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+5    Catchy iOS Tunes is a small collections of original short tunes. They are specially developed for iOS devices, and yes, they are extremely catchy Tired of checking you phone when someone else's phone is ringing? These melodies are absolutely new, ...    6 MB    Views 9893

Pineal Tunes

+11    Pineal Tunes radio Pure EDM connection    13 MB    Views 6418


+1    Adrenaline is a 2d infinite platformer which comes packed with hours of fun and enjoyment With challenging level layouts and online leaderboards to compete against friends, its an app that you can get countless hours out of. You will be challenged ...    48 MB    Views 9889

Nashville #'s

+3    Nashville Numbers is a method for transcribing music using numbers in place of chord names. As the name implies, Nashville Numbers is the primary method for charting tunes in Nashville today.  From bars on Broadway to Alist studio sessions off of Music ...    16 MB    Views 7889

Blobble Piano

0    When kids are starting out to learn the piano it can be tough. So we created Blobble Piano, a musical app for the iPad to help children learn how to play piano tunes themselves. All you have to do is pick ...    4 MB    Views 9294

Toddler Tunes

toddler music tunes
+6    Toddler Tunes is a simple music player designed for toddlers and young kids. They can listen to their music on their iPad and skip through to their favorite songs    1 MB    Views 9266

Blue Notes

+8    Blue Notes is a simple songbook for the harmonica. It translates your notes into harmonica tabs, transforming the iPhone into the perfect companion for one the most portable instruments. This release has only limited support for editing: Blue Notes can transpose whole ...    160 kb    Views 2530
tunes twisted
+7    Collection of Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes song parodies dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks, created during their championship season of 20132014    1 MB    Views 3004

Kid Tunes

+4    Kid Tunes is a piano for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is sure to keep the kids entertained while learning about music. Kid Tunes comes with 12 note sheets that include the following popular children's songs: Row Row Row Your Boat Yankee ...    8 MB    Views 7683


+14    [ The Music Player, Advanced ] With TapTunes, you will experience your music collection like never before. Touch, tap, drag, shake, swipe, pinch ‒ you've never been this close to your tunes By presenting albums visually in a random order, TapTunes brings ...    3 MB    Views 5698


music piano tunes play songs progressions
+13    AirPiano is music application which everyone can easily play the piano and sing to one's own piano accompaniment. Play your favorite songs at sight of scores and compose songs by selecting the chord progressions... With AirPiano, you can enjoy music without the ...    11 MB    Views 9802


ringtone short tired phone tunes devices catchy ios
-2    Catchy iOS Tunes is a small collections of original short tunes. They are specially developed for iOS devices, and yes, they are extremely catchy Tired of checking you phone when someone else's phone is ringing? These melodies are absolutely new, ...    6 MB    Views 885


music musical making develop tunes
+12    This interactive music app helps users become active and engaged music makers, listeners, and performers. Playing with melody blocks as puzzle pieces, players rebuild familiar tunes and create new ones. Builders discover and develop their powerful musical intuitions while becoming ...    4 MB    Views 3638
lyrics tunes chants
-6    Chants D'Esperance with Tunes provides you access to all the lyrics of the song book Chants D'Esperance. Some Tunes are also included with the Lyrics so you can learn and help you worship. As new books, lyrics or tunes become ...    35 MB    Views 3949


mode features tunes song playback volume rhythms tap
+28    PaklSound1 is a simple, multilayer step sequencer. Make up a tune by touching dots in musical patterns they are played back as a bar sweeps across the screen. iPod Touch VOLUME control: to adjust volume, doubletap the home button. Note: Visit ...    2 MB    Views 3357

Third Piano Lesson

Related Apps piano play lesson read tunes
-9    Lesson number three brings your playing to the next level ... After mastering lessons one & two, we now turn to more tunes, more chords and more rhythmic patterns.... Read the instructions and learn to read rhythm as you play a few ...    3 MB    Views 6042
Related Apps christmas santa board sounds effects sound background tunes lite
+16    Get in the mood for the Christmas holidays Entertain your friends and family with this premium Christmas Sound Board Kids will love it Very easy and fun to use Funny icons which will activate the sounds The perfect app during ...    12 MB    Views 7695

