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+3    Our team boasts ten years' experience in music creation and two years' experience in App development. So, We will not just go for the quantity of ringtones, which would compromise service delivery. We will not offer low quality ringtones , which would make ...    64 MB    Views 7032

Toddler Tap

toddler iphone tap
+4    'Toddler Tap' turns your iPhone into a simple, digital toy for preschool children. Tapping or dragging fingers across the screen produces a colourful array of distinctive shapes and sounds. Robust Fivefingertouch technology means the app is easily shared, always responsive and works no ...    9 MB    Views 1382
+9    Now with over 2 million downloads Search for free high quality music and video and listen on your iPhone With only a few taps, find exactly what you are looking for And unlike the tube app, keep listening even when switching ...    7 MB    Views 7010

The Culprit

iphone free
+14    Welcome to the official Iphone app for UK electro rock band '...The Culprit'. This free app will enable you to keep permanently up to date with all news, tours, releases, new pics, videos etc. There are some free tracks to listen ...    1 MB    Views 1151


+6    听歌上九酷! 九酷音乐 iPhone 版是一款免费的手机音乐播放软件,交互简洁高效,支持在线和本地音乐播放。已完美适配 iPhone 6 及 iPhone 6 Plus ,让您随时随地想听就听! • 最新最热歌曲天天首发更新,优质而上乘的听觉享受 • 强大的搜索功能,歌手、专辑、歌单、歌词、拼音多种搜索方式支持 • “我的收藏”登录即可同步,手机电脑同步听; • 界面简洁大方,操作简便; 注:仅在中国大陆地区提供在线音乐服务    NAN    Views 5663


0    Welcome to the Mustasch iPhone App Get their latest news, tourdates, photos and lots more straight to your iPhone. More heavy metal hard rock to the people Note: Get your own band or artist app at    3 MB    Views 9124

Radio Britney

-2    Radio Britney, The Only Britney Spears radio With this app, Listen to Radio Britney on your iPhone everywhere ____________________ Radio Britney, La radio 100% Britney Spears Entrer dans un univers unique... Exclu et première mondiale : RADIO BRITNEY Avec cette application, écouter ...    3 MB    Views 3150


iphone codes
+25    Learn about Irish band CODES and listen to the song "This is goodbye" from their debut album "Trees Dream In Algebra". Catch up with the latest tour dates from CODES and get up to the minute information through their twitter ...    992 kb    Views 1726

Re-Vision Mobile

iphone vision
+4    iPhone Application for Bournemouth's Premiere Student Night, ReVision. Includes iPhone only download offers, iTunes Podcasts, VTV ReVision Episode, complimentary queue jump, Google Map locations and web links.    30 MB    Views 4464


+2    Now you can download the best Latin Music App on the market for Apple and the new iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus. Official App provides you with Exclusive content everywhere you go with the Latest Breaking News, Artist ...    33 MB    Views 2273
+30    【歌詞検索アプリの決定版】 日本最大級の歌詞検索サイト「うたまっぷ」が提供するiPhone用歌詞検索&音楽プレイヤーです。 【歌詞検索】 アーティスト名や曲名、フレーズなどから簡単に歌詞を検索できます! 【歌詞が自動表示される音楽プレーヤー】 端末に入っている音楽を再生すると歌詞とジャケット写真が自動で表示されます。 TVやインターネットで気になる歌を見つけた時、アーティストや曲名で 検索すると簡単に歌詞が出来るアプリを使いこなそう! 【完全無料】 全ての機能を無料でご利用になれます。 【基本機能】 ・歌詞検索 ・再生音楽に合わせて歌詞とジャケ写を表示 ・再生・検索ランキング ・検索した歌詞の履歴保存 ・お気に入り歌詞を保存 ・音楽ニュースの配信 【動作推奨OS】 iOS 6以上 【動作推奨端末】 iPhone 4S/iPhone 5/iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 【ご注意】 3G、LTE,、WiFi 等ネットーワークに接続出来ない環境では 一部機能がお使いになれません。 【ご質問・ご要望】 メール: JASRAC許諾番号 9013133001Y38026 ジャパン・ライツ・クリアランス許諾番号 X000504B01L イーライセンス許諾番号 ID24369 【キャンペーンについて】 本アプリ内におけるキャンペーンは うたまっぷ事務局が独自で実施しており、 Apple Inc.とは一切関係がございません。 約500,000曲以上の歌詞が検索表示できる! 日本最大級の歌詞検索サイト「うたまっぷ」    4 MB    Views 8407

