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+24    Utelia is a streaming MP3 and FLAC player that allows you to play MP3 and FLAC files uploaded to your Dropbox account. It is a real streaming player and never downloads the streamed files, but a permanent network connection is ...    2 MB    Views 9397
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+1    Listen Your Favorite Music Search, play, and add you favorite songs to your iPhone/iPod/iPad anywhere, anytime Enjoy millions of songs Key Features: Search any artist, song or albums Search by Genres/Tags/Playlists Create your own playlists Artist Top 100 songs list Shuffle & ...    10 MB    Views 8987
+30    100 Greatest Singers introduce 101 classical singers, including the legendary Caruso, Callas, Pavarotti etc. You can search the singer with AZ indexing or in voice typed categories: Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass. The library includes 32 sopranos, 10 mezzosopranos, ...    470 MB    Views 7446


+3    Audiostock is a service that allows you to purchase 10,000 points BGM and sound effects, which can be used in games, movies or videos and slideshows, among others. The application has a function that enables you to quickly search for the ...    1 MB    Views 6049
+24    MusicBox Listen to endless free music, artists, bands and more. ◇ Features ◇ Great User interface design ◇ No need registration for listening Search & listen to unlimited music ◇ Find the hot trending songs Explore tracks ◇Full background play and remote ...    2 MB    Views 2096
videos music video history search songs playlists controls playlist 100 top play delete
-4    1Tube allows you to organize YouTube videos in playlists, view history of watched videos and bookmark videos. Features: Play Top 100 songs or top 100 from different genres. Manage playlists: Create, rename or delete. Search music videos by keyword. Rotate to ...    19 MB    Views 1654


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+1    SmartPlaylist is the most advanced playlist generator for iPod/iPhone/iPad with many unique features. You can combine 21 search rules (comments, rating, play count, last played, etc.) to filter your iTunes music library. The supported gestures for play/pause, etc. are explained in Menu ...    948 kb    Views 1802
music search iphone videos songs youtube playback free copyrights tracks
+2    Insanely easy way to get favourite songs free. Fast music search and unlimited playback. Over 20 million songs for any taste. Find, play, discover best music on your iPhone. All is free & legal Main features: Quick music search by song title, artist, genre. ...    60 MB    Views 4576
music videos search party artist youtube songs free million play favorite watch
+3    Search and listen to your favorite music free. Over 20 million songs and albums. No limits Add songs and radios to Favorites. Find and play any music, any genres and watch music videos free & legally Main features: Search any music by title, artist,genre ...    NAN    Views 9002


+3    Frustrated with noisy audioads interrupting your music streaming? Listen to unlimited audioadfree music with the Zuzufy Music App. Search and stream top hits with our easytouse interface. Our music library is filled with highquality audio. Play music in the background while ...    5 MB    Views 6654
music search trending tracks songs free lock soundcloud streaming unlimited
+4    Search & Listen Unlimited Free Music Discover the hottest music tracks via the Trending Music page or search crystalclear quality songs, comedy, news and podcasts of your choice to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Features Explore trending music or search for your ...    11 MB    Views 1312
search music iphone videos artist songs pandora support playlists lyric play album save
-7    INTRODUCTORY SALE 50% OFF ONLY TWO DAYS Lyric Search for Pandora allows you to search millions of songs by lyrics, title, artist and album. With this app you can save to playlists, watch and listen to thousands of ...    3 MB    Views 1930
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+1    Music Monster aims to create a new way of enjoying music videos. It combines playing music along with incorporating social activities to innovate a new "social music" service. It allows users to search for and play music videos, check out ...    13 MB    Views 3537
iphone time ipad singers library chinese search songs song favorite selection control play remote
0    Neway Song Selection App Neway Song Selection Application for iPhone Fan’s. With innovative technology breakthrough, you can put the remote control aside, add and prepare your favorite song playlist at anytime and anywhere. Neway Song Selection App transforms your smart phone ...    18 MB    Views 1616


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0    We present to you a brand new MOOV App with a total new look, tonnes of new features and a lot of surprises   Features: HiFi CD lossless quality music files are ready for streaming and download. Newly added function "LyricSnap" ...    NAN    Views 157


