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Dream Night

+11    Dream Night is a quick and easy night light, music player, and analog clock all in one. We wrote it for our own kids and they love it. Key Features: Night light gently fades between 7 soothing bed time colors Time ...    5 MB    Views 7800
+16    The Dark Night of the Soul is an EP by chilean Stick player Rafart. It is released as an APP to allow the users to make their own mix of the music. Music stems can be controlled in volume and ...    183 MB    Views 1355

Ska Music

+23    A collection of 175 Super Ska Videos. Includes; Experiment Earth by Citizen Fish LYRICS Box by Mustard Plug LYRICS Out All Night by The Pietasters LYRICS Apache by The Skadows LYRICS Ska Ska Ska by The Skatalites with Prince Buster LYRICS Unstoppable by The Planet Smashers Unpopular Again ...    738 kb    Views 7854

89.5 MusicFM

music 2012 radio show stop listen modern channel night musical
+23    The 89.5 Music Fm radio has started on March 7th in 2012. Their coverage has about 35% in the country. Targeted at the age group of 1535 years who follow the fashion, in their community are style creators,opinion leaders , ...    31 MB    Views 9992
music iphone time animation control tempo night drag track screen left
+11    Recommended for use on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Take a moment and escape into a fantastic world full of music, dazzling colors and eccentric shapes that create an unreal, mesmerizing experience. The musical attractions by Night EnLight ...    73 MB    Views 7589

Friday Night Lites

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+28    Official mobile app for PopPunk upandcomers Friday Night Lites. Music videos, news releases and FREE music. Interact with the band and other fans from all around. Receive advanced notice of special events and more    2 MB    Views 5064

Baby Relax

baby music sleep relax lullabies lyrics twinkle lullaby night baa
+6    If you need relax for your baby, if he can't sleep, this is the solution. Here you can find a good selection of relax music such as nature sounds or classical music: Brahms or Mozart. In this application you have the most ...    2 MB    Views 5498

Music for babies

music baby sleep babies night fresh provide day
-3    Hi Mums and Dads, After the human voice, music is the original interactive medium. Today, it remains the most beneficial learning resource for your baby. For maximum brain development, babies require appropriate stimulation. Care must be taken to avoid overstimulation, as ...    20 MB    Views 3127
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+7    You feel overwhelming when your baby is always cries and doesn't sleep? You feel stress and you can not sleep? Baby Sleep Music And Sound (include lullaby) absolutely can calm and relax you and your baby, it will help your baby sleep ...    21 MB    Views 6176
+25    Lots of the most famous Chinese Classic Music are included in the App: 1 Top 10 Zither Music High Mountains and Flowing Water Notturno in the Fisherboat Jackdaws Paddling The Lotus that Stands Out Fisherman's Song Of The East China Sea Liu Qing Niang Lin Chong Escapes To ...    575 MB    Views 8427

Saturday Night Gold

country saturday gold night mark boy
+13    Saturday Night Gold With The Country Boy Mark Porter is the Number 1 Radio Show on Saturday Nights in the Country. The Country Boy Mark Porter takes your requests and dedications every Saturday Night From 7pm To Midnight CST. You'll ...    3 MB    Views 7971
christmas winter songs carol caroling night playlist bells
+12    Great selection of over 200 Christmas songs (creative commons license) create a playlist for 10 hours of total continuous play share songs on facebook some carols are preloaded, others are downloaded once and saved for future listening plug your iPhone ...    35 MB    Views 9560

Night Life Dealz

life night
-3    Download today for access to: Exclusive night life coupons Check In for great prizes and promotions Night Life directory List of destinations and services to make your Toronto night life the best it can be    35 MB    Views 2537


photos dev latest official album night sun
-2    Don't be IN THE DARK when it comes to this international sensation's new album. The Dev OFFICIAL app let's you stay connected to her latest photos, tweets, news, and music. Listen to your downloaded tracks from the new album "The ...    9 MB    Views 6509
valentine music 1st tunes memories gift lot features night
+2    1st Date, 1st KISS, 1st HUG, 1st ILoveU, 1st Proposal, 1st RING, 1st Gift, 1st Hope, 1st Dance, 1st Acceptance, 1st Dinner, 1st NIGHT, 1st Passion, 1st Longing, 1st Rain, 1st Walk, 1st Roses, 1st Sorry & LOT MORE 1st ...    51 MB    Views 8554

