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+14    MidiBus is a MIDI clock sync generator and monitor. Choose your bpm, time signature and MIDI destinations. Press the play button and all selected apps and devices will receive a synchronised, rocksolid MIDI sync clock source. On the flipside, monitor the MIDI ...    1 MB    Views 6167

remoteKB for iPad

wifi ipad midi
+3    MIDI keyboard via WiFi. Pitch bend and modulation are controllable. iPad (WiFi)> PC > MIDI "DSMI server" is needed for PC. You can find the software for MAC OS and Windows. Multi tap is supported. Note number: 0 to 127    57 kb    Views 525
+11    App checked for compatibility with latest OS versions if you are having problems PLEASE update your OS we experience no problems with the latest OS. Ten more tutorials from Apple Distinguished Educator Joe Moretti with a focus on ...    41 MB    Views 9537

MIDI Motion

+8    Perform music by moving your iPhone MIDI Motion is a MIDI controller that uses the accelerometer and gyroscope to send MIDI messages. 3 MIDI controllers that can be controlled with motion Every controller responds to a different rotational axis of your ...    1 MB    Views 2221

bismark iDamper

-2    iDamper is a application simulating sustain pedal. It can send control change message 64 via CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface, and wireless MIDI using WiFi. Please do not tread too strongly on your iPhone    7 MB    Views 2745

Magic Midi

+19    Transform your iPhone/iPod touch into a 16 Pad MIDI Controller with no extra hardware Quick and easy solution when wireless is unavailable. Just hook up to your computer's Linein with a standard malemale 1/8" jack lead. Then download the free software to convert ...    2 MB    Views 9671


+9    Tweak is an iOS MIDI Controller designed for a plug and play experience...simply connect to a MIDI network and you are ready to go Tweak comes with 4 presets (Sliders, Switches, XY Pad, and Ricochet) Use Sliders, Switches, and the XY ...    948 kb    Views 6116

MID2PRN for iPhone

Related Apps iphone midi
+14    MID2PRN shows and prints a musical score using with Standard MIDI File(SMF) and can play SMF without MIDI equipments. More flexible and more portable than PDF. Zooming, orientation changable,partial staff view, key transpose,guitar/bass tab. Universal app(iPhone and iPad). Required iOS 5.0. To get SMF, you must download ...    53 MB    Views 4492


+14    A simple very easy midi note converter design to help your in note conversion. Do you know C3 = Do3 = 60 ? and 127 is G8 ? If you use Midi not only to play music, this app is yours.    851 kb    Views 8304


-7    MIDIGrid is a programmeable button matrix that allows the user to send MIDI Note on messages, Controller Code messages, Program Change messages, or NRPN messages via WIFi to the host computer, which must have the free DSMidiWifi app installed upon ...    465 kb    Views 3210


-2    myMTC displays the MIDI Timecode over wireless MIDI. For help on connection please goto    411 kb    Views 8059
+4    Transform your phone into a 707 drum machine Play the kit's pads and enjoy the sound of the legendary drum machine, or modify it to the max in real time with the multiple effects Features: 8 Pads, and an assignable ribbon controller. 3 ...    11 MB    Views 7862


0    MidiOnStage is a high quality standard midi file player. There are thousands of songs available at professional midi file stores or free midi file homepages. Enjoy the possibility, to use your iPhone as professional digital band by customising your midi files in ...    3 MB    Views 2556


midi variable auto file
+16    This is a MIDI sequencer(player) with playable keyboard. You can download mid file from web. zip archive is available. Spec. Tempo: 0.5 to 1.5 (variable) Key : 1octave to +1octave (variable) Depression: variable Instrument: Auto and Manual 84type In case Auto setting, it is assigned according to ...    1 MB    Views 5171
+23    MidiBlob is a performance oriented multi touch controller for your Blofeld synthesizer. By a set of very intuitive interaction you can modify and control your synth sound to a depth that cannot be reached with traditional controllers. Graphical feedback keep you ...    36 MB    Views 9142


variable midi
+2    This is a MIDI sequencer(player) with playable keyboard. The timbre is simple. Percussion channel is ignored. You can download mid file from web. zip archive is available. Spec. Tempo: 100% (not variable) Key : 0% (not variable) Depression: normal (not variable) Waveform: square (not selectable) Max oscillator:16 Stereo    116 kb    Views 447
-2    Manage all your Midi Network settings (WiFi and Bluetooth) with this App Features: Enable / Disable Midi network session Manage security for incoming connections Manage Midi network contacts Browser the network for other Midi devices (Bonjour) Connect to other devices with ...    205 kb    Views 1410


