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0    Purchase the premium version for no Ads and 3000 free coins Sing me something is the latest in karaoke entertainment. Make your front room come alive with the brand new karaoke application. Challenge your friends’ music knowledge by picking a tune, ...    26 MB    Views 7234
music facebook privacy coins quiz guess www awesome
0    PRO QUIZ NO ADVERTS & ALL THE COINS YOU SHOULD NEED HOW ABOUT THIS AWESOME MUSIC QUIZ Guess the music artists like you have never guessed them before It is so simple but SO MUCH FUN You can even challenge your ...    24 MB    Views 2533
magic songs song guess
0    This is a new form of guessing songs. It is not funny for guessing only one song at a time. To test your talent, try more songs together Hundreds of hot songs randomly mixed to a magic sound, and you ...    27 MB    Views 6808

EarTrainer App

+3    Ear training can be fun With EarTrainer you can train your ears in quiz form to detect notes, intervals, triads and scales. Tone detect: EarTrainer plays a tone. You enter your guess of the name of the sound. Recognize interval: EarTrainer plays ...    35 MB    Views 7669
music rock quiz guess game kind
+11    Are you really sure to know everything about Rock music? Prove it with Rock Quiz 2, challenging time and every other rocker in the world. Answer every kind of questions, from classic Rock n' Roll to Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and ...    16 MB    Views 3954

Musician Photo Quiz

+7    Living in the age of multimedia it gets so difficult to follow numerous emerging musicians and music bands, but if you think you know everything about the music scene, then accept this new challenge with Musician Photo Quiz Find out ...    98 MB    Views 4301

Karma Music

-1    Hi there Let me pull up a chair for you and fix you some coffee or tea, perhaps? You will soon be aboard a magical journey filled with ethereal music, a plethora of photos, kaleidoscopes, deep sea divers, romantic moonlight walks, ...    16 MB    Views 2688
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+14    How well do you know your pop music? Could you guess a track from your favourite artist in just a few seconds? Well now you can test your music knowledge with the brand new app NOW What's The Song, brought to ...    NAN    Views 5468
Related Apps love music quiz fun coins factor guess
-6    LOVE MUSIC QUIZZES?? DO YOU LOVE X FACTOR? YOU WILL LOVE THIS AMAZING NEW STYLE QUIZ IT IS A GREAT CHALLENGE Find your favourites Prove your knowledge in this easy to use addictive quiz. FREE 100 COINS LOADS of images to guess Use the ...    11 MB    Views 3456


+11    The Other Side Of Morning official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    7 MB    Views 5247
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+5    Test your memory and Guess The Music Band Prove you're the best with 50 levels and many mystery Puzzles to solve.


1. Simple, instant fun 

2. Regular updates, everlasting fun

 3. Play with friends, shared fun

 A Guess The Music Band is an app ...    18 MB    Views 8979
movie video artists love song soundtracks guess game test rock play rap
+8    OPTIMIZED FOR iOS 7 It's beautiful Tons of bonus content is now free Play all genres at once, or play the electronic and indie song expansion packs for free "The one of a kind music recognition test. Give Shazam and Soundhound the ...    21 MB    Views 301

What's The Song?

Related Apps song clues game title guess
+6    Guess the song from the's that simple Guess the song by spelling out the title in this classic hangman style game. GENRE and the number of letters that make up the song title are your two free clues If you get stuck, ...    41 MB    Views 9062
music facebook privacy guess game coins awesome www free
+7    HOW ABOUT THIS AWESOME MUSIC QUIZ Guess the music artists like you have never guessed them before It is so simple but SO MUCH FUN You can even challenge your friends and fellow music fans If you guess correctly you WIN coins ...    24 MB    Views 1424

