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+1    Let's enjoy together your favorite photos and favorite music. Photos sequentially displayed from time to time you have set music playing. Music playlist is selected from “YouTube” or music library of iPhone / iPad / iPod by using playlists, artists name and album ...    1 MB    Views 4895

Riverfest 2015

photo 2015
+6    The OFFICIAL mobile app for Riverfest Arkansas 2015 Connect with the festival straight from your phone with features like vendor locations, entertainment schedules, photo frames, and a photo scavenger hunt    36 MB    Views 221


music photo cool view 90s
-1    Hellen Back is a premier St. Louis based band that plays all the cool 90s alternative and today's rock (and pretty much whatever else we feel like playing) Foo Fighters, The Ataris, Alanis Morisette, Goldfinger, Evanescence, Sublime, Fuel, Rise ...    19 MB    Views 6319
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+1    Ever Music Streaming Player You can enjoy the streaming of your favorite music at any time Easy to operate by the familiar music player 【Feature】 ・Music player Favorited songs, of course, you can also play music of iPod library. (※Songs with DRM can not be ...    10 MB    Views 4994

Drawing pictures

+9    Drawing pictures lets you make a stencil from photo you takes or from your photo album.Very simple and quick.You can edit, share on facebook, save to your album or mail it to your friends and family. With a stencil you can ...    NAN    Views 1014

My Video Clip

Related Apps video music library videos photo application clip ipod play favorite playback
+26    This iPhone application allows you to play multiple videos from your photo library, iPod library or file sharing just like playing a video clip while listening to your favorite music from your iPod library. Features: Shuffle and play multiple videos by ...    NAN    Views 5824
time home library music facebook loop stretch function playback ipod pitch change
+1    mimiCopy is a music player that helps guitarists and other musicians 'learn by ear' a track of their choice. You can playback at slower speed without any change in pitch, or use the waveform view to skip to a particular ...    19 MB    Views 4824


+25    Every photo has the perfect soundtrack, so let SnapJam show you the perfect sound behind any photo. It’s easy Just take a picture of anything you like and SnapJam will automatically play a song that’s perfect for the image, based off ...    8 MB    Views 1450


audio library email playback song play buttons browser files supports sharing
+7    Sound your best with Professional Live Track Playback for the iPad Playback your audio tracks at the touch of a button. Great for musicians, bands, traveling singers, live audio engineers and even radio and television production work. Key features: Instantly play back ...    8 MB    Views 4307
+8    Baek Z Young 백지영 edition Menu Guide Profile 백지영 프로필 소개 Profile, Albums, Career, Commercial 소개 Information 백지영과 관련한 모든 소식을 제공합니다 근황 및 뉴스, 이벤트 안내 및 공개 스케줄 Albums 백지영의 모든 음반 소개 (최신 앨범 미리듣기 제공) Video 뮤직 ...    21 MB    Views 1112

Gangnam Photo Booth

photo psy
+1    Take a photo with PSY Surprise your friends with a photo on which you're dancing together with PSY ................................................................. Cover pic courtesy of quietesthope    18 MB    Views 2233


photo music radio library weather time clock slideshow alarm channel sound speaker player nature
+4    NextSpeaker is an App designed for Next’s docking speakers. You can use this simple speaker as an alarm clock, an FM tuner, a music player and a photo slideshow Features: All functions in a single app No need to switch Clock Dazzling home ...    5 MB    Views 7634


artists photo album
+2    An app to provide dubstep enthusiasts & revelers continual access to artists & DJ's original works, biographies & streaming mixes. Integrated with our facebook app allowing users a chance to update their friends about music and artists on DubRadi0. Take ...    7 MB    Views 4437

PhonicScore lite

music instruments piano library metronome instrument sheets musicxml sheet lite playback choose features
+25    PhonicScore lite is the award winning digital sheet music reader the perfect tool for your collection of digital music sheets, learning and practicing piano, guitar, violin, voice or any other instrument.You can add, manage and view your own MusicXML ...    40 MB    Views 3365
photo american game
+4    The AllAmerican Rejects bring you their Photo Game. Figure out the differences between 2 almost identical photos that are exclusive to the app.    2 MB    Views 6502
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+1    MMP is a boon if you want to learn music whether it's a Beethoven or Charlie Parker. It can play all the songs in your iPod music library, along with the features that musicians need when they need to study ...    4 MB    Views 1827


