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Movemania Radio

+2    Ascolta attraverso questa App Movemania Radio e tutti gli eventi live seguiti da questa giovane radio. Questa emittente radiofonica in FM della provincia di Frosinone che trasmette sui 107.00 Mhz trasmette la migliore musica del momento ed è radio ufficiale di ...    1010 kb    Views 9512
+15    This application program is musical sensitivity training. It was made based on the training that I had done in the past. Application program explanation The sound is a piano sound. STEP1: Answer the question what single sound rang by one octave. If 'answer mode' ...    9 MB    Views 7263
+15    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME Think you know everything about BTR? Well, grab this awesome new game and find out BTR True or False will serve up round after round of great questions from our huge bank of over ...    11 MB    Views 8556
+2    Decar Studio presents ..... This month sexiest female artists: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Beyonce MONTHLY WE WILL CHANGE CONTENT TO THE LATEST TOP 10 CHARTS TOP OF THE HOTTEST female artists is here. The top is decided not ...    23 MB    Views 765
Related Apps music signatures key study theory questions review mode
0    iStudy: Key Signatures is a Music Theory study tool designed to help you study key signatures. iStudy: Key Signatures offers the following: "Test mode" which includes flash cards for matching the count of accidentals with the corresponding major and minor key ...    100 kb    Views 9641

Miley Cyrus MADNESS

-1    Free for a VERY LIMITED TIME Are you ready for the BEST Miley game yet? Of course you are, you are a HUGE FAN Miley Cyrus Madness offers you round after round of great questions ranging from the facts every fan ...    3 MB    Views 2406

Live Setlist

midi setlist live songs questions flag lyrics
-5    Live setlist gives you a simple way to organize your bands, songs and set lists. You can save additional details, tempo, length and lyrics for every song either use a setlist preview with midi functionality or swipe through your lyrics have ...    270 kb    Views 1963
challenge miley cyrus answer questions knowledge
+21    Think you know a lot about Miley Cyrus? Test your knowledge and learn many more interesting facts about Miley with Miley Cyrus Challenge. This fast paced game asks you rapid fire questions about Miley. Answer as many questions as you can ...    1 MB    Views 8110

Music Challenge

music challenge trivia games movie iphone software library game based questions ipod power
+21    50% off for a limited time "Simply the best music trivia game on the iPhone (or anywhere else)" Powered by "The Inquizitor" Game Engine Over 3500 original questions built in FREE and purchasable content from the inapp ...    18 MB    Views 3523
+21    Do you think you know everything about your favorite bands and artists? Are you really a good fan? Test it now with Musicness Play and test your knowledge about any of your favorite artists and bands with Musicness. Characteristics: Forget about playing ...    25 MB    Views 8802

Planet Quest

music free game tap planet quest unlock leaderboard easy fun
+14    Download Planet QUEST for free now Planet QUEST is a brand new rhythm game you’ll never want to put down. Do you want to see rabbits dancing with giraffes to some bangin’ beats? Then this game is for you Tap on the rhythm, ...    41 MB    Views 8069

Katy Perry Quiz

katy quiz perry questions world answer created fan
0    The ultimate Katy Perry Quiz, created by one fan (ClaireKatyCat) for all other Katy Perry fans Are you a real KatyCat? Show how well you know Katy, by answering these trivia quiz questions about her life and career If you ...    6 MB    Views 5585
victoria bonus questions download
+8    Think you know all there is to know about Victoria? Well, download the app and find out With round after round of new trivia questions you are sure to see how your knowledge stacks up. Bonus points for the most ...    15 MB    Views 1917

Wiz Khalifa Games

games wiz questions
0    You down with the Taylor Gang? Us too. Check out Wiz Khalifa Games. It's packed with questions about the music, crew and life of Wiz himself. Play over and over with random rounds of questions and even use Facebook and Twitter form ...    8 MB    Views 2508
trivia time love music questions journey 1964 60s year
-4    Do you REALLY know the sixties? Welcome to the ultimate '60s trivia experience: POPmania Your journey begins in 1964, in the midst of the worldchanging decade. The wideranging questions in POPmania range from music, to movies, to TV and general cultural ...    9 MB    Views 5530
retro quest kid game support knight
0    A Costume Knight Kid Quest is a fun and addictive game that will bring back memories of those retro console oldies that you grew up loving Embark on a happy kid quest through castleland to find all of the golden ...    17 MB    Views 7772
game lyrics rock classic questions
-2    A fun game featuring Lyrics from Your Favorite Classic Rock Artists. Guess the correct Song from the Lyrics. Rock On Features: Universal App, Compatible with All Devices Questions are Randomized so Every Game is Different Get Additional Questions Instantly thru InApp Purchase ...    12 MB    Views 9725

