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My Dance Class IPAD

+13    My Dance Class is a dedicated app for Dance Teachers, like Zumba Instructors and all kinds of Dance, Aerobics Fitness trainers. Dance students can also use it as a handy and useful tool for their dance passion. This app differs from other ...    4 MB    Views 3520

Beck's Gig Finder

search gig gigs location finder
+17    Never miss a beat with Beck's Gig Finder. Search for upcoming gigs nearby or specify another location to search. Scroll through the results or use the map view to see where the gigs are. Find out more information about each artist and watch ...    2 MB    Views 2050


+12    Welcome to ParigoMusicSearch the no.1 innovative production music search program This App is a client version of the well known Parigo online music search platform. Visit for more information. ParigoMusicSearch is a great music search tool helps you ...    10 MB    Views 5454


+16    Welcome to the allnew, OFFICIAL app for Bonnaroo 2015 This fullyfeatured and jampacked app brings you all things Bonnaroo: full schedule lists of every performer and event; a detailed festival map with all stages, vendors, and retailers visible; and a ...    50 MB    Views 3545
business time god ministries faith victory location pastor
+6    The seed which grew into Faith Victory Ministries International (FVMI) was planted in 2009. After a divine encounter of Pastor Charles Antwi with God in which He laid out His mandate and instructions to follow, he decided to resign from ...    10 MB    Views 6421
weekend festival fest location official 2015
+18    Welcome to the Official FYF Fest 2015 App Your personal guide to all the festival shows and activities. Organize your weekend at FYF Fest, the twoday festival taking place at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena & Exposition Park, August 22nd & ...    38 MB    Views 2204

Easy Backline

0    EASY BACKLINE est leader dans la location des instruments de musique pour les professionnels. Nous vous proposons la quasi totalité des références existantes des plus récentes aux plus anciennes. Vous retrouvez une partie de notre matériel dans cette appli avec une ...    15 MB    Views 553

LyricLook Free

+15    LyricLook conveniently creates a special Internet search on the search engine of your choice using the name of the artist and the song currently playing. Or, choose a song from your library. Say you're listening to an old favorite. You've always ...    519 kb    Views 4558

Live & When

location concerts plays live track date listing genre
-3    Free for limited time Download now and mail us your feedback Live & When is the only app that provides listing and tracking of Musical Concerts and Plays in the city of Mumbai (Bombay). Soon all India It comes with the following features: 1. ...    411 kb    Views 8558


+1    Search Live Blues music venues in London. Search for them, located in a map using Geolocation. Search top music ranks for Blues Internet Blues radio streaming Vote your Favorite Venues and more to come.    1 MB    Views 6187


audio recording file location
+19    iFieldRec is a simple field recorder and geolocation application. You can enjoy to listen to the sound with location. Main Features Audio Recording. Check the move’s location for recording site. Upload the audio file on the Dropbox. Share the audio file with ...    2 MB    Views 9902

Blue Day iPad

Related Apps band day blue location fans
+15    "Blue Day" is the app for the Memphisbased band Blue Day. Clever, eh? Listen to free music See photos of the band and their fans See where the next performance is Keep up to date with the band's shows and ...    5 MB    Views 640
party location live application place information distance
+15    PLT Party Live Ticker is a brand new and unique nightlife platform that can be used equally by party people, club, pub and bar owners. If you are looking for the perfect location to go this evening, this application will ...    7 MB    Views 8441
music house art remix roxy hidden door location
+1    This app by Phillip LockwoodHolmes is part of the second HIDDEN DOOR, running 2224 October 2010 at the Roxy Art House, Edinburgh. 'Music by Location' plays a remix of the track 'Shifts' by OVER THE WALL. As you move nearer ...    36 MB    Views 4820


Related Apps video time background call sounds sound phone conference play location
-8    REDTAP – Live phone call Ambience changing app by adding Background sound to you'r LIVE Phone call. Add background sound to your LIVE phone call and fake your Location. First time in app store. (You can see US version of the App ...    1 MB    Views 565
spotify search premium
-7    Easily search for songs by their lyrics Open in Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube    1 MB    Views 1757

