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radio808 Lite

+27    radio808 Lite iphone aplikacija. Glazba, događanja, vijesti...    12 MB    Views 6947

Paint Music Lite

+4    Have you ever dreamed of creating your own film music? With Paint Music everyone is a film music composer Just paint music tracks with your finger and basically everything you draw will sound nicely You can even paint and listen ...    36 MB    Views 8343

PP Lite Christmas

+1    Merry Christmas Special Christmas version for Panda Player. Panda dances with some famous Christmas songs. Launch PP Lite Christmas. Tap note icon to select your favorite Christmas song. Then go to a landscape mode. You can see Panda dances and Panda idols. Tap them and join the ...    17 MB    Views 1305

Indra Lesmana Lite

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+2    11:11 is the innovative digital exploration of music by Indra Lesmana of which all the music in this app were created using apple gadgets which is different from common music instrument. This app is highly recommended for all Indra Lesmana fans ...    34 MB    Views 955
lite 101 mobile
+3    101.9 LiteFM Today's Hit's and Yesterday's Favorites, with John Tesh in the Morning and Delilah at Night. Now at your desk and on your phone with the LiteFM Mobile App.    17 MB    Views 7653

Lite FM Radio

+15    Plays Lite FM Today's Best and Yesterday's Favorites    6 MB    Views 8274

Bass Lessons

+30    Bass Lessons is a free application that takes music lessons to YOU and not the other way around Each series of bass lessons gives you exercises that seek to develop your dexterity and coordination. Bass Lessons now includes lessons from ...    37 MB    Views 3915
+12    Geetar brings you the best guitar tutorial and lesson videos from YouTube. Become the guitarist that you always wanted to be by learning from the best. Features include: Our top video tutorial picks Search for video lessons by song name or ...    6 MB    Views 2682
+1    UNIVERSAL AUDIO RECORDING COURSE Ever wanted to record audio like the pros? Here is your chance to learn in depth audio recording in your own home. Wellman Audio’s Elite Audio Recording Course is a universal video course full of lectures and ...    887 MB    Views 4884
-8    UNIVERSAL AUDIO RECORDING COURSE This free app contains the first 7 videos of the Elite Audio Recording Course app. Ever wanted to record audio like the pros? Here is your chance to learn in depth audio recording in your own home. Wellman ...    617 MB    Views 623
+3    Free lite version of the complete afro latin groove library. Revised by the great Cuban master percussionist Yoel Paez. Very easy to use, allows you to edit or create your own rhythms. Now you can play instantly authentic latin rhythms like ...    82 MB    Views 9486

UKRadioLive Lite

+30    Uk Radio App Lite Version    542 kb    Views 1991
0    Learn how to play the drums the easily with this app. Learn how to play drums with easytofollow beginner drum lessons.You will learn beginner drum beats, basic drum fills, and more valuable lessons. Discover the How to Play Drums with videos,these videos ...    60 MB    Views 6794
+7    The Come Back App Lite gives you 8 different come backs. Have a Come Back for almost every situation. Just touch a button and your device shouts that come back. Come Backs include: Thats What She Said Hiiooo Hot Mess Your Mom Way to fk it up For ...    2 MB    Views 5204
+21    Learn all the crazy Guitar techniques Advanced & Intermediate Guitar Method Techniques : LegatoTapping, Two hands Tapping, Polyrythmic Tapping, Chicken picking, Alternate picking, Sweeping, Arpeggios, Tril, Natural Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics, Chromatisms, String jumping, Combinated techniques... Artist stylelick studied : Joe ...    4 MB    Views 7842
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+7    Full Access to over 1200 video lessons for one month for only 1 Guitar Jamz is the number 1 video resource of guitar lessons from the internet. All the lessons, are made by Marty Schwartz. Beginner Guitar Blues, Acoustic ...    4 MB    Views 150

Rhythm Buddy - Lite

rhythm lite buddy
+5    Rhythm Buddy Lite is an powerful but Simple Drum Machine. It turns your iPad into an instant rhythm accompaniment Easy and fast to use,    23 MB    Views 1334