Battle Of The Tunes

audio movie facebook social people video lists guess song coins play game tunes friends fun friend
-8    Battle of the Tunes is a fun filled, addictive and hilarious social game. It is kind of like playing audio charades with friends but way more awesome. The aim is to pick a song, person or sound from one of the ...    32 MB    Views 3706
artist music guess
+3    Can you guess all 118 levels of Wubu Guess the Music Artist?    15 MB    Views 7824

Music Super Trivia

+11    This app is a collection of facts and quotes about Music which you can share through Email, Twitter and Facebook. Did you know most popular modern guitarists were left handed? Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney. Did you know the word ...    10 MB    Views 1428

Florian Meindl

-2    Music, it's all about music The deep meaning behind it. The experience while listening and feeling it. The force to turn something to good. Stay tuned to my official iPhone application to hear my latest tracks, see photos from my events ...    2 MB    Views 1438

90's Music

-4    Easy radios to listen international 90s music. Stream music in the background while you use other things. Control audio player view playing channel from the lock screen. Hottest 90's music music wherever you are. Optional buffer signal. Universal app compatible with the iPhone iPad iTouch.    4 MB    Views 2776
apps dancing facebook fun quiz judge privacy guess
+16    Think you know your DWTS? Prove it in this easy to use fun UNOFFICIAL quiz. 8 Levels including... Guess the Judge & Presenters Guess the Guest Judge Winners Level PLUS lots of Season Levels Download this addictive UNOFFICIAL DWTS Quiz and start having ...    4 MB    Views 5828
singers music bands play required puzzles tips guess quiz songs
+11    GUESS THE SINGER OR MUSIC BAND Each puzzle consists of 5 songs tips: Can you guess the name of these US and UK singers and music bands with as less song tips as possible? Download this quiz game to test your ...    12 MB    Views 5660
photo musician music quiz memory levels choose numerous addictive guess
+28    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Living in the age of multimedia it gets so difficult to follow numerous emerging musicians and music bands, but if you think you know everything about the music scene, then accept this new challenge with Musician Photo ...    118 MB    Views 5321
music facebook twitter song hits game guess https fan
-9    So, you think you know music? If you are a music fan, this trivia game is for you Can you guess the song from 4 images? Can you guess the song from a short song preview? Everyone will find something interesting in this ...    37 MB    Views 6747

Tune Tweets

games tweets tune band guess fun bands give
+9    Tune Tweets gives you the tweet, you guess the band From Staffy Studios, the creators of popular iOS games Guess That Candy and Fairytale Gossips, TUNE TWEETS will keep you coming back for more With tweets full of lyrics, hashtags and emoticons ...    23 MB    Views 3885

Know Tunes

+6    Play a guess the intro music game directly from your iPhone using songs from your own music library. You'll hear the start of a song and get 3 choices for guessing what the track is. Click on your choice and see ...    328 kb    Views 3045
sound addicting fun guess simple pop quiz play game gameplay
+10    ••• GUESS THE SOUND EFFECT ••• INSANELY ADDICTING Sound Pop Quiz is a simple, addicting game where you listen to sound effects and try to guess what made the sound INSTANT FUN • No signup required • Simple gameplay • No rules ...    20 MB    Views 9655

Music Charades

videos music facebook song friends guess share clues give categories save
-3    Music Charades is a song guessing charade game that you can play with your friends and family. Place your phone on forehead and try to guess the song from hints and clues your friends give you. Tilt your phone down when you ...    12 MB    Views 8231
-1    Guess Song Pro 疯狂猜歌(专业版) You can guess song from here, which all the song name are Chinese. We have more than 470 songs ,which are all popular. Let's go Reveal Function When we can't puzzle the word, we can reveal a letter. Remove Function We can ...    72 MB    Views 31

Muziq Revolutions

music challenge friends international compete guess
+2    MuziqRevolutions is a game designed to pit your knowledge against that of the world. Create games that challenge friends and family or compete with others to guess those already in play. Compete against everyone to guess the trackartist in this classic ...    17 MB    Views 2136

