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+28    PLEASE ENSURE YOUR DEVICE IS NOT IN SILENT MODE FOR SOUNDS TO PLAY The sound of Dubstep has arrived for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch iDubber Pro gives you over 45 individual sounds, as well as more than 34 drum loops These ...    13 MB    Views 43

Space Sounds

+3    In 2001 the theremin was used to send a message into space through the radio telescope in Yevpatoria. The peculiarity of this musical instrument is that it generates a continuous sine musical signal that cannot be found in the wildlife. 'Space ...    2 MB    Views 5855
+28    This is the free version of mDecks Ear Training 1 : Intervals, Triads and Sevenths Only the first sets are available with piano sound only. The paid version contains more than 200 sets of exercises with many different sounds and background tracks ...    32 MB    Views 112

Touch Band

+4    all bugs are fixed. just download and enjoy playing this The Touch Band application is a lifesaver in so many ways: a) It would help you get that new tune in your head out anywhere and everywhere. b) It would replace the ...    36 MB    Views 2236
instruments instrument ringtone map ringtones world sounds view musical sound
-2    Let's make your ringtone the world musical instrument sounds Sometimes passionate, sometimes healing, more than 100 ethnic instrument sounds shake your mind. You can use them as your ringtones of iPhone. . Map view by tapping on the map of the world, you ...    11 MB    Views 8550

Baby Song Maker

baby keyboard drum song record sounds playback quality top laugh
+20    Baby Song Maker is the ultimate Baby Song Making tool for you Simply play around with the interface and create your own mix & blend of a Baby Song by combining different baby laugh and drum fx sounds and ...    18 MB    Views 795
Related Apps music library play reverse beatles sounds rock roll record player
+18    A fully featured backwards player. Select any song from your music library and play it backwards Record yourself talking and play it backwards too. Reverse tracks from the Music library Record and play backwards Control speed of playback Universal app Rock'n'Roll History: Many ...    1 MB    Views 3770


iphone surface water sounds effect gestures device musical waves
-6    This music app is based on the analogy of sound waves and water waves. The interactive water surface directly controls and mimics the musical events. You can control the sounds, modes, and water animation by touching, rotating, shaking, panning of ...    40 MB    Views 9952
sounds screen musical
+8    TouchSounds is a musical app where the touch screen is used to produce musical sounds. A finger sliding on the screen will change the sounds like a theremin. A glowing line is drawn as the screen is touched. TouchSounds is ...    4 MB    Views 8466
+10    ReelStory is the most beautiful audio recorder you've ever seen. By transforming your iPad into a reel to reel deck we enable a fun and creative way to record your sounds. Whether you want to record a business meeting or something ...    46 MB    Views 5023


ambient touch create visual loop great experience sounds musical
+9    "SpaceOperator has good (great) sounds. 28 space sounds & a drum loop. You can easily create a Space atmosphere with this App." An ambient music and visual generative interactive loop based experience. Anyone can simply tap and create unique ...    11 MB    Views 6158

Flashback Recorder

recorder map gps application life recorded sounds everyday record
-1    FlashBack is a strange recorder which has the ability to record your everyday life. This application is a lifelog recorder which can record all your life. Once the app is turned on, your words, your partner's conversation, everyday sounds, etc, will be automatically and randomly ...    8 MB    Views 3890


Related Apps record xylophone quality high sounds graphics
-1    The Best Xylophone App on the Appstore With HD Graphics & sounds let you record and play all of your creations... Main features : 1. High quality graphics. 2. High quality sounds. 3. Record & Save unlimited tracks.    25 MB    Views 2504

BOOM 909!

audio drum music 909 boom beats audiobus export record sounds
0    Boom 909 integrates one of the most popular drum machines of the 80’s into the modern mobile producers workflow. With Boom 909, getting the classic 909 drum sounds into your music has never been easier. Audiobus compatibility, background audio, and audio ...    4 MB    Views 1142

Best Xylophone

Related Apps record xylophone quality high sounds graphics
-8    The Best Xylophone App on the Appstore With HD Graphics & sounds let you record and play all of your creations... Main features : 1. High quality graphics. 2. High quality sounds. 3. Record & Save unlimited tracks.    18 MB    Views 740

