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HP Play

+25    HP PLAY is the first web, desktop & mobile streaming music service in the Middle East. It gives you unlimited access to a large selection of International, Arabic & Asian music catalogues anywhere and anytime. HP PLAY comes for free with ...    5 MB    Views 9499
Related Apps music library free unlimited playlists start friends listen
+4    Torch Music is a free (no ads) social music discovery app that lets you listen to the music you love, share your musical tastes with your friends and discover new artists. It's free, unlimited and fun Here are a few ways ...    4 MB    Views 5416

Cello Piano

+6    Cello Piano recreates the sounds of a cello in the palm of your hands. This app comes with 24 musical keys with two octaves so that you can play with both hands Amazing to use on the iPad Can also ...    32 MB    Views 1484
+23    Make amazing lipdubs and selfie music videos Super easy, really fast, so fun Choose your music and record yourself singing and dancing (or whatever). Be a star, make wiggles WIGGLE IN 3 EASY STEPS [1] Select a song [2] Record takes while the music is ...    10 MB    Views 709

Delete List

+7    How to Use When you are outside, the steps required to delete unwanted songs are as follows: 1. Start the app, "Delete List" and press the button "Add To Delete List." 2. After reaching home, start this application, erase unwanted music files listed ...    44 kb    Views 7169

Tone Grid

text music songs making song grid start tone save copy
+24    Musical madness at your fingertips 5 Stars Quite possibly the best musical game to reach the iPhone You can spend hours making songs Create great music with a few simple taps and unlock your endless creativity. Start making your own beats now Simply ...    6 MB    Views 2306
music practice piece weekly pieces screen target record button start
+4    Manage your Music Practice Items/Pieces. Setup your weekly practice targets for each uniquely identified piece. Record notes and hints for the piece. Record your Music Practices by starting and stopping the timer. See how many and how much practice you have ...    336 kb    Views 2470

Steelpan Piano

Related Apps piano music camping keyboard ipad play settings sounds hands start steelpan
-4    Steelpan Piano recreates the sounds of a steel pan (or steel drum) in the palm of your hands. This app comes with 24 musical keys with two octaves so that you can play with both hands Amazing to use on ...    4 MB    Views 8871

Step Timer

Related Apps time music video animation timer step tap start mark lighting
0    Step Timer is a basic timer for mapping out simple or complex multipart timing sequences in sound, lighting, projections, animation, video and film. Tap Start to start the timer. Each time you tap Mark it will record both the total elapsed ...    177 kb    Views 3143


+11    SimpleDJ is a small music player with basic DJfunctions. The DJsystem that fits in your pocket. Connect your iPhone to any stereo set using the earphonejack and start playing your music... • Crossfade between songs • Pitching • Set cuein points for every ...    752 kb    Views 6209

Gaana Bajao

music playing played view start
0    Gaana Bajao lets you pick the music playing in bars, restaurants, and other venues right from your phone Download the app to see nearby locations playing the Jukebox,view the current playlist, check in, and start influencing the music to your taste. Start ...    3 MB    Views 1185

Popped Music

music playlist friends add share start swipe
+1    Listen and swipe. Popped allows you to swipe away the music you don’t like and to save and add music you do like to your playlist. The perfect way to find new music Share your music with friends, start a ...    9 MB    Views 6930
Related Apps videos music watch swipe latency streaming great start
-3    Tired of the dreaded spinning wheel of "waiting to download"? Then get Baebel Music. Start to watch streaming videos immediately about musicians, bands, tours, music videos from your favorite stars. Swipe to watch a different show in the same channel. Swipe ...    29 MB    Views 8034
music mix pads sounds sound synth samples electronic start pad
-4    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Ultimate music maker in your hands DJ Pads Make And Mix Music Plus. It's time to become one the most popular DJ Everything's already prepared for you in our music creator best DJ mix pads ...    57 MB    Views 6468

Funk Piano Academy

music video playing songs start favorite store note classical
+15    Whatup Future Funkling A lot of people start to learn an instrument but get turned off when they are forced to practice scales, memorize music theory, and practice DUN DUN DUN classical music. Although I love classical music (and scales) I ...    5 MB    Views 172