Related Apps library photo music screen tilt tap shake animated
+4    Kaleidic: vibrant gems in spellbinding, symmetric animation Kaleidic is an interactive, animated, highly randomized kaleidoscope. — it dances to and visually enhances your music — on iOS4+ devices Kaleidic reacts to music from your library — it's shaketastic — give it a shake ...    35 MB    Views 8825


camera photos library photo artwork art twitter text flickr email album device ipod
+12    What’s “sleevefacing”? At some point in your life, you probably picked up a record album (yes, that big cardboard square with a vinyl disc inside) featuring the artist’s head and held it up to your face for a laugh. ...    7 MB    Views 2760
+18    MonkeyMote 4 foobar2000 gives you a fullfledged wireless foobar2000 remote control for your iPhone or iPod touch. It connects to foobar2000 running your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to view information about currently playing tracks and control ...    3 MB    Views 3155
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-4    TEAC HR Audio Player for iOS allows users to playback highresolution music files on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. PCM 96kHz/24bit highresolution music files can be played back on a TEAC Audio product that is connected to ...    15 MB    Views 3886


music moon library home audio mind technology simple playback allowing
+9    Many songs ... Many rooms ... A few simple commands make it all happen MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) is much more than a product. It is a way of displaying, listening to, and enjoying your music. MiND technology streams music ...    75 MB    Views 921
photo private
-5    Worried about people seeing all your private photos and videos? With this app you can safely hide and store all your private for your eyes only files • All data is securely stored in a secret tiny corner with multiple lock options • Extremely ...    NAN    Views 4627
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+5    〓 Karaoke practice mode 〓 ・Automatic scrolling of the lyrics synchronized with the playback. ・Loop playback between from A to B 〓 Offline lyrics display 〓 ・Web search for lyrics ・Camera shot of the lyrics of the music CD 〓 Import from the music library 〓 ・During ...    5 MB    Views 6729


music photo share
+3    vSound is a social music application that allows you to express yourself through music. It's the allinone app for music, dubs, photos and more. Create videos and dubs or add a custom photo to the song you want to share. Browse and ...    41 MB    Views 3321
+7    MiND (MOON intelligent Network Device) is much more than a product. It is a way of displaying, listening to, and enjoying your music. MiND technology streams music from your digital music library to your audio system, allowing playback via your ...    78 MB    Views 1169
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-5    Jason App has been released. The lasted news of Jason with HD image and videos. All kinds of news and information including Jasons profile, personal photo are available in APP. If you want to get the lasted information of Jason better and fast ...    24 MB    Views 1960
home library audio music experience speaker bluetooth wireless listening unique playback
+30    Experience music as never before with Mira by Braven the Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker App. Compatible with the Braven Mira Wireless Bluetooth Home Speaker, Mira is a fully functional audio player application that features unique playback controls and settings, ...    12 MB    Views 6908

Sing Machine

+21    Sing Machine is a fun little music app for singing and making songs on the go. You can import music from your device library and singalong or import your own beats and make original songs. Saving your songs and playback ...    13 MB    Views 2897
photo daft punk friends
+8    ► Want to have a picture with Daft Punk? Now you can Get a photo of you and Daft Punk together Then share it on Facebook and Twitter. Trick your friends into believing you met Daft Punk Make your friends jealous :) If you ...    17 MB    Views 7188

PlayBacker for iPad

Related Apps audio library ipad deck mode cue playback list crossfader auto functions
-1    = 2 Deck Audio File Player + Auto Pause, Cue, Cross for iPad = ■ All of the sequential audio playback are supported. “PlayBacker for iPad” is a audio file player which have 2 decks and crossfader, and supports complex sequential audio ...    445 kb    Views 5859