Jazz Harmony

music progression chord notes chords matrix read missing exercise sheet guess
+11    A professional application for jazz and pop musicians as well as for all music students. An excellent method to learn chord notes without your instrument. In a train, on a plane or while you are waiting in a line, you can ...    8 MB    Views 9806
time bollywood game levels ultimate answer guess application
+10    Dialogue Baazi Guess the Bollywood Dialogues is the ultimate Bollywood Quiz game which grills you on your knowledge of Bollywood dialogues, new and old. ULTIMATE TIME KILLER for the Indian Bollywood fans.. 240 UNIQUE Levels and More coming soon. Features Has dialogues from ...    22 MB    Views 1887
love facebook privacy quiz guess www song
+2    Safe App – No Adverts Love your 4 Pics style quiz?? Then you will love this app Can you guess the song title? PROVE IT Bright and fun this quiz will challenge you All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respective owners ...    10 MB    Views 5667

CM Feed

+4    Stream low bit music from diverse artists. The focus of this app is to let you explore music from the website Chiptunes on the go    617 kb    Views 3442

Now 97.9

+7    Now 97.9 with today's best music No rap. No hard rock. Not too old. Not to's a great mix of current adult contemporary music featuring such hit artists as: Taylor Swift, David Cook, Coldplay, Matchbox 20, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, ...    2 MB    Views 9176

Whats the Song

Related Apps song skip levels clues guess
+3    Guess That Song Can you guess the song from the given clues? The best game for music lovers everywhere HOURS OF FUN Go through hundreds of levels and pictures as you test your pop culture knowledge More puzzles added ...    19 MB    Views 2611
music puzzle play songs game song friends hundreds guess addictive levels
0    Can you listen to piano music clips and guess the song names from hundreds of wellknown songs from famous artists? Download now to play and enjoy your favorite music played by pianist with this truly fun and addictive puzzle game. FEATURES: Hundreds ...    28 MB    Views 1343
word song reveal remove guess game function
+14    The most popular guess song game, post80s. Game play is very simple, through the audition for a short song, and then a combination of songs from the alternative text name. Let's going to challenge Reveal Function When we can't puzzle the word, we ...    64 MB    Views 9786

BUZZER! Music Quiz

+10    ======================================== App Store Reviews: ♫ "If you loved Buzz on the Playstation, you'll love this." ♫ "I've been waiting for an app like this for ages. I love Buzzer" ♫ "by far the best music quiz out there" ♫ "Buzzer is absolutely ...    3 MB    Views 1449

Guess This Track

Related Apps music challenge song guess track play game friends record
+5    Do you want a brand new music game, a game that has no ads and where you fully control the music challenge? Choose songs from your own song library, then easily edit the song clip to be guessed, and send ...    7 MB    Views 8971
Related Apps lyrics forget don level guess rock song
+25    Don't forget the lyrics rock is the last version of Don't forget the lyrics is a game based on tv show where you'll have to guess the rest of the song, you will hear part of the song and will ...    21 MB    Views 9148
singer star game guess quiz stars top fun
+6    The most popular and biggest celeb singer & star quiz finally has arrived. Do you know ALL THE SINGER, ACTOR or ACTRESS STAR ? The concept is simple, you have 1 pictures and you must guess which star it is ...    6 MB    Views 3646


