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Best Ipad Apps | MUSIC-appsios

0    • Legacy version • VLC Remote used to be sold as separate iPhone and iPad versions, but is now a universal app. This means that if you're a new buyer, you should just buy 'VLC Remote' and use it on your ...    24 MB    Views 5355

AR 104.4 FM-ipad

+5    Untuk para penggemar AR Radio Bali dimanapun kalian berada, ayo install applikasi ini ke ipad kesayanganmu. Bisa dengerin siaran dari kami, plus informasi berita terbaru.    10 MB    Views 7025

MIDI Sliders

0    MIDI Sliders is a free iPad app that sends MIDI control messages via USB (connected through the Camera Connector) or to a Mac via WiFi. A simple, intuitive interface requires almost no setup. Almost all MIDI signal types are supported. For ...    8 MB    Views 1524


ipad iphone organ keys support
0    Organ is full 88 keys virtual organ designed specifically for the iPad & iPhone. You can now play the organ on your device everywhere Features: • 88 keys. • Key labels. • 5 organs + 2 instruments • Duet mode (iPad only). • Retina display support. • ...    25 MB    Views 5503


+23    Now, everybody can play the Banjo, with iBanjo for your iPad iBanjo offers you the easiest way to play a 12 fret Banjo right on your iPad. Every single note is recorded absolutly clear and sounds just perfect With iBanjo you can ...    7 MB    Views 3272
+24    Electric Guitar℠ IS MORE THEN JUST AN IPAD APP Features: Amazing authentic electric guitar sounds HQ Sounds HD Graphics Touch Indication Metronome Volume Adjuster Email Support Tune your own electric guitar by matching sounds Play the electric guitar on your iPad Impress ...    5 MB    Views 7128

Lyrics+ for iPad

+18    Have always with you the lyrics of your favorite songs. With Lyrics+ you can download lyrics from the Internet to sing anytime, anywhere. Shower singers: avoid taking the iPad to wet environments. General features: Import/export lyrics from/to your computer (plain text ...    4 MB    Views 5457
+20    BRUNKT BEATZ Dubstep HD is a loopbased beat maker with a userfriendly design that makes it easy for anyone to drop beats like a pro. Take turns with friends showing off your skills, or even battle it out, iPad vs. ...    13 MB    Views 1580

Pro Piano

-2    Featured by Apple: "New & Noteworthy" Here’s a clean and beautiful piano for your iPad The app delivers you what you are looking for, just a beautiful piano to play on your iPad 48 keys authentic 70’s piano sound clear and easyto ...    8 MB    Views 5891
-5    Dancing Teddy and Selena the Puppy Try this cute kid's xylophone piano. We hope your child will enjoy playing music for you. Musical Finger Electric Guitar Instrument game Smash Teddy multitouch game Animated Keyboard layout and animation. ♛ Search ...    11 MB    Views 8936
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+7    Mongolian Family Radio on your iPhone/iPod/iPad live from Ulaanbaatar Улаанбаатар Хотоос Шууд Дамжуулж Байгаа Гэр Бүлийн Радио ФМ 104.5 шууд таны iPhone / iPod / iPad дээр тоглоно. Гэр Бүлийн Радиогын "Хайрын төсөл", "Нөлөө", "Зүрхний гоёл", "1045 Захидал", "Болор толь", "Шивнээ", "Аавын ...    13 MB    Views 6862

Grand Piano ∞

Related Apps ipad piano keys
-8    Full 88 keys virtual piano designed specifically for you. You can now play the piano on your device everywhere Features: • 88 keys. • Key labels. • 12 instruments. • Duet mode (iPad only). • Optional double keyboard. • Basic Support external midikeyboards (iPad). • Universal app for ...    23 MB    Views 1058
Related Apps guitar ipad electric play
+17    Play the ELECTRIC GUITAR right on your iPad Anywhere. Anytime ? Simply pull out your iPad, open the app and impress friends and family with your crazy skills Features: HD Graphics HQ SOUNDS STRUMMING TOUCH INDICATION USER FRIENDLY EMAIL SUPPORT 4 DIFFERENT ...    10 MB    Views 3937


