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Live Tempo

+14    Live Tempo a new metronome with a twist. Live Tempo is a metronome specially designed for live use, because nobody wants to mess around with tiny buttons and awkward gestures in the middle of a gig. Tap once to start the ...    6 MB    Views 2577


+23    "MIDItoolsPlus" features: Full piano keyboard with 88 keys. The key size can be adapted in a wide range. You can use the App as a "General MIDI sound module" (16 channels,128 instruments, GM drum set). You can use the App ...    40 MB    Views 7775


+3    TemporaryBabel2D TemporaryBabel2D is a stochastic physics game about libraries, time, temporary and permanent things. You play a couple of boys in the mindscape of the Babel Tower construction set, a space where time oscillates and perspective bends. You have 1h to go through 100 levels and ...    7 MB    Views 2252

iPon - ポン出し

+10    iPhone / iPad / iPod touch using The application can easily Sound Effect. iPhone / touch iPod has eight buttons, iPad is the sound buttons can be assigned to 40 Instrument, IPod songs in the (iTunes Store purchased song is not allowed) ITunes copies ...    253 kb    Views 6066

Mobile Drums

+5    Mobile Drums with "Real Kick" bass pedal action We take playing drums on your mobile to a whole new level by giving you the ability to play the set like a real drummer "Real Kick" allows you to play the bass drum ...    6 MB    Views 1635
music workout time stay inspiration fit timer rhythm set player
+11    Stay Fit – Music Inspiration is the new level of workout guidance Experience a great harmony of music and fitness Enjoy the prerecorded playlist of tracks for each individual exercise and let the app guide you and control all of ...    72 MB    Views 3732

Meditation Time Pro

time meditation relax pro stress escape set
+1    Meditation Time Pro allows you to escape the stress of the day and relax. You can pick different white noise to listen to. You can set a timer or set it to continues play and destress. Meditation Time Pro can ...    19 MB    Views 8931


iphone radio time alarm touch ipod slick set
+10    Use this app to easily set the alarm and time of supported Slick alarm clocks for iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or later. Simply open the app, select the desired alarm settings and dock your iPhone or iPod touch, ...    2 MB    Views 1548
poem christmas music time sing ball words set night story
-4    'Twas the Night Before Christmas When all through the house Not a creature was stirring Not even a mouse ... The most popular Christmas poem of all time, and possibly the most widely known poem in the English language now set to beautiful ...    13 MB    Views 4799


-5    Universal doumbeks using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real ...    9 MB    Views 2778


sleep relax work time love rain timer thunder sounds break set listening focus
+30    Relaxing rain and thunder sounds for work, play and sleep, is the official app of the popular website. If you love listening to rain (and thunder), you're going to love Relax Take a Break. Sometimes you just need ...    10 MB    Views 3241
Related Apps radio time net player viporg radiox
-4    RadioX is a fullfeatured Radio Player. [Features] 6000+ radio stations, including almost everything. Multiple category to save your time Favorites list. Add it to your favorite Alarm clock. Notify yourself when it's time to play. [Contact us] Website: Twitter: viporg WeChat: viporg Email: Sina Weibo: aliangdev    16 MB    Views 1270
ringtones ringtone music recording family time video application don set mail function
0    This is an ringtones creation application. Produced the recording or use the song in your music library, you can immediately make them to own ringtones. Easy, simple, and don't need to pay for again. With it, you are ringtones master. If ...    9 MB    Views 2336
Related Apps metronome time email work voice library practice notes tempo presets create add set
0    Used by the world's top drummers (including Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, Peter Erskine and Dennis Chambers) PolyNome reinvents the metronome. The question isn't "what can PolyNome do?", it's "what can't PolyNome do?" Features include: 2 fully programable metronomes in one app Program ...    25 MB    Views 5644


time music websites set listen internet friends select
+14    Select your music and set a time for it. Select websites and set browsing times for them. DJ2 will load and play them at set time for you. Set hourly, daily or weekly repeat cycles if desired. Also set time to ...    521 kb    Views 5436

Music Theory Basics

Related Apps time work playing music piano set quiz intervals question keys rhythms number test questions
+9    50% OFF SUMMER SALE A suite of five modules; Notes (Notation / Keyboard Knowledge), Keys, Intervals, Chords, and Rhythms (Time Signatures), to test basic music skills. Includes an additional 'Grades' module that lists all saved quiz results. Notes, Keys, Intervals, and Chords ...    60 MB    Views 4436
ipad music time playing instrument apps chanter uilleann play touch set sound fingers left
+10    Play the Irish Bagpipes on your iPad Uilleann is an authentic sounding flat set of Irish bagpipes in the key of B that is played like the real instrument. You first absolutely must turn off "Multitasking Gestures" in your iPad Settings to ...    17 MB    Views 5033