Slomski Brothers

brothers question
+15    The official iOS app of the Slomski Brothers is here Ever had a question you need answered and didn't need know who to turn to for help? Well don't worry, the Slomski Brothers always know what to do Simply ask us ...    19 MB    Views 440

Studio 54 Network

+10    Per il tuo telefonino ecco l'App Apple per ascoltare ovunque Studio54network, la radio dei grandi eventi e dei grandi successi 24 ore su 24 di News e Grandi Successi. E poi grande struttura operativa, perchè la radio non sia solo ...    30 MB    Views 1009

Music Quiz Party

Related Apps music library artists trivia player questions quiz question mode albums intro turn
-1    Let's play the battle game of music trivia quiz with tunes on your iPhone Players answer a variety of questions, such as music intro quiz and trivia quiz asked for the name of albums or artists. For example, "Which of the following is NOT ...    27 MB    Views 1037
games justin super bieber questions friends
+28    Download it Rate it Review it Tell your friends now Are you bored with all the little Justin games? Justin Bieber Super Games 2.0 is here to the rescue. With hundreds of questions – from easy to expert – each round ...    3 MB    Views 5618

Demi Lovato GAMES

questions fan demi lovato
-4    Are you a GIGANTIC Demi Lovato fan? Yeah, we thought so. Well, this app is just for you. With over 100 great trivia questions there is something for every fan. Classic questions and new info you won't see anywhere else. It's ...    5 MB    Views 1059
challenge brothers knowledge questions answer
+1    Think you know a lot about the Jonas Brothers? Test your knowledge and learn many more interesting facts about Nick, Kevin, and Joe with Jonas Brothers Challenge. This fast paced game asks you rapid fire questions about the Jonas Brothers. Answer ...    1 MB    Views 4946

Music Theory Basics

Related Apps time work playing music piano set quiz intervals question keys rhythms number test questions
+24    50% OFF SUMMER SALE A suite of five modules; Notes (Notation / Keyboard Knowledge), Keys, Intervals, Chords, and Rhythms (Time Signatures), to test basic music skills. Includes an additional 'Grades' module that lists all saved quiz results. Notes, Keys, Intervals, and Chords ...    60 MB    Views 4436
+7    A practice tool for improving listening skill and studying musical notation of 5line music staff: This app involved 3 levels of listening tests, each has 5 or 10 questions: Listen then write down notes accordingly on staff pad. Auto scoring when ...    2 MB    Views 3232


answer question rock questions
+14    MusicQuiz is an iPhone and iPod Touch game with which you can test your knowledge on musical topics. More than 200 questions about music (Blues, country, jazz, pop, rock, folk) Two types of aid (50/50 and the possibility to change ...    5 MB    Views 6103
bieber questions free game false true fever
-4    The best Bieber game ever is now FREE Bieber Fever True or False is an enormous collection of trivia and facts about your favorite star. The questions are pulled randomly from a huge stash so you can play over and over ...    5 MB    Views 1171

Lil Wayne Trivia

+5    This application has 150 Lil Wayne trivia questions, so you can see how well you really know Lil Wayne. Each question gives you twenty seconds to answer and you can earn twenty points for each correct answer and zero points when ...    1 MB    Views 6352

The Beatles Quiz

Related Apps questions beatles quiz
-6    Are you a fan of the Beatles? Then test your knowledge about the Beatles, their music, their lives and lots more. Each quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions, with a final score provided at the end. To promote a learning ...    712 kb    Views 8381

Charice Games

time questions
+4    Are you a HUGE Charice fan? If you are, you should definitely check out this great new app. It's loaded with awesome questions about the hottest star around. Test you knowledge with the basic facts and teh expert information. Compare your score ...    4 MB    Views 478