Bottle Xylophone

iphone ipad music twitter speakers playing play bottle xylophone touch ipod start
-3    Always wanted to play a bottle xylophone? Never had the motivation to build one yourself? Now you don't have to: Bottle Xylophone brings the fun of playing music on bottles filled with water to your iPhone & iPad Features: ⇒ One full scale ...    12 MB    Views 6548
party dance music animation home hard light psychedelic song night start
cards reading music piano essentials learning clef sets stages start screen bass
+25    "Music Reading Essentials" helps learning and practicing sheet music reading, understanding musical signs and symbols, note names, rhythms, intervals and more. Designed with the extensive help of professional piano teachers, this fundamental tool is for those who are learning to play ...    14 MB    Views 3486
-3    Now at an unbelievable price LIMITED TIME OFFER Get the most finest party app and start spinning your own iPhone music today Like Music? Start producing music on your iPhone iDJ Player Pro (Pocket Edition) is professional uniqe music ...    17 MB    Views 2091


music time program volume playlists start songs chosen select ideal templates
-5    Ideal for training and exercise routines. Ideal for situations where you have to repeat songs for certain times. Play your own playlists, individual songs and audio books in a given time. Features 1. Song loops for meditations and breaks. 2. Plays your playlists, ...    12 MB    Views 855

Melodica (Free)

Related Apps music compose start device melodies play
+3    Tired of waiting for a proper tonematrix or tenorion on the iPhone? The wait is over...the long waited and most hyped music app that lets anyone compose brilliant music compositions (even those who think that they aren't musically talented) is ...    2 MB    Views 3055
Related Apps music work playback duration playlist application start mode stop position listen
+5    Are you making the best of your music files? Using Everlisten, you can listen to the main portion of the music one after another. Since it corresponds to background playback, you can listen to the music while doing some work, ...    2 MB    Views 4442


Related Apps music radio people devices itunes device song start circle streaming hear
-4    Musikr brings you a new fun and innovative way to see what Music people around you are listening to. Music Discovery just got easier Get a peek into other people's most played Songs and even stream them directly to your ...    2 MB    Views 5169


music playlists month class
-8    fitPlay takes the stress out of finding fresh workout music for your clasess by sending new playlists directly to your iPod every month. fitPlay provides playlists for gyms and fitness studios, allowing personal trainers and instructors to download 100% legal and ...    NAN    Views 5553
-9    One of original Playlist Apps to integrate with your own music library. No WiFi, FTP, or network connectivity needed. (OS 3.0 required) Need better music for workouts? DJing a party? Want to listen to a great playlist while you run? Mix and ...    712 kb    Views 9342

HP Play

Related Apps music play playlists friends
+29    HP PLAY is the first web, desktop & mobile streaming music service in the Middle East. It gives you unlimited access to a large selection of International, Arabic & Asian music catalogues anywhere and anytime. HP PLAY comes for free with ...    18 MB    Views 8847

Banjo Piano

Related Apps piano music ipad camping play banjo played start settings hands sounds
0    Banjo Piano recreates the sounds of a banjo in the palm of your hands. This app comes with 24 musical keys with two octaves so that you can play with both hands Amazing to use on the iPad Can also ...    5 MB    Views 7644
+14    Classic Media Player is the best music player when you want to listen to your music collection. Classic Media Player finds all your music on the device automatically for you. Classic Media Player saves you time and starts playing music immediately. ...    3 MB    Views 8251

Music Sleep Timer

music sleep timer player open start brightness ios device
+29    NEW: Works with all music players that support multitasking (iPod, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc.) Version 2.0 fixes the issue with iOS 8. Music Sleep Timer is the perfect app for music lovers. It works exactly like the sleep timer on your TV. Just ...    3 MB    Views 3424


music playlists
+1    The AUVIO EQ app is designed to work with AUVIO brand headphones or standard music devices. AUVIO products are sold exclusively at RadioShack. Please visit or your local RadioShack store. Enhance your listening experience with your AUVIO headphone and AUVIO EQ, ...    1 MB    Views 507
Related Apps ballet dance piano music dancing kids class play choose start song songs
+6    Need the right music to start up your dance session during your ballet classes? Here comes Ballet Class, an app that includes the best classical and jazz piano soundtrack you can desire while dancing. Excellent for your kids dance session, ...    19 MB    Views 7463
Related Apps music playing apple artists start favorites player swipe albums center
+1    Playist is the simplest music player. Also, this app is the best app as car audio player because it can be used in both portrait and landscape screen. Favorites function If you register playlists, artists, and albums, you can start playing ...    8 MB    Views 9033