Fairgrounds Night

video night device screen augmented interactive
-3    Fairgrounds Night is an interactive augmented video. Watch the music video Fairgrounds Night on the web / TV / any screen. When the countdown appears, point your device at the screen. Place the QR code inside the blue shape on your ...    68 MB    Views 1500

Stick It On

stick songs opportunity rock chance night event dancefloor
+1    This app is to be used in conjunction with a Stick It On event For those who haven't been to Stick It On before, here's a quick run down on what it's all about.... A night that never takes itself too seriously ...    14 MB    Views 5390
ringtones ibiza night mobile
0    Ringtones from worldrenowned DJ's arrive to Ibiza, the place of night parties to play its best sessions ... and now you can have it as a ringtones on your mobile. From the main night clubs of Ibiza, listen online or download to your ...    1 MB    Views 7511
-4    Friday Night Night House Music Live, is the best place to listen to Classic House Music direct from the Em3 Factory Studio in Kaiserslautern Germany, with your host Will jackson (the music creator). Every Friday night at 12 midnight (Central ...    9 MB    Views 5881
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+3    Having trouble remembering the words to All Through the Night? Not to worry. This lullaby player includes the lyrics so you can sing along or sing the song yourself. Plus, young children love repetition. How often do we hear “Play it ...    10 MB    Views 267

DJ. Kontrol

night grupo
+8    While always working to perfect his skills, he began playing in concerts and events with known Latin artists such as, Frank Reyes, Ivy Queen, Grupo Niche, Zacarias Ferreira, Grupo Vena, Carlos y Alejandra, El Torito. He know lives in Los ...    44 MB    Views 3673
christmas holiday carols part night
-8    Christmas carols just in time for the holiday season To save space on your iPhone or iPod Touch, we've split our carols into three separate apps: Christmas Carols Part 1: + Angels We Have Heard on High + Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem + ...    11 MB    Views 5582

Radio Wiseguy

radio night late variety bill great internet show
+25    If you're a fan of late night variety shows, Radio Wiseguy is the Internet radio station for you A variety of original comedy from Bill Schmalfeldt (a.k.a. "Comrade Cabin Boy"), the great comedians of the past and present like Patton ...    10 MB    Views 9908
christmas winter songs carol night caroling bells playlist
+3    200 Christmas songs (creative commons license) create a playlist for 10 hours of total continuous play share songs on facebook some carols are preloaded, others are downloaded once and saved for future listening plug your iPhone into the speakers and ...    51 MB    Views 4132
0    Lyrics and music for the 22 most popular Christmas Carols for free (This is an ad supported version of Christmas Carol Lyrics) Festive animations play while you sing along with your Christmas favorites Watch Santa's sleigh fly by the moon, or ...    45 MB    Views 798
network chill night zone
-1    Tune in to Lazy B in The Chill Out Zone With Non Stop Lush Love Songs This is The Night Network WWW.DJLazyB.Com or Call 0121 288 2882    4 MB    Views 2423
music piano education dance magic children language classical sweet switzerland play quality night pieces
+30    Mo&Co – A High Quality Childrens App Made In Switzerland Dear parents, Introduce your child to the beautiful language of classical music Mo&Co is a lovely Good Night App for children age 14 with sweet Kawaii illustrations and animations – best for childrens ...    43 MB    Views 86
+13    The official Lights All Night 2012 app is your personal guide to the Lights All Night festival being held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas on December 29th, 30th, and 31st, 2012. Use this app to find out where and ...    9 MB    Views 3403
moon water autumn night spring
+16    为感谢广大教师、学生、家长、社会各界长期以来对纳达书院的关心和厚爱,本产品限免至10月18日结束。谢谢! 公司还有更多乐器、音乐产品,如古琴、笛子、琵琶、二胡、葫芦丝、箫、小提琴、古典音乐等供您下载欣赏。 《古筝赏学》产品内容包含:古筝简介、古筝教学、名曲欣赏、教程视频、录音保存等。支持简体中文和繁体中文,曲目有对应英译。 古筝简介介绍了古筝相关基础知识;古筝教学包含古筝启蒙教学、左手吟按指法、左手拨弦指法、右手技法、双手配合技法等相关知识;名曲欣赏精选了古筝古典名曲,产品还配有筝曲意境的精美图片及曲谱简介;教程视频提供了古筝基本技法教程;录音保存便于读者播放录音文件。 《古筝赏学》产品,遴选了139首古筝名曲。 彩云追月(Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon) 禅院钟声(The sound of Buddhist Temple Clock) 出水莲(Lotus Emerging out of Water) 春涧流泉(Spring Stream Flowing Down) 春江花月夜(A Moonlit Night on The Spring River) 东海渔歌(The Fishing Song of East Sea) 高山流水(Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water) 寒鸦戏水(Jackdaws Gambol Water) 汉宫秋月(Autumn Moon Over Han Palace) 将军令(Generals Command) 蕉窗夜雨(Rainy Night ...    68 MB    Views 7148
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0    Are you in need of the right music and atmosphere for your relaxing Christmas holidays? Here comes New Age Christmas Music, the App that contains the perfect New Age soundtrack for a laid back winter night. Start up the tunes, ...    44 MB    Views 5430