Ace ventura

iphone ace updates
+5    The Ace Ventura iPhone app is a must for every progressive trance fan out there. Stay connected with Ace Ventura & get the latest news & updates directly to your iPhone Check out tour dates, updates from the studio, new tracks and ...    49 MB    Views 7541


iphone family strings
-2    Plays tuning notes for lots of instruments. Guitar, 6 and 12 strings, Tres, Bass, 4 6 strings. Ukulele, Mandolin family, Bouzouki, Nyckelharpa. Banjo 4 5 strings, Balalaika family, Violin, Viola and Cello. Turn up the volume on your iPhone and tune your ...    19 MB    Views 6897

Tonic Radio

radio iphone tonic
+13    Tout l'univers Tonic sur votre iPhone Écoutez Tonic Radio, retrouver les titres en cours, et devenez fan de la page facebook pour participer aux jeux concours Téléchargez dès maintenant et gratuitement l'application iPhone. Tonic Radio, vous et la musique    7 MB    Views 8164

Jill Criscuolo

-3    The brand new official Jill Criscuolo iPhone App is now available Stream our music, see pictures, check out our bio, and share it all with your friends. Stay connected for the latest updates on Jill Criscuolo on your iOS device ...    11 MB    Views 7966
+1    חינם: האפליקציה הרשמית של להקת אפליקציה עכשיו גם בiPhone : ההרכב המצליח שכבש את כל מצעדי הפזמונים עם הלהיטים רכב חברה, חברים וכסף, יוצאים לבלות, אני סלבריטי ועוד עכשיו גם בiPhone. הורידו בחינם את האפליקציה של הלהקה המפורסמת מבית ארץ נהדרת ותיהנו ...    3 MB    Views 1774


-9    RogueFM is a Global Underground Dubstep Radio Station, which you can now take with you everywhere, thanks to this new iPhone app. Of course, the RogueFM iPhone app comes with all the features you'd expect from a Code Army app such ...    5 MB    Views 427
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0    My Best Piano makes you a piano prodigy any time, anywhere. Play your favorite songs with your own spin and sound great every time. Follow beams of light to guide your fingertips to the correct note, but you control the ...    5 MB    Views 7544


+27    PicoPicoOn is a simple instrument that makes sound by touching the screen. PicoPicoOn highrights ● Many instrment sounds ● 31 scale patterns ● 50 types of gate arpeggiation ● Loop Recording ● File Sharing, iTunes File shareing and SoundCloud sharing Requirements: works on iPhone 4 or ...    2 MB    Views 4926

The Ranch

+7    The Sound of Texas, 95.9 "The Ranch" iPhone application. 100% alternative country from the explosive Texas and "Red Dirt" music scene. Our NEW iPhone application allows you to stream "The Ranch", see exciting upcoming events and contests, plus chat with us ...    15 MB    Views 1866

Taylor Swift

iphone taylor swift
-5    Taylor Swift's Official iPhone Application featuring news, music, photos, videos & more Stay connected with all the latest updates from Taylor on your iPhone.    16 MB    Views 4887

Dustin Cavazos

+4    The Official Dustin Cavazos iPhone Application featuring news, music, photos, videos & more Stay connected with all the latest updates from Dustin on your iPhone.    15 MB    Views 551


iphone parrot talk
0    PARROT Transform your Iphone into your pet Parrot. Choose between two parrots, adult or baby. Then you just have to talk to your Iphone and the parrot repeats exactly what you say. It is one of the funniest applications you can have on ...    686 kb    Views 2996

Said The Whale

iphone twitter
+5    Welcome to the official Said The Whale iPhone App featuring exclusive iPhone only content, art, pictures, songs, and the Whalify game. We have selected some of our best work for you to enjoy on your Apple device. Look through our history, ...    12 MB    Views 9481
+15    Great for analysing MIDI and connectivity, logs all incoming messages to show what's happening in real time Requires little or no setup, has all the functionality of MTB when running on the iPhone ready to use when you need to use ...    3 MB    Views 5327

Chimuava Flute

+5    Chimuava Flute from Q Up Arts Voices of Native America acoustic library. Authentic recordings of the best sounding flutes that could be found played by masters of their instrument with CD Quality, 44.1khz/16bit samples. Featuring Maui Media Lab's unique rechromatic keyboard ...    10 MB    Views 4482