Patriot Tunes

music fireworks fun patriotic tunes animations american songs
+2    The perfect app for July 4th and for the year round songs Features four songs for the true American And fun animation America The Beautiful Stars & Stripes Forever Hail To The Chief Grand Old Flag Great patriotic music to listen to ...    24 MB    Views 930

Jewish iSongBook

0    A great tool for musicians, students and for ALL whom interested in Jewish music. One can use it no matter your a professional piano player or you just know a few open chords for guitar. Jewish iSongBook is the first App ...    12 MB    Views 1086

Nashville Numbers

music nashville numbers charts chart tunes method
+12    Nashville Numbers is a method for transcribing music using numbers in place of chord names. As the name implies, Nashville Numbers is the primary method for charting tunes in Nashville today. From bars on Broadway to Alist studio sessions off ...    16 MB    Views 3832


tunes world
+15    PeelanderZの楽曲が聴ける! PVが観れる! 各種YouTubeビデオにもアプリ内でリンクできる! プロフィールもチェックできる! iTunesにリンクして楽曲購入もできる! あとアナタがせねばならないことは、PeelanderZのファンになることだけ!Enjoy! Hello World Welcome to the quick index of the world of PeelanderZ, a NYC based Japanese Punk band. You can listen to their tunes You can watch their Videos You can [BUY] their tunes on iTunes Be a fan and live a good life. peace    26 MB    Views 6209

ECD Tunes

users tunes
-9    ECD Tunes is meant for English Country Dance musicians. It contains a copy of the Blue and Red Barnes and allows users to add their own volumes of music by creating ZIP archives of PDF, GIF, TIF, and PNG files. ...    44 MB    Views 8937

Chris Tunes Fanpage

chris tunes
+17    Die offizielle Chris Tunes App für dein Smartphone Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Mixe, Remixe & Bootlegs landen so direkt in deiner Hosentasche. Viel Spaß und stay tuned Listen and enjoy the difference.    NAN    Views 7932

Dholi Beats

tunes dhol version provide beats
0    Dholi Beats app will provide a way to play the different dholi tunes on iPhone and iPod device. Now there is no need to buy any premium version of this app. This version will provide users option of playing Nonstop selected tunes. Different ...    105 MB    Views 6743
+17    Republic Rightclicka Radio is all about listening to a selection of carefully curated mixtapes for the discerning individual in mind. Spanning across a wide spectrum of genres and moods, Rightclicka prides itself with "All free mixtapes, all the time". So whether you're ...    799 kb    Views 9529

Set4Play Mix Player

Related Apps music personal tunes user mixes service mix
-1    Set4Play is a service where groupfitness instructors, personal trainers and health professionals can create motivational music. The user logs in onto a personal website and picks tunes from a huge music archive. The tunes are then forged together to make ...    5 MB    Views 5021

Diblo Tunes FM

Related Apps live tunes streaming
0    Diblo Tunes FM is a 24/7 Live Streaming Radio Station That offers Unlimited Live Music Streaming on demand and Upon Request, Listen to Entertainment gist and Live talk shows    5 MB    Views 8461
+14    Arabic Tunes, Listen and watch the very latest Arabic songs and music videos from all over the Arab world. We list only the new albums without any ads. No need to signup as well. Pay once and listen to unlimited songs ...    7 MB    Views 1321

PumiLumi Band

children instruments piano band tunes funky play
+16    Rock with the popular animals from PumiLumi Land Children create their own music with this fun and intuitive app. A colourful band of entertaining animated animals is just waiting to be called up on stage to perform A total of 8 instruments ...    44 MB    Views 9189

Matching Tunes

Related Apps music matching play tunes
+1    "Matching Tunes" uses your iTunes music Library. The turn of the cards and play music. Find the same music. Play one to five. Enjoy the music    7 MB    Views 8807

Donnez-Lui Gloire

hymns book christian play lyrics tunes glory give
-5    Give Him Glory contains the great hymns of yesterday and today. Christian Hymns and Seventh Day Adventist Hymns combined. This is a must Have App for all christians for your worship or personal devotions. Book: Give Him Glory (French) Traditional Christian Hymns ...    28 MB    Views 9896

YOGA Tunes

yoga music meditation tunes amazing lot timer
-2    Yoga Tunes is ideal for listening when you are performing YOGA, MEDITATION and lot more ways to lavish our SPECIALLY created 20+ AMAZING YOGA oriented tunes Our App is designed for you to enjoy EVERY MOMENT of your relaxation using our ...    36 MB    Views 8232

