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+3    This application gives you access to the DJDaddyChris world. Podcasts from the Daddychris radio show and music produced by daddychris. Pictures from club nights plus more. DJ Daddychris UK Top underground , Host,DJ,Producers , Entertainer DJ Daddychris is one of lONDONS UK leading DJ/Hosts/Producers ...    7 MB    Views 9902

AudioTools Wireless

+12    AudioTools Wireless is a procaliber SPL Meter, with A and C weighting, and also includes an audio signal generator that can produce sine waves, square waves, and white and pink noise. It also can send the microphone audio wirelessly to other ...    15 MB    Views 2514


+17    Best of electropop you hear only here in Lo mejor del electropop lo escuchas solo aqui en    28 MB    Views 5836
+1    Online Streaming Radio for indonesian radio with more than 430 Stations available. Feature : play in background play in lockscreen save your favorite stations with bookmark quick search by radio name or city Simply designed, you dont even need to learn ...    292 kb    Views 2691

Cherrytree Radio

+13    Cherrytree Radio plays a Pop Alternative music mix including, but not limited to, music by the artists of Cherrytree Records. Programs include shows by artists & staff such as DDub's R&B Back Rub hosted by Donnie Wahlberg, The Cherry Bomb ...    14 MB    Views 2869


+27    Like a jukebox in the cloud, this app allows users to connect their iOS devices so anyone can have a say in the music that is playing, creating a perfect mosaic of everyone's favorite music. After one user hosts a party, ...    7 MB    Views 9776

Joy Box

party songs song host joy box device devices add queue remove
-5    JoyBox is the easiest way to control songs playing on another iOS device at a party or while you are in bed at home. Just have one device "Become a Joy Box Host" and allow other devices to connect. As a ...    1 MB    Views 7810
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0    Record, play, and remix stereo audio loops in realtime from the audio input of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Designed for both live and studio use, Everest puts the power of four roadworthy, independently controlled, selfsynchronizing samplers in the ...    5 MB    Views 9124


drawing iphone device multitouch visit max http works host
-1    ===== Note Fantastick works with all iOS devices and versions. To support the tall screen size of iPhone 5, download "Fantastick Gold Edition". ===== Use your iPhone/iPod/iPad with Max/MSP or Pure Data Fantastick turns your device to a custom multitouch controller. Send ...    179 kb    Views 6079
+4    Joe's is a 20,000 square foot warehousestyle venue located near Lincoln Park in Chicago. Joe's specializes in live music and special events, and sports bar. Joe's features five party rooms including a unique rooftop patio deck. With over 110 plasma televisions ...    13 MB    Views 3626


host osc
-3    LH XYZ is an OSC message sender App that sends your iPhone iPodtouch or ipad accelerometer sensor data over your wireless network to your OSC host application. Host applications: Logic Pro/Express,PureData,MaxMSP Jitter,Supercollider,VVVV,Ableton Live,etc...    595 kb    Views 278
radio rock hosted john real
+18    KSHE 95, "Real Rock Radio" was one of the very first radio stations to play rock music on FM. After its November 1967 birth, KSHE is the longest running rock station in the world. KSHE main artists include Led Zeppelin, ...    18 MB    Views 7732


music radio audio entertainment artists live stations internet friends discover playlists host
+4    urRadio provides FREE music streaming and unlimited LIVE Internet Radio stations hosted by your favorite Friends, Artists and the best Entertainers. urRadio allows anyone to be an online radio host or DJ, and discover new music and other entertainment by tuning ...    16 MB    Views 3943
radio social hosted show soul blues network events southern share
-6    Southern Soul Network is a Dallas based syndicator of radio programming to terrestrial radio stations, including THE R&B BLUES REVUE hosted by Da Wolf, voted the 1 syndicated southern soul & blues show in the country by the JUS’ BLUES ...    16 MB    Views 3406


wifi audio device hosted listen source songs user
0    This App allows to listen music in multicast streaming direct from a Bluemoz Hotspot device, all the audio / video files are hosted on the device, each user if download the Onstage App and connects with own smartphone via WiFi ...    21 MB    Views 5737

Mambo 94.9 FM

radio mambo streaming punto
+3    Radio station, founded in Punto fijo, Edo. Falcon, with a signal covering the entire state and islands of the Caribbean, we Mambo 94.9 Sound Moves you. Streaming. Emisora de radio, fundada en Punto fijo, Edo. Falcon, con una señal que cubre ...    13 MB    Views 6249


video photos files usb memory smart phone host smartphone device devices
+1    Smart USB Jak Jak is a unique WiFi/USB device that lets you use part of your smart phone memory like a USB memory. It has a shape similar to ordinary USB memory and works with most USB memory compatible host devices such ...    23 MB    Views 4979


ummu server ls9 host computer strongsoft installed
-7    Remotely controls delays, phase and automation on the outputs of the Yamaha LS9 console. To use the App you need UMMU Server installed on the host computer, To use the App you must have UMMU Server installed on the host ...    766 kb    Views 9052