Related Apps ipad iphone air mini
+1    最新JPOPから懐かしの名曲まで、ヒット曲満載の約1000プログラムが聴き放題!好きな曲を選んで好きなときに視聴できる「myヒッツ」や歌詞も楽 しめます。 ●ご利用上の注意 ・ご登録内容の確認・変更については「dヒッツ」サイトよりお願いいたします。 ・本アプリはプレイヤーアプリです。 ・海外からはご利用になれません。 ・別途パケット通信料がかかります。 ・初回7日間無料は、契約1回線につき1回のみ適用。お申込みの詳細はdヒッツへ。 ●dヒッツへのアクセス Safariを立ち上げて「dヒッツ」で検索をしていただくことでアクセスできます。 ※iOS 7.0~8.4でご利用いただけます。 ※対応機種は以下です。   iPhone 6 plus   iPhone 6   iPhone 5s   iPhone 5c   iPad Air 2   iPad Air   iPad mini 3   iPad mini 2 ご不明な点がございましたら、「dヒッツ」サイトのお問い合わせフォームよりお問い合わせください。    NAN    Views 5594


0    KSUT iPad has been rewritten with the iPad in mind. The larger screen size allowed us to add a new Flickr slideshow controller enabling you to see the latest photos from KSUT. KSUT Four Corners Public Radio is a nonprofit corporation ...    395 kb    Views 5789

Grand Piano

piano ipad organ bring option octaves
+6    A portable piano An onthego organ Tickle the virtual ivories with this versatile piano/organ app for iPad Choose to play one of seven instruments (Organ 1, Organ 2, Music Box, Bell, String(Guitar), Piano, or Electric Piano.) Two octaves are displayed on the ...    5 MB    Views 3686
+6    Turn your iPad or iPhone into a musical performance device by bringing new life to your music library or with music that you have recorded. Queue up several music tracks to create a deeper sonic image or just keep stacking ...    4 MB    Views 9255
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-6    This FREE app gives fans exclusive access to their favorite artists from The Ed Sullivan Show, including The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Jackson 5 and The Rolling Stones. Enjoy iconic performances from the 50's, 60's, and 70's including The Doors, The ...    13 MB    Views 2881

iUkulele HD

-2    Aloha Here is the ultimate Ukulele for your iPad Get this beautiful designed Ukulele for your iPad. iUkulele HD allows you to play the Ukulele directly on your iPad. iUkulele HD offers anybody to play an authentic Hawaiian Ukulele. All the notes ...    9 MB    Views 5643
Related Apps piano ipad
-2    You can now play the Piano on your iPad , easily and efficiently Over 40 Different Keys in this one little app Features: HQ Sounds HD Graphics Easy to use Scrollable Keyboard Volume Adjuster Metronome Email Support And many more    11 MB    Views 3960
Related Apps ipad iphone ipod
+2    Mongolian Radio "Elgen Nutag" (Hearth Land) 96.9 on your iPhone/iPod/iPad live streaming from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Улаанбаатар Хотоос Шууд Дамжуулж Байгаа Элгэн Нутаг ФМ 96.9 Радио Суваг шууд таны iPhone / iPod / iPad дээр тоглоно. App brought to you by: & ...    13 MB    Views 534
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-5    free Internet Radio and TV for iPad Including SOMA FM San Francisco. Trance, Dance, Groove Salad, Street Lounge, Beat Blender, Space Station, Cliq Hop, Drone Zone, Monkey Radio Groove, Frisky Radio, and many more Live TV Bloomberg, NASA, Sail, RT ...    7 MB    Views 5350

Chordtabs Free

ipad iphone wifi ipodtouch chordtabs 000
+23    ทางทีมงานหวังว่า Application นี้จะเป็นอีกสื่อหนึ่งที่ช่วยให้เพื่อนๆได้เล่นดนตรีกันมากขึ้นนะครับ หนังสือเพลงบนมือถือ ที่มีคอร์ด,เนื้อเพลงมากกว่า 7,000 เพลง แทปกีต้าร์,เบส,กลอง,คีย์บอร์ด 10,000 กว่าท่อน จากฐานข้อมูล website ซึ่งจะประกอบไปด้วย คอร์ดเพลง แทปเพลง เนื้อเพลง ที่มีคุณภาพ จัดทำด้วยมืออาชีพ คุณจึงมั่นใจได้ว่าถูกต้องแน่นอน โปรแกรมนี้จะทำให้คุณสามารถนำ คอร์ดเพลง แทปเพลง เนื้อเพลง ไปกับคุณได้ทุกที่ และจะทำให้คุณสะดวกสบายมากยิ่งขึ้นในการค้นหา เนื้อเพลง คอร์ดเพลง และแทปเพลง ความสามารถเด่นของโปรแกรม 1.ค้นหาโดย ชื่อเพลง ชื่อศิลปิน ชื่ออัลบั้ม เนื้อเพลง 2.เรียงลำดับตาม วันที่ ชื่อศิลปิน ชื่ออัลบั้ม 3.เก็บเพลงที่คุณชื่นชอบ และ สามารถเรียงลำดับเพลงได้ ตามที่คุณต้องการ 4.บันทึกคอร์ดเพลงลงเครื่อง ไว้ใช้งานแบบ Offline 5.ชม ...    9 MB    Views 9241


music ipad connected devices
+10    SpiralMusic is an application to make music together. To use this app you need an iPad and one or more iPhones, connected to the same wifinetwork. Start SpiralMusic on your devices, the number of connected devices is shown at the bottom ...    10 MB    Views 8106