GoldSinger Lite

song favorite lite
-4    Ladies and Gentlemen For the very first time on your iPhone Please, welcome Goldsinger Goldsinger is the first character who sings your favorite song with the craziest voice ever You are not dreaming , Goldsinger is made with true liquid gold Once you've ...    20 MB    Views 7887
+10    Guitar everything Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar for FREE? Just imagine having ALL the guitar lessons you would ever need right at your finger tips. Your Guitar Sage presents the Best Guitar Lessons App ...    9 MB    Views 7069
music videos ukulele play lesson uke lessons tutorial george free chords
+5    Ukulele For Beginners This app has 134 easy to follow videos that are dedicated to help you learn to play and appreciate the Ukulele. Probably the most famous Ukulele player of all time was George Formby and we have included 8 performances ...    26 MB    Views 1547
0    Plays USA Your Favorites from yesterday and today all in one place. From Chicago and Fleetwood Mac to Celine Dion and John Legend, this is lite music that's Amazing. And we won't give you a headache like some other ...    13 MB    Views 6483

iBeatboxer HD

beatbox progress champion lessons
-1    Learn how to beatbox with Vahtang Beatbox World Vice Champion (2009), absolute Russia and CIS beatboxing Champion. Features: record yourself practicing every sound to see your progress share your progress via Facebook add lessons to "favorites" for quick access ...    266 MB    Views 8327

Radio Dodo Lite

+1    RadioDoDo Lite (Avec publicité ) Toutes les radios de la Réunion    9 MB    Views 7863

讚美之泉 Lite

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+14    Very first Praise & Worship App among Chinese ministries that allows you to search by categories and transpose music. Access to Stream of Praise 讚美之泉 songs at any place & time. Free Lite Version App OFFLINE BROWSING, internet access required ...    6 MB    Views 665
-9    Voice Lessons, Vocal Technique Videos, Singing Tips and Articles can be yours with Voice Lessons To The World: The App Inspired by the popular voice show from New York Vocal Coaching and Justin Stoney, this App brings voice lessons from ...    8 MB    Views 1012

World In Radio Lite

Related Apps radio world online lite
0    World in Radio Lite World in Radio is a powerful online radio. Comprise about 100,000 internet radio stations of all seven continents. With network, radio is everywhere. Features: Online FM radio Order or shuffle Time off Favorites Search and recently played User interface simulating real radio Background playback Multilanguage support Share to tweet ...    19 MB    Views 98
Related Apps guitar videos blues teacher lessons version guitarist delta lite
+7    Blues guitar addict ? Here is the best method to learn the Blues with your guitar 4 styles, 4 guitars : Basics : Epiphone Es339 Delta Blues : Tanglewood Heritage acoustic Texas Blues : Fender Strat Eric Johnson Chicago Blues ...    4 MB    Views 4099
-3    Impress friends, woo your future soulmate, learn to play the songs you love to listen to, or make your own music by learning/improving to play the bass guitar. Bass Guitar Lessons will help you by providing hundreds of bass guitar ...    19 MB    Views 2986
guitar learning videos time play learn tips lessons easy price technique
0    SALE Guitar App special Offer. 50% Off For The Next 72 Hours. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up Now you can learn how to play guitar with this brand new app Best Beginner Guitar Lessons will help you get started the ...    68 MB    Views 2818
Related Apps guitar tuner acoustic lite
-7    Limited time offer: 80% OFF Develop an outstanding musical audition with this incredible acoustic guitar tuner D Tuner Lite brings you the following tunings: Standard: E B G D A E Half Step Down: Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb ...    2 MB    Views 2674
Related Apps guitar music videos twitter facebook play lessons learn songs popular fretboard theory
+4    Guitar Lessons : Get visual teaching guitar app with colors We show you how to play popular songs without music theory.The easy way to learn to play guitar without guitar tabs information No music theory, no tablature, no guitar ...    33 MB    Views 8085
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+24    SALE Banjo Lessons App Special Offer. 50% Off For The Next 72 Hours. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up Learn how to play Banjo Easily. Some great articles and videos to teach you how to play your banjo. Banjo Lessons Videos: How to ...    55 MB    Views 2159