music facebook song ipod comment feeling listening meter start
+6    Are you a regular iPod user? Do you enjoy sharing your music tastes with your Facebook buddies? "FeedTheVibes" lets you feed your wall with the info of the song you are listening to, while expressing your feeling about it. Features: Facebook feeding: Lets ...    723 kb    Views 4938


music playlists easy
+14    tubidy is a free, easy and basic Music client. You will feel the difference with tubidy. General Features: • Search music, mixes, audios, songs and playlists easier. • Browse user profiles, playlists anywhere. • Easy to manage local playlists. • Share your playlists with your friends.    21 MB    Views 4548
time music singing vocal sing exercises notes coach start improve breathing
+8    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Vocal Coach Time To Sing Plus application it's personal vocal trainer in your pocket. Practice and improve your vocal at any time and any place. Music notes sequencer to warming up, useful breathing exercises and much ...    58 MB    Views 2507

Vinyl DJ

Related Apps music library vinyl ipod song vibe sounds start songs record
-6    iOS6 ready (iOS 3.x iOS 6.x) All boring digital music ? Do you remember the old warm vibe of Vinyl ? Thanks iTunes did you own all your favorable music but it does not sound like in the old days. Here is ...    7 MB    Views 5930


Related Apps music songs easily playlist mode start player times
-1    Music Plus is a music player that also includes a DJ Mode. It brings ease to playlist creation and music playing. Showing you playlist stats like the number of songs and the total time of the playlist. Easily customize start ...    2 MB    Views 1955

DJ Mix Maker Plus

Related Apps music software mix maker track tap pad sounding making start
-3    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Brand new fantastic dj mixer player and turntable mixers in one app. With DJ Mix Maker Plus you don't need any special education or music skills. Just use your inspiration and start music making without any hesitations. ...    73 MB    Views 1800
video text editing music instagram graphics download start fade easy give
+17    Text on Video is the perfect app for quick and easy video editing. Tons of features, all laid out in a simple, sleek, design. Take your videos from ordinary to Extraordinary in seconds. Give them the personalized touch you’ve been looking for. Stop missing ...    15 MB    Views 176


music reading notes birds counting lines game play start
+5    Stop counting lines, start reading music Practically everyone starts reading music notes by counting lines with sayings like "Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit". It's a great way to start, but a lot of beginners never move past counting lines. Notespotting is a ...    2 MB    Views 2212

Slow Player Lite

Related Apps time music change speed features play pitch songs key start player
+26    This App is the Music Dictation Player and the fastest, and easiest way to learn new songs by slowing down or speeding up play back without changing the pitch Works with guitar, bass, trumpet, piano, voice or any other instrument and ...    2 MB    Views 5230

Tune To Dance Pro

Related Apps dance audio music time dancing tune pro information world feel start playlist
+8    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Who doesn't like dancing? If you're one of those who dance all the time and everywhere this app is definitely for you, it's Tune To Dance Pro Enjoy a new playlist full of hot and groovy music ...    69 MB    Views 2719
Related Apps music clock artwork itunes application digital top images start
+25    add continuous listening function supports landscape mode in iPad Your favorite music is only oneclick away Artwork Clock for iTunes "ArtWork Clock for iTunes" is a digital / analog clock, with the artworks of the top 50 music in the background. The digital ...    768 kb    Views 4690

Jukebox Air

music playing library jukebox song air votes playlist place start current
-4    Jukebox Air allows others to vote on which song plays next from your music library or playlist. Perfect for any event where music is playing from your iOS device Parties, road trips, bars, clubs, restaurants, radio shows, whatever the occasion. Whichever ...    3 MB    Views 8421