ICE Tunes

weather time audio wifi vehicle current location tunes ice multiple control remote
+12    Designed specifically for invehicle use, ICE Tunes combines audio playback, weather forecasts, location information, vehicle data and more into one simple and safe application. With features such as gesture controls, large buttons, high contrast graphics and a clean interface, information ...    20 MB    Views 8340

Music Info Search

Related Apps music search related
0    Music Information Search. Fast, Simple and Clean You can find members of a band, related links of an artists, detail of a release, and related music videos    10 MB    Views 9147

Jukeboxy Manager

+3    Jukeboxy Manager App controls Jukeboxy Venue Player from anywhere with internet, on location or remotely. Use Jukeboxy in your business: bars, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, & more With their interactive app trifecta of Jukeboxy Manager App, Jukeboxy Venue Player, & Jukeboxy ...    46 MB    Views 8119

Party Ace Events

party news tickets entertainment search events ace receive choose location globe
-7    Want to know the easiest way to find events? Download Party Ace Events app now to find a wide range of events listing, uploaded by party promoters across the globe. Choose Party Ace “Your Ultimate Entertainment Connection” Why choose Party Ace? Party Ace ...    6 MB    Views 6770
classic hits location 107
0    Classic Hits 107.1 WJPS serves Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville and southwest Indiana. Playing Classic Hits from the late 60s, 70s and 80s, and covering Castle High School Football and Basketball. Join Dave Westrich afternoons on WJPS as he broadcasts from a ...    930 kb    Views 1544


time exploring music apps progressions play location chord website sound
+1    Our Best Recommendation: Our best recommendation for understanding ChordMapMidi is to watch the video demonstrations at the support website. (The URL is listed below.) Thank you. ChordMapMidi is an app for songwriters, worship team members, band members, music educators, and music students. ...    5 MB    Views 9936
Related Apps news music entertainment search
+11    Get the latest Nigerian entertainment news, gists, music, videos, adverts, business promotion, updates and more from Music streaming (Online and offline) Music search Playlists News News search    2 MB    Views 5679
search youtube google logo
+14    Browse music video of iTunes Top 100 in 60 countries and 30+ genres. Search songs by Name , ViewCount , Playlists , Channels on Youtube. 
 Create and manage playlist High resolution videos (720p, 1024p). Repeating and Shuffling
 Support Search ...    6 MB    Views 5455


-8    Find fellow Jazz musicians in your area, and have them find you Search criteria are instruments (including vocals), proficiency and location. Whether you're a beginner searching for other beginners, or a pro looking to fill a chair or find a ...    3 MB    Views 4187
Related Apps karaoke search
-8    Smart Phone Karaoke songbook and requesting system. Search for Karaoke places and search for karaoke songs from your iPhone and then send the request to your DJ/KJ    4 MB    Views 9446


music search
+3    For professional users only Welcome to the SONOfind APP. The APP is a client version of the No.1 innovative music search program SONOfind, available at the online platform . The SONOfind APP is ideal for music searching when on the road, ...    6 MB    Views 9539
+10    Radio Guide Australia Lite gives you information on all ABC and SBS radio stations in Australia. If you have an iPhone or iPad with GPS you can get a list of all stations within range, with an approximate indication of the ...    1 MB    Views 6429

Guitar Note Legend

guitar music note staff fretboard location legend
+1    The Guitar Note Legend Application provides you with the name and music staff location of each note on the guitar's fretboard up to the 12th fret. Just click any note on the guitar's fretboard to find its name, alternate voicing ...    17 MB    Views 6125
-3    +Tons of ringtones,update daily. +Support preview and download ringtones. +Make a ringtone from your music library +Intelligent search, easy to search your favorite.    18 MB    Views 2215


search music service
+2    บริการ Ring4U บริการเสียงเพลงขณะรอสาย ที่ให้คุณสามารถเลือกเพลงโปรดมาโหลดไว้เป็นเสียงรอสาย ไม่ว่าใครที่โทรหาคุณ ก็รู้ได้เลยทันทีว่าตอนนี้คุณอารมณ์ไหน คุณสมบัติของบริการ Ring4U บริการค้นหาเพลงรอสายทันใจ (Ring4U Search) เลือกค้นหาเพลงรอสายได้จากหลายช่องทาง ทั้งจากค่ายเพลง ศิลปิน อัลบั้ม เพื่อความสะดวกรวดเร็วเพื่อให้ได้เพลงโปรดที่คุณต้องการ Ring4U service A service that lets you express your unique feelings to everyone who calls you Ring4U’s Features Ring4U Search A service that helps you find your favorite songs instantly through many search ...    4 MB    Views 4796