Northern Lite

Related Apps lite northern official touch
+6    the official Northern Lite application for iphone and ipod touch powered by stay in touch with the band, listen to Northern Lite's music using the Random Track Player even when the app is closed. get all the ...    5 MB    Views 5841
animation xylophone awesome touch lite
+2    Awesome Xylophone Lite version Virtual Xylophone application for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. New and Noteworthy featured app. High quality sounds. Multitouch lets you play chords. Xylophone mallets animation. Highly detailed animation. Retina display support.    6 MB    Views 401
videos banjo play learn price chords lessons
+3    SALE How To Play Banjo Special Offer. 50% Off For The Next 72 Hours. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up Now you can learn how to play banjo with this brand new app Learn how to play banjo with videos,these videos ...    45 MB    Views 9204

Beatbox! Lite

beatbox kit sounds lite bass
+27    Beatbox Lite is a FREE app featuring 3 sets of authentic human beatbox sounds. Go freestyle or play along with backing tracks. Green Kit: Crisp bass and snare, plus scratching sounds. Yellow Kit: House style... NSNSNS Orange Kit: Says 'Boots', 'Cats', 'Fresh', with ...    13 MB    Views 9634
beat digital lite
+17    Lite Version of Digital Beat Down Game, very fun and with cool visual fx, where you can listen the mesmerizing music of the american band Digital Beat Down while you play collecting coins as you dodge the obstacles    37 MB    Views 3935
-2    How To Play Piano is the ultimate video guide for you to learn Piano. Application Includes: How To Play Piano Beginner Piano Lessons Advanced Piano Lessons Piano Chords Best Piano Songs Jazz Piano Lessons Tips & Techniques Get Your Copy today before ...    2 MB    Views 8747

LITE 97.9

+29    LITE 97.9 plays the hits from today and yesterday. Now with the LITE 97.9 Iphone App you can leave the LITE on wherever you go, at work, at home or at play. With no hard rock, no rap and no twang ...    3 MB    Views 7695
Related Apps music player lite pro
-4    Lite Music Player PRO one of the most awesome and powerful player Nothing can stand between you and music. Perfect Music Choice    8 MB    Views 6979

Lite Rock 99.9 FM

work lite rock
0    LISTEN LIVE while you work to Lite Rock 999 Rob Poulin in the Morning, John Tesh in the Afternoon and Continuous Lite Rock While You Work    1 MB    Views 920
guitar videos video music lessons learn guitarist free songs play master
+6    Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps". "App of the month” – GuitarPart. "Incredibly well designed” Guitarist Magazine.  Great lessons for beginner and advanced guitarists. PlayWhatYouSee (no music theory needed). Includes a FREE Guitar Tuner & more songs than anywhere ...    63 MB    Views 4742
Related Apps radio stations lite
-2    All stations working fine. For every complaint contact us. Channel list: 1. Kirula Radio 2. Sirasa FM 3. Siyatha FM 4. E FM 100.4 5. Varnam FM 6. Yes FM 7. Kiss FM 8. Lite FM 9. Uthayan Radio 10. Ran FM 11. Y FM 92.7 12. Radio Xtasy 13. TNL Rocks 101.8 14. Shakthi FM ...    2 MB    Views 8352
singing voice videos sing learn tips lessons improve
+11    SALE How To Sing App Special Offer. 50% Off TODAY. Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up Now you can learn how to sing with this brand new app Discover the easiest and most effective way singing lessons on how to sing ...    69 MB    Views 8669
Related Apps guitar videos play lessons learn
-3    This free app brings you the best videos on how to learn to play the guitar. See the best YouTube videos on guitar lessons for beginners. If you are just beginning to play the guitar, this app may be a great ...    303 kb    Views 7923
Related Apps instrument cajon world lessons
-3    Learn to play the worlds hottest instrument The cajon is percussion instrument that is taking the world by storm. Get tips and lessons from the world's best cajon players, and take your skills to the next level.    35 MB    Views 3277

