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Zen Moments

+5    The Timeless Sound of an Ancient Instrument: The Japanese bamboo flute known as the shakuhachi has captivated the minds and hearts of listeners for centuries. Remarkably simple in design, it takes years to master. The sound is at once sensual ...    47 MB    Views 9510

Spark It Up

+4    Create the most spectacular show of light and music using your magic fingers to compete with the greatest witches and warlocks of the world A sometimes frantic combination of action, reaction and music elements makes this a unique treat with incredible ...    59 MB    Views 5765

CM Feed

+29    Stream low bit music from diverse artists. The focus of this app is to let you explore music from the website Chiptunes on the go    617 kb    Views 3442
+15    Baby SchoolAll in 1 (Japanese & English) is a Great Apps which helps babies and kids early language learning and Music. All in 1 Feature Nine Categories : (Over 300 Sample with English and Japanese Voice, Animals Sound, Piano and Drum.) 1. Number 110, 20100, ...    51 MB    Views 9920


+8    the planets no'1 eclectic underground music radio station bringing you the very best in music    792 kb    Views 1293
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+20    ・JAPANESE MUSIC VIDEO ONLY TV application ・You Can watch the Official Japanese music video like MTV. ・Discover new japanese music    270 kb    Views 9416

Japan Radios ®

+14    ♫ Japanese Radios ♫ Japan Radios is your portable digital radio on your iPad. It is an application that brings you several japanese radios. You can stream your favorite Japan radio stations whenever you want. This application has several nice features: Runs ...    28 MB    Views 7102

Douban music

0    Check out hotest and latest information about music and save intersting contents to you iPhone    NAN    Views 5052


amateur japanese band
-5    Band Yaro(“yaro” means fellow in Japanese). It is an application program that introduces amateur bands in Japan. This time it contains four songs of the band named Fool Five that my friend belongs. I think the guitar tune has a nice feeling. I will ...    18 MB    Views 8062


+16    isMetronome is a great metronome app provided by ISPIANO to help music learner, pianist or others for music playing assistance.    9 MB    Views 9403


+11    [Free Sale] KEROMIN is a Puppet Style electronic musical instrument. Now, Keromin is Out of Stock. (KEROMIN is only sale in Japan.) We have decided to free sale this App until KEROMIN will be back in market again. (December 2013 is scheduled, 900 JPY ...    29 MB    Views 6764
-6    Japan’s largest independent music distribution site ‘’ and guitar manufacturer ‘K’s Japan’ have teamed up to produce a unique new concept in music entertainment Listen to the latest music from the Japanese Indie scene whilst watching beautiful ladies demolish their guitars ...    81 MB    Views 2922


+10    Now you can listen to America's Music Radio on your iPhone and iPad anywhere around the world Want to hear great Country music? Well then download this App    3 MB    Views 9096
+3    Piano Handbook is an amazing chord/scale libraries and handbook that helps to practice piano skills. Piano Handbook allows you to search practically any chords. Unlike normal handbooks, you can not only see the chord, but also listen how it sounds ...    24 MB    Views 6696

Music Super Trivia

+16    This app is a collection of facts and quotes about Music which you can share through Email, Twitter and Facebook. Did you know most popular modern guitarists were left handed? Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney. Did you know the word ...    10 MB    Views 1428
drum taiko japanese http master
-9    TAIKO PAD FreeVersion Hitting each drums, the taiko sounds like the real sound sampled at the famous studio Miyamoto in Asakusa. After the first steps in the studies of japanese music moved with Miyamoto Unosuke, He studied under one of the founders of ...    3 MB    Views 2168


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+29    animated cartoon music radio japanese song singles anime radio Vocaloid music vocaloid anime radio miku ren japanese world song singles    14 MB    Views 851


drum music taiko japanese studio http master
+22    TAIKO PAD Category: Music Release: 2010 Publisher: Applix ©2010 Miyamoto Studio ©2010 Taikoban Office Hitting each drums, the taiko sounds like the real sound sampled at the famous studio Miyamoto in Asakusa. It is possible to beat or phrase according to the demo track played by taiko ...    19 MB    Views 9636


-6    It is a singing synthesis sequencer using VOCALOID. If Japanese lyrics and interval information are input, a Japanese song can be synthesized.    NAN    Views 1265
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0    You can sing with Japanese lyrics karaoke ◎Japanese to study and enjoy ◎ ■Operating environment ・After iOS 7.0 ・Earphone with microphone(Recommendation Apple Earphone)    2 MB    Views 9522


videos japanese promotion
+5    This application is that you can watch Promotion Videos about the Japanese Music(JPOP). This will search Promotion Videos at YouTube automatically. We hope you will like the Japanese Musics and Japanese Artists.    9 MB    Views 3339


grammar skill text email list learn support share view japanese easily pdf vocabulary
+15    You are interested in Japanese? You want to know about Japanese? You want to learn Japanese easily and convenience? So please do not ignore this application 「日本語大好き」. 「日本語大好き」 is an application that help you study Japanese easily. We support all (grammar, vocabulary, kanji, ...    18 MB    Views 5271
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0    Let's enjoy playing Japanese music If you just push buttons,You can play Japanese song This App is formed from 5 notes and 2 octaves(Japanese Scale), so you can play Japanese tune if you push any buttons Display iAd Version    1 MB    Views 1520