-9    NERadio Best of House, Handz Up, Hardstyle och Trance Listen to NERadio for free in your mobile phone. Easy access to all of NERadio’s channels: •NERadio Sweden Handz Up with Swedish radio hosts and exclusive mixes •NERadio Nonstop – The best ...    4 MB    Views 8110

The Host Club

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+9    Experience The Host Club in a new way with their interactive music app This immersive app keeps you up to date with the band and features: Music Listen to The Host Club's full album, Coincidence Read lyrics, view images, and learn about ...    47 MB    Views 1223

DJ Streaming

www http html application streaming
+5    DJ Streaming Application สามารถค้นหาสถานีที่เพิ่งลงใหม่ได้ทันที แสดงรูปภาพสถานี / แสดงชื่อเพลง / แสดงจำนวนผู้ฟัง / แสดงชื่อผู้จัดรายการ สามารถค้นหาสถานีได้ด้วย QRcode และรหัสประจำสถานี สามารถแชร์ QRcode ให้เพื่อนฟังได้ สามารถเพิ่ม/ลบ สถานีได้อย่างอิสระ มีระบบแจ้งเตือนเมื่อมีการเล่นสถานีใหม่และเมื่อสถานีไม่ออนไลน์ รองรับการสตรีมมิ่งด้วยระบบ Shoutcast และ Icecast ดูวิธีใช้งานที่ ลง Application ฟรีเพียงเช่าวิทยุออนไลน์ที่ ฟรีระบบจัดการวิทยุออนไลน์จาก DJ.IN.TH    2 MB    Views 6092

Dojo Music

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+13    Dojo is the easiest way to DJ with your friends. Whether you’re on a group road trip or at a monster bash, Dojo gives everyone a shot at the turntables. Host a playlist, let multiple users search and add songs in ...    2 MB    Views 5590

Speak Ya Mind Radio

Related Apps radio music artist host speak face play station mind
-2    Speak Ya Mind Radio is a podcast radio station. We play Old School HipHop, Rap and R&B to bring back the definition of real music. We also play Unsigned Artist from all around the world who deserve to be listened ...    16 MB    Views 7104

Go 96.3

music modern baseball hosts access play connect
+10    Where modern music is going – Go 96.3 At Go 96.3 we love music. And where it's going. We are local and independent. We care about our people, our city and our community. We play what we want — for you ...    6 MB    Views 1371


+19    INTERACTIVE SOCIAL MUSIC APP THAT LETS YOU HOST MUSIC ROOMS AND BE A DJ PHONOGRAM is an interactive social music app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app is used to play music at social gatherings. Users of the ...    3 MB    Views 3892

Sugar Water Radio

radio sugar water hosts favorite
+24    With the hot new Sugar Water Radio App you will be able to keep up with your favorite infotainment hosts and the rest of the Sugar Water Radio Fam Browse the site, view the "currently playing" list, purchase songs from ...    927 kb    Views 328


party music playlist don host playlists create
+13    Don't you hate having to make playlists for the parties you throw? Don't like any of the music being played at a party you attend? Well, no need to sing the blues. JookBox is your go to music party app JookBox allows for ...    5 MB    Views 9634

CrowdTunes Host

+10    CrowdTunes Host allows party hosts to launch a jukebox party and play music to the genre of their choice. This version of CrowdTunes is for party hosts only. Key features of the application include: launch jukebox change party image change music ...    14 MB    Views 1065


music ipad audio playing editing time control host switch nas play
-2    This application program is used to control the music server products of QAT. QAT’ music servers combine the technology in HiEnd audio with the IT perfectly. Its remote controlling uses the selfdeveloped iPad application. The host communicates with the remote ...    42 MB    Views 2198

GEQ Remote

remote computer host pro control geq graphic midi
-8    GEQ Remote is a faderbased MIDI controller for controlling 31 band Graphic EQs that respond to MIDI control change messages (such as the Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496). To use the remote, you must have DSMidiWifi installed on the host computer. ...    471 kb    Views 8661
music ipad audio control host application hard remote user
-9    This application is used to control the music server products of QAT. QAT’s music servers combine the technology in HiEnd audio with the IT together perfectly. The host of music server could rip, store and play the music. Its remote ...    42 MB    Views 3152

QCast Music

music party songs google https host collaborative queue remove access
-2    QCast Music creates effortless party playlists and turns your computer or Chromecast into the ultimate jukebox. Let everyone share their favorite songs in a collaborative queue. Build a collaborative playlist of songs that all of your friends like and enjoy the ...    11 MB    Views 2130
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0    Jukie is a new exciting app whose sole purpose is to make sharing your favourite music easy and fun. The idea behind Jukie is simple: one playlist created by the host allows everyone with WiFi access to share music with everyone ...    14 MB    Views 808
music hosted instrumentals
+6    Mobile Home of the HipHop Music Producer "TheGentleman" CEO of ITSAWRAPMusic these instrumentals are variously used for: Recording// Parties// Fashion/Talent Shows// Exercising// Voice Over/Commercial Use// Dancing/Choreographer Classes// Indie Movie Score// Sporting Events// Everyday Tasks// Youtube Videos// etc Enjoy FOR PROMOTIONAL ...    6 MB    Views 2194