Chart Toppers Quiz

form chart questions support problems songs quiz
+5    The Chart Toppers Quiz tests your knowledge of songs that have topped the charts in the last six decades. There are over 1200 songs and over 750 bands/artists contained in the app. Features Four different question types. Settings allow you to ...    10 MB    Views 8494

Music Theory Chords

music chord set quiz chords question number list test
+3    50% OFF SUMMER SALE Test your knowledge of Triads and Seventh Chords. Test just using your ears, and/or analyze the music notation. • Triads tested are major, minor, diminished and augmented. • Seventh chords tested are diminished, min7(b5), min7, min(maj7), dominant7, maj7, dominant7(5) ...    40 MB    Views 1414
guitar bass fretboard tool training answer questions option guitarist
-1    Bass Guitarist, ever want to know where the notes are on the fretboard? "Bass Guitar Training Tool" is for all bass guitarists who want to improve and develop an acute awareness of where the notes are on the fretboard. This app ...    10 MB    Views 893


music album quiz lyric question player win
-8    FREE MUSICFUN QUIZ GAMEWIN THE ALBUM Please take a ticket and take a seat in the waiting room. You will be called when the DAYWARD doctor's are ready to see you. DAYWARD, a UK electronic duo, want you to get better, and ...    32 MB    Views 3465
games questions jam pearl band
-2    Consider yourself a Pearl Jam expert? Download Pearl Jam Games and find out. With over four hundred questions covering all the band members, albums, songs, tours and life off the stage, you are sure to learn a new thing or ...    15 MB    Views 4158
quiz game eurovision contest song questions question learn detailed fan
+1    Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Fan Quiz A quiz where you can test your skills and knowledge about the worlds largest music competition with both national and international questions. Why not get entertained while you actually learn something useful? Great questions and ...    5 MB    Views 4623

Guitarist Challenge

trivia questions game question guitarist scores
+5    How much do you know about the greatest guitarists ever? Play the ultimate guitarist trivia app to find out Plug in, tune up and get ready to rock Featuring over 500 questions on all the best shredders, from Slash to Satriani, Jimi ...    18 MB    Views 7983
+9    An app all about YOUR favorite stars Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift all combined in one great game. Hundreds of trivia questions will be randomly picked so you and your friends can play over and over again. Some questions ...    4 MB    Views 1429
Related Apps piano music reading notes display identify sight questions mode read
+3    Featured in "Music > What's Hot" in the following countries (Jan, 2011): South Africa United Kingdom A simple but effective music quiz on reading notes for piano for anyone who would like to improve their sight reading skill. Identify as many notes as you ...    9 MB    Views 2396
games trivia questions bruce hundreds fan download created band
+4    Think you know all there is to know about Bruce and the band? Well, dig into this treasure trove of fancreated trivia and find out. With hundreds of questions about bruce, the band, their greatest albums and shows, wildest times ...    14 MB    Views 7415
time challenge btr fan 100 quiz test questions affiliated
+2    Top 100 in Music Top 100 in Trivia Are you the 1 BTR fan? Join rushers everywhere and take the ultimate test with this app Beat the clock by answering the most correct answers in Time Challenge Need more time? Take a Quiz ...    2 MB    Views 6905
time audio history music clock quiz answer choice 000 points question game correct page
+4    Pop Heads Music Quiz is the ultimate multiple choice brain game featuring the stars and superstars of The Vinyl Years – with questions from The Fabulous 50s, The Swinging 60s, The Sizzling 70s and The Clubbing 80s. The challenge is to ...    2 MB    Views 5844
retro quest kid game support knight
+8    A Costume Knight Kid Quest is a fun and addictive game that will bring back memories of those retro console oldies that you grew up loving Embark on a happy kid quest through castleland to find all of the golden ...    14 MB    Views 7583
Related Apps music challenge questions achievements asked quiz swedish song
+21    Try and develop your music knowledge in this quiz app. The questions span over 70 years of popular swedish music. You will be asked about songs performed by famous artists such as ABBA, Eva Dahlgren and Laleh, number one hits, ...    3 MB    Views 353