-5    "Tarang" is best music app for "South india" music lovers. This is provided by Vega Entertainment Private Limited. In this we have audio songs & Full length HD Quality Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam Movies. And best Action,Comedy, Romantic & Sentiment ...    5 MB    Views 333
-1    耳を傾け、すべての日本のお好みのラジオを再生する! Listen, and replay all your favorite radios Japanese ラジオ日本は、我々の偉大なアプリケーションを使用してあなたのポケットの中に"私のラジオ日本"です。 Radio Japan is in your pocket with our great application "My Radio Japan" アンテナをより多くの問題!と海外:)からアクセス More problems with antennas And accessible from abroad :)    2 MB    Views 2538


+3    This app is able to search for Music videos using the song of your Music library. It's so simple and useful.    6 MB    Views 1319

Japan Radios ™

radio radios features japan scroll japanese application
+8    Japan Radios is an application that brings you several Japanese radios. You can now stream your favorite japanese radio station. This application has several nice features: Runs in the background (so you can surf the web, do your job and at ...    4 MB    Views 8249


+23    It is a singing synthesis sequencer using VOCALOID. If Japanese lyrics and interval information are input, a Japanese song can be synthesized.    NAN    Views 5779

Music Ball

-7    This is a simple sound toy app. Just touch the screen. And enjoy music. Now Newton's apple mode is default.    13 MB    Views 6759
songs youtube year song version set default japanese
+10    Kōhaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦), more commonly known as simply Kōhaku, is an annual music show on New Year's Eve produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on both television and radio, nationally and internationally by NHK's networks and some ...    800 kb    Views 3256
voice piano card baby school cards sound english animals japanese
0    Baby School is a Great Apps which helps babies and kids early language learning and Music. Free Version Included: (English and Japanese Voice, Animals Sound & Piano) AZ Alphabet and 52 Vocabularies Sample image with English Voice. Baby Piano: 14 Key Beautiful ...    23 MB    Views 8740

Turning Japanese

japanese game fun lyrics turning
+6    Turning Japanese is a fun game for the whole family. Taking your favorite songs from the 60's to today and converting the lyrics into Japanese and back to English. The result is a hilarious word game where the user has ...    37 MB    Views 8245
drum japanese hand screen traditional
0    This is traditional musical instruments "TSUZUMI" of Japan. You can play a Japanese hand drum "TSUZUMI" if involved with a hand drum of the screen center. A shout "Iyoooooo" is revitalized if involved at the outskirts. You can set the timer on a ...    2 MB    Views 2013
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+2    "Japanese Art Dish on the turntable." Presented by RECORDS. A: 1. City Light Winter 2 (03'22) 2. Skulls (02'58) 3. Strawberry Mix (01'40) B: 1. The End (05'34) 2. Olive (01'18) music : TACHIBANA Hajime produced_TACHIBANA Hajime cover art_TADANORI YOKOO 2002 Hajime Tachibana Former guitarist of Japanese New Wave / Electro Pop band, The ...    2 MB    Views 5623


0    It is a singing synthesis sequencer using VOCALOID. If Japanese lyrics and interval information are input, a Japanese song can be synthesized.    NAN    Views 6893

Kyoto Keyboard

piano instrument music keyboard japan play stringed traditional japanese
0    Kyoto Keyboard allows you to play a piano keyboard with the sound of the beautiful instrument from Japan called the "Koto". This is a traditional stringed instrument dating back over 1000 years. Although the stringed instrument is difficult to play, ...    2 MB    Views 3498

Karma Music

+5    Hi there Let me pull up a chair for you and fix you some coffee or tea, perhaps? You will soon be aboard a magical journey filled with ethereal music, a plethora of photos, kaleidoscopes, deep sea divers, romantic moonlight walks, ...    16 MB    Views 2688


-5    1.Provides a variety of classification and function of music, meet the needs of you and your baby's hearing。 2.You can also add music from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.    38 MB    Views 1343

Florian Meindl

0    Music, it's all about music The deep meaning behind it. The experience while listening and feeling it. The force to turn something to good. Stay tuned to my official iPhone application to hear my latest tracks, see photos from my events ...    2 MB    Views 1438


-8    It is a singing synthesis sequencer using VOCALOID. If Japanese lyrics and interval information are input, a Japanese song can be synthesized.    NAN    Views 2845
guitar iphone miku lyrics input japanese vocal supports
+25    Lyrics for MIKU STOMP is an interactive app that enables you to input your own lyrics into the MIKU STOMP guitar pedal. Using the app is easy, just input your lyrics, position your iPhone over your guitar’s pickups, and stream the ...    NAN    Views 2952
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-3    Listen a selective list of Japanese Music from all the world with a very easy interface. Variety of radio stations. Stations are dynamically loaded, we will be adding more and more stations without you need to upgrade the app. If ...    866 kb    Views 3233