Smart Tunes

sleep radio music wake fade stations choose night list smart
+3    Smart Tunes is the ultimate media console to listen, wake, sleep, snooze and fade. Listen to over 300 radio stations, in crystal clear HiFi. Select by genre, or by location. Use our ClockRadio feature to wake up to music, or our unique ...    13 MB    Views 1941
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+11    Lyrics and music for the 22 most popular Christmas Carols Festive animations play while you sing along with your Christmas favorites Watch Santa's sleigh fly by the moon, or watch an endless hallway of Angel's trumpeting along with you Don't mumble the ...    43 MB    Views 7160

Music Night

music camera night marks mark play place festival
-1    Ural Music Night is a large music festival that takes place in Ekaterinburg. During one night musicians and bands of various styles play on 50 stages of the city. We place a special spectrogram mark on every piece of branded content ...    4 MB    Views 6695

Dark Temptation

games high points side night lonely
0    Lonely night, sipping wine and watching the lonely side of beauty, and then looked around the side of the beautiful ugly man Night I want HIGH I want HIGH Together we listened HIGH song HIGH playing games Together to achieve HIGH ...    25 MB    Views 2644
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-4    “Ecoute Is The Best Music Player For iOS. Period.” MacStories. Ecoute for iOS is an alternative player using your existing musical library. It sports a clean and elegant interface, revolves around gestures to help you control your music quickly, and ...    3 MB    Views 2653
party dance music animation home hard light psychedelic song night start
Related Apps baby sleep time music kids children parents songs babies lullabies beautiful night child
+11    Tired of listening to baby crying all night long? Tried everything to soothe your infant but somehow nothing helps? Do not despair If you are looking for beautiful songs to sing to a baby, your search is over This compilation ...    19 MB    Views 9170
0    Just piece of music software is a simple easy to use and highly personalized children's music software, aims to provide children a simple operation and function rich music enjoyment. Interface style have a day and night two kinds of style, ...    18 MB    Views 9979

Poetry Readings

poetry moon youth night readings young heart
+23    38 poems. Poetry readings with music. Author: Hsi Mujung. Reader: Blue Lily. Contents: 01. Love Feast 02. the Death of the White Bird 03. Clam and Bead 04. Leaving Home 05. When I First Met You 06. Young Heart 07. Wish 08. Pray 09. Cantabile Andante 10. Mountain Road 11. the Value of the ...    127 MB    Views 1397


radio shows night quiz player
+8    This is the official player of Endeavour Radio, broadcasting from Boston, Lincolnshire, UK in a variety of forms since 2006. Be entertained by our daytime DJs and their mainstream Pop and classic tunes from yesteryear Marvel at our specialist genre shows such ...    8 MB    Views 6130

Play It 3

music twitter facebook search artist play player song gestures night queue mini control
+12    Feel your music with gestures and keep control of it with a mini player and queue. Play it is a minimalistic music player with a lot of great features. TAKE CONTROL OF THE QUEUE Play now, play next, play last. Play It ...    4 MB    Views 9252


music live night favourite
0    Allstage promotes Live Music, BandsArtists, Music Teachers, Music Events, and Venues in South Western Ontario. Bio’s, Youtube Videos, Event Listings, MP3’s – its all there to track your favourite bands both Cover and Indie or plan where to go for ...    21 MB    Views 9027
music events event night
-8    Find live shows, music events and festivals with local and international DJs and artists. Qlubber handpicks trending events and going out with your friends has never been so easy using our new Guestlist feature. Request it, get approved and the night ...    12 MB    Views 7936
christmas music audio family piano songs scores easy professionally night page angels
+2    A collection of over 43 of your favorite christmas songs with lyric, full music score and piano/organ soundtrack. Perfect for everyone when you need either the music scores, lyrics or accompaniments for singing or carolling. Fun for the whole family. Use ...    91 MB    Views 2258