Snap Play

Related Apps family media music social security map photo library videos work snap cloud device mobile play members access platform
-3    Snap Play is a subscription service that streams your cloudstored music from the cloud to any device at any time. Always have access to your home collection with features including: Crossplatform cloud streaming Play iTunes library from any device Autoorganize music and create ...    11 MB    Views 1681
media library music monkeymote control playback view display information song run
+6    MonkeyMote HD gives you a fullfledged wireless music remote control for your iPad. It supports several popular media players: • Winamp • MediaMonkey • JRiver Media Center • AIMP The app connects to your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to view ...    3 MB    Views 8426


music audio library email wifi midi life module adjustable playback mode
0    Quincy is a most unique music composition tool. Its modular approach to interpretation of cellular automata renders Life worlds in styles ranging from Balinese Gamelan music to that of Stockhausen. Autogenerated ondevice, interactive music that sounds authentic and goes far ...    7 MB    Views 481
Related Apps music library ipad iphone photo player nature followers feature songs http play king
-2    视听震撼的雪峰音乐自然播放器+精心收录的100首天王(张学友、刘德华、黎明、郭富城)歌曲。 Xuefeng Music Nature player + carefully collection of 100 King's songs. 功能1:花儿根据音乐节奏在大山、湖水、大海、沙漠处等翩翩舞蹈,这些近100种花多半拍摄于新加坡及中国两地。 Feature 1: Followers dancing on the mountains, lake, sea or the desert. Most of those followers taken from China and Singapore. 功能2:海量美景随意更换,让您爽心悦目,心旷神怡。 Feature 2: Hundreds beautiful landscapes random change for the player. 功能3:海量具有智慧的哲言、佛语,感人故事,让您豁然开朗,享受放松心情。 Feature ...    705 MB    Views 9847

Rap Machine

music voice library songs rap beats recorded import playback long
-2    Rap Machine is a fun little music app for rapping and making songs on the go. You can import music from your device library and rapalong or import your own beats and make original rap songs. Saving your songs and ...    10 MB    Views 709
photo library videos image images austin add booth save
+9    Do you love Austin & Ally? Are you really their biggest fan? This app is all about Austin & Ally. This is the ultimate app giving you exciting videos, Gifs, Photos, mini Austin & Ally website builder and a cool Photo ...    20 MB    Views 4308
-2    Put yourself in a photo with the gorgeous Cody Simpson Adjust the photo till it's just perfect    8 MB    Views 7914
-3    Lady Gaga’s Official Monster in You app empowers her fans to share with the world The Monster in them. Take a photo of yourself or upload a photo from your gallery and the app outputs a Little Monster version of ...    NAN    Views 9279
photo friends
+2    ► Want to have a picture with Lorde? Now you can Get a photo of you and Lorde together Then share it on Facebook and Twitter. Trick your friends into believing you met Lorde Make your friends jealous :) If you want to be ...    24 MB    Views 4084

Echo Guitar™ Lite

Related Apps guitar library songs arpeggio features chords echo playback patterns
+1    Echo Guitar™ is a convenient tool for composing guitar songs. You can quickly record musical inspirations with it's unique features such as "Automaticarpeggio" "Chords Tapboard" "Patterns Tapboard"... Main Features 1. Automatic arpeggio. 2. Velocity strings. 3. Record / Playback your songs. 4. Songs playback with animations. 5. ...    117 MB    Views 102


magic software movie radio iphone music library remote itunes control server hard disk dvd playback automatically
-6    Magic Remote Control and Magic Remote Server will turn your Mac into a comfortable and easytouse media center. Magic Remote Server (Pro) runs on the Mac and is controlled by Magic Remote Control from your iPhone or iPod. If you want ...    9 MB    Views 7053


Related Apps music time library songs playback listen jukebox
-6    Enjoy uncertainty JukeBox+ is a simple Music app controller to play songs in the music library in a digest way. In your huge Music library, there may be songs that you had never listened before or there may be songs that ...    655 kb    Views 3907


music iphone library background walk playback edition
-4    Music Playback for Live Events Stingtk has been designed to be any professional’s go to ToolKit for playing both walkup stings and background music via an iPod Touch or iPhone. The workflow has undergone much development and extensive real world testing ...    9 MB    Views 24
Related Apps music artist library virtual audio apple art playback sound settings frequency album band bands resolution
+30    Feel the power of music. KaiserTone contains the "Amazing Quality Sound Engine AQSV". This highspeed sound engine makes use of over 64000 frequency bands to deliver the very highest quality audio. Sound Engine AQSV supports: 1) playback of highresolution sources up ...    22 MB    Views 9207

blinking beats

music iphone library tools photo beats visuals cool device displays screen
-2    blinking beats version 1.0 requires iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th generation or newer and iOS versions 6.1 or newer. did you ever want to breath a new life into all your photo albums on your iPhone? or did you ever want some ...    807 kb    Views 3262