Yön Radyo for iPad

-3    Yön Radyo for iPad Uygulaması Programlama İsmail Hüyüklü & Osman Biradlı Garanti Sistem Bilişim Teknolojileri Telefon : 0212 855 47 99    1 MB    Views 7035
photos ipad application professional images commercial
-6    IrishInsomnia is a combination of beautiful photo set by a professional photographer A. Chilikin and a specialized audio player. It lets you listen to your favorite music tracks and enjoy a virtual slideshow trip through the modern and heritage Ireland, ...    30 MB    Views 6675

Radio G-DJ

radio iphone ipad tuo
0    APP Sarica the new Free Radio DJG: at any time you "tune" your iPhone or your iPad on Direct Radio Sarica la nuova APP Gratuita di Radio GDJ: in ogni momento potrai "sintonizzare" il tuo iPhone o il tuo iPad sulla diretta di ...    927 kb    Views 5787

Music Rack

+13    MusicRack uses iTunes File Sharing to manage your sheet music PDF files allowing you to display and page through them on your iPad, so that you can keep all of your music with you wherever you carry your iPad. Additionally ...    2 MB    Views 5056

remoteKB for iPad

wifi ipad midi
+29    MIDI keyboard via WiFi. Pitch bend and modulation are controllable. iPad (WiFi)> PC > MIDI "DSMI server" is needed for PC. You can find the software for MAC OS and Windows. Multi tap is supported. Note number: 0 to 127    57 kb    Views 525
ipad piano music elise beethoven solo
-7    Sheet Music for iPad. Piano Solo. Romantic. Intermediate. Fingering. 6 pages. iPad full screen optimization with music notes in standard size. Printable pdf included. Für Elise (For Elise) WoO 59 by L.V. Beethoven.    1 MB    Views 2120

Couch Music Player

music ipad player brings
-4    CNET: Drag, drop, and rock with Couch Music Player for iPad Lifehacker: Couch Player Brings Awesome, GestureBased Playlist Creation to the iPad AppDevStories: App of the week Instantly create as many dynamic playlists as you like and turn your iPad into the ultimate ...    5 MB    Views 6339
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+9    Tilt your iPhone or iPad to roll a ball down the center of a path to correctly play a song. Go too far to the right or left and your notes will be sharp or flat. Lean even further and ...    45 MB    Views 399

Mega Soundboard

Related Apps ipad sound clips find
-9    Get the ultimate soundboard for your iPad Thanks to the beautiful and clear design you can always find the perfect sound clips Dub your movies and animations, make your friends laugh, with the nearly 100 different sound clips You’ll find the sound clips ...    35 MB    Views 9070

Duet Piano for iPad

Related Apps piano keyboard ipad duet octaves play
+14    Duet Piano for iPad features almost 60 piano keys spanning 5 full octaves to allow you to play REAL music The keyboard is split into two halves, so you can use one hand on each keyboard, or flip one upside ...    23 MB    Views 556


ipad entertainment car
+28    Padbay iPad in the car Enjoy the full entertainment package of the iPad's in the car. The large buttons and fonts helps to operate this app easily and intuitively. Whether Music, Videos, iMessage, maps, or open other apps, Padbay combines everything ...    8 MB    Views 1985
Related Apps radio ipad salsa europe
+1    Conga driven and bongo biased, Salsa music is a melting pot of musical influences coming from different cultures from Caribbean, Africa and Europe. It was epitome of joy for decades. It’s a mélange of hip swaying, foot tapping, and knee slapping ...    8 MB    Views 7216

Simple Piano

Related Apps piano ipad simple
+19    A simple piano for the iPad. Let's become the next Beethoven or Mozart Invented 300 years ago, the modern piano is one of the foremost instruments for creating music. Simple Piano for the iPad is a portable, compact piano you can carry ...    4 MB    Views 1980

