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Chordana Tap

+25    【Operating requirements】 iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c iPod touch (5th generation) iPad2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4thgeneration),iPad mini ※iOS 6.0 or later required. *Important* ・To use iTunes in the Cloud songs (songs purchased or played through the iTunes Match service), first download the songs to ...    278 MB    Views 4142
0    Songwriting under the gun Sean Rowe enters the ad hoc SXSW studio of the SongCraft/Dubway team to compose and record a song in a day Can he do it? Let’s see what Sean and guys come up with. Singersongwriter, producer Ben ...    712 MB    Views 7373

Power Playlist

song songs custom
+5    Create and save custom playlists from your iPod App Great for creating work out mixes ‘Quick Start’ for 60, 1minute songs Custom features include: •Fading Between Songs •Spoken Song Numbers •Song Length and Number of Songs •Start song from the middle to jump right into it    4 MB    Views 4925


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+9    Before you take another breath WATCH THIS AMAZING DEMO VIDEO: RIFF is an entirely new way to play lead guitar. No other guitar app is this instantly playable. RIFF makes playing guitar leads a "nobrainer' by restricting the notes you play ...    23 MB    Views 6320

Guitar Vision

guitar music library song vision chords chord itunes pitch diagrams
+4    Learn to play any iTunes song Guitar Vision takes a radical new approach to guitar tablature: It attempts to extract guitar tracks out of any song in your iTunes library and transcribe it into guitar chords through patentpending polyphonic pitch detection technology, ...    21 MB    Views 1031


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+21    Jam with your favorite bands…with Jammit Isolate or remove an instrument from the mix & jam with the original multitracks And now: Line 6 and Jammit have partnered to create the ultimate guitar jamalong experience for iPhone and iPad. With the ...    14 MB    Views 5076
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+8    Learn to play your favorite artist's songs with this all in one Guitar learning and reference tool. Download, upload or purchase fully interactive guitar tabs music with adjustable tempo, multiple track playback, audio playback, and fingering guides that show you ...    53 MB    Views 6078


guitar learning playing song learn ideal fretboard jam hand
+7    About iMproGuitar makes learning the improvisation method of Guitar playing simple. Ever wonder what key the song is in? Ever wonder how to Jam along with a song or some musicians but don't know where to begin? iMproGuitar takes you through ...    176 MB    Views 7075
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+14    Apps4iDevices: "A killer app ", 4/4 stars 
AppAdvice: 4/5 stars
 "It’s got all of the usefulness of an entire library of tablature, but none of the mess or 
backbreaking physical requirements that come with lugging it around"

 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS APP ...    3 MB    Views 4361


+3    Featuring music by Peter Gabriel and other artists in 25years celebration of the iconic So album by Peter Gabriel. 10 song versions included (incl. 6 Peter Gabriel song versions). EUROPEAN INNOVATIVE GAMES AWARD nominee. The app allows anybody – novices, ...    4 MB    Views 8990


songs song
+23    Browse DJ and Karaoke song books on your phone, and send song requests to the DJ's on stage laptop. Search songs by keyword, letter, or latest songs added. Save songs to your Favs folder EASY and fast to use.    6 MB    Views 8533
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+23    The PlayAlong Acoustic Guitar app listens to your playing and guides you through the melody of the selected song. Choose to play any of the 250+ songs, scales and riffs from our music library. You can share your experience by recording a ...    82 MB    Views 8632

Kid's Guitar

Related Apps guitar learning teachers voice video scrolling songs hands song chord songbook practice screen
+19    Kid's Guitar is a great learning tool for children (and even their parents, teachers, nurses, kindergarten teachers) who are interested in learning simple songs on the guitar quickly and easily. If you just started to play the guitar at school ...    41 MB    Views 8327

Bass Guitar!

