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+7    Patch Touch is a patch editor for the Dave Smith Mopho synthesizer. If you have a Mopho then this is the editor for you Patch Touch gives you touchbased control over all of the voice and sequencer parameters on your ...    2 MB    Views 2079
+30    This is a remote for the "Dubstep Soundboard HD" app on the Mac App Store. Open the Dubstep Soundboard HD Mac app and press "Sync Remote" to use this remote and control all 258 Dubstep Sounds, Looping, Volume, Open/Close multiple windows ...    7 MB    Views 613


+25    Transform your iPad, iPhone, or iPod into a quad input DJ mixer and shake the place up Tremor is a Core Audio Mixer for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Featured on the Colorado Electronica Collective ( Featured on Podcast ( Episode ...    43 MB    Views 8205
+8    Kaleidoscope Music Library provides royalty free music which used for .TV, Film, Radio and App BGM etc. Moreover, it is possible to use it as a ring tone. ・This app provides 14 songs free. ・AddOn provides 28 songs more (42 songs total) ...    1 MB    Views 7339

iTurntable HD

+12    iTurntable for your joy of scratching The first real turntable for scratching over a song you are playing on your iPad With iTurntable, you can scratch as real DJs do. There are some builtin scratch beats but it would be much more fun ...    90 MB    Views 5136


Related Apps midi mac pads pad
0    Pad MIDI turns your iPhone/iPad into WiFi MIDI pads and keyboard for Mac OSX. Supports native Mac OS Network MIDI (Core MIDI) 16 assignable / renameable MIDI pads Full 88 key piano Selectable MIDI channel and velocity Required virtual instrument ...    4 MB    Views 5962


+19    Network control of your music Tired of getting up to switch the song, pause the playback or turn the volume down on your iPod docking station? Want to control your iPod from your Mac? Well wait no more Plug one iOS device ...    4 MB    Views 7411

and Scratch

Related Apps library twitter iphone music turntable scratch play song button ipod player mac tap
+4    Finally a real scratch application has come to your iPhone/iPod touch. A CD player to play any song(s) in your iPod library. And a turntable to play your uploaded music from your Mac/PC. Also there are 10 builtin songs to play on a ...    74 MB    Views 1254


apple audio ipad work iphone control pro version watch ios touch solution
+23    ProRemote is the World's first 32 channel touch sensitive control surface that fits in the palm of your hand. ProRemote allows you to control your Audio applications wirelessly using your existing WiFi network. Get realtime meter data and control your rig ...    4 MB    Views 7793


+6    [[ A STRANGE MUSIC TOOL FOR MANIAC MUSIC LOVERS ]] MIDIWriter is a simple app that transmits MIDI note messages by hitting keys on a keyboard. Playing an input phrase as a sequence is also possible. The tempo and the loop ...    527 kb    Views 1563

VLC Remote Free

Related Apps iphone media music ipad work vlc free remote control version mac track setup
+3    VLC Remote lets you remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC. For iPhone iPad Awarded Gizmodo's “Essential iPhone App” three years running. Awarded T3's “Best iPhone Apps”. The free version is identical to the paid version except for ...    23 MB    Views 4206

VLC Remote

iphone work music apple media ipad vlc control remote supports free mac track setup
-3    VLC Remote lets you remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC. Supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Awarded Gizmodo's “Essential iPhone App” three years running. Awarded T3's “Best iPhone Apps”. “The new VLC Remote app is simply stunning ...    24 MB    Views 4048

Dowling And Mac

radio mac good
-5    Hi Welcome to Dowling and Mac. Dowling And Mac are an online Radio station based in Scotland. We are made up of 2 members. Darren Dowling and Stuart Macaulay. Our shows consist of everything you would want from a Radio ...    4 MB    Views 4153
iphone itunes limited mac
0    RTMaker is an iPhone application that creates ring tone from your iPod library. RTMaker transfers ringtones through file sharing capability of iTunes. Very easy to use compared to apps that sends attached mails. For a limited time sale 1.99 > 0.99 Notes: ...    450 kb    Views 6559
Related Apps audio radio player stream directory url supported mac icecast
-2    Welcome to the Looptek AudioNet player. 1114 Live Music/Radio Stations, and more. If you can access the URL for an audio stream and file most likely you can use the Looptek AudioNet player to listen to it. The following formats are supported . MP3 . M4A . ...    437 kb    Views 5592