TradTunes Lite

tunes full version lite application notation categories features irish
0    Sick of carrying around lots of songbooks? Can't remember how the second last bar goes in 'The Rambling Pitchfork?' I feel your pain. Lite Version Features: Hundreds of tunes in the following categories: Mazurkas Strathspeys ThreeTwos Waltzes Full version features: Thousands of tunes in ...    2 MB    Views 5528
Related Apps audio game experience quality screen tunes high sounds
-1    Brand new independent rhythm game MUSYNC now on iPhone High quality graphics using each pixel of the retina screen to create beautiful game images No matter your screen size or finger thickness, we guarantee you an enjoyable gaming experience With professional ...    311 MB    Views 8099
music tunes enjoy
+30    Your gateway to new underground music. Balamii provides tracklisted mixes, allowing you to select and buy the tunes you enjoy in app. Simply stream or download the mix you want to listen to, and add the tunes you like ...    6 MB    Views 2668

iFiddle Magazine

magazine tunes
-2    iFiddle Magazine is a free subscription for musicians and everyone who loves music, especially fiddlers. Each issue of iFiddle Magazine will highlight new and old tunes, and standards played by the top fiddlers in the world. The subscriber will enjoy ...    32 MB    Views 1973

Song Board

Related Apps board ipad song tunes melodies orchestra play
+15    Song Board is fun and easy way to play well known melodies and tunes. Ave Maria, Alphabet Song, Amazing Grace, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Stay, Jingle Bells, The Scientist, Old Mcdonald. (more coming soon) The app lets your child and you ...    48 MB    Views 9381

Whip Tunes FM

+6    Whip Tunes FM: the channel to ride to Banging the latest & hottest HipHop, R&B, Urban & Pop tracks with a focus on underground and upcoming artists; the perfect channel to get ready for a night out, to cruise around ...    13 MB    Views 3302

Tunes 92.5

+9    A direct connection to the Disk Jockey at Tunes 92.5 FM. Send your request straight to our live video wall Try our app, Tune in and say Hi We are an Intrepid Broadcasting Station. Located in Watertown, NY.    2 MB    Views 9855

Old World Tunes

radio playing music world hits tunes
+1    Old World Tunes is your home for the music of everyone's favorite wasteland adventures Playing the memorable hits of Galaxy News Radio, Radio New Vegas, & Mojave Music Radio Fallout F.M. is your place to go Note: Though this station ...    14 MB    Views 5144
Related Apps garden people music share tunes create creating
-3    Create musical gardens by putting in flowerpots, gnomes and other garden ornaments. The ladybugs and butterflies are your players who jump through your garden path and make the tunes play. Fun for children and adults alike, it makes a game out ...    66 MB    Views 695


tunes day irish category abc notation application remember
+14    Sick of carrying around lots of songbooks? Can't remember how the second last bar goes in 'The Rambling Pitchfork?' I feel your pain. TradTunes contains over 4,000 Irish (and some nonIrish) Traditional Music tunes in standard ABC notation. You can choose tunes ...    765 kb    Views 6685

Logical Piano

piano game learn play tunes twinkle
+12    Do not know how to play the piano, but always wanted to learn? It seems that it needs to spend a lot of time and have an excellent ear for music? Are you afraid that you have to learn tons of literature ...    8 MB    Views 6050
songs tunes
+7    Beta Tunes is a comprehensive collection of songs of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity including lyrics and audio streams. Beta Tunes includes over 45 songs, 35 of which you can listen to. Keep the singing fraternity's songs in your pocket ...    4 MB    Views 6059

Tunes 4 Tots

Related Apps music iphone tunes child volume controls nursery
+9    Tunes 4 Tots is a nursery rhyme player for entertaining young children. A parent or caregiver can launch Tunes 4 Tots, then give their child the iPhone to keep their child amused and entertained by the selection of music and the ...    6 MB    Views 1458