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+4    PersianChord gets you access to the lyrics and chords of persian songs. With PersianChord, you can: Search by artist, song name in either Persian or Fingilish (Latin alphabet). Live search Bookmark your favorite lyrics. Learn many chords for guitar. Listen to ...    16 MB    Views 2015


spotify music search songs queue friends
+1    Q.Up is the easiest way to listen to music with a group of friends and collaborate on queues in realtime. Create a queue and invite your friends. Or, search for your friends and request to join their queues. Search for and ...    6 MB    Views 4674


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+25    MyKaraokeList puts your favorite Karaoke Jock's entire song list right in your pocket. Includes over 7900 karaoke songs from Rich in Talent. Your favorite songs can be found easily by name using the search box and then added to your ...    39 MB    Views 7326


+12    MyTabs is an easy application for viewing guitar Tablatures, bass Tablatures, drum Tablatures and chords. Use this to browse the collection of over 100,000 Tabs and then learn or practice your favorite songs wherever you are. Find Tabs and download in ...    6 MB    Views 1284
music spotify people search favorite sources deezer rdio play listen songs soundcloud
-8    THE ONLY MUSIC APP YOU NEED SEARCH, PLAY AND SHARE WITH YOUR OWN FAVORITE MUSIC SOURCES With a single search, see results from all your favorite music sources and queue music from any of them including YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Rdio and ...    16 MB    Views 8717
music library search facebook iphone ipad player queue support remote songs control play request
0    PlayMyQ offers you a fast and simple way to play music from a play queue. By browsing your music library, you and your friends can add your favorite tracks to the queue without interrupting the song that's playing. Our goal is ...    9 MB    Views 5283

Music Queue Player

media music search library queue information song landscape options songs
+22    We have redesigned how you listen to your music on iOS. Music Queue Player uses your existing iOS music and iCloud library and enhances the user experience by allowing you to create a song queue with simple gestures, reorder songs using ...    5 MB    Views 4779

Instrumental Music

music facebook relax search songs tab play song favourites playlist share author
+13    i.Music is an innovative streaming service that contain the top instrumental songs With i.Music you have listen anytime with the best songs or store file to listen offline Beside we alway update new songs anytime with layout easy to use we think ...    27 MB    Views 3330
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+6    100% Free Play Your Favorite Music Search and play and your favorite songs to your iPhone/iPod/iPad anywhere, anytime Enjoy unlimited free music and millions of songs, playlists, mixes, remixes, and more. Stream amazing videos from YouTube this is your ultimate ...    28 MB    Views 5225

Jive for iOS

-1    The Ultimate Music Discovery App Only available on the AppStore Enjoy your favourite music and discover new music too FEATURES: Listen to millions of songs from every genre. Buy albums on iTunes from Jive. (Of course you can listen for free ...    9 MB    Views 8088


music artists search songs favorite playlists user pashto hand
0    Paiwand Music is your final and best source for Farsi & Pashto music. Paiwand Music features high quality music of your favorite artists and genres. This app comes packed with clean, easy to use user interface and beautiful retina display ...    4 MB    Views 9110
videos search playlists player youtube play musics advanced songs
+9    iSound allows you to easily search and discover new videos musics. You can play Youtube videos with advanced player. General Features: • Search videos, musics, mixes, audios, songs and playlists more easily. • Browse user profiles, playlists in anywhere. • Easy to create and manage ...    20 MB    Views 5910
-8    The biggest collection of free music for your iPhone Search, play YouTube songs & stream music clips. Only top quality sound, no account needed. Turn YouTube into the best music service with Free iMusic Play Any songs, albums, clips free, without limits ...    NAN    Views 5583
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+24    100% Free Play Your Favorite Music Search and play and your favorite songs to your iPhone/iPod/iPad anywhere, anytime Enjoy unlimited free music and millions of songs, playlists, mixes, remixes, and more. Key Features: Play your favorite tunes Search any artist, song or ...    8 MB    Views 1495
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+7    A free music player app where you can listen to millions of songs for free Music MP3 Player is the best music player. You can play tens of millions of the world’s hit songs for free You can find your favorite songs ...    10 MB    Views 8958
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+12    soundeck is a high functionality music player that lets users freely enjoy the song of their choice to go with their mood. Using the Deck playback reserve function, it is possible to play the songs or albums you want to ...    6 MB    Views 7420
music artists search songs listen thousands freedom play free favorite
0    Want to Play Thousands of Songs for Free? Music Freedom gives you the freedom to play and listen to thousands of songs with no limits Search, Listen, and Stream thousands of sounds and artists. Concerts, Remixes, and Covers are available through the ...    11 MB    Views 1070