Gone In 60

Related Apps iphone music ipod stereo touch features playlists playlist start custom
+7    Gone In 60 is an onthefly music timer for iPhone & iPod touch. Select a playlist right in the Gone In 60 app on your iPhone or iPod touch and a single tap of your finger will start you on ...    2 MB    Views 2300

Custom Tunes

Related Apps music playing swipe settings tunes custom start track touch customize
+1    Custom Tunes is your customizable music player. You can pick what gestures, remote settings, visuals, and what the app does when it starts. Custom Tunes responds to your taste. Assign the gestures that work for you. Make it look how you want ...    2 MB    Views 602

Piano Player

Related Apps piano iphone music time play player ipod touch real step start
+18    As a portable music software, Piano Player shows how to play simulated piano to iPhone and iPod Touch users. It is simple to play even you really can not do that. Follow the hints that are displayed on the screen ...    3 MB    Views 7122
Related Apps music fitness time workout step rhythm timer start player tracks
-1    Get to the new level of workout guidance with Fitness – Step With Music. Launch the app and enjoy how fitness softly harmonizes with music Enjoy the prerecorded playlist of tracks for each individual exercise and let the app guide ...    60 MB    Views 2114

Dubstep Master Plus

music recording voice history dubstep sounds master powerful pads start sound
-4    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS One the most popular music genre nowadays dubstep. So, don't miss this chance to leave mark in history of this world. Everything's already prepared for you best mix pads with powerful samples and loops, sounds ...    40 MB    Views 2072

Junglist Drums

drum music jungle drums play pads song start tracks
+1    Junglist Drums This isn't your usual drum kit Jungle music also known as Drum n Bass is a popular form of underground dance music. The fast tempos (150 to 170 bpm) and heavily syncopated percussive loops, samples and synthesized effects make ...    9 MB    Views 5795

Marimba Piano

Related Apps piano music camping keyboard ipad play hands settings marimba start notes
-8    Marimba Piano makes the sounds of a marimba in the palm of your hands. This app comes with 24 musical keys with two octaves so that you can play with both hands Amazing to use on the iPad Can also ...    4 MB    Views 5831


Related Apps music library artists time artist ipad tune points play seconds start albums
+15    This is why you stood in that long line to get your new iPad. Now it is time to take off the gloves and show your friends that you are, in all ways, the master. Game Play: Place your iPad between ...    3 MB    Views 8941

Taped Metronome

music metronome speed start
+8    This is just a metronome for music practice tool. anyhow this app uses one more method to start the metronome, that is you tape the button 5 times, app will calculate your speed according to you taping speed, then start ...    3 MB    Views 7155


Related Apps music garage tracks sounds save create tap start 100s record
0    Get ready to unleash your inner garage producer, produce professional sounding dance tracks with no previous music knowledge. Tap the raw industry standard samples to create your own new garage hits and start expressing yourself now. 100s of sounds scattered across ...    23 MB    Views 8111


Related Apps music playlists
+5    The AUVIO EQ app is designed to work with AUVIO brand headphones or standard music devices. AUVIO products are sold exclusively at RadioShack. Please visit or your local RadioShack store. Enhance your listening experience with your AUVIO headphone and AUVIO EQ, ...    736 kb    Views 2704


iphone ipad music twitter speakers sounds congas play start ipod
-3    The ultimate Congas for your iPhone and iPad with 18 professionally recorded and mastered sounds: Depending where you hit the congas, the sounds varies It doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician, want to become one or just want to ...    12 MB    Views 1036
Related Apps music playlists free
0    Free Music Short Bursts of Music to your phone. Play from any default Playlists or add your own playlists. Listen to unlimited music on your device.    1 MB    Views 9375
Related Apps music memory giving musical head start robert wells
+19    Who could resist giving their children a developmental musical head start? Robert Wells Music Memory is a fun, easy game that trains children’s musicality and memory, and helps the brain to develop. From 3 years to teenage and even beyond, Music ...    110 MB    Views 2793

Pickup Tunes

music work musician students play fun notes tunes ear pickup game start scale
+2    Let guitarist Dean Brown make you a real music hero • Win points for correctness, speed, and accuracy. • Develop your ears with techniques based on how you actually hear music. Instead of abstract exercises, you'll get the essentials you need to ...    9 MB    Views 5405
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