Pocket Music Alarm

Related Apps music sleep time library iphone alarm list tap song screen wake ipod set
+3    Sleep with iPod, Wake up with iPod "Pocket Music Alarm" is an alarm clock application with nightsleep fadeout timer. (iPhone OS 3.1.2 required) version 1.5: Sleep timer duration customizable. Features: You can select over 1000 songs in your iPod music library ...    494 kb    Views 3382
+9    New album art animation skins and visualizations. Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Tired of the same music player interface . .? Music Player Skins for iPod application offers you to enjoy the music with a variety of ...    68 MB    Views 3804


time metronome tempo button cowbell buttons signatures set note
-2    MetroGnome is a sampleaccurate metronome with a fun side. Instead of a blinking light or a pendulum, in this app, a happy little gnome keeps time on a cowbell. Press the play / pause button to start or stop the metronome, ...    192 kb    Views 217

Harlem Shake Booth

dance time library photo photos shake harlem crazy booth set record share
-6    Do the Harlem Shake Get busy and make your friends dance to the virile craze with the Harlem Shake booth. You’ll dress up characters in the kind of crazy costumes you see all over YouTube and set them partying. Requirements: Photos ...    37 MB    Views 1569

For Basic Functions

Related Apps time ringtone ringtones iphone application basic functions messages step sound install support set
-5    It’s not a secret that everything starts to annoy you sooner or later, and particularly the same ringtone on your iPhone. New application For Basic Functions has been designed just for you For Basic Functions Application allows your iPhone to sound ...    35 MB    Views 4325
ipad music time playing instrument apps chanter touch play uilleann set drone pitch irish
+13    Play the Irish Bagpipes on your iPad Uilleann is an authentic sounding concert pitch set of Irish bagpipes in the key of D that is played like the real instrument. You first absolutely must turn off "Multitasking Gestures" in your iPad Settings ...    17 MB    Views 8547
Related Apps audio time player twin songs free
-5    Is it that awkward moment, when you have only one iPhone or iPad, but want to listen to two different songs with your friend at the same time? Don't worry, just get Twin Audio Player for FREE and enjoy The Best Dual ...    2 MB    Views 6923


+2    With SonoSequencr you can create individual sequences to set one or multiple Sonos devices with one click. If you have multiple Sonos devices and for example you just want to play a radio stream on all devices it takes some time ...    12 MB    Views 3604

Love Soundboard HD

ipad time love romantic voice soundboard set fun sound mood voices random special
+8    "BEST IPAD APP FOR VALENTINE’S DAY" BY iPadAdviceAndTips.Com New & Noteworthy in the App Store Express your love with this special Love Soundboard. When you are lost for words, let your iPad say it for you. Break the ...    3 MB    Views 928

Time Guru Metronome

time metronome drum love guru set number sound ability patterns choose
-8    New lower price Guitar Player Magazine says: "This ingenious super metronome was developed by funkyashell Sco sideman Avi Bortnick. It will leave out beats randomly to force you to strengthen your own inner timekeeping muscles, and it has other cool features ...    2 MB    Views 9034
+2    Nigel McGill's SaxBeats is the ultimate app to keep time. Either use in Metronome mode or Beats mode and keep prefect time to the sounds of your choice. Built on advance timing technology, this app is accurate within 0.01 of ...    10 MB    Views 5722
music time work library audio timer light set night amount playlist screen
+20    If you want your iPod music to play continuously for a set amount of time then this app is for you. You can pick individual songs from your iPod music library or pick an entire iPod playlist. The selected songs ...    1 MB    Views 2878


time musician measure beat tempo sound phone range set meters
-8    Built by a musician for musicians, Beater is a fullfeatured and compact digital metronome, containing all the features you need on a single screen and priced for the musician's budget. With Beater, you can set the tempo by dialing up ...    2 MB    Views 4551