Air Jack App

audio iphone wifi time music jack air mac touch ipod stream
+6    Windows user do not download. Download Air Jack for your Mac here: Introduction of Air Jack Air Jack capture the audio from your mac and send it to your iOS device via WiFi connection. In other words, you can use your any ...    254 kb    Views 5761
matrix patch touch midi device synthesizer ios mac
+7    Patch Touch: for Oberheim Matrix is a patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix1000, Matrix6, and Matrix6r synthesizers. If you have one of these synths then this is the editor for you Patch Touch gives you touchbased control over all of ...    829 kb    Views 923

Siremic B

ipad apple software wifi network midi mac setup click
-9    Special introductory offer Free for a limited time only Please be sure to rate and review. Thanks Siremic B (pronounced "Ceramic Bee") stands for Simple Remote Midi Controller (Buttons) and that's just what it is: Siremic B allows you to control your ...    1 MB    Views 4884


+21    WifiAmp helps you to control winamp from your couch in a known look&feel You need a WifiNetwork in which both, your computer and your iphone or ipod touch are connected to. Also you need to run our wifiamp server application on ...    2 MB    Views 21

Soundboard Remote

Related Apps soundboard ipad audio mac remote control support interface
-9    THIS PRODUCT REQUIRES SOUNDBOARD FOR THE MAC 2.1 TO FUNCTION Soundboard Remote allows you to control Soundboard for the Mac from your iPad With Soundboard Remote, you can connect to any Mac running Soundboard on your network, and ...    2 MB    Views 4229


library music running playing time work home device control remote mac ios
0    NOTE: Please delete and reinstall app when upgrading to iOS 7 if you face app crashes in iOS 7. MeshRemote is a universal iOS application. MeshRemote, when running on a compatible iOS device, allows you to remote control the iPod music ...    2 MB    Views 6613


Related Apps ipad 2012 newer mac mid bluetooth midi
0    Send MIDI over Bluetooth from your iOS device to your Mac Works with all apps that support Virtual Midi, such as TouchOSC, Midi Pads, etc. Download the free host app at NOTE the app requires Bluetooth LE and is compatible ...    336 kb    Views 2969


library music iphone time surface screen tap download center button track volume mac sound
-7    You will feel like just being a professional DJ with iScratch DJ. Analog record scratching has been reincarnated in the Digital iPhone/iPod touch Scratch , effect,,, with the two analog turntables......Let's play DJ Check out our "how to" video on YouTube. Features: You can ...    25 MB    Views 6061

vKiP for Kyma

Related Apps ipad running design browse driver midi sound mac network control
+9    Control Symbolic Sound’s Kyma X Paca, Pacarana or Capybara sound design system using your iPad. Connect with MIDI or OSC Mac and PC users can enjoy the benefits of the Delora vKiP control surface app on the iPad. vKiP offers the ...    5 MB    Views 9439

Remote for Rdio

+27    Remote for Rdio allows you control the Rdio Desktop app straight from your iPhone or iPod touch. If you have a Mac Mini connected to your sound system this is perfect for you. Play/Pause/Skip tracks Control the volume Search for Albums ...    403 kb    Views 296
apple midi osc compatible devices applications watch max mac device
0    RemokonWatch Free is a MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) compatible wireless control application. You can send MIDI/OSC messages by tapping the controls on your Apple Watch as below. Four push buttons Four sliders Four switches Thirteen pianolike keys Any CoreMIDI ...    3 MB    Views 7637

Master Me

keyboard apple iphone computer master device free open mac mode touch television
+12    Have you jumped on the Internet bandwagon to watch streaming television shows and movies through your computer and on your television? Like many others, you probably had a keyboard sitting next to your tv or bought a wireless keyboard just ...    1 MB    Views 7245
-2    This is a remote for the "Electro House Soundboard HD" app on the Mac App Store. Open the Electro House Soundboard HD Mac app and press "Sync Remote" to use this remote and control all 258 Electro House Sounds, Looping, Volume, ...    12 MB    Views 4536

MavenPlayer Pro

music iphone audio virtual speakers sound band stereo player solution listening
-8    My charming MAVEN Music Player Take a music trip with MAVEN Music player, and find out its fantastic control features and unbeatable audio quality. It delivers all the Maven 3D surround effect which presents dynamic and fantastic sound to listeners. Even when using ...    17 MB    Views 9388

Midi DJ remote

Related Apps software time midi buttons guide www track pro features traktor mac
+12    Midi DJ remote is a midi controller for pc/mac DJ software (Traktor Pro 2, Deckadance 2, Mixxx, Torq and any other MIDIenabled DJ software). It supports sending and receiving MIDI messages over WiFi network and allows you to control your ...    36 MB    Views 1553


