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Players Sheffield

+4    At Players Bar we are open 364 days a year    34 MB    Views 7983


+4    ON SALE FOR VERY LIMITED TIME BECAUSE YOU DESERVE SOMETHING NICE TODAY BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Rank: 6 in Music (Paid Apps) Over 20,000 Copies Has Been Sold Virtual Keyboard Included 50+ Video Tutorials with theory 50 Step By Step Piano ...    482 MB    Views 5045
+9    A symbol and colour based music player created especially for young kids. Do your kids find it tough to navigate through the default music app on the iPad? Rather than navigating through a textbased music library, kids can easily identify ...    31 MB    Views 4034

For Zero

+5    For Zero allows players to control recording and playback of audio on a remote server using a wireless network connection along with any number of other players connected to the server. A twodimensional pan control allows the player to locate ...    282 kb    Views 351
+5    SPECIAL BONUS Get 200 Slot Gold when you join _ Awesome Irish/Celtic Hip Hop Beats by DJ _ Prepare for the adrenaline rush of Slots of Gold at your fingertips Simply a Vegas Rush Craze.. Spin the reels to hit the jackpot ...    25 MB    Views 9468

Play-my-note Extra

music note notes play check extra clefs players sound names touch
-3    Playmynote with Extra features Playmynote is a unique music interface to play notes the way they appear on your score. The Extra version includes: Transposition ideal for Trumpet, Cornet, Horn, Clarinet and Saxophone players to check how their notes will sound. ...    24 MB    Views 9824
guitar play tips guide players buy learn tutorials
-3    48 Hour Sale 50% Off Buy Soon Buy Now Before Price Goes Back Up There are specific reasons why guitar players go through massive periods frustration and disappointment. No more worries, this app will help you and guide ...    56 MB    Views 1510

Seabed 7x7

blocks game boxes system player generate players generated
-3    Seabed 7x7 is a puzzle game. It has a simple screen. Players need to clear blocks in the 7x7 = 49 lattice generated by the system. First the game will generate three blocks on the board, after the player moving boxes, ...    30 MB    Views 4863

eTipbook Clarinet

instrument french instruments teachers music history magazine clarinet book players keys tipbook german
0    This must have app for clarinet players features a free 50+ page preview of the 240 page book and direct access to the full digital version of Tipbook Clarinet. The essential guide to your instrument “In terms of broadening one’s outlook ...    10 MB    Views 1076


0    Finally there is a modern iOS7 controller App for Sonos available on your iPhone or iPod Touch Watch on YouTube ( or read below about a new intuitive and concise user interface less taps for common tasks home automation integration and current ...    5 MB    Views 1931

Simplify Controller

music spotify players controller itunes vox rdio control switch
+30    Simplify Controller is a small handy assistant for our desktop application Simplify for Spotify, Rdio, iTunes and Vox music players. Simplify Controller allows you remotely switch tracks, change volume, toggle playback state, view current song that is playing on any local ...    2 MB    Views 7400
Related Apps audio search software tracks sound iac feature players effects control sounds
+28    iAC is a fully customizable Audio Cartwall designed for all iOS devices, ideal for jingles, sound FX and custom tracks. Based on software used by worldclass professionals, iAC gives full control of multiple tracks with a few simple taps. With the ability ...    49 MB    Views 1160

Mad Monster Beats

time music players fast beat mad monster beats
+8    Mad Monster Beats is a fast paced dance game where players are challenged to keep up with the beat of the music and unlock stages and songs. Play with the Beach Traveling Skeleton, the Wacky Zombie, the Creep Mummy, or the ...    151 MB    Views 34


research games pitch musical progress players improve sense
+7    PitchTrainer presents two musical games PitchMatch and Tone Scramble to test and train your sense of musical pitch. These games were designed by researchers at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in NY. Whether you play a musical ...    11 MB    Views 9460

SongBook HD

songbook devices upnp players supported built server system features dlna
+12    SongBook HD is the latest evolution of the SongBook apps. This version has a clean new look that makes great use of album art images. Rebuilt from the ground up, SongBook HD supports most DLNA, UPnP and Linn compatible players. Browsing ...    32 MB    Views 695


media net players installed
+4    DatabeatiCommand (iC) requires Databeat.Net Media Players installed and in operation to be useful. iC is a Monitor & Service tool for Databeat.Net PC based MediaPlayers. With it you can read status for relevant mediaplayers, mediaplans, software & hardwareassets, even reset and ...    564 kb    Views 8627