Music Flashlight

sounds screen flashlight musical spread notes
+24    It is not a flashlight more, it is The Musical Flashlight, not only lights, it also play many different sounds. Produces different sounds depending on the direction in which you move your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also make sounds by ...    3 MB    Views 627
Related Apps library email song sound sounds groups recordings record patterns add
+1    BeatSequencer BoomBap is a mobile music production environment that allows you to produce, record, edit and arrange, a song from your phone. As am MC, DJ and producer, my goal was to create an application that could really make good beats. ...    31 MB    Views 6395
Related Apps instruments instrument musical tune sounds child order late
-7    Whether you are a music lover or a parent trying to distract an unruly child, Instruments' Galore is certainly the app for you. It is never too late to get to know all the different types of musical instruments that ...    10 MB    Views 6305

Audio Gear

+4    All the possibilities of major sound studious are now gathered in one app for your mobile device Audio Gear is a perfect instrument for those who love to spend hours searching for the sound they need Immense adjustability together with ...    125 MB    Views 6691
sounds great quality record graphics spooky
-3    Spooky Sounds is a Halloween themed soundboard featuring hifi sound effects and great quality graphics. You can also record your own terrifying sounds to scare others nearby. Great for trickortreating, guising, pranks, parties, general entertainment and amusement. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ FEATURES: Built in high ...    6 MB    Views 5592
Related Apps music drum producers record sound pads beats sounds upload
-9    Music Industries Top Mastered Producers Sequencers DrumMachine, Easily Create and record Your Beats using BeatMakerHD " Producers " The Sounds on BeatMakerHD are Amazing" Combination of Drum Kits from your Top Hiphop, DubStep, Pop, House, Trap, Techno Producers. DRUM MACHINE: 128 trigger ...    42 MB    Views 7796
shake sounds musical magical shaker box maracas
-9    Shake the maracas Shake the savings box Magical musical shake allows you to play various sounds by shaking your phone. Turn your iPhone into a variety of shaker instruments like maracas, bell , savings box, belly and so forth... Magical musical shake offers 8 different ...    12 MB    Views 7770

BeatBox Lite

ringtone ringtones sounds beats beatbox create beat upgrade record features
+9    BeatBox is an awesome beat maker and ringtone creator. With Beatbox and the preloaded sounds, you are able to create endless loops with your amazing musical talent. Alternatively, you can record and store your own sounds in the app, to spice ...    5 MB    Views 1421


effects sound playback record built ability custom sounds
+1    iXtentia/Extentia brings a simple and versatile iPhone/iPod Touch application iAudioBox that comes with several built in sound effects and the ability to record and playback additional custom sounds. The built in sound effects are useful and commonly required for pranks, ...    7 MB    Views 5142
0    Triqtraq brings you the ultimate music jamming experience in terms of fun, usability and deepness. Use triqtraq on your iPhone or iPad to: compose beats fast and intuitively, in a freestyle manner sketch out musical ideas on the go and improvise ...    30 MB    Views 8848

iFart uFart

Related Apps security market fart sounds play device features sound record
+10    iFart uFart is the best Fart app on the market. It has more features than any other fart app for more even more flatulence fun It has over 5,000 combinations of beginning and end sounds along with the built in ...    8 MB    Views 1175


music instruments play characters record musical animated song
-2    MELODY a musical game with groove. Join Mel, O and Dy on a musical adventure playing and recording live music. Play and record different instruments, every level adds another instrument to your song followed by animated characters performing your music. Featuring: 2 ...    26 MB    Views 5494


+18    Have you ever wanted to create your own music? BeatVox lets you record your own sounds to play and mix up to four different clips at a time. In minutes, you can: ? Create a cover of your favorite song using your own ...    2 MB    Views 2447

Scratch Disc

apps scratch sounds record performances disc
+6    12 TURNTABLES AND A MICROPHONE Take scratching performances to the extreme with superhuman turntablism. Scratch Disc provides up to 12 turntable slots to load any sound imaginable and then scratch scratch scratch it to make rhythms and effects. FEATURE LIST: • Up ...    32 MB    Views 8816

