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+16    Mainvolume presents V V is a non linear (dynamik) interactive music player. PlanetEver: Create an account and login to PlanetEver for personalised sound sphere, greetings and various soundscapes. Rec: Red = Armed When armed, a version is always recording that can be downloaded via iTunes file ...    59 MB    Views 18

Indieheaven Radio

+11    Indieheaven Radio features the very best songs from our Indieheaven members that have been submitted to our popular, FANFAVE'S CHART, and our, TOP20 CHART. Version Overview Minor user interface changes This app is a new product, replacing the previous version    2 MB    Views 1320

Telly Addicts Lite

great theme tunes version
+4    This is the FREE version of the great Telly Addicts App This app makes a great game and also great for a soundboard. It has 32 (Full version has 80) UK TV Theme Tunes from the 60's 70's 80's and 90's it ...    35 MB    Views 2780
0    • Legacy version • VLC Remote used to be sold as separate iPhone and iPad versions, but is now a universal app. This means that if you're a new buyer, you should just buy 'VLC Remote' and use it on your ...    24 MB    Views 5355
game fun version
+9    Beach Holiday Teen Trouble Pro THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS Download and enjoy this new awesome game Help this wellknown celebrity kid who always gets in trouble wherever he goes. It is up to you and those like you to fight ...    14 MB    Views 3498


+7    This is Pay Version of Jogja Streamers Iphone Application. have some ability like the Free Version , it's just with no Banner can play background at IOS 4    1 MB    Views 249

Wave: Free

wave play free version
+6    Wave: Free is the full version of Wave that allows you to play along with any of your music Try the revolutionary game with just ads to support our development. Motalen's technology allows you to play any of your MP3's while ...    1 MB    Views 9262


+5    Nature is beautiful, the voice of nature is the spirit of life. This app collects lots of voice from pure nature, you can enjoy them before sleeping. Close your eyes, touch the real voice of nature, it's very helpful for your ...    47 MB    Views 9457

Radio 123 Lite

radio search ipad iphone stations preset features version free buttons 123
+1    Get the 'Radio 123' a nostalgic and decorative tube radio on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Put your favorites on the preset button and listen to your favorite radio stations right at your fingertips. Whether as cult App on iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 7973
+26    FREE version of the Most advanced Cowbell app ever FREE version includes: Crystal clear sounds. Great on builtin speaker or headphones 3 different cowbells with 2 sounds each Record a loop. Play over a song from your music library Universal App ...    4 MB    Views 1046


+26    NEW in version 1.6.0: AirPlay Support NEW in version 1.5.0: Social Networking Support: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Evernote NEW in version 1.3.2: iOS 4 Support + Background Streaming Audio NEW in version 1.3: high quality fm4 stream and "On the Air awareness" FM4Baby is ...    2 MB    Views 1259
radio music web jazz great internet version shows streaming
-1    Listen to great jazz music live now with the JazzBird app from JazzBoston. JazzBird has searched the web for you and selected hundreds of the best jazz music shows streamed from terrestrial and Internet radio stations around the globe. Each of ...    6 MB    Views 9436


check version
-1    For everyone who’s still waiting for the VJ to come. Connect your iPad to a projector or display and control video loops and images. Things are getting serious: we included our first version of the brand new “collage matrix”. Check it out. It’s ...    101 MB    Views 7199

Uplifting Trance

trance version
-7    Uplifting trance, vocal trance, beautiful electronic music stream. Uplifting trance designed for iOS 7 and up. Current version added new awesomeness. Rebuild new Interface A new version with plenty of new content and features.    3 MB    Views 3425
beats samples version lite synth
+11    The Lite version of the Badlion's Garage Synth has arrived for those who have not yet experienced the joy of creating music easily. Lite version: 3 beats 3 samples 6 FXs Full version: 48 beats 8 samples 44 FXs Tilt Tempo (for ...    3 MB    Views 8269