Cover Match

Related Apps art music match cover game album play mode built players
+20    Album art is making a comeback from the days when buying an album was about more than just the music inside. Cover Match pays tribute to the artwork of musicians and the fans who love it with an exciting new ...    8 MB    Views 1653
Related Apps music control mac volume players computer itunes helper supported
0    Quickest way to control OS X playback remotely. Swipe down from Lock Screen or any opened App and control your Mac media players right away Supported music streaming apps: iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer Other supported players: Beamer (for Apple TV), Vox, ...    2 MB    Views 2757


-9    The YBA streaming control app gives you full control of all YBA network players via your smartphone/tablet. You can browse music and internet radio stations as well as control playback. Requires one or more YBA network players (like the HERITAGE MP100B ...    15 MB    Views 3303

Little Trumpet HD

composers web instruments children trumpet features additional forum sie players
+1    Visit and check out all the new apps which are coming to iTunes Little Composers makes children famous. Visit the Little Composers website to see all the new stuff and find out about the composition contest for kids. "Little Composers ...    4 MB    Views 6180

Recorder Fingering

recorder fingerings fingering alternate trill basic players system find note
+8    Recorder Fingering is an interactive fingering chart for recorders. It lists basic fingerings, alternate fingerings and trill fingerings. The current version supports Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass recorders using the Baroque (aka English) fingering system. (This is the most common ...    2 MB    Views 2329


instruments stringed players
+25    JeFretCalc is a utility for makers of stringed musical instruments to make the calculations necessary to place the notes. It is also of use to students and players of fretless instruments, and of interest to all players of stringed instruments. Calculate ...    17 MB    Views 960
music challenge facebook love quiz friends songs players guess play
+28    The world’s most popular music trivia game Music Quiz now comes in a multiplayer version: Music Quiz DUEL Listen to clips from thousands of songs and guess the correct artist or title as fast as you can. Challenge your friends or play ...    NAN    Views 1482

Guitar Trainer Lite

guitar moon trainer scale player solos pieces rock players
+5    This Guitar Trainer app was designed to give the advancing guitarist a daily practice routine that would: 1. Enhance technique (picking, bending, pull offs/left hand strength); 2. Familiarize the player with the keys/scales most commonly used in rock music guitar solos (C, ...    7 MB    Views 5373

Death Free

0    Praise for Death "There’s no doubt that Death is experimental more of an interactive art piece than strictly a “game.” Death would be just as at home in a gallery" "As an experiment, Death is extremely wellcrafted. As a ...    29 MB    Views 2011

Illuminated Words

ambient clock words game color collect find level players colors colours
-7    Illuminated Words is an addictive, ambient experience. Find words against the clock in a unique, fast paced word game. Tint the world with your words and collect colors to build up your color palette. Illuminated Words was inspired by those really ...    44 MB    Views 4003
music iphone card artist ios change experience moment players player access
+15    NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD AT THE MOMENT. COMPATIBILITY WILL COME SOON iPHONE 6/+ REWORK COMING SOON Stay tuned Isn't it boring? You shouldn't have to be restrained by the stock music player, and most other music players have become cookie cutter ...    2 MB    Views 9620


+14    VTuner Plus can help you to play your violin in a more professional way while other existing tuners CANNOT “Open strings vibrate sympathetically when a stopped G, D, A, or E is played, making the violin sound much more resonant and ...    231 MB    Views 9101
Related Apps students music reading teachers educational keyboard time playing game note learn players fun
-4    NoteWorks is a musical game, designed to teach note recognition and improve sight reading skills. Hungry Munchy is eager to swallow elusive blue notes. Your goal is to help Munchy catch each note as quickly as possible. The game combines learning ...    15 MB    Views 1013

Trumpet In Reach

music education trumpet players orchestra philharmonic symphony york updated
+8    By New York Philharmonic trumpet player Matt Muckey. The MUST HAVE APPLICATION for all trumpet players, professionals and beginners alike. Associate principal trumpet player for the New York Philharmonic, Matt Muckey's Trumpet In Reach is designed for the musical education of both ...    6 MB    Views 1546