Related Apps tools networking software fader session mac left pro control track users
0    Fader is a DAW control surface compatible with Apple Logic, AVID ProTools and Ableton Live. If you’ve ever had to track yourself, you know how much it can take you out of the zone to run back and forth between ...    4 MB    Views 1747


apps audio music mac ios windows integration stream easy device
-6    audiomux is the first app capable of streaming audio to a Mac or Windows PC via the standard 30pin/lightning USB cable. integrate your iOS apps into your music production environment, just like you would use a plugin. stream audio from your ...    4 MB    Views 4837


music iphone audio virtual speakers sound band stereo solution player control
+4    My charming MAVEN Music Player Take a music trip with MAVEN Music player, and find out its fantastic control features and unbeatable audio quality. It delivers all the Maven 3D surround effect which presents dynamic and fantastic sound to listeners. Even when using ...    17 MB    Views 5135
Related Apps music audio apps time midi ios usb device free mac
+5    Music IO : MIDI over USB between your iOS device and either a Mac or Windows desktop. This is the MIDIonly version of Music IO, the only professional MIDI and audiooverUSB solution for iOS. This version of the app is free ...    9 MB    Views 6108
blind creativity phase control touch multi gestures features mac channel windows
-2    m.phase is a completely new way of controlling your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) using innovative and still easy to learn multi touch gestures. Make usage of an awesome multi touch blind control that mimics hand movements you are used to. ...    2 MB    Views 543


library version ipod mac play cut
+9    Cutup Music Player created by exonemo. Automatically cutup your iPod library and play randomly. Play with your iPod library filled with much musics. This iPhone version is translated from the Mac version. Visit to get Mac version for free.    2 MB    Views 7071

Boom 2 Remote

audio spotify apps ipad iphone boom mac remote control features volume
-3    The Boom 2 Remote is a companion app for Boom 2, the most popular systemwide audio booster for Mac. With the Boom 2 Remote on your iPhone or iPad (iOS 8 and later), you get to wirelessly control your favorite ...    9 MB    Views 581
-6    Welcome to the "RapMusic Mac Miller Edition" app, your source for all the latest SoundCloud songs, Youtube videos and you'll never miss an other tour date. An iPhone app created by a fan for fans.    6 MB    Views 332
music apple library airplay access itunes mac
+4    NEW VERSION UPDATES New High Definition Fireplaces Added 7Themed Borders Access iTunes Library Cuddle up and relax to a warm and cozy virtual fireplace set to music. These reallife simulations of burning firewood and crackle is presented in Full 1080p HD Video resolution They're ...    470 MB    Views 2227
music listen classical ios featuring mac lossless quality
-1    ClassicsOnlineHDLL is a companion app to listen to HighDefinition and Lossless (CD Quality) classical music from the ClassicsOnlineHDLL music service. You can download the Mac Desktop App here ( FEATURING HighDefinition and Lossless (CD Quality) streaming to your iOS device as allowed by ...    3 MB    Views 182

Karaoke Microphone

karaoke appstore microphone mac
-5    This is a wireless microphone for you to sing karaoke songs at home. It needs to work with the Karaoke App in Mac Appstore ( . Purchase the Karaoke App from Mac Appstore before you have this app    1 MB    Views 2723

MIDI Drums

drum media midi drums maui general mac lab connection network
+9    MIDI Drums works great with Remote for GarageBand, exclusively in the iTunes App Store. MIDI Drums is a Live Performance General MIDI Drum Controller that uses builtin CoreMIDI functionality over your WiFi network or USB when used with an iPad Camera ...    8 MB    Views 9050


apps music books ipad podcasts videos movies top charts mac paid free itunes
+15    iCharts shows the top 40 entries for each of the iTunes charts. The initial iTunes chart summary page shows the top entry for each of the charts. The iTunes charts are organized by the categories: Worldwide Album Charts, Audiobooks, Books, iOS ...    2 MB    Views 2594


-5    Easily share what you're listening to to many popular social networks, optionally including hashtags (e.g. NowPlaying) or any other text of your choosing. •••If you are a Mac user, be sure and check out the brandnew SongTweeter for Mac Now available ...    18 MB    Views 106
box song title simple answer mac drag pretty letter
+8    Are you a fan of Fleetwood Mac? Do you think you know all of Fleetwood Mac's song title? Let’s test your knowledge with “Fill Me Game” and have fun by filling the answer box with song title. How To Play It’s pretty simple. You ...    6 MB    Views 2551
audio music soundboard radio remote bollywood open solution films loops mac
-1    This is a remote for the "Bollywood Soundboard HD" app on the Mac App Store. Inspired by Indian Films and Punjabi Bhangra music, with authentic and absolutely stunning Bollywood Vocals, Drums, Cymbals, Mandolins, Tablas and Bass instruments. ENHANCED with RETINA GRAPHICS (for ...    24 MB    Views 8986
audio capo song touch chord hand analysis regions tempo mac
+9    Capo by SuperMegaUltraGroovy (love that name) is software that gives you the ability to reverseengineer audio music tracks. Yes It analyzes audio and tells you the tempo, chord structure and much more. Check it out Tutorial Features: • 76 minutes of video ...    133 MB    Views 5208