Rock Photos

work photos film photo rock version
+2    Rock Photos by Mark Latham Photo+Film. This App has my latest photo and film work along with loads of published work and other bits and pieces. Make sure you have Push Notifications turned on for updates on new work. Unlike the ...    25 MB    Views 2155
music journal version international
+13    PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal a new journal of Aurora Group s.r.o. which is devoted to the theory, philosophy and the history of music, the methodology of teaching, directing and performing arts, contemporary sound processing methods and authentic instruments. Many ...    44 MB    Views 395

Top 100 Music

music video song listen version find charts
+16    Charts from all around the world right in your pocket You can even listen the song and watch the music video. Find the charts of +20 countries : Singles Albums Music video For each piece of music, listen the song, find ...    2 MB    Views 3679

Wave: Pro

-2    Wave: Pro is the unlocked version of Wave that allows you to play along with any of your music Motalen's technology allows you to play any of your MP3's while still having all the fun of rhythm games. Have a certain ...    1 MB    Views 5209
radio station streaming favorite free play indonesian version
+28    Online Streaming Radio for indonesian radio with more than 430 Stations available. Feature : Free Version with Ads play in background play in lockscreen save 3(three) favorite station with bookmark (paid version is unlimited) quick search by radio name or city ...    2 MB    Views 7676

India Radio

radio time india station stations listen add version mail favorite
+13    Have you ever seen pausing Radio, and resuming from there, rewinding and listening again and again? All these can be done with India Radio (Same engine as TimeShift Radio). It has 104 Indian Radio stations: Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, ...    3 MB    Views 9125

HaHaHa Reality

Related Apps video artists reality version
+10    Discover a new dimension of entertainment with the HaHaHa Production artists. With HaHaHa Reality you will be able to see your favorite artists dancing or playing in your room, appearing on your smartphone or tablet display when you point them ...    30 MB    Views 5911

4 Tracks LX

Related Apps recording audio tracks create features quality device version
-8    4 Tracks is the original multitrack digital recording studio for the iPhone. Simple to use and very light, this is the audio tool that you can always have with you. We worked hard to bring you the best sound quality and the ...    13 MB    Views 9592
tempo bpm tap version free includes accurate
-1    bpm is a app for musicians, DJ’s, producers, and sound engineers for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The free version is limited to a tap tempo. (Our paid edition additionally includes an accurate metronome). The free version includes one of the ...    7 MB    Views 9715

RadioApp Free

-3    Easily tune in to local radio stations and to radio stations from all over the world, using a unique analoglike tuner. Features: Unique analoglike FM/AM tuner Use remote control to seek stations Supports multiple countries at the same time Name of ...    NAN    Views 1153
Related Apps music game kpop version quiz free
+25    Free version of the popular Kpop Music Quiz game Test your knowledge of over 200 Kpop songs with this fun music game for iPhone and iPad. This is the same game as the paid version but with an ad. We will be providing ...    58 MB    Views 2885
keyboard music facebook free sounds version shift
-5    Keyboard Music 2 Free Amazing keyboard on your device. Push the original keyboard with 31 new sounds. Keyboard is everything. Keyboard design is almost the same as the real keyboard, suitable for learning the keyboard. (Only shift key is different) Over 300,000 downloads ...    17 MB    Views 2779

Instinct Radio App

0    Let your instincts guide you with the latest version of the Instinct Radio app. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier to catch your favorite shows on the move, the latest version of the app now lets you ...    31 MB    Views 2718

Cobra EarApp

radio music www sound demo cobra script version
0    Bring your ideas to life with the ORCA Cobra EarApp the easiest way to make a demo version of your radio commercial. You choose the length then record your script. Add some appropriate sound effects; throw in some background music, ...    NAN    Views 4528

Bravo Remote

version rate bravo remote
+4    The Bravo Remote Controller App is developed specially for iDevices (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad) letting you intuitively operate SAVITECH ASIC based products in life stylish way. In the free version, it allows you to control volume, sampling rate and bit resolution within fingers ...    3 MB    Views 8468
Related Apps music lesson book version interface icloud database


drum version machine beats djs
+9    Breakbeats is a DJAssist tool that allows DJs to layer beats and synth samples from an iPhone based drum machine. Breakbeats is the Lite Version of Breakbeats Drum Machine which will be the paid version that will have over 200 ...    64 MB    Views 5692

