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How To Play Tabla

+2    How To Play Tabla is the complete video guide for you to learn tabla. Application Includes: How To Play Tabla Tabla For Beginners Tabla Beats Tabla Ensembles Fusion Get Your Copy today before this weekend    2 MB    Views 3526


flute needed play
+27    Flute is the latest and most impressive innovation on the Appstore You can now play the flute on the go, on your Apple Device NO WIFI NEEDED NO 3G NEEDED NO INSTRUMENT NEEDED NOTHING NEEDED If you have all 10 fingers, you can play the flute Features: ...    7 MB    Views 1644

Acoustic Guitar ©

+11    Play the ACOUSTIC GUITAR right on your iDevice Anywhere. Anytime ? Simply pull out your device, open the app and impress friends and family with your crazy skills Features: HD Graphics HQ SOUNDS STRUMMING TOUCH INDICATION USER FRIENDLY EMAIL SUPPORT 4 DIFFERENT ...    19 MB    Views 3543


+1    Karam is a musical instrument with a unique tuning system that enable you to play in different scales and keys. Unlike physical instruments, Karam's keyboard adapts to the current tuning so it's always easy and natural to play.    398 kb    Views 8114

Flaar Amaris

0    A musical graphical thing. Flowers sing as they bloom and wither. Touch the screen to plant flowers. The flowers play musical notes. Drag a flower by its center to move it. Arrange the flowers to play a tune.    8 MB    Views 4100


+14    傻瓜演奏家 is a fool to let the music do not have any shoes can play music based tools. According to the melody note followed by clicking the button to play the track; Bluetooth keyboard, the screen displayed in alphabetical order, press to ...    7 MB    Views 40

Play FM La Mancha

0    Plays Play FM Spain The best music play fm, press play, your radius 24 horaas La mejor música en play fm,dale al play,tu radio las 24 horaas    28 MB    Views 1949

Mix 99.3

mix play
+28    Mix 99.3 is WPBXFM and is located in Crossville, TN. Mix 99.3 is a radio station playing The Plateau’s Best Mix of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Today. Interact with the Mix DJ’s as they play your favorite music, and ...    957 kb    Views 4455


-6    Play the Piano Anywhere. Custom Settings and Features. Enjoy    3 MB    Views 4469


-2    · I can play movies for free from Youtube. · I can keyword search. · I can category search. · I can search by country. · I can background play.    2 MB    Views 7704

Epic Banjo

banjo play epic
+22    Looking to play some traditional bluegrass banjo tunes? Grab your straw hat and start playing Epic Banjo Record your very own beats and play them back at anytime you want. Tap the buttons on the right to select the chord ...    27 MB    Views 6906


+1    おもしろ楽器シリーズ、簡単音楽制作「スタジ音!」。 パーツを指でスライドさせてフレーズ、伴奏を作成。 その伴奏でソロ演奏も出来ます。 Curios Musical Instrument App Series, "STUDION". You can create many Phrases or Accompaniments with slide ICON parts. And, it can play SOLO tone with that Accompaniments too. Lets play enjoy it.    8 MB    Views 2593

You Rock

-1    Has anyone ever told you YOU ROCKED? No? Well, things are about to change Rock out and play chords easily, even if you don't know how to play guitar. Go Electric or even acoustic in the unplugged session. Play with headphones ...    22 MB    Views 9380


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+28    本地音乐播放,在线音乐播放. 在播放界面用正在旋转的头像可以切换,暂停歌曲窝. Local music playback, online music play. In the play interface with are rotating head can switch, suspension of songs.    NAN    Views 3800

Epic Piano

Related Apps piano play
+5    Play Piano with this beautiful app on your iPhone and iPad. Tap the recording button to record your tunes and play them back any time. Select the metronome to give you the rhythm you like while you play. Choose from 6 available sound ...    23 MB    Views 2285


+2    A vibraphone in your pocket Rock a vibraphone in the palm of your hand Three octaves of beautiful vibraphone sounds are available by sliding the keys left and right. The number of keys you can have on the screen at one ...    7 MB    Views 5035
-9    Let's play with sound effects Saundogimikku second, the "animals" is. Drew cries of animals familiar to the Japanese Have fun and play the sound of the builteight Operation is simple Anyone able to use.    476 kb    Views 9041


radio play
+14    This App can play & record japanese radio streaming at Functions: 1. Play radio 2. Recording radio 3. RadioBBS WebView in App 4. Register broadcast & notificate via "notification center"    13 MB    Views 281