+5    MIDI TestR is the perfect utility app for testing your MIDI system. Monitor MIDI information coming into your iOS device and send MIDI information from your iOS device. Incoming MIDI information is displayed in an easy to read, color coded format. The ...    5 MB    Views 2540
+15    MidiBlob is a performance oriented multi touch controller for your Waldorf Rocket synthesizer. By a set of very intuitive interaction you can modify and control your synth sound to a depth that cannot be reached with traditional controllers. Graphical feedback keep ...    36 MB    Views 6059
midi router messages configuration change integrated
+15    This is the ultimate Tool for managing your iOS midi studio routing Features: Connect CoreMidi compatible Midi Sources to Midi Destinations Merge and clone Midi messages Filter and tranform Midi messages Sysex support Up to 128 different router scenes Router Scene ...    1 MB    Views 9677


Related Apps midi mac pads pad
-5    Pad MIDI turns your iPhone/iPad into WiFi MIDI pads and keyboard for Mac OSX. Supports native Mac OS Network MIDI (Core MIDI) 16 assignable / renameable MIDI pads Full 88 key piano Selectable MIDI channel and velocity Required virtual instrument ...    4 MB    Views 5962
Related Apps time iphone midi messages
+15    Great for analysing MIDI and connectivity, logs all incoming messages to show what's happening in real time Requires little or no setup, has all the functionality of MTB when running on the iPhone ready to use when you need to use ...    3 MB    Views 5327

Audio to MIDI

Related Apps audio music midi recorded
+11    Audio to MIDI Recorder converts audio into MIDI data that can be streamed to control networked devices in real time, or recorded and shared. Polyphonic pitch detection algorithms operate on live or prerecorded music (iTunes). Algorithm settings optimize app performance ...    18 MB    Views 554


ipad midi mac change setting application
+19    Current version of this application is available "Mac" ONLY. iMIDICon is the application for MIDI communication by using Mac and iPad. If you set configuration on Mac, Your iPad will change to a MIDI controller. Features: You can communicate as MIDI via WiFi network ...    1 MB    Views 9140

mi.1 connect

+21    mi.1 connect is an application for QUICCO SOUND mi.1 What's mi.1? mi.1 is a Wireless MIDI interface that connects your MIDI device and iPhone/iPad. What's mi.1 connect? mi.1connect is an application that bridges your mi.1 inserted MIDI device and Core MIDI application on your ...    876 kb    Views 1262

iTM Matrix

itm matrix midi win layouts osx itouchmidi
+8    Your iPhone / iPod touch is not a toy iTM turns it into a hi tech midi controller for your DAW or VJ tools Networked computer running iTouchMidi OSX / WIN required available from device or download from Compatible with: OSX 10.4/10.5/10.6 WIN XP/VISTA ...    2 MB    Views 2847

Sheet Music Live HD

Related Apps music sheet midi files live
+10    This iPad application creates sheet music views from music files (midi) downloaded from the internet or your own library. The audio is rendered intime with the staff, which provides an ideal learning tool for beginning to advanced musicians. For a demonstration ...    14 MB    Views 581


+17    Sequence is a circular audio and MIDI sequencer using the euclidean algorithm. Don't let that scare you: SequenceApp makes generating complex rhythms an easy and tapfriendly experience, helping you create eclectic drum patterns great for techno and other kinds of ...    6 MB    Views 8365

MIDI tap

midi game tap
+30    This is Music game using MIDI. Tap key as piano roll You can download midi file from web. .zip archive is available. Channel0 is used for game.    116 kb    Views 2016