Baby DanceBooth

baby dance photo library family crazy song collection record share
-8    Get up and dance with your baby Make the funniest dance video of your own family with the Baby DanceBooth. Requirements: Headshots of you and your child, the Baby DanceBooth App, and time for fun. Then record your dance and share ...    27 MB    Views 1465
text photo photos facebook library direction effects fan quotes save harry instagram
0    Are you a real Directioner? Well this is probably the best one direction app eva The 1DPix app is your exclusive one direction app for making and customizing your own personalized One Direction fan pictures. Personalize your pictures with One Direction ...    44 MB    Views 4435

Groove Speaker

music photo radio library time weather clock speaker slideshow alarm groove sound channel player
+13    Groove Speaker is an App designed for Groove's docking speakers. You can use the simple speaker as a world clock, a multialarm, an FM tuner, a music player and make photo slideshow while you are listening to music. Features: All functions ...    5 MB    Views 2004


photo hear
0    Snap or load a photo and hear it spring to life. Melopix will analyze your photo and produce a tune starting from the image data, which you can hear played on piano or acoustic guitar.    21 MB    Views 9878
dance photo video
Related Apps news photo information kinds lasted
+21    Hebe App has been released. The lasted news of Hebe with HD image and videos. All kinds of news and information including Hebes profile, personal photo are available in APP. If you want to get the lasted information of Hebe better and fast ...    11 MB    Views 3148

Walking Player

Related Apps music running person library tempo walking original player list play playback range
+1    Walking Player v1.11 does not support iOS9 . If you are using iOS9, please wait until the next release. The person who has already used Walking Player , please refrain from update to iOS9. About the latest correspondence situation , please refer I'm sorry ...    2 MB    Views 5142


facebook photo library sound picture presets surround stand good image
+7    Mission: To more fully understand the colors that surround us we must engage an additional sense. A Pollisynth takes a picture of something, and then translates that picture into a unique soundwave. As stated above, in order to fully understand the ...    12 MB    Views 6011

Karaoke Anywhere HD

Related Apps karaoke ipad facebook time twitter library party audio songs subscription itunes playback monthly mp3 streaming files
+14    Karaoke Anywhere HD is the world's first and only fully featured iPad karaoke application with a streaming library of thosands of songs Karaoke Anywhere HD gives you the full experience of karaoke without requiring expensive equipment or going to a ...    7 MB    Views 1737


videos video library photo play product add demos screen large
+15    Full Featured Queue Video Player with AIRPLAY capability ? Use this app to show your slideshow videos, demo videos, product showreel to your LCD TV or Airplay enabled Projectors. Q Video player allows playing videos from your library or videos stored in ...    1 MB    Views 5730
photo camera twitter library iphone photos images bieber friends pro booth
0    Utilize the awesome power of your iphone to recognize faces from your photos. Then use Photo Booth Pro to create totally hilarious images of you and your friends. Simply grab a photo from your library or from your iPhone camera and ...    9 MB    Views 8455

Fotoshow For iPad

photo music ipad photos iphone library slideshow transition add choose ipod
-3    70% off the regular price for a limited time BUY NOW AND GET FREE UPDATES FOREVER iPad photo slideshow maker An easytouse iPad photo slideshow maker. It provides you function to add, edit, make the photo slideshow using your favorite photos and music. A tool ...    1 MB    Views 3637
audio iphone library ipad music home res playback pioneer usb wireless files
+21    Wireless HiRes Player ~Stellanova~ is the music player allows you to playback the various audio coding formats and the HiRes audio such as DSD. And it enable to playback not only iPhone/iPad local library files but USB external storage library files ...    NAN    Views 17

Hip Hop Musicians

photos photo musicians hop hip great
+21    Hip Hop Musicians is a great collection with the best hip hop musicians. Main features: Great artists photos and info Quiz game Compare Gallery slideshow Photo editor enhance, effects, stickers, etc Bookmarks Share photos Save to photo library Real time ...    111 MB    Views 869

Mitone Speaker

photo music radio library time weather clock speaker slideshow alarm player sound channel
-3    Mitone Speaker is an App designed for Mitone's speakers. It is powerful more than you expect. You can use the simple speaker as a clock, a mutiple alarm, an FM tuner, a music player and a photo slideshow Features: All functions ...    5 MB    Views 4872
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