Hearts of Space

Related Apps music radio ambient personal space hearts service programs access show version
+20    Version 2.82 of the Hearts of Space app offers iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users free anytime access to our new weekly shows plus hours of sample programming. Users can turn off voiceovers on programs with one tap for completely uninterrupted music. Subscribe ...    18 MB    Views 9572

Zooka Swang Game

Related Apps music game version matrix
+3    Come join the Zooka Swang Matrix, a world in which music, dancing, and gaming come together as never before. Start by solving the visual version of the Zooka Swang Game puzzle , all the while enjoying the Zooka Swang Video. ...    32 MB    Views 6446

Washboard Companion

Related Apps companion scratch version play quick
+24    NOTE the current version 1.0.1 has a known bug that causes the app to fail loading in iOS 5.1. We have submitted an updated version to Apple, and are awaiting approval Now anyone can play rhythm. With some ...    10 MB    Views 3336

uTune Full

full version
+23    uTune Full becomes free forever starting from the 5th september A big update is coming in november, when ads will be added to the 'Full' version and the 'Lite' version will be discontinued. uTune allows you to discover new music by ...    954 kb    Views 3295

iRusRadio Pro

radio music web version pro stations internet enjoy browser listen
+26    ••• UPDATED VERSION SUPPORT FOR iOS 3.X, 4.X ••• iRusRadio Pro is the application to hear internet radio online. In the folder containing many radio stations you may find music to any taste: from romance up to HipHop, from chanson ...    14 MB    Views 1290

Rock N Roll Star

0    UK's leading OASISUK (Version 1) Tribute Band. 6 Piece OASISUK (Version 1) Tribute, playing all the Hits from one of the UK's Biggest bands.    25 MB    Views 6653

Genre Jam LITE

free version genre unlock jam
+28    You Play the Melody Tap the correct finger combination in time with the music. Unlock Free Style Mode and create your own custom melodies and playable levels This is the free version of Genre Jam. Consider upgrading to the full version to ...    34 MB    Views 3884
version player prayers buddha
+4    Thais Buddha Prayers Player เป็น Application ที่รวบรวมบทสวดมนต์ต่างๆเอาไว้ โดยใน Version นี้เป็นบทสวดทำวัตรเย็น และจะ เพิ่มบทสวดต่างๆใน Version ต่อๆไป ฟังได้ทุกที่ ทุกเวลา ช่วยคลายเครียดจากภาระงานหรือการเรียนได้ ทำให้จิตใจสงบ มีสามาธิ    460 MB    Views 7849

Sounds Trivia

find sound version
+1 is an educational and fun teaching tool that is designed to engage participants to learn about our world in a creative new way. How to play: Click on a musical note and listen to the sound.try to find out what exactly ...    2 MB    Views 7849
music requires version
+1    Control the version 8 trivum Multiroom System from your iPhone. Select music from your music library, via the artist, album or genre list, play back your playlists or web radio stations. Requires a version 8 trivum MusicCenter. Requires iOS 7 ...    527 kb    Views 2126
magic xylophone sound version volume ringer xylo lite
+18    Magic Xylo is not only a casual xylophone. Magically change the sound of your xylophone to tinkle bell, marimba, or toy piano. Works like expected: you can slide over the xylophone as well as play several tones simultaneously. This is a real ...    5 MB    Views 9575

Radio 123

radio search ipad iphone stations preset features version programs free favorites buttons
+5    Get the 'Radio 123' a nostalgic and decorative tube radio on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Put your favorites on the preset button and listen to your favorite radio stations right at your fingertips. Whether as cult App on iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 4398