Tori Amos Games

trivia tori questions 300 waiting
-1    Waiting for Tori at a Meet 'n Greet? Waiting for the next album? Now you can fill the time with Tori trivia With over 300 questions, you are certain to test your Tori knowledge and just might learn a ...    16 MB    Views 533
dance adventure quest battle
+4    Treefort Dance Battle Adventure Quest The official scavenger hunt game of the 2015 Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho. It's like Zelda meets Dance Dance Revolution meets Mortal Kombat.    5 MB    Views 3819


piano music instruments guitar games staff panel game notes note learn answer trumpet question
-4    MusicTutor helps you learn music whether you are a student or a enthusiast, you will learn to identify notes quickly on a staff, on the piano, on fretted instruments, even on a trumpet. This app is a quiz game, which ...    11 MB    Views 755

Madonna Games!

games trivia music time questions created hundreds fan download
-8    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME Think you know all there is to know about Madonna? Well, dig into this treasure trove of fancreated trivia and find out. With hundreds of questions about the music, the romances, the movie and exciting ...    18 MB    Views 5079

Kids' Piano Game 2

children kids piano board apps game picture hint question play http
+29    Kid's piano game 2 app is an interactive educational quiz specially designed for children to learn multiplication and division,It contains 162 questions. And you can click the bulb button to switch question's hint picture on or off. The question's hint ...    71 MB    Views 5522
trivia bieber justin questions game hundreds scores question
+1    The best Justin Bieber Quiz game How much do you know about Justin Bieber? Play the ultimate Justin Bieber trivia app to find out Featuring hundreds of questions about Justin Bieber's music, career and personal life, this is a must for all ...    18 MB    Views 65

Quartet Game

Related Apps playing game quartet quiz device easy answer questions player songs
+21    Quartet Game is a musical board game where you need to recognize melodies & songs in a new way in a quiz or by playing the songs with an easy instrument. Quartet Game is a multiplayer game with up to ...    20 MB    Views 9251

Justin Bieber Games

games love justin fan bieber great questions wait
+4    Check out our great reviews: "I love this app, had to get it. Cool questions like who is Justin's favorite teacher" "BEST app ever Love the game" "The app is so awesome. The updated version is WAAAAY Better" Think you're the biggest Justin Bieber ...    3 MB    Views 5922
clock time music questions number symphony chance beethoven choice multiple
+6    >>> Against The Clock <<< Against The Clock 'Named Symphonies' gives you the chance to practice your knowledge of classic music through the ages While most written symphonies are known by their composer and number, many of them are also known by ...    5 MB    Views 9412
music challenge games trivia game types ipod based questions question
+5    “Simply the best music trivia game on the iPhone (or anywhere else)” "Music Challenge" Features: Powered by "The Inquizitor" Game Engine Over 300 original questions built in FREE and purchasable content from the inapp store Eight Dedicated iPod Library ...    18 MB    Views 5891

DMB Games

questions band hundreds
-6    Think you know all there is to know about Dave Matthews Band? Well download the game and find out With hundreds and hundreds of questions, spanning the whole history of the band, you are sure to see how your knowledge ...    15 MB    Views 8478

Lads from Liverpool

history clock trivia music beatles questions 500 band race heard
+13    Highest rated Beatles app on the App Store October 2012 As heard on and KZOK 102.5 Top 20 Music app in over a dozen countries As heard on It's trivia for the true fan. Think you know all there is ...    18 MB    Views 8146
snake quest flappy
+14    Snakes, Snakes are everywhere It is time for flappy snake. He is on a quest Snake Quest: Pumpkins Get as many as you can. Ultimate challenge is to collect 1000 pumpkins Go Snake Go    19 MB    Views 5186

Zero Assoluto App

applicazione tuo questa sul
+9    Offerta Lancio Finalmente sul tuo dispositivo cellulare l'applicazione dedicata agli Zero Assoluto In questa app troverai: Bio con tutti i dettagli del duo Aggiornamenti giornalieri Le più belle foto Raccolta musica e video Tour Un applicazione che non può mancare sul tuo dispositivo ...    2 MB    Views 4950


music emotions personal mood listening playlists data feedback
+2    MuPsych is the music player that learns how you listen. Simply use MuPsych as your personal music player for 2 weeks, and you will be rewarded with: 1. Mood Playlists: automatic playlists to suit your current mood. 2. Music Suggestions: new music based ...    957 kb    Views 832

Lil Wayne Games

crew questions lil wayne
-3    You down with Lil Wayne? Yeah, we know. Check out this insane pile of trivia questions all about his crew, his music, his life and his style. Each round of questions is served up fresh and random, so you can play over ...    6 MB    Views 4769
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