Learn Guitar (ads)

guitar learn chords chord variations players tool
-4    Learn Guitar is a database reference tool for beginners to learn the basics, intermediate players to learn more obscure chords, and advanced players to have a tool for referencing. Inside the application is: 10 chord variations for the first five frets ...    13 MB    Views 6282


music home control players menu group groups volume move power
-4    ctrlableTunes is a music remote control application that will work all over your home with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Explore Your Music Library. 
• Browse your own files by categories like Albums, Artists, Genres or simply search for your ...    14 MB    Views 5018
players community martin
-9    Martin Community Players    2 MB    Views 7073


Related Apps home music sound quality works play players designed hifi
+3    Musaic is a new kind of wireless HiFi system made up of speakers that you place around your home, designed for amazing sound quality and ease of use. Musaic works with your home WiFi to play music from your mobile devices, ...    49 MB    Views 6293


challenge puzzle action game play island players stages system features
+6    Go bananas and get funky with Ooki the monkey in this unique, cute and humorous Indie Games Festival nominated action puzzle game Ooki has gotten into a spot of trouble Washed up on a mysterious island full of cute but hostile characters, ...    144 MB    Views 8426


social music audio live list blogs mode shared players set
+11    AudioLinQ The Missing LinQ Ever wanted to do a live event but find the whole technical thing a bit overwhelming? Well, now you can, with the most advanced Live Audio Tool to hit the mobile music market, AudioLinQ. Simply Download the App ...    20 MB    Views 6817

Tune Rounds

voice row rounds play click tune players boat part
+5    Playing with Rounds is like being 4 singers all at once each doing his/her part in "Row row row your boat." Players are challenged to click each of four tune icons so each voice comes in on time. If successful, ...    4 MB    Views 9293


+1    PadPipes is a high performing bagpipe simulator that lets you play the pipes on your iPad. Suitable for both novice and professional players, Padpipes offers the following features: 1. Fast response time for high performance with even the toughest tunes. 2. Three ...    23 MB    Views 2257

Songz Quiz

music play musical songz quiz song players thousands title
-1    Songz is a free and realtime multiplayer musical quiz You have 30 seconds to find the singer and the title of the song to win points by playing against millions of fellow players SONGZ QUIZ MUSICAL REFERENCE Play against realtime ...    3 MB    Views 4572
jump earth seconds planet dot players jumper
+21    Planet Jump, A Dot Jumper On The Earth. [How to play?] 1. Tap the screen to jump. 2. Avoid the moving square on the earth. 3. Longer time get higher score. [Is it easy?] 1. 80% of players never meet crazy mode. 2. Only 10% of players ...    6 MB    Views 8070

Flute In Reach

music education flute university players jennifer chamber beginners york professor
-6    By Professor of Flute Jennifer Grim. The MUST HAVE APPLICATION for all flute players, professionals and beginners alike. Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Jennifer Grim's Flute In Reach is designed for the musical education of both ...    8 MB    Views 1165
music piano opera musical night players alike
+4    Andrew Lloyd Webber's Tonywinning adaptation of Gaston Leroux's novel "The Phantom of the Opera" is the longestrunning musical in Broadway history. Since its debut in London in 1986 It has become synonymous worldwide with musical theater and has spawned its ...    NAN    Views 776

Lehra Studio

tabla studio taal player players santoor real
+2    How long has the market needed this product? Finally, an app which allows hours of solid tabla riaz with authentic Sarangi, and Santoor lehra accompaniment. Introducing the world's first real lehra mobile application for tabla players. Lehra Studio provides live lehra ...    211 MB    Views 2346
teachers instrument history family music french students flute book tipbook piccolo keys information players
+12    The musthave book for flute players, including fingering charts This app features a free 50+ page preview of the 240 page book, informative rich media brochures and direct access to the full digital version of Tipbook Flute and Piccolo. The ...    9 MB    Views 8975


music players performance player compositions cells series multi composition
+5    MInC is a multiplayer realtime music performance app that allows players to collectively and remotely perform music compositions over wifi and data network connections. Players can launch the app to start a performance of a selected composition or join in ...    676 kb    Views 2597


flute players globe links
+10    "ALL about FLUTE" is a FREE app that is a must have for flute players of all skill levels and disciplines. With useful links, streamlining notifications, and informative articles, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as a gateway into the world of ...    27 MB    Views 6763