Classical Lullaby

baby music sleep monitor classical lullaby relaxing noise night
-7    "Decca proudly presents ... Classical Lullaby Encourage your baby back to sleep with relaxing classical music on your phone Select music from your own iPod or get recommendations from Decca you'll find seven favourites already bundled inside in the ...    NAN    Views 813


time love sleep baby music ambient lullaby child great asleep fall night
+13    Once upon a time there was a tired child, an exhausted, innocent baby that needed sleep but was not able to fall into dreamland. Then his resourceful parents learned that there is an app for that. Lullaby is an application that ...    233 MB    Views 1479
radio music quiet storm detroit late night coast
+9    The Best Mix of Classic R&B and Today's Soul Music On Detroit's 1 Late Night Meeting Place. The Quiet Storm is a Late Night Radio Program on Detroit's WLUV Radio Network. Its sole purpose is to bring back Good Ole Old ...    4 MB    Views 6050

Night Shift Radio

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+1    Plays Night Shift Israel Night Shift Radio lay back and relax with good music , 24/7 of pure pleasure. Jazz,pop , rock, 60's , 70's and more .    6 MB    Views 4524


gibt saxo auch der night
-5    Jetzt gibt es DJ & SAXO NIGHT auch als mobile App Egal ob Neuigkeiten Fotos Veranstaltung Termine Radio alles Landet direkt in der Hosentasche. Sobald es etwas Neues gibt, meldet es das Smartphon. Den Kontakt zurück gibt es auch, einfach per Knopfdruck. Diese App ist der Direkte Draht ...    NAN    Views 2005
music time work library audio timer light set night amount playlist screen
+20    If you want your iPod music to play continuously for a set amount of time then this app is for you. You can pick individual songs from your iPod music library or pick an entire iPod playlist. The selected songs ...    1 MB    Views 2878

Night Player

time program sleep music art song tap notes icon note minutes night
-7    Night Player is a simple to use program that combines a music sleep timer with a "bigbutton" interface, so you don't have to fumble around for basic music controls. A quick notetaking feature allows you to jot down those brilliant ...    115 kb    Views 2064
christmas infant iphone music ipad carol carols sing top night merry
+4    Top 20 on the iTunes music charts in over 20 countries Top 10 in the iTunes iPad charts in 23 countries The essential iPhone/iPad App for all singers and carol enthusiasts this Christmas This beautifully presented App gives you the melody ...    224 MB    Views 7894

Dj Ron Tinsley

Related Apps music house radio set chicago play night internet friday
-2    Born and raised in Chicago, grew up on mostly R&B and Disco but always had an open interest in other varieties of music genres. House Music grew on me and stuck to me like my skin and runs through me ...    10 MB    Views 3942
music karaoke artist lyrics image picture link petitlyrics player night free sky
+5    What is “Image Link Player”? "Image Link player" is a free music player which can be link to the digital image files on the Internet while listening to your favorite songs. The associated images can be switched to "an artist picture", "an ...    4 MB    Views 1812


singing music voice notes night
-9    The future of music tutoring is here. Meet ChristmaSing, your new digital music learning assistant. ▸ Instantly see the notes that you're singing directly on the score ▸ Learn to read scores by singing with your voice ▸ Visualise music like never before. ChristmaSing ...    2 MB    Views 211
recording traditional melodies side friday night
+18    If for some reason you can't make it to Friday Night Shabbat Services, and you discover yourself in the mood to experience the soothing musical memories of Shabbat, this audio iPad app is for you. The traditional melodies of Kabbalat ...    149 MB    Views 6487

Bump In The Night

+2    Get Bump In The Night delivered directly to your phone with the Bump In The Night app Spruke's hit show arrives every Monday morning with another hourlong mix of the best big room and electro house music. With the app, ...    24 MB    Views 5152
relax sleep night sounds relaxing mind
0    Relax with the best sounds of the night. Ideal to relax, sleep, meditate, concentrate or if you have problems with tinnitus. You can set the timer and put your app in background or turn off the screen. At the end of the ...    13 MB    Views 3777
romantic music flower love day heart songs spend choose start night
+16    The eyes of your love one staring into yours, and a long night to spend together. Could it be Valentines day, or just a romantic night to spend together, just the two of you? The soft romantic piano music contained ...    19 MB    Views 6586

Bright Night

music fireworks bright night classical effects colorful mozart show
0    Bright Night brings you new rhythm game experience through your own fireworks show. Enjoy graceful music in the City of Light and synchronize the explosion of fireworks with the musical beats. Let's create the best fireworks show now Play Bright Night now, you ...    8 MB    Views 9959
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