FM Bumper Case

iphone case
+1    For use only with Mizco’s DigiPower branded FM bumper case (model FMCS100) for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It lets you play your music from your iPhone through any FM radio.    1 MB    Views 2447
+2    'Toddler Tappy Holiday' is our limited edition of 'Toddler Tap' for this holiday season. Turn your iPhone into a simple, festive digital toy for preschool children Tapping or dragging your fingers across the screen produces a colourful array of distinctive shapes and ...    8 MB    Views 7043

All That Remains

iphone remains
+3    All That Remains Official iPhone Application featuring news, music, photos, videos & more Stay connected with all the latest updates from the band on your iPhone.    14 MB    Views 1072

This Is Darien

ipad iphone
-4    Soul Substance Artist Darien Dean's FREE Official iPhone/iPad Application featuring music, news, upcoming performances, photos, videos & more Stay connected with all the latest updates from Darien on your iPhone and/or iPad.    90 MB    Views 6820

La Bamba Radio

radio iphone ipod
-4    Listen to the best Spanish Radio Station on you iPhone,iPad and iPod devices. La Bamba Radio Escucha la mejor estación de radio en español en el que los dispositivos iPhone, el iPhone y el iPod. La Bamba Radio    925 kb    Views 5956


+5    This is the official app for the metal band Tristania, full of all the info a fan could ever need lyrics, album info, track commentaries, and more. The application also aggregates Tristania's various presences on the net; newsfeed, twitter, facebook, ...    10 MB    Views 9076

Drums 360

iphone drums simply 360
-7    Drums 360 will turn your iPhone into drumsticks by simply swinging them in the air You will not find similar applications in App Store. Simply place the drums around yourself. set the angle for each drums, at impact in this direction it ...    12 MB    Views 6

Netty Mac

iphone mac
+15    Stay connected for the latest updates on Netty Mac on your iPhone with our free iPhone App. JUMP ON THE NETTY MAC TRAIN You don't want to miss this ride. The brand new official Netty Mac iPhone App is now ...    9 MB    Views 8172
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-8    Professional Radio Application For iphone Optimized for Iphone 5 1: Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of expertprogrammed stations 2: Book mark stations 3: You can select Stations from Diffrent catogories. 4: Ful y Support for iPad3 and ios6 Enjoyyyyyy Musicccccccccc.    9 MB    Views 6673

The Ntity

+2    The brand new official The Entity iPhone App is now available Stream our music, watch videos, see pictures, read our blog and tweets. Stay connected for the latest updates on The Entity on your iPhone with our free iPhone App.    9 MB    Views 4849


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-7    Wouldn't you like your iPhone to dazzle and excite you, both visually and orally? Like fireplaces, yeah? Like music too? What better way to while away the difficult hours of your life than to play your music on your iPhone or ...    6 MB    Views 7303


-5    For best music player performance require iOS 4 or higher Description: The Astrix iPhone app is a must have for any electronic music fan out there. Stay connected with Astrix & get the latest updates directly to your iPhone. Check his tour dates & ...    3 MB    Views 4498

Chillax FM

+26    Chillax Fm now on your iphone. 24/7 streaming of hand picked chillaxing tunes with no cost to you and no ads, 100% free baby Give us a try and see if you don't agree. Unwind after a long day with some ...    2 MB    Views 2539

Fish Flute

Related Apps iphone flute fish arts
+29    New Fish Flute from Q Up Arts Voices of Native America acoustic library. Authentic recordings of the best sounding flutes that could be found played by masters of their instrument with CD Quality, 44.1khz/16bit samples. Featuring Maui Media Lab's unique rechromatic ...    10 MB    Views 6083
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+29    Now, everybody can play the EBass, with Bass Master for iPhone Bass Master for iPhone offers you the easiest way to play a 12 fret EBass right on your iPhone. Every single note is recorded absolutly clear and sounds just perfect With ...    8 MB    Views 985

Pocket Chords

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-4    Pocket Chords is a chord library app for iPhone that will assist you in learning guitar chord shapes and variations: Hear what each chord sounds like by strumming the strings Select labeling: finger position and note names Right and lefthanded ...    11 MB    Views 6160
-9    大減價 限時免費 (請按碟1進入聽免費歌曲) 一按隨機播放全部歌功能 按圖重覆選播. 歌詞顯示,讓小朋友一邊聽歌,一邊學習. 支援背景播放 及 關機播放. 不需上網. 精美平面設計及圖片. 全部高清圖片,建議使用iPhone4, iPod Touch4rd 或以上,達到最佳效果。 支援 iPhone 5, iphone6, iphone 6plus 國語歌: (按碟1進入) 碟1:七步舞,三輪車跑的快,兩隻老虎,再会歌,只要我長大,哈哈笑,大家一起向前走,头膝盖脚趾头    21 MB    Views 3840