myJazz v2

lessons myjazz
-5    Learn jazz piano from the myJazz club. Two minute lessons to build the essential skills to play like evans and brubeck or improvise like monk. Each lesson bundle has a minimum of 5 digital lessons arranged with video, PDF support, ...    47 MB    Views 1000
lyrics capoeira lite
-3    Capoeira Lyrics Lite mobile client for biggest public capoeira lyrics archive. Hundreds lyrics and translations in your pocket Search thru Title, Text, Artists Make list of favorite lyrics Regular content updates Preloaded offline database Join us at    15 MB    Views 6881
soundboard lite
-6    iKanye Lite is a free soundboard which pays tribute to everyones favourite artist. With twelve of his most amusing phrases for use in any situation, this soundboard is always sure to provide something profound    3 MB    Views 6103
Related Apps piano play lessons guide
0    How To Play Piano is the ultimate video guide for you to learn Piano. Application Includes: How To Play Piano Beginner Piano Lessons Advanced Piano Lessons Piano Chords Best Piano Songs Jazz Piano Lessons Tips & Techniques Get Your Copy today before ...    2 MB    Views 4433

xMod Lite

sounds lite midi
+12    xMod Lite is a scaleddown version of xMod, our polyphonic tripleoscillator crossmodulated FM synthesizer designed for iOS devices. FM is widely regarded as the most efficient way of generating complex "organic" musical sounds. xMod Lite contains all of the sounds ...    3 MB    Views 7348
canzoni versione numero lite
0    La versione Lite dell'App contiene un numero limitato di canzoni travisate e vedrà un numero molto minore di aggiornamenti. La versione completa oltre a fornire la classifica delle travisate più ascoltate ed una sezione per raccogliere le proprie canzoni preferite, sarà ...    2 MB    Views 1211

The River 97.3 FM

river favorites lite rock
+12    We're the River KRVYFM 97.3. We play the BEST lite Rock favorites from the 60's to Today. Serving West Central Mn listeners by presenting quality programming inside a wholesome, family oriented nonoffensive environment. Less commercials and more music, 24 hours ...    3 MB    Views 4999

Ram-Leela Lite

music videos ram lite
+18    OFFICAL RamLeela Lite one stop shop and a complete powerpacked App. The App is Sleekly designed which represents the style and panache associated with film. Experience the latest offering with RamLeela Lite App as this gives you access to music ...    13 MB    Views 9326
Related Apps music sunny player lite ipod
+15    Sunny Music Player Sunny Music Player는 하늘을 연상시키는 배경화면과 Swipes, Tabs등을 이용하여 손쉽게 사용하실 수 있습니다. 이 뮤직 플레이어는 여러분의 음악감상의 격을 한층 높여줄 것입니다. Sunny Music Player 좌우 제스쳐 (Next/Prev) 더블 터치 (Play/Pause) 깔끔한 디자인 IPhone5 지원 시간에 따라 ...    4 MB    Views 9512
music game files lite
+20    Play all music files of the strategy pcgame "Game Tycoon", which was released a few years ago. 2 of 12 files are available in this LITE version. Main menu with each scene of the music is included.    5 MB    Views 3951

Miss Music Lessons

Related Apps music child lessons
+2    Miss Music Lessons introduces your preschooler to Music using simple children’s songs, beginning with interaction on the keyboard. The multimedia format includes interactive HOT SPOTS, inviting your child to push for sound, video or popup text. The intent is to ...    62 MB    Views 1025

Intonation Lite

Related Apps guitar intonation tune lite
+3    Intonation Lite is the free limited version that allows you to tune guitar or bass guitar using your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. With a realistic guitar interface and easy to select tunings, you can quickly and easily tune your guitar ...    17 MB    Views 4091
Related Apps videos slap lessons version teacher master method bass lite
+3    The best method to learn Slap bass technique. Level : Intermediate & advanced 10 lessons in the Lite version 30 lessons in the Complete version without ad (available on the market or inapp at a great price) 56 Videos HD ...    3 MB    Views 2427

Vocoder Lite

vocoder lite
+10    Vocoder Lite: change your voice, record and playback your speech and have fun with your friends three voices selectable. Enjoy vocoder Lite? Try full version of this app Search "Vocoder" in the appstore and you'll gain "alien", "borg" and the funny "burp" ...    1 MB    Views 3683
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