+11    ✪ Record your voice ✪ Play your voice back as a little girl ✪ Play your voice back as an old man ✪ Play your voice back as a scary monster ✪ Play your voice back as a Dalek robot ✪ Play your voice backwards ✪ ...    1 MB    Views 7295

Piano Free

Related Apps piano play
0    How To Use: Piano allows you to play simple easy piano music you have 15 different key to play with it is very fun to play    3 MB    Views 5995


-4    Listen to live streaming 24/7 from the One to Count On for Today's News and Local Information KCII Radio. KCII2 is used to Stream MidPrairie High School PlaybyPlay coverage for Football and Basketball games. May be used to cover other area ...    3 MB    Views 3943

X Piano

Related Apps piano music play
+17    X Piano is for piano lovers of all levels. You can have up to seven octaves on one screen and play multiple scales at once. Authentic audio samples, minimum latency, builtin metronome and recording system ...... everything needed to create your ...    25 MB    Views 8451


Related Apps music play
-1    • Listen to music with anyone, wherever they are. • Powered by Spotify and Soundcloud. Access all your favorite music and playlists with their endless music libraries. • Be Heard. Press play and broadcast to all your followers. Then edit your play ...    14 MB    Views 986

Tune Craft

Related Apps music play
-2    Travel through the path created by music Every music you choose you get new game play experience Tilt Device to control SpaceCraft Collect Stars to score Stay away from asteroids Play with your favorite Music from your library    29 MB    Views 1069

99.7 HANK FM

0    99.7 HANK FM is Oklahoma's Country station. We play the REAL country music you grew to love in the 1980's and 1990's. We play the Country Legends    2 MB    Views 3985

Africa Radios

+5    Enjoy a great collection of live African radio stations anywhere in the world. Most stations play 24/7. You can even play them in the backgroud while your working on something else. Includes some of the most popular stations from Ghana, Tunisia, ...    5 MB    Views 951

Broken Piano

+9    Let's play correctly CDEFGABC. (do re mi fa so la ti do). Let's aim to become the pianist It's a casual free game. Its simple and fun. Let's play with everyone in the world rankings.    7 MB    Views 7197

Spanish Guitar

-2    Play the classical guitar on your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can choose to either play chords or along the fretboard to play notes. Easy to play and excellent for experienced guitar players, beginners and even people who have never played a ...    18 MB    Views 5736

Charango HD

charango play
-8    Play the charango anywhere anytime With two different views , you can play it to your needs Features: HD Graphics HQ Sounds Amazing Animation Easy Controls Tap strings Metronome and a lot more    8 MB    Views 2052


+3    FM Transmitter.Play your music over any FM radio with this universal FM transmitter. Play the audio from your iPod/iPhone over any FM radio in the car or at home.    1 MB    Views 1443

Piano ∞: Play

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-9    Piano ∞: PLAY gives you access to five unique keyboards. Tap out your favorite tunes on a grand piano, harpsichord, pub piano, electronic keyboard, or organ Don't wait, download Piano Infinity: PLAY today    55 MB    Views 881


-4    Lets Play Guitar on your Device , HD Graphics even responsive ergonomic Design , Easy to Play with your fingertips , High Quality sound , Impress your Friends , Play any time Any where.    6 MB    Views 5995

Walk & Play

play walk front
+28    Walk & Play allows you to pick and play your music from your iPod while seeing what's directly in front of you. The app uses the device's camera to show whats in front of you at all times so you can ...    292 kb    Views 8349
+16    YouTube inbuild app+online play Big screen, Genre. The best YouTube online player ever    4 MB    Views 5800