SC68 Player

search music authors bar songs song list top
-8    SC68 Player allows you to browse and play songs from the Atari ST SNDH YM2149 Archive on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The Atari ST music archive consists of old "chip"music from games, and the Atari ST demoscene that are in ...    920 kb    Views 413


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+15    HitReview is your guide for discovering music on the iTunes Store, whether you are looking for hit songs from past decades or current hits from any genre. Features: >> Past Hits HitReview provides charts of the top hit songs in the U.S. from ...    8 MB    Views 1929
music videos artists search thousands listen playtube play songs favorite
+15    Want to Play Thousands of Music Videos for Free? PlayTube gives you the freedom to watch and listen to thousands of songs with no limits Search, Listen, and Stream thousands of sounds and artists. Features: Listen and watch thousands of music videos Search ...    11 MB    Views 9573


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-2    With SongLyrics, you can get the lyrics of your favourites songs instantly, and with just few taps. If you're unsure of what lyrics should you display, SongLyrics can display the hottest 33 songs lyrics(selected by the number of users access). In addition, ...    1 MB    Views 9123


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+14    Anthakshari allows a user to search and play Hindi/Bollywood songs based on a keyword search. Songs can be searched based on keyword(s) present in the song itself or the keyword(s) being present in the name of the movie. On clicking ...    6 MB    Views 7799
-5    100% FREE NO SONG LIMIT YoMusic allows you to search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube for free Search for artists, tracks, albums Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists Features: Seamless listening to millions of free songs ...    7 MB    Views 7709


browse artist audio search music play songs catalogue subscribers albums song
+2 is an app for subscribers of the audio streaming website With this app you can stream our online catalogue of music. Our subscribers can enjoy a catalogue of millions of songs. Listen to your playlists, browse the most popular ...    8 MB    Views 6972
Related Apps music search wikipedia classical application world internet greatest connection required songs
+2    =================================== Introductory Pricing Get your ultimate classical music package at a fraction of what it would cost from buying anywhere else =================================== This app holds 5+ hours of world's greatest classical favorites written by the world's greatest composers. Schubert Debussy Beethoven Haydn Bach FEATURES: 50+ ...    139 MB    Views 4347
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-4    Ya Leily Music app, the easiest way to listen to Arabic songs on your iPhone Ya Leily is free with unlimited music to listen to Listen to Thousand of songs Follow our Top 20 Artist Search and Listen to your favourite songs Search song by ...    7 MB    Views 1482
music search apps artist free song play youtube pop playback songs
+12    【All you can listen completely free music.】 ●While listening to music can be opened other apps. ●Smoothly find a song , continuously Auto Play with repeat. ●Since the iTunes ranking song on YouTube videos full and can play, you can hear the popularity ...    8 MB    Views 5892
Related Apps history video search based view country favorites songs playlist
0    Listen to millions of songs Play on background Advance search based on relevance, date, view count, ratings, country, duration, video type Search video, channels, and playlist Quick access via history and favorites Support repeats and shuffle Set a sleep timer ...    6 MB    Views 2692

Media Mix

Related Apps media library search queue playlist items songs mix play straight
0    Media Mix automatically crossfades all your iPod library items Features : • Crossfade all your iPod library songs • Find and select songs from your media library • Manage the upcoming songs with the queue : add, reorder and delete items • Tap ...    6 MB    Views 6949
music artists search songs thousands listen freedom play favorite free
+21    Want to Play Thousands of Songs for Free? Music Freedom gives you the freedom to play and listen to thousands of songs with no limits Search, Listen, and Stream thousands of sounds and artists. Concerts, Remixes, and Covers are available through the ...    13 MB    Views 1251
Related Apps music search iphone listen free playback songs full ipod soundcloud
+3    Search and Listen unlimited free music to your iPhone/iPod/iPad from SoundCloud. Millions of free songs, DJ sets, remixes and live concerts. Key Features: √ Full iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5c and 5s Support √ Single tap music streaming √ Listen songs √ Search for ...    3 MB    Views 431

iSub Music Streamer

Related Apps music home ipad iphone search audio love server play albums streamer songs device song
+26    iSub lets you stream your personal music collection from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, regardless of size and format. Tap “...More” to learn why you should choose iSub You love your music. In fact, you ...    10 MB    Views 532