Game Show

soundboard sounds game show host boring sound meeting
+23    Everyone's a winner with this inexpensive soundboard app offering over 60 game show sounds and phrases. Explore our unapologetically cheesy game show soundstage for buzzer sounds, audience reaction and fabulous prizes. Join our host Bob Bobber and his announcer Johnny Combover ...    41 MB    Views 4283
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+7    This is the host app for DJukebox Vote. Only the host of the party needs this app. Everyone else should get DJukebox Vote. You need a Spotify Premium account to play music with this app. Have you ever been to a ...    6 MB    Views 3283


set host parts osc control protocol delete tap customize
-9    iOSC is a remote control application that uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol. Using the OSC protocol over your device’s builtin WiFi connection, iOSC communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. You can also remote control ...    323 kb    Views 4578

01v Remote

-7    Remote control over WiFi for the original Yamaha 01v series of Mixing consoles. To use this App, UMMU Server must be installed on the host computer (Available for OSX and Windows, Lion and Windows 7 supported). Both versions available as ...    11 MB    Views 2117


Related Apps iphone host udp osc application http data open version
+15    Let your iPhone be a remote motion controller. OSC via UDP enables you to get and send the accelerometer's XYZ data to your host application via Open Sound Control and UDP. No matter you are using MAX/MSP, Pure Data, Processing ...    3 MB    Views 8636


host alternative rock indie música
+30    Programación Regular: La mejor música Rock Alternative Indie tanto en inglés como en español. Glam: Show con todos los hits del Heavy Metal Lunes y Miércoles de 2:00 a 3:00 PM. Host SexyLio. Recap Viernes 6:00 PM A Day In The Life: La ...    2 MB    Views 7861
radio station streaming favorite free play indonesian version
+28    Online Streaming Radio for indonesian radio with more than 430 Stations available. Feature : Free Version with Ads play in background play in lockscreen save 3(three) favorite station with bookmark (paid version is unlimited) quick search by radio name or city ...    2 MB    Views 7676


famous phrases hosts
-6    Tamar Braxton is an R&B singer/TV star that is known not only for her amazing vocals, but also for her captivating personality. Additionally, her famous catchphrases that she has coined have become a pop culture phenomenon as a result of ...    1 MB    Views 7701
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+11    Music Host Network official app keeps you updated with the latest in video, music and articles from independent and mainstream artist from all over. We provide a continues stream of content everyday for FREE right in the palm of your ...    31 MB    Views 941
application push osc free compatible button host play control
-7    Remokon Free is an OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible wireless control application. You can develop programs using OSC compatible programming language (i.e. Max, SuperCollider, Processing, etc.). For example, you can play the piano when you push a button and play ...    196 kb    Views 4967

Maurice Garland

university host atlanta
+17    The official Maurice Garland mobile app lets you view pictures, watch videos, and stay connected to his latest updates Born in Pittsburgh, PA raised in Decatur, GA, you've read or seen Maurice Garland's print and photo work in a number of ...    7 MB    Views 4941
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+6 makes it easy for venues (bars, restaurants, gyms, and cafes) to host jukebox right from their smartphones. Video Our mission is to give people control over the music they listen to in any social setting with a simple touch. ...    22 MB    Views 3129

Bubba 98/7

radio love iradionow live hosts interact feed listen
0    The Bubba 98/7 App is your home for no rules radio Hear and interact with the artists, hosts and songs that you love. With the Bubba 98/7 iRadioNow app, you can connect with us like never before. Just download and open ...    6 MB    Views 7908

Hostile Records

les des label records
-7    L'application officielle du label Hostile Records, le label urbain d’EMI Music France fondé en 1996. Label historique de Lunatic, Arsenik, La Clinique avec Doc Gynéco, Arsenik, Akhenaton, Rohff (… on en oublie ) et aujourd’hui maison de Soprano ou Diam’s ...    13 MB    Views 8749

Slacker Radio

music radio news car sports web stations access free interactive hosted hundreds mobile
-3    Slacker is radio that listens to you, with free and subscriptionbased access to millions of songs and hundreds of humanpowered music stations on mobile, web, incar entertainment and consumer electronics. Our curators craft exceptional music stations and custom shows and ...    59 MB    Views 7011
iaa interface hosts compatible user load musicians
+29    Svep is a stereo modulation filter effect suitable for any sound. All parameters are easily editable in one screen and the clean and responsive user interface encourages creativity. Tweak it to produce anything from oldschool phasers to subtle choruses. Features: Inter ...    2 MB    Views 9014

Honest FM

music station host free listen
+2    Listen to this Free App from HonestFm.Net. with a lot of great music. The app for this station will enable you to be able to listen to some of the worlds greatest music from soul,rock,r&b,country,world etc. also you will be able ...    3 MB    Views 1709
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