Related Apps spotify ipad iphone track mac control
+7    Control Spotify on your Mac with your iPhone or iPad. Spotmote makes this simple and free. Features • Control Spotify from your iPhone or iPad • Play / Pause Tracks • Skip current track or go back to previous one • Change Volume • See artist, ...    2 MB    Views 1827

PTShortcuts Pro

tools search keyboard software pro included mac
-5    Pro Tools software and systems: Pro Tools is an industrystandard platform which allows to record, edit, and mix highquality music and audio on a Mac or PC. With Pro Tools software and systems you can to create the best sounding mixes possible, quickly and easily. Knowledge ...    1 MB    Views 813
Related Apps audio apps file itunes mac cable usb
+13    'Audio Cutter' is the easiesttouse Audio Cutter App on the App Store. Just browse your audio file from your MAC or PC via USB Cable from iTunes, or get your audio file opened from other Apps, then move with your fingers ...    796 kb    Views 9697

Cut The Block

puzzle drawing twitter iphone blocks level levels game pass solution cut
0    The Doodle Puzzle game for iPhone 1000+ levels Let's challenge your intelligence and fingers in Cut The Block Introduction: This is a funny puzzle game with simple drawing. Every level, the player should choose a certain quantity of blocks (every level are difference, maxium ...    14 MB    Views 8024


wifi drum ipad iphone midi pad mac latency presets sensitive velocity
+21    VMidi The wireless (or wired) velocity sensitive midi drum controller for your iPhone or iPad. Play your mac's midi drum and percussion instruments, with velocity sensitive expression, and minimal latency using midi over wifi or with super low latency in wired mode. ...    546 kb    Views 2426


ipad iphone program software tuner live mobile mac
-6    Turn your iPad or iPhone into a portable television Use this app with the Elgato’s Tivizen mobile TV tuner to enjoy live TV anywhere you go • Receive live TV on the iPad and iPhone anywhere you go • No internet connection ...    NAN    Views 1905


iphone photo wifi jump modules control remote mac contact module
+4    iRedTouch the universal "Universal Remote" PLEASE NOTE: This application requires additional hardware Are you tired of having several remotes lying around in your living room? Do you want to use your iPhone or iPod touch instead? This and much more is ...    5 MB    Views 7093
music mac legends
+3    Music Legends Fleetwood Mac edition brings you the very best of Fleetwood Mac spanning their entire career. With tons of music videos, live performances, lots of rare full concert sets and loads of interviews you will never be short of something ...    25 MB    Views 2461

Watch for MIDI

instruments music software apple midi watch application play large mac record
-1    It's an application which sends Mac MIDI executions from Apple Watch. By utilizing this application, it would be possible to operate MIDI compatible software on the Mac platform from Apple Watch. As an example, we could use 'Logic Pro'. Those MIDI executions ...    272 kb    Views 8530

The Graveyard Lite

games film short walk interactive mac independent game lite
+5    Mobile version of the original indie title. "like stepping into an interactive film" Mac|Life "a pretentious, ineffective waste of the interactive medium" Destructoid "a beautiful and moving aesthetic experience" The Business Times "striking and thoughtprovoking" Eurogamer "incredibly short and simple, but gorgeously rendered" Joystiq "Interactivity is ...    23 MB    Views 4258


ipad midi mac change setting application
+5    Current version of this application is available "Mac" ONLY. iMIDICon is the application for MIDI communication by using Mac and iPad. If you set configuration on Mac, Your iPad will change to a MIDI controller. Features: You can communicate as MIDI via WiFi network ...    1 MB    Views 9140

Solution FM

+5    Solution FM brings encouragement through music Toby Mac, Britt Nicole, Skillet & more. Listen on your radio, smartphone and at    9 MB    Views 8792
ipad iphone time keyboard virtual math midi nodes mac control patches patch review
+15    Audulus, the popular modular synthesis app, is now for both iPad and iPhone ▶ Buy once for iPad and iPhone. With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency realtime processing suitable for live performance. ...    14 MB    Views 2270
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