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+17    Ever wanted to play the Bass Guitar? Well now you can Get bass guitar lessons on your device. Features learn real songs on the bass guitar. play the full fret board. songs updated constantly. What are you waiting for? Install now    20 MB    Views 2672
guitar music karaoke party iphone facebook songs chords subscription easy song
-1    FourChords Guitar Karaoke is the fastest way to learn new songs The songs are displayed in karaokestyle display with easy chords, an acoustic backing track and lyrics. Songs are rearranged into easy versions, no knowledge of tabs or sheet music ...    90 MB    Views 1075


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+14    Ever wanted to learn to play songs on the guitar? Well now you can on this app. Features: choose from a huge selection of popular and traditional songs to learn. all sounds are recorded on a live guitar in a professional ...    9 MB    Views 7007

Play Guitar

guitar chords play song enter simply capo device
+18    Do you ever wish you knew more Guitar chords? Do you ever wish it was easier to play more trickier chords (we all remember learning or trying to learn F)? Imagine if you could enter the chords you know into a ...    225 kb    Views 9622

Khmer Video Song I

Related Apps khmer song songs
-7    Enjoy collections of Karaoke Song in Khmer Thousands of songs. Classic, Modern, Love. Many genre to choose from Make your own playlist Continuous updated with new songs    8 MB    Views 678


+11    oiid is a brand new multitrack format made out of pure passion for music. It lets you interact, play and discover songs in a way you have never done before. A song more than often consists of several tracks. Like bass, ...    NAN    Views 8521
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-8    The PlayAlong Classical Guitar app listens to your playing and guides you through the melody of the selected song. Choose to play any of the 250+ songs and scales from our music library. You can share your experience by recording a performance ...    77 MB    Views 2131
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+29 is pleased to offer you "Beginner Guitar Songs" for your iPhone. This easy to use music application will let you learn to play the guitar even if you have never even touched the instrument before.    9 MB    Views 3497
guitar music chord song play unique handed instantly chords record
0    Write and learn the best music of your life, in minutes. A songwriting tool like no other. Whether you are a beginner who wants to quickly tap out the song in your head or a music master that wants maximum flexibility, ...    46 MB    Views 4047

MusicTiles Lite

guitar music playing artists instrument tiles tile sound song version side produce songs modular
0    This is the limited Lite version of the full MusicTiles app. FREE offer during Easter week 2014 Featuring music by Roskilde Festival artists, Peter Gabriel, and other artists. EUROPEAN INNOVATIVE GAMES AWARD nominee. The app allows anybody – novices, musicians, ...    4 MB    Views 3015
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+3    Wanna have your very own mobile phone band? " ISing " your carryon instruments, the mobile phone band, personal recording studio. As long as you sing to iPhone, ipad, it can give your song accompaniment automatically. Make your iPhone a live band, ...    17 MB    Views 6381
+29    "Exceptional Detectional" 4/5 stars 148Apps Learn to play "Teardrops On My Guitar" by Taylor Swift, with tomChord 2.0 on youtube: What the users are saying: "This is a great tool unusually tucked away in the store. Highly recommended." Brian Rice (US) "By far, from ...    4 MB    Views 2305


guitar chord chords button mode seventh song sing zoom
-6    iGtar is a virtual guitar and much more Hold and play it like a real guitar or place the iGtar in front of you to access preset chords with just the push of a button. Your personal guitar sound options ...    46 MB    Views 9828
guitar tab tabs pro favorite service play song songs
+1    TAB PRO IS THE WORLD'S 1 GUITAR TAB SERVICE, AVAILABLE ON iOS, WEB AND ANDROID. Learn, practice and play your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. Get instant access to 200,000 interactive tabs with playback and multiple instruments. View favorite tabs and create ...    19 MB    Views 6358

Guitar Songbook Pro

-9    Do you ever forget the guitar songs that you know how to play, when at a friend's house or at a party? Or ever wish you could compose songs on the move? Imagine if you could save all your favourite songs on ...    186 kb    Views 579
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-7    Want to learn to play your favourite songs on the guitar? Wish you can play a song on guitar but don't quite know where to start? Do you watch YouTube tutorial videos, but can't quite figure out that guitar riff ...    20 MB    Views 1733