Button Accordion

+2    Button accordion is a realistic accordion app for iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini and iPod Touch Features: Studio quality samples Very fast & responsive C, B and G layouts Highly customizable layout and any screen size support Adjustable amount of reverb and ...    10 MB    Views 6886

iPlay Piano

Related Apps piano ipad iplay pianos play
+10    iPlay Piano iPlay Piano is an universal app for iPod/iPhone and iPad. There are some pianos that you can play on. And in the iPad version you can even play with two cause you have two pianos each side. Enjoy    3 MB    Views 3122


ipad panel midi
+8    acunaPanel is the new iPad application for controlling Acuna Serie Masterkeyboards by Studiologic. acunaPanel works with CoreMidi interface by connecting the iPad and Music Keyboard via USB through a Camera Connector Kit. acunaPanel allows to extend the MIDI functions ...    614 kb    Views 7697
Related Apps guitar ipad acoustic play
+6    Play the ACOUSTIC GUITAR right on your iPad Anywhere. Anytime ? Simply pull out your iPad, open the app and impress friends and family with your crazy skills Features: HD Graphics HQ SOUNDS STRUMMING TOUCH INDICATION USER FRIENDLY EMAIL SUPPORT 4 DIFFERENT ...    14 MB    Views 3672


ipad music song ratings
+25    Use your iPad as your music binder when performing There is no longer any need to carry around sheet music. Create chord charts and organize them into reusable setlists in iChordChart. Use the built in metronome to help you keep time, ...    4 MB    Views 5487

Beat Maker for iPad

Related Apps drum voice ipad samples beat maker
+3    Beat Maker is a drum machine that allows you to impose your voice over the drum samples. Only best hiphop and drum samples Animated pads Multitouch Araabmuzik kit Record and play your voice over drum beats No Ads Important: do not use silence mode on Your iPad ...    5 MB    Views 9094

Bass Master HD

Related Apps ipad bass master play
-7    Now, everybody can play the EBass, with Bass Master HD Bass Master HD offers you the easiest way to play a 12 fret EBass right on your iPad. Every single note is recorded absolutly clear and sounds just perfect With Bass Master ...    7 MB    Views 2086

H4NG für iPad

Related Apps ipad instrument sounds sound
+1    H4NG for iPad lets you witness the unique sound of the H4NG directly on your iPad or iPad2. The H4NG is a melodic percussioninstrument from the 21st century. By the use of a special tuning, the instrument also enables untrained people to quickly ...    6 MB    Views 792
-6    诗歌是人向着神最细嫩的流露。本『诗歌合辑』APP,适用于iPhone智能型手机及iPad平板计算机。数字内容包含中文诗歌、福音诗歌、选本诗歌一百首、赞美诗集、台语诗歌、唱诗人选辑、儿童教材诗歌集、儿童诗歌及历年国际特会训练标语诗歌等77片诗歌CD,共787首诗歌,总长40小时。盼望帮助圣徒们在日常生活中,随时随处满了向主的歌唱、颂咏。 说明:此APP为云端版本,预设为『连线模式』,需上网播放。针对特殊需要,另有提供『下载模式』,请至此APP『设定页面』进行调整,即可离线播放。此APP支援iPhone 5长萤幕、iPad Air及iPad mini等设备萤幕显示,并支援耳机麦克风线控功能,包含音量大小声控制,暂停、播放控制。另外,支援背景连续播放,即使萤幕自动锁定后,仍可连续播放。任何使用上的问题,欢迎来信,会有专人为你服务、解答。    13 MB    Views 2233
ipad iphone ipod mantras devotional
-2    Devotional Mantras for iPhone ,iPad and iPod    18 MB    Views 8819
Related Apps ipad performer play midi
+22    Fifty years ago, Terry Riley essentially launched the Minimalism movement with the premiere of "In C”, influencing iconic composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams. Now, you are able to recreate history in the comfort of your own home. "In ...    6 MB    Views 9263


ipad games music mini notation
+4    This application is a collection of mini Games for learning basic music notation. By playing a mini Games, you can learn the following contents. The name of a Notes Score and Piano keyboard Music Notation (Repetition, Dynamics symbol, ...) Compatible models ipad only ...    NAN    Views 4827

Chordtabs for iPad

ipad wifi chordtabs 000 offline
+10    ทางทีมงานหวังว่า Application นี้จะเป็นอีกสื่อหนึ่งที่ช่วยให้เพื่อนๆได้เล่นดนตรีกันมากขึ้นนะครับ Chordtabs สามารถบันทึกเพลงไว้แบบ Offline ได้ 50 เพลง หนังสือเพลงบน iPad ที่มีคอร์ด,เนื้อเพลงมากกว่า 7,000 เพลง แทปกีต้าร์,เบส,กลอง,คีย์บอร์ด 10,000 กว่าท่อน จากฐานข้อมูล website ซึ่งจะประกอบไปด้วย คอร์ดเพลง แทปเพลง เนื้อเพลง ที่มีคุณภาพ จัดทำด้วยมืออาชีพ คุณจึงมั่นใจได้ว่าถูกต้องแน่นอน โปรแกรมนี้จะทำให้คุณสามารถนำ คอร์ดเพลง แทปเพลง เนื้อเพลง ไปกับคุณได้ทุกที่ และจะทำให้คุณสะดวกสบายมากยิ่งขึ้นในการค้นหา เนื้อเพลง คอร์ดเพลง และแทปเพลง ความสามารถเด่นของโปรแกรม 1.ค้นหาโดย ชื่อเพลง ชื่อศิลปิน ชื่ออัลบั้ม เนื้อเพลง 2.เรียงลำดับตาม วันที่ ชื่อศิลปิน ...    7 MB    Views 2015