music playing tickets directions food driving venue bands location information showing event description tiles events
-9    Is there any live jazz playing nearby tonight? this weekend?” We wrote MuziGuide™ to be your interactive guide to live music playing in the locations we cover. It provides you with the uptodate information on the who, what, when and where ...    2 MB    Views 4930


gym fitness music location studio silent live
+6    The Silent Fitness App is designed to allow instructors to conduct classes with LIVE voice and mp3 music playback to clients outside the studio or gym location. We all know how hard it can be to find time to attend a ...    18 MB    Views 2233


Related Apps search play
+26    · I can play movies for free from Youtube. · I can keyword search. · I can category search. · I can search by country. · I can background play.    2 MB    Views 7704


Related Apps artists videos music photos facebook map content exclusive find digital location discover
+19    DropKloud Music, Videos & Photos – discover songs, artists, interviews and behind the stage footage DropKloud is a free app that gives you VIP access to exclusive artist music and content based on your location. Pick up Klouds and discover ...    8 MB    Views 1828
Related Apps music playing unity festival latest local updates schedule location christian
-7    Unity Music Festival is the largest and longest running Christian music festival in Michigan. Celebrating 12 years of Unity with dozens of artists and speakers on multiple stages. Unity's beautiful waterfront location on Muskegon Lake provides a unique family friendly ...    6 MB    Views 7810

Blue Day

band blue day fans location
-2    "Blue Day" is the app for the Memphisbased band Blue Day. Clever, eh? Listen to free music See photos of the band and their fans See where the next performance is Keep up to date with the band's shows and ...    5 MB    Views 6295


+8    LeonRadio provides a quick and easy way to play thousands of streaming Internet radio stations on your iphone/ipad/ipod. Play your favorite local radio station from any location, and in the background(iOS 4). Search for stations by location and build a ...    27 MB    Views 1245
Related Apps music browse jukebox account button sign login location
+4    The NSM My Jukebox App, allows you to Locate NSM Jukeboxes near by and Browse & Play music on a NSM Jukebox using your own mobile phone. If this is your first time you are using the NSM My Jukebox App, ...    NAN    Views 1109

Audio Migratory

music audio driving location information train application update accuracy
+3    Audio Migratory is a new music player which you can listen to music while seeing the passing landscape from a train window. The playlist of Audio Migratory is used by the playlist of SoundCloud. The playlist of SoundCloud assigns the location data ...    5 MB    Views 9288

My Concerts

Related Apps artists library concerts shows location show find favorite nearby
+13    My Concerts helps you quickly find nearby shows by your favorite bands. It has all the features of Local Concerts by iLike or I ♥ Concerts, with a twist Using 3.0's new functionality, My Concerts can filter nearby shows and only show ...    898 kb    Views 4472
radio public stations npr local tune location streaming
0    Throw back to a simpler time with Areaware Public Radio. Just like days gone by, listen to what's immediately around you. Using your U.S. location, Public Radio tunes into your closest NPR radio stations. •••PLEASE NOTE••• Rather than go with a doall ...    10 MB    Views 3207


search music albums
+14    muzzics is a streaming music player for personal accounts. Once user grants access to his cloud account this app will search for the music folders and arranges them in albums. Easy navigation with recent played albums, skip forward or ...    9 MB    Views 2793

Maher Zain Fans

Related Apps videos maher fans location features posts
-4    Finally, this app is now compatible with iOS 5.0 and above IMPORTANT: Please make sure to uninstall any previous versions of this app before installing this version. This is an iPhone application for all Maher Zain fans. Get the latest info about ...    3 MB    Views 2168


audio gps editing sounds location site links mp3 files project
-9    SonicMaps is a Locative Audio (GPS AudioTour) platform and complete solution for sound geolocation.  Create an audio guide to a popular place, a located music composition/playlist, audio games, located poetry, or simply send geolocated audio messages to your friends. Upload your audio ...    20 MB    Views 4783