MIDI Remote Control

midi control works remote
+3    This simple app allows you to easily remote control your digital audio workstation. Works with all DAWs supporting MIDI timecode and MIDI machine control. Works with all common applications like Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase ...    2 MB    Views 4985


wifi midi daw click open favorite
+26    AirMidi is an iPad App that lets you connect your device to your favorite DAW throw a Wifi connection. Steps. 1) Turn on your WiFi spot. 2) Open MIDI Setup on Utilities folder. 3) Click on "Show MIDI Window" 4) Double click on Network section. 5) ...    2 MB    Views 4689
midi timecode display windows supports connect
0    This app displays a incoming MIDI Timecode. Simply connect your iOS device to you WiFi, search for local MIDI Network Devices, connect and get external MIDI Timecode Display. This applications supports Standard MIDI Timecode and MIDI Timecode via mackie/logiccontrol protocol. So you ...    701 kb    Views 645


time midi run note compatible bus sequencer
+1    Phaedra is a 4bus analogstyle MIDI sequencer for iPads. (Note that it is a sequencer only; it doesn't make any sound on its own.) Each bus has 32 steps maximum, and can run at several multiples of the base time. Each ...    1 MB    Views 8228
french midi listen files songs suite features
-3    MidiPlay lets you keep all your MIDI files in a single place making it easy to listen to your entire library wherever you may go. There are no restrictions on which songs you can listen to and no additional purchases ...    4 MB    Views 1503

Midi TTS

speech midi synthesizer pads controlled
+3    midiTTS is a MIDIcontrolled text to speech synthesizer based on CMU's Language Technologies Institute Flite speech synthesizer. The app contains 128 MIDI controlled pads, organized into eight 4x4 programmable pad sets. The pads can be played using any CoreMIDI compatible ...    39 MB    Views 3925
Related Apps clock midi song display
0    Never miss a beat – On the 8 is a MIDI clock display designed to help musicians stay together during live performance and studio sessions. It shows the progress of a song in the context of an adjustable bar interval. It ...    2 MB    Views 5666

Midi Loop Station

midi loop tracks file station
-7    The Midi Loop Station is an app for the performing musician. Easily specify loop boundaries in a midi file and supplement each loop with 16 tracks of your own. All of which can be remote controlled by a midi controller ...    64 MB    Views 6056
+5    iConnectivity iConfig is a companion app to iConnectivity's MIDI interfaces. iConnectivity iConfig provides access to some sophisticated MIDI features in the iConnectivity MIDI interface connected to your system, as well as the audio settings. It allows you to save and ...    3 MB    Views 1669


Related Apps ios connect midi
+13    This app will allow you to connect your iOS device to Network MIDI (RTP MIDI) sessions. This can be used to connect iConnectivity iConfig to the iConnectMIDI 4+ from the iOS using only wifi.    425 kb    Views 5443


music live digital players experience midi
-1    MLive S.r.l.
Founded in Rimini in 1987, it has been Italian leader in the MIDI sector (Software and Players) for years.
MLive s.r.l. operates in two lines of business:
 MIDI and MP3 digital music players.
 Digital music for the entertainment industry. The instruments ...    107 MB    Views 1111

Live Setlist

midi setlist live songs questions flag lyrics
-7    Live setlist gives you a simple way to organize your bands, songs and set lists. You can save additional details, tempo, length and lyrics for every song either use a setlist preview with midi functionality or swipe through your lyrics have ...    270 kb    Views 1963
hardware midi controller change surround control messages sound
+7    3D Surround Controller is a MIDIoverWifi based surround sound controller compatible with hardware that can receive MIDI control change messages, such as xSpat BoX2 from A&G Soluzioni Digitali, and (x & y only) the Yamaha 01v 96. To use the ...    496 kb    Views 5
-6    This App is MIDI Controlle for use with iPhone, connects PC over Wifi. This needs to DSMIDIWifi Server. > What is DSMI    5 MB    Views 5932
logic vintage pro midi features
-2    Logic Pro X is here... and it’s packed with tons of powerful and inspiring new features. Check it out right here in this exclusive, FREE collection of tutorials by Logic masters Steve H and sflogicninja David Earl... App Features: • 46 minutes ...    105 MB    Views 3526

Wrist Rhythm

drum midi rhythm mode devices
0    Wrist Rhythm is the next step in gesturebased music. Choose between a threeaxis gyro or accelerometer to detect hand gestures that are converted to rhythmic patterns. Select between MIDI mode that wirelessly sends control signals to external MIDI devices like ...    18 MB    Views 7340