Japanese Radios

japanese radios
+2    All the best Japanese Radios in the same App Available for Free The Great Radio of Japan in your Mobile    4 MB    Views 7944


recording playing iphone japanese installed functions tone scale koto traditional
+18    iKoto is an application for playing Koto(Japanese Harp) on iPhone. Koto is a Japanese traditional stringed musical instrument that can produce oriental tone. Recording, playing, and demonstration functions are installed. There are tone scale change and pitchbend functions. If you like Harp, you will ...    6 MB    Views 207
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0    Breaking News: This app is picked up by a famous magazine ( in Japan "Time to relax with Japanese Summer Sounds" by 2 in Music category in Japan (Total Ranking 28) Listen to chillout & nostalgic Japanese summer ...    34 MB    Views 1201


body instrument music wadaiko screen japanese touching touch sound
+9    1, Overview Application for Music Instrument 2, Characteristics Touching the diaphragm of Japanese Drum, WADAIKO on the screen with two fingers makes a storong sound. And touching with one finger makes a normal sound. Of course, the body of WADAIKO also sounds. 3, Explanation Traditional Japanese instrument, WADAIKO ...    437 kb    Views 1471

Jpop LyricSpace

music time japanese jpop users lyrics song upload feedback
-7    Learn Japanese the fun way: with music And at the same time, join the growing community of Japanese music lovers. With Jpop LyricSpace you can create and share lyrics translations and romanizations (romaji) of Jpop, Jrock, or any Japanese song with ...    1 MB    Views 3290

Ohayashi Sensei

instruments drum music instrument japanese play musicians drama
+7    The Japanese classical drama Noh, is considered one of the oldest still existing performing arts in the world. Its peculiar and mysterious music style called Hayashi, has never ceased to mesmerise the audience, whether it be the samurai warriors ...    43 MB    Views 8809

Know Tunes

0    Play a guess the intro music game directly from your iPhone using songs from your own music library. You'll hear the start of a song and get 3 choices for guessing what the track is. Click on your choice and see ...    328 kb    Views 3045

Music Maker Pro

+7    A whole new way to make music There's no need to understand music theory to make great music. The app allows you to create songs just by tapping a couple of boxes. Layout a rhythm pattern and then play along on a guided ...    5 MB    Views 6505
+3    Пропаганда official app including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.    7 MB    Views 6648
japanese boss samurai
+26    You are the "Mistuhide Akechi" Japanese samurai. You will hit the boss "Nobunaga Oda" the boss of Japanese samurai. You must choice real Nobunaga from NINJAs "KAGEMUSHA" Japanese"Sengoku jidai"will begin    19 MB    Views 5709


radio music oasis featuring japanese mixes device streaming international
+7    Oasis Radio – the best in electronic music in Japan since 2009 is now available on your iOS device. Featuring dance oriented music as well as chillout grooves from Japanese and international artists. Some of the best music you will ...    4 MB    Views 5900
children kids chinese songs ding tap japanese twinkle learn
+30    Let's learn children's songs while playing together in a parentchild Collection of 25 most famous Nursery Rhymes. Kids will learn sense of rhythm while enjoying. Can play the cymbal, drum, tambourine, children do not get tired. Pictures will come out from where you tap ...    25 MB    Views 7537

Japan Ringtone+

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+15    For your ring tone, have a traditional melody of Gagaku music and Japanese musical instruments, as well as a melody of folk instruments and percussion Containing 120 live music phrases newly composed and recoded for this application by Japanese instrument players and ...    85 MB    Views 2473
art war music album foster japanese remixes length
+22    Rennie Foster, creator of the 1 global DanceFloor Anthem "Devil's Water," brings you a FREE iPhone App featuring all of his original traxx from the "War of Art" album as well as the remixes. Download this App and listen to the ...    182 MB    Views 572
music sound master applications japanese
0    Warm Japanese evening, a sakura tree with a bent head with sunset in background. Old kendo master, comfortably seated on a zabuton, is admiring the setting sun and inhaling the barely noticeable aroma coming from the blossoming sakura trees. Golden ...    5 MB    Views 8174

Samurai Boy

facebook samurai boy rap enjoy mode japanese words play
+18    Produced by D.A.consortium and SPiRE, Inc Let's rap with [Samurai Boy] represents Japan You can enjoy rapping using popular Japanese words Check out new series from "Rhythmushi,” [Samurai Boy]. [Samurai Boy] is a rap app that you can enjoy playing with Japanese words by ...    19 MB    Views 8970


-2    All about culture in Flanders and Brussels: classical music, opera, old music, theatre, dance, literature and fine arts.    5 MB    Views 3255
music video play simple genres free japanese anime vocaloid
+28    AnimeMusic is Japanese Anime and Vocaloid music video app AnimeMusic is free streaming music player Try AnimeMusic, the easiest to use music app Simple AnimeMusic is very simple, and has strong functions. You don't need to log in Youtube, you can make playlists ...    12 MB    Views 8198
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