+18    Known by many names, the Guimbarde is one of the oldest known musical instruments. Slide a finger along the left or right side of the instrument to change its tone. Tap anywhere else to play a note. (Be sure the ...    2 MB    Views 4336


game play squares
+15    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING Only 99 cents A new fastpaced patternmatching game that delights the senses incorporating color, sound and speed. Rack up points by obliterating square tiles and completing patterns before squares fall off the board. Change gravity ...    9 MB    Views 1438


ipad vibraphone play
-3    A vibraphone on your iPad Now you can rock a vibraphone in your iPad Three octaves of beautiful vibraphone sounds are available on the screen all at once. Supports simultaneous notes, so you can play chords as well as melodies. Play ...    7 MB    Views 4066

Bass Play Lite

-2    Bass Play is incredibly powerful and one of the most intense music apps available If you already play Bass this is a great practice tool, if not, it's a fun way to learn A vast array of options lets you customize Bass ...    4 MB    Views 6968

How To Play Flute

Related Apps flute play
-9    How To Play Flute is the best video guide for you to Learn Flute. Application Includes: How To Play The Flute Flute Tutorials Flute For Beginners Advanced Flute Flute Notes Flute Scales Flute Techniques Get Your Copy today before this weekend    3 MB    Views 7431
Related Apps radio play
+5    VanavilFM is a fresh radio station and we play the hits 24/7/365. Our streams are Mp3128 ,64 Kbps and 48Kbps ACC+ for mobile users. Stay connected . VanavilFM We PLaY The HiTz    1 MB    Views 4512


+5    JPEG Sports enters their 9th year of radio broadcasting. Blending local and national sports with playbyplay, JPEG Sports provides the listener an entertaining as well as informative angle without the garbage.    1 MB    Views 8036


+24    Do you play a diatonic accordeon G/C ? This application allow to test the different chords using different accordeon layouts like Marc del Pino, Perepau, Milleret Pignol and Marimon You can press the chord and the variation and see how ...    7 MB    Views 1594


+14    Nakidim writes his first song at the age of 6 before starting to play the piano. While passing the entry tests for music school, the staff discovers that he has perfect pitch. This gift allows him to quickly learn all ...    12 MB    Views 6545


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+14    This is "Free" drum app. Previous version was downloaded more than a million times in the first 2 months. You can play with 4 sound kits. It's very simple. Tap and play. Key features: 8 pads 4 sound sets Volume Control Fast response Sounds: Acoustic1 ...    4 MB    Views 3312

Song Machine

+10    Music at your fingertips Enjoy playing a drum set, guitar, keyboard. Play all three to make your own melodies or play along with three cool tracks. Plus, you can record and play back your songs to hear the tunes you ...    14 MB    Views 172
Related Apps guitar play songs
+11    Play Guitar & Create Your song with your play. You can play guitar even though you've never learned it before. Just press the chords button on the left & strike the guitar strings on the right. There are hundreds of songs ...    17 MB    Views 2694

Sutra collection

+13    听佛经可以净化心灵, 以清净心听经, 即是在修戒、定、慧。有助于您对佛教的理解及正信、正见、正念、正愿的培植人活在世上都会有不称心, 不如意的事, 于是心中免不了有或多或少的的烦恼苦闷.这都是由于妄想杂念引志的情绪动乱不安所产生的.听佛经, 念佛.心中只有佛念, 不去胡思乱想, 思想安定了, 清净了, 烦恼苦闷也就消失了. Playlist: 一声佛号一声心 一轮明月照禅心 三世因果歌 三归依 人生一首歌 佛母准提神咒 佛说圣佛母般若波罗蜜多心经 信念 八句赞 八圣吉祥颂 六字大明咒 六字真言颂 六道金刚咒 净一切眼疾陀罗尼 准提咒 劝世佛歌 南无大愿地藏王菩萨 南无普贤王菩萨 南无阿弥陀佛 地藏菩萨心咒 地藏菩萨灭定业真言 地藏菩萨超度心咒 大吉祥天女咒 大悲咒 大雄宝殿 如来一叶 宝箧印陀罗尼 弥勒佛咒 弥陀天堂 弥陀赞 往生咒 往生咒诵读版 心是莲花 忆念苍生情 忏悔歌 念佛疑问浅答歌 恒河的声音 感恩 慈云忏主净土文 慈悲 放下 放生歌 文殊菩萨赞 普庵咒 普门颂 极乐世界 极乐歌 欢喜五财神 毗卢遮那佛咒 用爱感动你的心 白衣观音灵感神咒 白财神咒 百孝经 皆大欢喜 空谷禅韵 红财神心咒 结缘歌 绿度母心咒 自在行 自如 般若波罗蜜多心经 药师佛心咒 药师咒 药师灌顶真言 药师赞 莲花处处开 菩提心灯 西方回向偈 观世音菩萨心咒 观音普门品 观音灵感真言 观音菩萨在心中 观音菩萨如秋月 观音行愿曲 解脱道 让爱传出去 财神咒 赞佛偈 释念 释迦如来心咒 释迦牟尼圣号 阿弥陀佛在心间 阿弥陀佛来接引 阿弥陀佛谢谢您 随喜自在念佛 霞光万丈 黄财神心咒 Function Features: Support Start Play Support Continuous Play Support Repeat One Play Support Random Play Support Background Play Support Timing stop play Support Setting timer's time Share with your friends by Email Support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad    609 MB    Views 9795

