ church life give
+2    Hamdosana Radio is a UK based 24hr online Gospel radio that preaches the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. It plays worship psalms, songs, church services, sermons and much much more... Purposes of this webradio include: • To give ...    961 kb    Views 6104

The Lighthouse WECC

Related Apps word music light day god
0    DescriptionThe Lighthouse WECC is shining the light of God’s Word with current and classic Contemporary Music and Praise. Our mission is to encourage your faith walk in God's Word with music and ministry that will light your path and your dayThe ...    3 MB    Views 6733


Related Apps radio gospel god
+14    Plays GH GOSPEL RADIO USA This is an online christian radio station which seeks to empower people with the seasoned word of God from wonderful preachers from all over Ghana and the world. It also has spirit lifting and powerful ...    13 MB    Views 2311
country god
-6    God's country airs the best in Bluegrass, Country and Southern Gospel along with biblebased teaching programs every day, 24/7    14 MB    Views 1959

WBLW 88.1

ministry god call broadcast church great michigan years
+24    For over ten years we have had the privilege of spreading the good news of the Gospel through Northern Michigan via the airwaves. In recent years, the reach of this ministry has expanded internationally through the use of internet technology. As ...    15 MB    Views 8984
meditation peace god thought
-1    Meditation is the language of the soul with lonely musings to converse with God Pray your best and leave the rest to God. Prayers through Sanskrit, is the nurse of thought and thought for food for meditation. It bathes one ...    51 MB    Views 4578

Shalom FM

radio station shalom song current god buy lord
0    The Hebrew word Shalom reflects its meaning as “The Lord IsPeace”. May the Lord your God shower and eternal peace in your life through your Shalom FM May this FM brings you joy and success in further steps towards ...    699 kb    Views 749

The Worship Channel

Related Apps god kingdom christian
-8    Veteran christian recording artists that warm your heart, bible teachers that promote God's kingdom agenda and a safe place to be quiet in God's presence. Coming alongside christian leaders, pastors and missionaries to help cultivate health, renewal and transformation in ...    9 MB    Views 6429


word strength god listen hast
-9    Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard? The everlasting God, Jehovah, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary; there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to ...    13 MB    Views 1797

Faithful Road

trip time music road god journey give smile bring
-5    Today's Christian Hits Station I really love a road trip. You pack up the car, truck or RV with family, pets or just hit the road alone. To just enjoy the trip is one of God’s blessings. Taking time to reflect ...    3 MB    Views 3805
love church god listen contact
0    If you love the Truth, if you love hymns and soulstirring preaching, if you love the Lord, you'll love this app. The official app of The Church of God. Listen to anointed singing and preaching 24/7 and also listen in unto ...    518 kb    Views 1475
Related Apps video videos song god songs download
+11    Listen to Booples music (all songs included) and purchase videos to download and view within the app. The app comes with all Booples songs and the videos are available for download and viewing within the app. Video lengths... Not Curly, But Straight ...    33 MB    Views 7176
love bible god power christ strength lives christian
-3    Encouragement and inspiration to know God more fully is my hope for you,along with these words from scripture which tell us, "I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to ...    6 MB    Views 1565
Related Apps radio london worship world god
-2    Plays Altarsound Worship Radio London's Flagship Worship Station The mandate for Altarsound Worship Radio is simple: being a medium to bring worshippers across the world into the knowledge of God, thus being drawn into a deeper worship relationship with Him. Powered ...    17 MB    Views 6156


radio web god vision start
-4    Praise the LORD. For the expansion of God’s Kingdom, to me, Balasingam Selvam, God gave a Vision to start Vallamayinthoni web radio. Accordingly, God gave me Grace to start Vallamayinthoni web radio on 07/07/2014. To fulfill this Vision of radio ...    7 MB    Views 7371
radio god
0    Welcome to Radio More Than Conquerors with varied programming to bless your life. We are a Radio That nation in the heart of God to preach the message of God's word to the world this is your home God bless ...    28 MB    Views 2813

GHM Network HD

Related Apps music radio news christian network positive day god contemporary
+28    It's actually all about you At GHM NETWORK Radio, we strive to give you the best music and material that you can find on the radio. ​​​​Because we are listener supported, we play more music...for you You’re faced with enough bad news. ...    24 MB    Views 9876


word strength god listen hast
-5    Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard? The everlasting God, Jehovah, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary; there is no searching of his understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to ...    14 MB    Views 6077
business time god ministries faith victory location pastor
-1    The seed which grew into Faith Victory Ministries International (FVMI) was planted in 2009. After a divine encounter of Pastor Charles Antwi with God in which He laid out His mandate and instructions to follow, he decided to resign from ...    10 MB    Views 6421

Shiva Mantras

music songs shiva application great mantras god devotional
0    Our Application "Shiva Mantras" will stream Many Shiva God Mantra's from our music library Songs will be keep updating in our Server that will be reflecting in the application Songs will be streaming in Alphabetic order so that you can ...    29 MB    Views 731
Related Apps radio gospel world god
0    Around The World Gospel Radio is a online radio station devoted to uplift, inspire, praise & worship. "Spreading The Gospel of GOD" In the name above all names our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth. Thank You For Listening GOD ...    1 MB    Views 4747
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