Retro Composer

retro feature ios version composer
+2    ∆ The famous Retro Composer for PC and Mac, has finally arrived for iOS ∆ It doesn't matter if you want to compose, or just want to play around dozens of hours of entertainment are awaiting you Main features: > Unlimited amount ...    15 MB    Views 7960
Related Apps radio music gay version channels
+5    Listen variety gay music radios, radio channels from around the world Gay talk shows and news, Gay prides Gay music songs & live events Universal app for iPhone iPad iTouch App orientations and multitasking Rebuild and tested for the new iOS Current version: Upgrade to get ...    3 MB    Views 1998
version free display simple
+4    MusicAlbumPlayer is a simple application to play music album. Feature simple user interface display long title display composer and artist name to each song This free version will be displayed ads. There is also adfree paid version "musicAlbumPlayer".    2 MB    Views 2218
harder version faster
+6    With Harder Better Faster Stronger (HBFS) you can combine bits from Daft Punk's amazing track. Make your own version or jam along with the original version on your stereo.    4 MB    Views 1165

Simple Sampler: PRO

simple sampler version effects including pro
+23    LIMITED TIME 75% OFF Simple Sampler:PRO is finally here. This app was built after many request from DJ's for a SIMPLE and stable sampler application for adding that quick effect or transition to spice up a track. This version contains 32 ...    47 MB    Views 8731
Related Apps artist lyrics version song view
-9    Now with iPad support LyricFind gets you access to the lyrics to millions of tracks, straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch Plus, this version is ADFREE and gives you extra features not in the Lite version With LyricFind, you can: Search ...    2 MB    Views 5096
radio music www sound demo version script effects cobra
+1    Help your scripts be heard. Bring your ideas to life with the Aerials Cobra EarApp the easiest way to make a demo version of your radio commercial. You choose the length then record your script. Add some appropriate sound effects; throw ...    NAN    Views 5570

Vodafone Mexefest

festival check filters version line
+8    Start living the Vodafone Mexefest festival with this App . With this version you are already able to check the lineup and buy tickets. This version will also allow you to: Check the festival lineup with filters per artist, stage and hour ...    NAN    Views 6455

I Love Music FREE

Related Apps love music instruments free finger staff version
+24    I Love Music FREE allows you to create your own musical score. You simply select your instrument and place it on the staff by tapping your finger. Sharp and flat notes can be placed by clicking on the same note. The ...    17 MB    Views 1144

Balear Radio

radio supports displays stations version internet free screen
+15    Balear Radio is a collection of twenty favourite balearic streaming internet radio stations from Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, available for iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6+. Free version with Adverts • Scroll for stations (currently 20) • Displays Artist,Track and Album ...    5 MB    Views 9327
dancing version
+6    The success of iWalking continues with the new chapter full of fun. Dance on the iPad with iWalking Dancing Version Let to go to the beat of crazy music Tap the right boxes at the right time Two players or two hands game. Enjoy    14 MB    Views 8910
metronome version mode save songs orchestra
+5    Accurate Metronome and easy to use. A good tool for musicians, students and professionals, teachers, principals, etc.. especially for those who play in bands, orchestras or any group or musical training (ensemble, quintet, trio, rock band etc.) or sing in choirs ...    2 MB    Views 2738

Mozart Exclusive

Related Apps music mozart exclusive version
+7    This is Mozart Effect player Exclusive Version it include Mozart I Mozart V and Plus " Volume 6 : Morning Music for Yoga " only on Exclusive Version. music is not only a rich and rewarding aesthetic experience but ...    581 MB    Views 6240

Guitar Riffs

Related Apps guitar riffs version free
+9    FREE VERSION Now Available the free version of Guitar Riffs Listen to some awesome guitar riffs by just simply touching the guitar(s) on the screen Simple, Easy, Fun    10 MB    Views 9186

Radio360 lite

radio full version support http licenses stations ffmpeg world org www
+5    Enjoy unlimited accesses to the radio broadcasts and internet music all over the world. We provide access to an extremely diverse range of Internet radio stations from around the world, with broadcasts from nearly every country on the planet Our server ...    5 MB    Views 169

Baby Love Music

children music baby songs version pay princess
+15    Children's music contains MP3 chant: fetal education music, cartoon theme song, wisdom tree songs, Japanese songs, Korean songs, 80 songs, pleasant goat and grey wolf, clock chenle, South Korea seven princess, Connie Talbot, 2012 children's Grand Prix, Cantonese songs, red ...    91 MB    Views 854
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