Related Apps guitar step digital play real player friends set concept chords
-3    +++ It is not a toy... it is a real instrument +++ DREAM C&C Canada's New Concept Digital Guitar and Guitar Chord Learning Tool iRealGuitar +++ Make your iPhone(or iPod touch) a Great Digital Guitar +++ Do you know anyone who plays ...    5 MB    Views 8934
Related Apps music party mixer maker don real player set
-6    DJ Party Mixer 3D It's time to create your own fantastic nightclub story Check out this brand new DJ Party Mixer 3D and become a real dj master Powerful dj mix maker in 3D edition. With this app you have ...    41 MB    Views 6001

Radio Asia

radio time browse asia broadcasting asian channels set station
+2    Radio ASIA is an information and entertainment medium, first of its kind, which offers a wide spectrum of broadcasting services including Radio channels for South Asian community of North America. Radio Asia airs regularly scheduled 24 x 7 programs & ...    987 kb    Views 5249
singers time guitar songs set musicians ideas song pedal create performing
-1    NOTE: Songhub is now a oneoff purchase. No inapp purchases or subscriptions are required. Mac App Coming Soon Why carry around huge folders of chord charts, write song ideas on scraps of paper and forget melody ideas because you didn't have a ...    8 MB    Views 1879

Tabla HD Free

drum time drums hit faster sound ratatap set tabla
-4    Free, universal tablas using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like ...    9 MB    Views 6586


music time click list set parts part listening
+13    听力老师最好的帮手,学生最棒的听力工具。 音乐列表 自动读取iPod中的音乐文件,行程方便选择的音乐列表。 点击任意音乐将可以开始播放。 区间复读 通过Part可以设定三个复读区间。在每个Part的操作框中,通过分别点击左右两个时间按钮来设定复读部分的起始时间和结束时间。 单秒调节 为了方便精确的找到位置,提供了一秒增减功能,点击一次前进或者后退按钮,播放时间就会改变一秒。 我们相信,经过我们的努力可以让各位使用者更方便的学习听力! 后续还将退出更多功能,敬请期待! The best assistant for the listening teachers and the perfect tool for the students. Music list Read the music documents automatically and select the music list easily. Click any one in the list and it will be played immediately. Part Repeater Set 3 parts ...    5 MB    Views 7366

iChant Soul

audio apps language time ipooja set soul number listening hope
+19    iChant Soul (generally translated as "Self" or "Soul") attempts to present the contemporary relevance of the traditional Sanskrit verses the Soul of India. The six shlokas selected in this first set are well suited for listening and chantingalong during ...    13 MB    Views 4504

Taiko Drums Free

+1    Universal Taiko Drumms using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like ...    8 MB    Views 9327
Related Apps music sleep time clock work body relax sounds alarm healing application nature rain set
+14    This app is full of healing music and soothing sounds. By listening to this healing music, which is effective at producing alpha waves, and nature sounds such as rainfall and the chirping of songbirds, you can relax and have a good ...    88 MB    Views 2667

TablaLab Riyaz :1

time instrument learning language phrases practice phrase ten control repeat tool set
0    This is a phrase (or 'bol') trainer for assisting practice of these famous classical indian drums. “As a tablaplayer myself, it became apparent to me that it would be useful to have an app which could throw out phrases for me ...    14 MB    Views 8763
radio time ipad audio sound files playback cart effects set
0    Looking for a way to play sound clips at a theater or sporting events, as a DJ, or at other events? Don’t want to lug a computer around with you? With Sound Byte, the socalled "cart machine" used at radio ...    1 MB    Views 8078
music animation time playing love valentine halloween christmas ipad art skin play skins player set full screen
-1    New album art animation skins and visualisations. Tired of the same music player interface . .? Music Player Skins for iPod application offers you to enjoy the music with a variety of beautiful & feature rich animated themes on your ...    75 MB    Views 8089

Long Audio Player

Related Apps audio time playing art wallpaper artwork work speakers playback set player long position operation favorite
+15    Long Audio Player is new type audio player. This Long Audio Player has been developed for the purpose of playing efficiently for a long time of audio data. You can listen efficiently commuting time and spare time. ■ Features (1) It is possible to ...    3 MB    Views 7337
Related Apps audio apps time mantra shiva ipooja mantras number set
0    Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants It is our pleasure to introduce to you our new chanting application Shiv Mantras. Shiva is one aspect of the Hindu Divine Trinity of the Creater, the Protector and the Destroyer. Shiva is ...    12 MB    Views 1998
Related Apps apple time tempo set song watch
-5    Musicians, keep time on stage with Tempo for Apple Watch | Tempo flashes to the tempo of your choice for each song | When creating a new song, tap the colored box on iPhone or Apple to set the speed/tempo | Create a ...    2 MB    Views 7750