-3    1.Provides a variety of classification and function of music, meet the needs of you and your baby's hearing。 2.You can also add music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.    38 MB    Views 1343
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-4    How Much Do You LOVE music shows Who are your favourite IDOLS?? Guess contestants, judges, presenters, artists, icons and legends. Correct Answers Win Coins Need Help Use Coins How High Can You Score Simple Download NOW and start the challenge All rights, content and trademarks are ...    19 MB    Views 452
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-7    Guess famous songs in your country This app plays famous hits around you from 25 music genres.    8 MB    Views 8703
festivals artists love guess fun quiz coins
+3    We all LOVE FESTIVALS And you will LOVE this festivals quiz Loads of Levels to Play.....guess the groups, artists, logos and festivals So simple...guess right and win coins...use coins if you need a dig out You can even challenge your fellow fans in ...    18 MB    Views 8040
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+14    Guess the song based on the first 5 seconds Guess The Intro is the ultimate musicguessing trivia app featuring: 350 song intros for you to guess 5 glorious categories: 00's Modern Day Rap & Hip Hop 90's Old School    45 MB    Views 1743
guess reveal
-8    Reveal the pics to guess what's the name of your favorite teen star 120 levels you can earn coins and use them to reveal hints    8 MB    Views 7765
dancing fun quiz judge including levels guess
+14    Think you know your SCD? Prove it in this easy to use fun UNOFFICIAL quiz. 13 Levels including... Guess the Judge & Presenters Guess the Guest Judge Winners Level PLUS 10 Season Levels including 2012 Download this addictive SCD Quiz and start having ...    4 MB    Views 5084


0    "Tarang" is best music app for "South india" music lovers. This is provided by Vega Entertainment Private Limited. In this we have audio songs & Full length HD Quality Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam Movies. And best Action,Comedy, Romantic & Sentiment ...    5 MB    Views 333

Guess the Artist

artist voice play guess style
+12    Can you name an artist by their voice or musical style? Guess the Artist includes 3 awesome ways to play solo, speed, and multiplayer "An insanely fun and addicting app. One of the best apps I've downloaded in a while. ...    16 MB    Views 6636


-3    the planets no'1 eclectic underground music radio station bringing you the very best in music    792 kb    Views 1293


Related Apps music lovers song quiz game guess fun pop hint
+28    Top 3 on the iTunes iPad chart in the US, UK and Australia – Feb 2011. Customer reviews: “Fun quiz for music lovers A unique and fun visual quiz experience for the music enthusiasts :)” “Makes me happy I love ...    153 MB    Views 8830
artists guess rapper hop hip pictures
+5    What Rapper is pictured? Each puzzle contains four pictures that feature famous hip hop artists Can you guess them all? NO HASSLES No online registration, no complicated points systems or rules. Just click play and have fun CAN YOU GUESS ...    33 MB    Views 8685

MyMusic Game

music guess choose game title answers song songs
-5    Play with your music and rediscover your favorite songs. With MyMusic Game you can have fun trying to guess the title of the music you're listening, randomly selecting songs from your music library, You can choose whether to guess the song ...    5 MB    Views 9192

Pop Song Quiz

Related Apps song added pop genres guess
+24    Can you guess the Song? Listen to the song and guess the Title or Artist. Featuring the latest pop song and classic from many genres. Watch the animated characters dance along as the songs are played. More genres added soon. Just Added: new levels for ...    30 MB    Views 911
music challenge facebook love quiz friends songs players guess play
-9    The world’s most popular music trivia game Music Quiz now comes in a multiplayer version: Music Quiz DUEL Listen to clips from thousands of songs and guess the correct artist or title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends or play ...    NAN    Views 1482
Related Apps music band guess
+4    Think you know music? Guess The Band is the ultimate test of your music knowledge. Progress through the levels to unlock more music genres and some pretty darn tricky artists    18 MB    Views 8255

97.7 Guess FM

+15    97.7 Guess FM does the channel surfing for you All of the great songs you love on one radio station in Memphis.    22 MB    Views 7727
-5    Download Guess the 90's Tune now and relive the nostalgia Listen to the clips and guess the word If you watched TV shows like Friends and Hey Arnold and listened to funky music like Macarena, then this is the 90s trivia app ...    36 MB    Views 4393
artists music trivia game play bands greatest packed guess countries fun
+12    From the makers of 1 trivia game in 3 countries and top 5 trivia game across 15 countries Greatest Music Artists packed into one game HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU KNOW? Have a look at the image and guess the artist/band. It’s ...    44 MB    Views 4687
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