Harmonium Plus HD

apps playing time harmonium key sounds record song sustain real play
+6    Harmonium Plus HD has been featured in a Bollywood song from the movie Fukrey Check it out on the link below. Also, find the many more Software Kitchen apps featured in the song Why buy a real Harmonium anymore? Finally, a ...    28 MB    Views 2041
audio recording play record press sound list sounds
-8    Record sounds, name them and play them back from a list. Very simple to use. Enter the name of your sound before or after then press Record, when you are finished recording press Finish Recording and then press the Save ...    2 MB    Views 5971


record sound play tap boards loop hold share musical
-4    Keezy is a musical instrument for toddlers, professional musicians, and everyone in between You get 8 colored tiles. You can record a sound into each one. After recording, tap the tile to play it back, or press & hold to ...    24 MB    Views 5595
Related Apps drum music time dubstep sounds looper beat combine record volume maker
+1    It’s time to forget about colorful but useless and hollow drum music games and finally get a great drum music system with perfect variation of electro sounds Try Drum Looper – Dubstep and enjoy one of the best sound creator ...    34 MB    Views 8908
Related Apps guitar metronome ukulele master sound musical choose play sounds tuner
-3    Explore the exotic Hawaiian sound of the ukulele Ukulele Guitar Master is a great way to find yourself on the sandy beach near the sea, and enjoy the pleasant music of ukulele. Learn more about famous exotic string instrument in ...    46 MB    Views 7843

Jam for iPhone

virtual facebook iphone jam musical songs record original charts vocal turn
+10    Jam for iPhone can turn anyone into a rock star with their own virtual band. Sing anything into your phone and Jam will turn it into an original musical Masterpiece, regardless of your musical ability. Simply select a musical style and ...    30 MB    Views 6563
Related Apps instruments instrument musical late sounds tune child wide
-1    Whether you are a music lover or a parent trying to distract an unruly child, Instruments' Galore is certainly the app for you. It is never too late to get to know all the different types of musical instruments that ...    12 MB    Views 8299

Pocket Voice Lite

Related Apps voice keyboard piano cat sounds record play included sound beethoven
+17    Have you ever wondered how Fur Elise by Beethoven would sound if it's played with your own voice or any other sounds like a dog bark, cat meow etc? With Pocket Voice you can record/sample any sound you like then play ...    2 MB    Views 6195

Mantra Music

+7    Mantra Music, is a crossculture/technology universal iPhone/iPad app for the mobile musician. Use it to relax, explore unfamilar melodies/sounds, and compose innovative musical riffs in unusual time signatures. VIEW YOUTUBE DEMO VIA LINK FROM OUR WEBSITE Based on a kind of sequencer ...    6 MB    Views 7700

AppleBite (Zombie)

apple zombie fun sounds terrifying crazy record
+27    +++ More than 125 downloads +++ (Note: if you are allergic to awesome, then this app is not for you. :D ) The apple eater which makes your Halloween fun: with crazy, NIGHTMARE sounds :D (Four amazing sounds are awaible right know: NormalBite, ...    3 MB    Views 768
piano music recording points sounds lets tool add musical
+8    You don’t have to read music, play an instrument, or carry a tune to express yourself musically with Piano Invention Touch multiple points on an engaging illustration and get back musical sounds you can remix endlessly. You’ll be creating great sounding ...    25 MB    Views 4494
Related Apps drum music time dubstep sounds looper beat combine record maker
+17    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS It’s time to forget about colorful but useless and hollow drum music games and finally get a great drum music system with perfect variation of electro sounds Try Drum Looper – Dubstep and enjoy one of the ...    28 MB    Views 8280


sounds screen musical
-5    TouchSounds is a musical app where the touch screen is used to produce musical sounds. A finger sliding on the screen will change the sounds like a theremin. TouchSounds is great for when you want to instantly make cool sounds.    2 MB    Views 3546
Related Apps music apps sounds sound create record song effects electronic
+6    ­ELECTRIFIED makes music. Record your voice, a musical instrument or an everyday sound. Within minutes the ELECTRIFIED app helps you build a song in a few simple stages. Create unique music with your own sounds and with the sounds of Yello’s musical maestro Boris ...    71 MB    Views 8097


Related Apps music parents baby musical record note backing tracks background unique
-1    Note: note compatible with iPhone 3GS or earlier Make your memories musical babiesAloud is the fun way to capture the sound of your baby or child’s voice in a unique piece of music. Your very own personalised music production service uses specially composed ...    20 MB    Views 2886


record sounds
-2    Jamix is the funkiest mix creating app on the App Store. Jamix allows you to record your own sounds and assign them to its quirky looking symbols. With Jamix you can record layered mixes created from your own sounds. Jamix creates beat sequence ...    2 MB    Views 4656
audio voice iphone action ipad recording loop amazing create share vocal record sounds
+5    Sing, Loop, Share. What if you could create something musically amazing with just your voice? What if you didn't need musical instruments, sheet music, or complicated recording software? What if you could create an entire song with your voice, simulating ...    33 MB    Views 5216