Piano XL for iPad

Related Apps piano ipad octaves orientation
+2    On Sale to Celebrate the iPad Launch Piano XL is a polyphonic multitouch piano developed exclusively for the iPad. Tap away to create beautifulsounding compositions using 4 octaves of professionally recorded, CDquality Grand Piano sounds. Use Piano XL in landscape orientation ...    8 MB    Views 8097

ZX Plectrum

iphone ipad sounds loading
+26    Play the ZX Specturm loading sounds as a musical instrument on your iPhone/iPod/iPad "ZX Plectrum lets you make music Spectrum style on your iPhone" "Utterly pointless but also utterly engaging" "For Nostlagia lovers of a very specific demographic this will sound ...    18 MB    Views 4691

Guitar Neck Lite

Related Apps guitar ipad neck play turn solo
+29    Play the solo guitar on your iPad With „Guitar Neck Lite“ you get an authentic, full 22fret guitar neck to play the most interesting guitar part of all: the solo guitar Also a beautiful designed App to rock along to your iTunes ...    16 MB    Views 4885

DJ Roadie

Related Apps ipad features
+12    DJ Roadie for iPad Roadie for iPad is the perfect app for staying organised while working as a mobile DJ. Features Song Requests Important Dates Next Songs First Dance Notes Along with other features Never get confused while at a gig again.    4 MB    Views 5523

MultiBang For iPad

wifi ipad movies device
+5    This App is designed for your iPad to use the best compatible device for MultiMedia Stream Capability Plus "Send" and "Receive" of your "Photos" and "Movies" from any device(Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) under WiFi or Bluetooth(if WiFi is ...    732 kb    Views 902


ipad music time drum play
+11    uDrum turns your iPad into a virtual drum set Featuring high quality samples with instant response time, you can play the drums in real time. With uDrum, you can also play along with music on your iPad uDrum will not interrupt playback ...    3 MB    Views 2718


Related Apps ipad jingle player file
-4    The best jingle player for Windows comes to the iPad TJingle for iPad is a jingle player for (radio) deejays and artists. Like its bigger brother, TJingle is very easy to use and fast. With support for multiple pages, you ...    493 kb    Views 2448
ipad iphone thai 100
0    เปลี่ยน iPhone/iPad ให้เป็นทีวี ดาวน์โหลด TV Thai HD เพื่อดูทีวีของไทยได้มากกว่า 100 ช่อง ฟรี TV Thai HD เป็นแอพพลิเคชั่นฟรีที่ให้คุณสามารถดูทีวีของไทยสดๆได้มากกว่า 100 ช่องจาก iPhone/iPad ของคุณ TV Thai HD ยังให้คุณสามารถฟังวิทยุ ดูรายการโทรทัศน์ หรือ ภาพยนตร์ได้ TV Thai HD ช่วยให้คุณสามารถดูทีวีและภาพยนตร์ได้ง่ายดายโดยปราศจากการขัดจังหวะจากโฆษณา รายชื่อหนังและรายการโทรทัศน์ได้รับการเพิ่มเติมอย่างสม่ำเสมอ ฟรี 100% และจะฟรีเสมอ หากคุณชอบ TV Thai HD กรุณาให้คะแนนเรา 5 ดาวใน AppStore เราขอขอบคุณอย่างยิ่ง    15 MB    Views 5884

GEQ Remote for iPad

ipad remote geq
0    GEQ Remote v2 for iPad allows remote control of MIDIenabled Graphic EQs (such as the Behringer DEQ 2496) over WiFi. To use the App, you must have the latest version of UMMU Server installed on the host computer (Mac or ...    3 MB    Views 3691

Accordio Pro

music ipad play pro accordion
+10    Awesome chromatic button accordion If there is one musical instrument that fits perfectly into the iPad's big screen, you've just found it. Accordio Pro sounds like a traditional punchy Italian accordion. It is designed to be exceptionally responsive and fun to ...    5 MB    Views 7718
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