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0    AcoustiGrid is an easy to use music and sound effect synthesizer. Easily create music and sound effects by selecting notes on a grid. You can change instruments and apply effects such as pitch bend, reverberation and echo. Save and share ...    1 MB    Views 8769


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+4    50% off celebrating Emo Chorus release Studio quality reverb for Audiobus / Interapp audio and your iTunes music library. AudioReverb is an algorithmic reverberation app which combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution based ...    10 MB    Views 8970
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0    Learn the techniques of creating spatial reverberation FX in this deep listening course by the engineers at Singing Canary and Modern World Recording... Reverberation. The most ubiquitous processing used to create a sense of acoustic SPACE in audio productions. In fact, ...    208 MB    Views 3741

Music Orb

+1    Enjoy your music in iPod application in a totally different way With 3D sound capability ,reverberation and equaliser effect you can create any music experience in any simulated environment such as a live concert Easy and innovative interface is provided for best ...    2 MB    Views 4852

BOSIG Akustik

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-1    The BOSIG acoustic app allows sound level and reverberation time to be determined very accurately. The BOSIG acoustic app measures the sound level and presents the result in dB, plus a representative image from everyday life. The BOSIG acoustic app ...    NAN    Views 3959
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