drawing sounds play record zones assign memory finger
+6    This application invites you to explore sounds through the act of drawing. You can also record and playback your drawings, turning them into animations with original sound tracks. Record your own sounds and assign them to various zones of the screen. ...    2 MB    Views 6167
halloween party iphone video touch scream machine sounds record scary sound
0    The Halloween Scream Machine is a supercreepy, multifunction sound app designed for spooking your friends, recording your own scary sounds and creating the perfect eerie atmosphere for your Halloween party. //FEATURES// Freakout Create a unique Halloween party ambience... Set one of the spooky ...    2 MB    Views 6960

Grime Box

Related Apps music box tracks save 100s loops sounds record including
+9    The only application to help you make authentic grime music straight out of London is now available. Grime Box allows you to immerse yourself in the raw grime sound with 100s of loops and samples created by one of grimes ...    100 MB    Views 5827


ipad music features musical sounds composition great patterns songs
+2    Unlike great musical productions, great songs do not depend on amazing sounds and effects. You can write one on a beach, using a guitar, pen and paper. Studiolab is a tool for writing songs. Start with an empty composition or with ...    46 MB    Views 1498

MusicalMe Kids Pro

Related Apps kids photo music animal instruments creative musicalme play share sounds background record
+1    MUSICALME KIDS PRO DESCRIPTION “A new way for kids to interact with their photos” “A fun way to play musical composer AND photographer” ABOUT MusicalMe Kids Pro is the full, unlocked version of MusicalMe Kids. It includes all 16 instruments and fun animal sounds. ...    60 MB    Views 7819
instruments movies sounds buttons crazy friends categories musical entertain
+14    Best Sounds App on the App Store Crazy sounds and Buttons Pro has an extensive library containing PREMIUM QUALITY SOUNDS. Different Categories available with variety of sounds and buttons in each category, I bet you will enjoy Pressing and listening to ...    15 MB    Views 3276
Related Apps music instrument play musical share notes sounds free create
-7    The most innovative musical instrument app. Why? You can: Play music like a real instrument without looking at the screen Play semitones easily Play chords Choose from many (10) different sounds Reach 3 octaves/36 notes in total Record and share ...    23 MB    Views 2655


sounds record
+5    Enjoy this official free app to accompany Seja's new record 'All Our Wires'. Based on the felt creations of Seja's the app includes sounds and samples from the record. The app also lets you reach out directly to Seja via ...    15 MB    Views 2249

Flute Piano Deluxe

piano keyboard music flute deluxe settings musical sounds general note play
+1    The Flute Piano Deluxe comes with 3 octaves with 3 keyboards to create wonderful music That's over 40 keys The Flute Piano Deluxe allows you to play a piano keyboard with the sounds of the flute. You can play short musical ...    42 MB    Views 9148

Oriental Band

instruments music oriental band recorded musical user variety sounds middle
+20    The Oriental Band is an User Friendly application with which you can play Middle Eastern Musical Instruments using a keyboard style user interface. Presenting you wıth a wide variety of Musical Instruments, the Oriental Band will introduce you to the magic ...    28 MB    Views 1418
time people vocals vocal record press great playback hop sounds
+2    Sing with your Fingertips literally App Trailer: IMPORTANT: App works best as a sampler with many vocals. audiobus support Whether it's comingup with song ideas, creating vocal samples for an instrumental, or if you just want to have fun playing with ...    26 MB    Views 9403

Beat Motion

audio instrument music record beat play motion import sounds create export wah
+27    Beat Motion is a fun groove maker to play, record, edit and mix any kind of sound. It is easy to use, you can import your own music from iTunes or you can record the sounds around you, and create instant ...    4 MB    Views 9032
Related Apps music digital strings musical playback press add record sounds tracks
+11    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Digital Strings Plus is a great musical app for everyone of any age. You don't need any manual, just start creating your own original tracks. Immerse into the world of music anywhere and anytime Involve your ...    54 MB    Views 7656


play sounds production recordings create recorded add record
0    Welcome to your sound and music laboratory WHAT IS SOUNDOSCOPE? soundOscope is your microscope for sounds. You can record tones and noises and play them back. Of course you can analyze them in detail. You can: play back recordings slower and faster ...    3 MB    Views 165
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