Radio Fresh!

iphone radio fresh
0    Слушай любимото си радио Фреш онлайн на iPhone. Винаги найдобрата музика. Listen Radio Fresh online on your iPhone.    2 MB    Views 474

MID2PRN for iPhone

Related Apps iphone midi
+4    MID2PRN shows and prints a musical score using with Standard MIDI File(SMF) and can play SMF without MIDI equipments. More flexible and more portable than PDF. Zooming, orientation changable,partial staff view, key transpose,guitar/bass tab. Universal app(iPhone and iPad). Required iOS 5.0. To get SMF, you must download ...    53 MB    Views 4492

Los Creepers

-9    From Lincoln Heights straight to your iPhone Listen to our full EP "Onward to Annihilation". Get complete show info, integrated right into the iPhone Maps application. There's also picture slideshows, and lots more. Requires iOS 6 or above.    21 MB    Views 6550
Related Apps iphone stations enjoy
+24    1: Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of programmed stations 2: Bookmark stations 3: You can select Stations from Different categories. 4: Fully Support for iphone5 and ios6 Enjoy Music Optimized for Iphone 5    6 MB    Views 2765

Jeremy Heiden Music

music iphone
+2    Jeremy Heiden's Official iPhone Application featuring news, music, photos, videos & more Stay connected with all the latest updates from Jeremy on you iPhone.    12 MB    Views 8639
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+28    Professional Radio Application For iPhone 1: Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of expertprogrammed stations 2: Book mark stations 3: You can select Stations from Diffrent catogories. 4: Fully Support for iphone5 and ios6 Optimized for Iphone 5 Enjoy Music    5 MB    Views 6614
iphone ringtones ringtone
-6    Make ringtones from the songs on your iPhone With a great userfriendly interface, now you can have your ringtone in just 3 simple steps:  
1. Choose song from your library.  
2. Select ringtone’s cutting edges.  
3. Click save, and you’re done.    19 MB    Views 7355

Groove 3 For iPhone

iphone videos groove training
+3    Groove 3 provides worldclass training videos for music production and recording. This player lets you stream videos directly to your iPhone anywhere you have an internet connection. Easytouse interface and convenient controls make it fast to get to the training ...    3 MB    Views 3425
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+14    Listen to the UK Chart on your iPhone or iPod. Supports Background Play, so you can put your iPhone in your pocket, or use other apps while continuing to listen.    5 MB    Views 5880
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+15    QuizTunes, the 1 music quiz app for iPhone, is a fastpaced music identification game that plays 20 second samples of your music and asks you to name that tune Hmm... Nick Carter and Jesse McCartney sure do sound the same. Can ...    512 kb    Views 8713

Kqte for iPhone

+20    KQTE iPhone Radio    515 kb    Views 3568


party iphone
-9    djGoRound transforms your IPhone into the perfect party jukebox, letting your guests play songs from their library. Finally you can have a collaborative playlist for your party. With djGoRound everybody can enqueue their own music over WiFi to the IPhone connected ...    2 MB    Views 8148
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+4    Score Generator is an iPhone app that turns drawings on the screen into musical notes, enabling you to "play" art. Features : · Playback speed can be changed by tilting the iPhone.    4 MB    Views 6085


+4    With this iPhone App you can monitor the status and progress of your client NZB of the Eminent 7080. When you use your iPhone via WiFi on the same network you can operate it with your thumb.    403 kb    Views 1269


-7    This is the iPhone App for Revive Us Radio Get your Heart Refreshed Everyday on your iPhone with the ReviveUs iPhone App.    852 kb    Views 8313

Bend To The Rhythm

iphone rhythm bend
-3    Bend to the Rhythm of your favorite band; why use candles or lighters when you can use your iPhone in a concert to follow the beat of the music. Your iPhone screen changes color as you move to the rhythm, ...    7 MB    Views 6135
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-6    Mongolian Radio "Elgen Nutag" (Hearth Land) 96.9 on your iPhone/iPod/iPad live streaming from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Улаанбаатар Хотоос Шууд Дамжуулж Байгаа Элгэн Нутаг ФМ 96.9 Радио Суваг шууд таны iPhone / iPod / iPad дээр тоглоно. App brought to you by: & ...    13 MB    Views 534
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