First Piano Lesson

Related Apps piano keyboard play lesson tunes
+3    Have you always wanted to play your piano but never knew where to start ? This application gives you your very first piano lesson. Learn to play simple tunes by following a lighted keyboard. Choose a song, set the tempo, sit in ...    1 MB    Views 4840
animation tunes tune stress taps
-8    Make your own psychedelic tunes with its own soothing animation in a few taps Feeling creative? Or Stressed? Use this tool to tap out a tune with a synchronized animation that soothes away all your stress in seconds. Brings out the ...    32 MB    Views 2460


keyboard harmonica tunes capable chord play
+10    Accomedion is a new musical instrument application that combines a keyboard harmonica and an accordian. Sound sources from keyboard harmonica are used, and chord buttons similar to the ones on accordian are attached. The wide range of tunes will be played ...    4 MB    Views 4952

Music Memory Game

Related Apps music virtual game sheet tunes image grid files learn enjoy
-3    The Music Memory Game by Virtual Sheet Music allows you to enjoy the classical memory game in a different way: by learning music. The game has two different modes: the Tune Game and the Image Game. You can also choose among ...    4 MB    Views 4151

Out of Tunes

Related Apps music tunes songs play mix
+1    Out of Tunes helps you to rediscover your music. Do you know this feeling of scrolling through your songs and simply not seeing anything you'd like to play next? And then turning on shuffle mode and getting a buzz from a ...    3 MB    Views 2764
music facebook itunes ipod tap auto tunes player
+14    Introducing Mango Tunes (Music Player). 뮤직플레이어 망고튠스를 소개합니다. You can share your music. (Facebook , Email.) 페이스북이나 이메일로 음악 정보를 공유할 수 있습니다. Auto Music Info Search (LyricWiki, Daum Music, YouTube, iTunes) 음악 정보 자동검색 (LyricWiki, 다음 뮤직, 유튜브, iTunes) iPod Library. Pick songs and Listen. ...    548 kb    Views 5019

Music Spectrograph

music piano time library keyboard sound tunes frequencies notes musical scroll stop tune
-8    Visually reverse engineer sound and music in realtime. See music and sound as it might appear on a live pianoroll MIDI music editor. The Hotpaw Music spectrograph presents a highresolution scrolling spectrogram as you listen, so that you can see ...    794 kb    Views 4946
christmas happy enjoy beautiful application lovely tunes
-9    This application contains beautiful classic, orignal, funny, and traditional christmas tunes. Enjoy the christmas gift of music this holiday season with this beautiful application. With a touch, you can enjoy more and much. Happy Happy Lovely Christmas to all Christians.    66 MB    Views 7466
Related Apps kids piano ipad music pet choose pages shop fun melodies touch tunes
+16    NOW OPTIMIZED FOR IPAD RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS A wonderful music activity app for kids of any age This is not your average piano app. In Crazy Tunes, the keys have become adorable and fun cats, dogs, trains, flowers and more For example, ...    20 MB    Views 695
Related Apps music hits application tunes tone
0    Ditch the usual dial tone and entertain your callers with upbeat tunes of your choice instead First in Malaysia, our Hits Music team is proud to launch the Hits Music Ringback Tones application for your iPhone This application showcases the latest ...    NAN    Views 827


newest tunes martin
+11    The Martin Drake App provides the newest information about the newest TranceElements episodes including playlists. It makes keeping contact with Martin very easy and also provides event dates, wallpapers and more. Get your monthly dose of finest Trance and Progressive ...    NAN    Views 2585
Related Apps christmas piano tunes lots
0    Play Christmas Piano and get Christmas presents at Christmas. Lots of fun make tunes up with Santa, Christmas Piano contains lots of Xmas sound effects and it is possible to make great sounding tunes    14 MB    Views 5139


ipad iphone find tunes game
0    Enjoy playing this musical trivia game... Description Don’t you love it when you correctly identify a song after hearing only two or three notes? Do you think you can for sure do that with the music that’s on your iPad or ...    6 MB    Views 7751

Shred Tunes

dvd find song tunes
+29    Want to know what that song was on a Snowboard or Ski DVD then this is the app for you. Giving you access to lists of songs from the Top DVDs with new ones added all the time. Find the DVD find ...    1 MB    Views 2608

Social Tunes

social music tunes lookup
+5    Social Tunes is music meta data aggregator. Select a track on your iPad and Social Tunes will grab local gigs, similar artists and spotify links for you. If you find something you like you can share it on one of several ...    636 kb    Views 1672
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