Snail Uncle 4

start players uncle
0    Players have to help break through the difficulties snail uncle through the forest to grandpa birthday. After the start of the game will start moving snail, tap the shell can prevent it proceeds, along the way will encounter all kinds ...    35 MB    Views 1520

Believe Backstage

photos iphone news artists digital backstage access players services itunes sales
0    Believe Backstage iPhone App This Application has been designed for use by Believe Digital clients to access the Believe Backstage system. Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe. From your iPhone, you can ...    1 MB    Views 4039


music profile iphone clock time symbol press position rhythm players downloadable game
+4    Touch the music and let your fingers do the dancing Are you ready to ReRave? Experience innovative gameplay that combines music, rhythm, and accuracy. Challenge yourself, friends, or the global community to earn your rank as a master With patent pending design, ReRave breaks ...    22 MB    Views 7196

Bluegrass JamBook

ipad bluegrass tunes chord jam chords fiddle tune players banjo
+25    The Bluegrass JamBook puts one hundred transposable, "barwise" chord sheets for popular bluegrass and old time fiddle tunes (such as reels, hoedowns, waltzes, jigs, hornpipes and folksongs) right into your pocket, so You can be the hero of a bluegrass ...    14 MB    Views 9759
Related Apps guitar blues heroes players electric king
+3    Blues Guitar Heroes features many of the most influential blues guitar players of all time: acoustic legends Robert Johnson and Leadbelly; electric pioneers TBone Walker, Muddy Waters and BB King; blues icons Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Albert King and ...    120 MB    Views 2450
Related Apps home control remote equipment players systems devices ios phone
-3    This CHANGES everything Transform all of your iOS devices into the ultimate remote and entertainment control this beast is way more powerful than your neighbor’s remote control. Blumoo contains one of the most comprehensive remote databases capable of controlling well over ...    97 MB    Views 7907

Saxophone In Reach

artist school saxophone ensemble beginners players guide professor
-9    By Artist/Professor of saxophone Taimur Sullivan. The MUST HAVE APPLICATION for any Saxophone player, professionals and beginners alike. Artist/Professor of Saxophone at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Taimur Sullivan's Saxophone In Reach is designed for the musical education ...    9 MB    Views 9022
football facebook soccer game tricks play tap fast levels freestyle players
-9    Players of WorldCup Brazil doing football tricks on most popular tunes. “Freestyle Football With Pace” is a game for soccer fans where after you select your favorite player you have to tap on the indicated spots to see him master the ...    45 MB    Views 896

Minecraft Radio

radio live community members players
+15    Minecraft Radio is a 24/7 live music radio station dedicated to connecting Minecraft players from all around the world. Listeners can send in song requests as well as connect with other members within the Minecraft Radio community. Minecraft Radio is ...    3 MB    Views 928

Clarinet In Reach

music education orchestra clarinet players symphony anthony
+4    By New York Metropolitan Orchestra clarinetist Anthony McGill. The MUST HAVE APPLICATION for all clarinet players, professionals and beginners alike. Principal clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Anthony McGill's Clarinet In Reach is designed for the musical education of both clarinet beginners ...    9 MB    Views 7920

Trombone In Reach

Related Apps music education school trombone orchestra players philadelphia symphony opera musical festival
+2    By New York Metropolitan Orchestra trombonist Weston Sprott. The MUST HAVE APPLICATION for all trombone players, professionals and beginners alike. Professional trombonist with the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Weston Sprott's Trombone In Reach is designed for the musical education of both ...    6 MB    Views 2046
music facebook obstacles rhythm game pressing players characters clear stage star
0    Wonderland, an island above a whale with beautiful music trickling out. DJ Honku's girlfriend, DJ Memae, was taken by a kidnapper. DJ Honku goes on a journey following the trail of stars left behind by Memea's bag "I don't want to lose my ...    NAN    Views 7581

V-Tuner+ Lite

ipad reading tuning tuner users violin players beginners tune general
+12    VTuner App Store VTuner Plus can help you to play your violin in a more professional way while other existing tuners CANNOT “Open strings vibrate sympathetically when a stopped G, D, A, or E is played, making the violin sound much more ...    231 MB    Views 3762


videos musical easy share players
+30    Created for the music community by musicians, Jammcard offers you an easy way to create and share yourself digitally. From your phone, share your tracks, videos, upcoming shows, and much more. Search for players by skill and location (ie: Drummer ...    18 MB    Views 9559
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