Local Notes!

music search local find notes profiles soundcloud location band community
0    Local Bands, Local Venues, Local Notes. Help to promote, grow and be part of the local music community. Local Notes helps you find the best local music near you. See every event that's going on around you tonight, or search ahead ...    15 MB    Views 916
Related Apps music ipad instruments iphone direct enjoy show screen sounds particles location
+8    The topselling Mac app is now on the iPhone and iPad This is a neverbeendonebefore application brings direct fun to the screen of your iPhone and iPad. All touches correlate directly to moving particles on your screen, and are independent of ...    20 MB    Views 3709

Car Pilot

car view control speed current manual system location pilot
-9    Car Pilot your driving App. Control your Ipod/Musicplayer or Telephone. View GPS Data like current speed, current location, course direction or use the manual speedlimit warning system. Features: Ipod/Mediaplayer Control Contact Control View your Speed View your Location View your ...    NAN    Views 63

Playr Music

party music time event playlist friends master songs location adding user player
-6    Playr lets you and your friends build a playlist together within the same event you are attending. You can host an event, setting the style of music, the date, time, location and invite your friends to participate. Once on location guests can ...    9 MB    Views 3368

Sound Graffiti

iphone ipad music camera sound cellular locations location content
+26    Welcome to Sound Graffiti, the illicit listening experience brought to you by CNNCTD+. Step into this unique Augmented Reality experience, and sample exclusive sound content at one of our tagged locations. If you are not near one of our locations, ...    8 MB    Views 1324

Music Events

Related Apps music directions location current events find application
-8    The application will find your current location and display the upcoming music events in and around 50 miles range from the current location. You can get the driving directions from your current location to the event place in native iPhone ...    2 MB    Views 5985

German Music Charts

Related Apps music search charts german
+14    With German Music Charts you can seek the music charts history of germany since 1960 by decade, year or month. It automatically can search for each song on some established searchengines, also.    1 MB    Views 3280

Sada Navi

+3    [Masashi Sada official app] More than 500 songs, Navigate Masashi Sada work fun Sada navigation features Track Search CD, DVD Movie search Listen to music Download the iTunes Store Search from the lyrics    27 MB    Views 279


music event location
0    Soundpath is an event/location based application where users are unaware of their events exact location and have to follow music to reach their event. The volume of the music fluctuates depending on if the user is heading closer to their ...    5 MB    Views 9891
Related Apps music playing radio station location transmitter place find easy
+11    Almost everyone with an iPod or iPhone has used a FM Transmitter to listen to their music through a clear radio station, but how many people have actually had a good experience with it? It's hard finding the perfect radio station ...    3 MB    Views 6477
music gps iphone email security tracker personal time text family message player alert emergency alarm location
+1    RipCord Music Player is a personal security device that offers you proven security, and personal protection, while listening to your favorite music on your iPhone. With RipCord Music Player  all you do in an emergency is pull the plug on your headphones ...    2 MB    Views 3422

LineWalk 1

music gps time location services position open piece long
-6    LineWalk is an interactive mobile music experience. The idea is to interact with it by walking around. This first release includes a piece of music that lasts for about 7 to 12 minutes. It is my intention to create more ...    16 MB    Views 4884

Roskilde Festival

music personal festival location 2015 background users updates
+1    Welcome to the official Roskilde Festival 2015 app Get ready for the largest Northern European music festival with the official app and prepare yourself for eight spectacular days of music, arts, events, amazing food and partying with your friends. Check out the ...    87 MB    Views 9274

Live Undead

gigs live concerts location
+4    The App has been created to inform everybody about nee Gigs of the Live Undead Heavy Metal Concerts. It will inform the Concerts visitors about new Bands, new Schedules for the Gigs and so on. It will also inform everybody ...    NAN    Views 3188
word puzzle search friends game
-7    Search for a word vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in this app This is a time wars game This game is a treat for candy and crossword fans Test your vocabulary against the clock by conducting a word search Can you ...    34 MB    Views 5210
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