Ballroom Practice

dance music time playlists practice mode length set dances ballroom
+9    The practical training assistant for every tournament dancer and ballroom dance coach. Custom playlists, assignment of difficulty levels to songs, and the ability to set the length of time the songs will play all allow you to tailor training sessions to ...    2 MB    Views 2277

Leo Player

audio bookmarks player position set playback
+2    Leo Player is designed for language learners and audiotypists. You can do followings by this application. Set bookmarks at any point of audio playback. You can jump to any bookmark to start playing audio at that position. Search silent position ...    3 MB    Views 5851
metronome iphone time tempo beat performance patterns simple handy visual seconds set
+4    MetronomeMT is a precision metronome that has been specifically designed to be easy to use. If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated tool to help you get your timing and rhythm spot on, MetronomeMT will perfectly meet your needs. Like ...    11 MB    Views 7944


Related Apps christmas ipad music iphone time timers clock holiday carols play set favorite support timer
-1    ? The Christmas is coming Are you and your iPhone or iPad ready?? No? Don’t worry, with our help you can be. We have researched and selected some very popular traditional Christmas carols to remind and refresh your memory of this ...    108 MB    Views 5875
Related Apps time music player
-8    アルバムを設定した時間内に再生するミュージックプレイヤーです。 (It is a music player to play in a set period of time, the album.) 各曲の演奏時間を短縮しています。 (I have to shorten the playing time of each song.)    191 kb    Views 1569
metronome time tap beat tempo counter produce bpm set
+18    Beetronome is a sleek and resilient beat counter from Printz Board – acclaimed Writer, Producer, Musician and touring member of the Black Eyed Peas since 1997. • • • • • • • ...    15 MB    Views 2531
web time stage band mobile lyrics interface set gig send
-6    The BandHelper app works with your BandHelper account to share songs, set lists, chords, lyrics, stage plots, events and expenses with your bandmates, streamline your management duties and power your live show. All the info your band needs to share: ...    8 MB    Views 2927


ringtones ringtone library iphone time sounds young set alert
-1    Biggest Ringtone Library Find Your Favorite Ringtone Make Your Own Ringtone Do you love your iPhone's ringtones? This app is best for who wishes to use the original ringtones with less payment. This ringtone library has more than 770 ringtones. You can create ...    4 MB    Views 7152
Related Apps music books search time pdf find set powerful transpose pages
+1    iGigBook ties it all together; real books, fake books, chord charts that transpose, single sheets of music and full blown scores. All of it at your fingertips, in real time, on any gig. Designed by gigging musicians for gigging musicians, iGigBook ...    28 MB    Views 3113
music animation time iphone playing love valentine christmas art virtual skin play skins player set full application
0    New album art animation skins and visualisations. Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Tired of the same music player interface . .? Music Player Skins for iPod application offers you to enjoy the music with a variety of ...    68 MB    Views 6186
Related Apps music photos photo time search ipad iphone word library videos set play ipod playback
-9    Let's enjoy together your favorite photos and favorite music. Photos sequentially displayed from time to time you have set music playing. Music playlist is selected from “YouTube” or music library of iPhone / iPad / iPod by using playlists, artists name and album ...    1 MB    Views 7263
singing time voice students instrument study exercises musical set intuitive knowledge
+4    WHAT IS "VOCALIZE IT"? It's an app created to help who wants to exercise their voice without the need to have or know how to play an instrument. WHO NEEDS IT? A so dynamic and easy to use tool is designed for both ...    8 MB    Views 1382
clock iphone photo time wallpapers wallpaper music sleep alarm direction set alarms favorite days
-2    The ultimate app for One Direction Fans The One Direction alarm clock with music alarms, a builtin sleep timer, One Direction photo backgrounds 1D alarm clock turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate bedside hub for One Direction fans. Wake ...    158 MB    Views 2248


music time program scrolling song songs set content option
0    'AutoSongsheet' is an automated scrolling program and database for songs. The intended user is a musical performer who needs handsfree access to their words, chords, or sheet music in a convenient, portable form. 'AutoSongsheet' contains many of the features of ...    3 MB    Views 1187

Meditation Time

meditation time relax set stress escape
-5    Meditation Time allows you to escape the stress of the day and relax. You can pick different white noise to listen too. You can set a timer or set it to continues play and destress. Meditation Time can be used ...    19 MB    Views 7183
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