text guitar song play wanted enter sing mode paste
+14    Youre a guitar player and song singer? Ever wanted to sing your favorite song you know by heart, but forgot about the text? Heres your solution, text4song always has your texts and can prompt you through the song. Just enter a new ...    177 kb    Views 8277
singers time guitar songs set musicians ideas song pedal create performing
+7    NOTE: Songhub is now a oneoff purchase. No inapp purchases or subscriptions are required. Mac App Coming Soon Why carry around huge folders of chord charts, write song ideas on scraps of paper and forget melody ideas because you didn't have a ...    8 MB    Views 1879
guitar library chord songs song editor chords create
+1    SONGoLOGIST is a mobile songbook, guitar chord library, and sheet music editor in one. Browse hundreds of songs from pop, rock, country, jazz, R&B and more. A comprehensive chord dictionary with over 1000 chords is accessible from within each song ...    4 MB    Views 3438
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-6    Free Guitar Magazine. Guitar Coach Magazine is a totally free magazine for all guitarists, packed with practical guitar coaching videos, features, news, articles & reviews. Video lessons from beginner to intermediate level, including songs, riffs, licks, solos and improvisation. Subscribe and ...    25 MB    Views 7465

Tone Me

guitar tone key songs offers write chords notation rules
+19    Tone Me is an innovating app that makes the rules of musical composition accessible to all . It allows novices to use the rules without master, and confirmed to save a lot of time. It is the ideal tool for ...    8 MB    Views 1507
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-3    This is a constantly becomes larger catalog of the most popular worldwide English Hits and German "Kult" Songs, that can be replayed with the guitar directly from the tablet. Guitar Backing Tracks simulates a realsounding band, that can accompany you as ...    11 MB    Views 3770


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+5    SongMaker is an application that can be supportive to each guitar to novice and beyond who want to practice with a metronome with a precise tap meter or well equipped with musical grooves really "cool" divided by styles and with ...    29 MB    Views 179
guitar chords songs play
+7    /// We have complains about initial chord load. Please reopen Chordpedia to resolve the issued, if you are using it for first time. We are working to resolve it ASAP. /// Chordpedia is all about songs and chords to play on ...    14 MB    Views 3893
+9    With, you can play your part along with a chosen track and record it and enjoy mixing it with other parts recorded tracks. you will not able to gather in a studio, or you can't find band members, or ...    9 MB    Views 9327


guitar music playing recording virtual library apps iphone songs chords buttons scales play song
+29    ? The electric guitar used on Atomic Tom's viral music video: ? No other iPhone guitar comes even close. "High end technology for peanuts. Don't know how they do it. Stellar guitar app." jjw14 "If you buy nothing else, buy ...    20 MB    Views 3136
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+11    Guitar and Bass Tabs Find your Guitar Tabs by simply tapping, let users browse through a collection of guitar and bass tablature, Features a tutorial and a large variety of song scores.It is very useful tool,and quite Fun and Easy to use. How ...    5 MB    Views 2599
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+4    Ever wanted to learn to play songs on the guitar? Well now you can on this free app. Features: choose from a huge selection of popular and traditional songs to learn. all sounds are recorded on a live guitar in a ...    26 MB    Views 4640
guitar music apple playing challenge songs play subscription free song current
+15    Play timeless guitar classics and popular radio hits for free. No prior experience necessary Yokee’s Guitar app is so easy to use, you’ll be playing like a pro within seconds. Enjoy a rich songbook of songs across a wide variety of music ...    52 MB    Views 8887

Bass & Guitar Tabs

guitar tabs bass find song play check favourite master
-7    Do you want be a Bass and Guitar Master? Wanna have the Most and the Coolest Bass & Guitar Tabs collection? Just Check it out here Own it Now Bass & Guitar Tabs will help you find the song tabs you want ...    5 MB    Views 1795

Guitar Song Lessons

guitar search lessons song songs learn multiple tabs charts
+15    The Guitar Song Lessons App is a quick, easy way to learn songs while on the go. It features highquality videos with professional instructors and multiple angles so you can learn to play quickly and accurately. Tabs and charts included We ...    5 MB    Views 5953

Songs 4 Kids

kids guitarists guitar songs song row lyrics nursery rhymes
0    Ever wanted to learn to play children’s nursery rhymes and songs on guitar? Now you can – it’s easy, thanks to the new Songs 4 Kids app, which includes lyrics, chord charts and audio versions of each song. Seeing the lyrics ...    8 MB    Views 3106
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+4    Automagically extract the chords for any song stored on your iPhone or iPad. ReChord features the fastest and most accurate chord detection engine. It starts detecting beats and chords in one second at most. The chords are beautifully displayed with big ...    16 MB    Views 8371