+1    MIDI INTERACTIVE NOTE DEVICE Allows a MIDI input to produce a multiple output of Harmonies and rhythm, based on the users defined parameters. A realtime performance and compositional tool Highly human in response, function and intention Core MIDI compliant    3 MB    Views 8423

myMIDI Spy Glass

Related Apps midi mymidi raw messages
+4    myMIDI Spy receives raw MIDI messages. myMIDI Spy displays raw MIDI messages that are being sent through the MIDI wifi or MIDI interface. For help connecting to the computer please see    455 kb    Views 6864


file midi export game
-9    Use numDitty and unlock an ancient numerological code, to extract a secret melody or tune, hidden within your name. There is a limit of 32 letters, including spaces per name. A standard MIDI file is created, this file can be fine tuned for note ...    31 MB    Views 4982


midi pitch interface keyboards synth wheel
+1    ModWheels brings classical synthesizer modulation and pitch wheels to your iPhone and iPod. Just hook up a MIDI interface and control any MIDI enabled synth or keyboard. In addition to the wheel interface this app also features a pitch ribbon ...    2 MB    Views 8137

MIDI Sliders

ipad midi sliders messages controller sends
+25    MIDI Sliders is a free iPad app that sends MIDI control messages via USB (connected through the Camera Connector) or to a Mac via WiFi. A simple, intuitive interface requires almost no setup. Almost all MIDI signal types are supported. For ...    8 MB    Views 1524


step loops patterns echo pitch midi
+2    At the heart of WerkBench are two step sequencers that let you instantly sample sounds into rhythms. The concept is simple and powerful. You will be making awesome musical patterns in seconds Check out the videos on our website to get a ...    13 MB    Views 2614
Related Apps free controller midi
+13    The top Midi Controller for iOS FREE version. Connect to both Windows and OSX, Multiple connections and lots of free presets.    5 MB    Views 2196


sounds midi audiobus create wavetable
+2    What the bleep is this?'s an addictive wavetable drum machine with midi and Audiobus Now with Audiobus so you can drop your bleeps into your favorite sequencer Draw 16 steps of pitch and wavetable modulation to create chiptune sounds and effects, then ...    5 MB    Views 5473

GuitarPad Midi

Related Apps guitar string midi
0    Way to play the guitar with your ipad into a midi input device. Support for string bending. Builtin synthetic guitar sound source. Features: Push string control pitch bend wheel.    2 MB    Views 4968


audio midi looping sync
+25    Audio looping is so last season. MIDI looping is the future. This app listens for MIDI note on/off commands and loops them with wanted looping period. You can use either external MIDI sync or use app's own clock for tempo. It works ...    492 kb    Views 4402

OnStage Remote

keyboard controller midi remote
+27    OnStage Remote is a bespoke Midi Wifi Controller for your iPad. Quickly assign and send Note, Program Change and Controller data to your chosen DAW over a wireless network. The onboard keyboard is perfect for firing in samples during your performance. The definitive ...    844 kb    Views 8503

MIDI&KB for iPad

+23    MIDI player with keyboard. You can play watching piano roll. MIDI files are transfered by using iTunes.    1 MB    Views 3130


timecode midi realtime shows display
0    MIDI TimeCode realtime display shows the realtime running timecode code from any CoreMIDI compatible devices including: Digital Audio Workstations Sequencers External MIDI TimeCode sources Synchronisers Shows TimeCode and Frames rate Offers a realtime large display that can by used as a time referance Useful ...    1 MB    Views 3048


mymidi ipmidi midi raw
-5    myMIDI Spy receives raw MIDI through ipMIDI. For help connecting to the computer please see myMIDI Spy displays raw MIDI messages that are being sent through the ipMIDI port that you selected.    724 kb    Views 6418

K-Board Editor

board keyboard editor midi
+13    The KBoard Editor is an easytouse app for customizing the behavior of the Keith McMillen Instruments KBoard USB MIDI Keyboard. Different types of MIDI messages, CC values, and the keyboard’s sensitivity can be changed via the editor’s interface. Open the editor, plug in a KBoard ...    630 kb    Views 1443
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