Related Apps search play
+13    · I can play movies for free from Youtube. · I can keyword search. · I can category search. · I can search by country. · I can background play.    2 MB    Views 7704


Related Apps search songs application special event
+6    אנחנו באינקה באים מעולם האירועים. חיים ונושמים אירועים מבוקר עד ערב, מלווים זוגות לפני ואחרי חתונה ושומעים כל הזמן את השאלה "איזה שירים נבחר לאירוע שלנו?" בנינו במיוחד עבורכם אפליקציה שתעשה לכם מעתה את החיים לקלים הרבה יותר – בחיפוש פשוט ...    4 MB    Views 5317
music iphone search ipad soundcloud free songs support ipod
+13    Enjoy your favorite free music Moho allows you to easily search and discover new music, comedy, new, podcasts and more into your iPhone, iPod and iPad. And it enables you to enjoy your favorite music Anywhere Anytime Features: Seamless listening to millions ...    35 MB    Views 9933
Related Apps music artist iphone search free songs listen ipod player
+1    Absolutely free app for listening to unlimited FREE music Search for your favorite music and listen to/stream them right on your iPhone/iPod and iPad. The app is the portal to millions of free songs, DJ sets, remixes and live concerts. Key Features: √ Fully ...    7 MB    Views 4784
puzzle word search music time library song jukebox game lyric songs
-2    Lyric Jukebox serves up new word search puzzles every day using the lyrics of hit songs presented on a wallpaper of the album cover art. If you like word search puzzles and love music we have combined both into this ...    10 MB    Views 8310
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+19    Effortlessly find, organize and play the music you love. For FREE. MusicHead is the music player and organizer you've been looking for. It allows you to search through thousands of songs on multiple online services. Organize your favorite songs into playlists ...    5 MB    Views 9574
search songs free play streaming stream
+4    Best free, unlimited, in place MV search from Zing, NhacCuaTui, ChiaSeNhac 720p + MV streaming TOP HOT Search more Free MV link from Zing MV, ChiaSeNhac, NhacCuaTui Stream 720p, 1080p MV songs  Auto suggest related MV for you All kinds of ...    7 MB    Views 9240
Related Apps search artist ipad iphone music songs favorite ipod enjoy playlists playback
+10    Listen Your Favorite Music Search, play, and add you favorite songs to your iPhone/iPod/iPad anywhere, anytime Enjoy millions of songs Key Features: Search any artist, song or albums Search by Genres/Tags/Playlists Create your own playlists Artist Top 100 songs list Shuffle & ...    10 MB    Views 4897

Music Deals

music search time money browse deals save songs price itunes
-4    Save hundreds of dollars The bargainhunter for the iTunes Store. Start downloading the songs and collections you want for the cheapest price Music Deals is not only a simple faked "music a day"app, instead it is a groundbreaking solution helping ...    2 MB    Views 1208
Related Apps music search playlists features playback player songs full
-5    Search and enjoy SoundCloud music anytime & anywhere. General Features: • Search musics, mixes, audios, songs and playlists more easily. • Browse user profiles, playlists in anywhere. • Easy to manage local playlists. • Share your playlists with your friends. Extra Features; √ Full iPhone 4 and ...    21 MB    Views 3632


library search radio remixes songs save friends hear users share
+2    We've got your favorite songs covered Remixes is an app that makes it easy to discover remixes of the songs in your library. Save the ones you love and share them with friends. Search Users search their library for specific songs they’d ...    10 MB    Views 396
Related Apps music search songs play amazing listen soundcloud player
0    Search from millions of songs and listen to any music for free. Join the amazing experience and listen to your music from another direction... Search and explore songs Create play lists Stream music to your mobile. Repeat button and continuous music ...    10 MB    Views 5068
music videos iphone search facebook audio video youtube play monkey musik songs playlist
+9    Top Music App in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, etc. 9/10 "this is a terrific app for all music lovers"  BDM’S ITech Special Series  ============================ Use to search and stream music off YouTube? Do it better with Musik Monkey Musik Monkey is ...    11 MB    Views 1499
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