Guitar with Songs

Related Apps guitar songs
-9    Learn to play songs on the guitar. choose from a huge selection of songs. sounds recorded on a real guitar.    12 MB    Views 5760
guitar play learn electric songs
+26    Play and learn songs with Electric Guitar by OnBeat. Features: • choose from 10 songs to learn. • play guitar chords. • play along the full fretboard.    8 MB    Views 654
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+2    Unlimited downloads of quality fingerstyle guitar arrangemts from Solo Fingerstyle Guitar lessons presented in interactive onscreen animated fretboard format. Users are able to slow down, step through the songs, even look at the TAB. 1500+ quality arrangements available and new songs ...    4 MB    Views 356

Guitar Karaoke

guitar karaoke chords lead run versions free song
+22    Guitar Karaoke will take you and your guitar to a new level. Play your favorite songs and learn guitar at the same time there has never been more fun to learn the chords All the chords that appear in the ...    3 MB    Views 5086
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-8    Write and learn the best music of your life, in minutes. A guitar songwriting tool like no other. Whether you are a beginner who wants to quickly tap out the song in your head or a music master that wants maximum ...    47 MB    Views 8472

讚美之泉 Pro

music search guitar browse videos song access praise worship stream
0    Very first Praise & Worship App among Chinese ministries that allows you to search by categories and transpose music. Access to Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 songs at any place & time. PRO Version Build Your own worship song set list ...    84 MB    Views 8835


guitar playing music song settings fretboard unlock note turn tempo
-9    Guitar... A FREE interactive guitar at your fingertips. Strum and play 16 animated songs using music notation or TAB. ♫ Wishful ♫ Au Claire de la Lune (Remix) ♫ Go Tell Aunt Rhody ♫ Mary Had A Little Lamb ♫ Sweetly Sings the Donkey ♫ Jolly ...    34 MB    Views 9377
Related Apps guitar christmas lyrics song strumming chord included songs background strum
+5    This app only contains english language. Learn to play christmas songs on your guitar with these playalongs. Or use this as a Christmas karaoke singalong. Each song contains Lyrics. you strum to the playalong while listening to the strumming guitar in the background ...    43 MB    Views 8925

Guitar Magic Free

Related Apps guitar music magic bach play beethoven string song electric strings prelude free
+25    Merry Christmas Guitar Magic is a musical game on iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with 8 different guitar sounds: Classic Nylon, Acoustic, Jazz, 12Strings Acoustic, Clean Electric, Muted Electric, Distortion, Overdriven Features: Strings are highlighted as you play to help you learn. No more sheet music ...    17 MB    Views 5663

Christian Song

Related Apps songs song christian
-6    This app contains more than four hundreds of uplifting Christian songs, accompanied by colorful pictures, for you to listen to on a daily basis. Whether you choose your favorite songs or click the Auto Play option, these songs are guaranteed ...    36 MB    Views 2532


guitar playing chords chord combinations song save strum finger
-6    An easytouse guitar that you can strum. Provides an intuitive interface that makes playing the guitar simple. Playing a chord only requires one finger and you can strum with another. Configure onetouch chord combinations to play almost any song. And ...    9 MB    Views 5202
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-4    “Well, as a big fan of the Beatles and a guitarist this has pretty much all I need. The tab seems very accurate and those playalong tracks sound like the real thing” iTunes Customer Review The team behind The Beatles: ...    200 MB    Views 6284


Related Apps guitar song playalong chord speed play songs ukulele banjo learn
+12    Supernifty's Playalong offers an easy new way to learn a new song on your guitar, ukulele or banjo. Playalong provides ukulele, guitar and banjo chords, and lyrics to each song, while keeping you in time with the timing of the original ...    6 MB    Views 2700
guitar music ipad wikipedia library videos twitter facebook audio songs song subscription community purchase play tabs free
+5    Learn to play your favorite artist's songs with this all in one Guitar learning and reference tool. Download, upload or purchase fully interactive guitar tabs music with adjustable tempo, multiple track playback, audio playback, and fingering guides that show you ...    53 MB    Views 7701
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