Raindrops for iPad

Related Apps music play
-4    You can play music touching on the screen just like falling raindrops. You can also play together with others on the internet or just listen to the music played by someone. Playing techniques and musical knowledge are not required. Please ...    8 MB    Views 6545


Related Apps sound play
+4    We'll give healing to you in sound and light. Tap the sphere. Then we played a variety of sound by the color. Freely and you can play music. Put the sound a lot, and play to suit the BGM. Even doing it is ...    49 MB    Views 2060

Play Studio Radio

Related Apps radio studio play
+2    Scarica la nuova APP gratuita di radio Play Studio. Potrai sintonizzarti sulla diretta radio in ogni momento e consultare le nostre classifiche.    11 MB    Views 8221

Music Quiz Deluxe

Related Apps music play fun
+10    How much you know about music? Play this fun quizzes and test your skills. You can play it with alone, with friends or with your family. It has many categories like: USA Music 1970's Music 1990's Music UK Music and many more You will also have statics to check ...    2 MB    Views 2904
mp3 play
+12    Play Mp3 for Zing Mp3 Free online music    21 MB    Views 4338

Guitar Piano

Related Apps guitar piano play
-8    Play the guitar in piano format Now with PIANO GUITAR , you can easily play the guitar in a long set of keys, with this app you will never be bored ever again Features: Easy to play HQ Authentic Guitar Sounds HD ...    6 MB    Views 702
+28    White squares a piano keyboard, where you can play simple melodies. Touch and play.    12 MB    Views 9103


-9    =================== SPECIAL PRICE at 2.99 NOW for LIMITED TIME (Normal 4.99) =================== A full featured multimedia player using a convenient slideout navigation sidebar. Play your favorite songs easily or see your albums and choose from your collections. But there is more than music ...    1 MB    Views 5504

Power Piano

piano play power
-7    To play Piano with a fantastic way? Power Piano is a innovative app with beautiful UI and sound effect. Playing the melody mixed with drum, flute, guitar and other music instrument. You will be the lead player in the band ...    20 MB    Views 3867

Music Bubble

Related Apps music piano play
+28    Play piano music ranging from beginner music to professional level, without having to learn to play the piano. Colorful bubbles full of music aid you to play songs.    5 MB    Views 5454


-3    아티스트. 생각하고, 느끼고, 연주하고, 듣는다 다양한 사운드속에 묻혀보세요. 리듬에 맞춰 연주해보고, 멜로디효과를 바꿔가며 연주해보세요 그대의 꿈이 이뤄지고 아름다운 연주가 계속되길 바라며.. 아티스트가 되는 그날까지. Artist Think, feel, play and listen Look buried in a variety of sound. Reports have to play in rhythm, melody playing Try varying them effective Achieved ...    70 MB    Views 3534

Flash Carol

+28    This app will play Christmas Carols. Other nearby iPhones will join in automatically. Each iPhone will play a different instrument. Lots of Holiday fun with friends and family.    10 MB    Views 5086

Piano Free

Related Apps piano play
0    Play piano on your iOS Device. It comes with piano keyboard. Sounds are a studio quality and they are taken from a real piano. Get it now and play, the music.    25 MB    Views 6136
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