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Super Manetron

+13    ///// ”Big mistake not being able to turn off the background noise” "If one were to record thisheavy use of a noise gate would be needed" No,no, you can play with no motor sound. Do not turn on red switch when move ...    103 MB    Views 6193
running princess fun
+27    Check out this fun holiday little princess running game It's that wonderful time of the year again. Have fun guiding our little princess through obstacles and dangerous creatures by running and jumping over them or just blast them with powerful spells. Lots ...    30 MB    Views 4299
+14    The world's first music service for exercise. Spring makes running and walking easier by helping you match your movement to the rhythm of the music. Run or walk easier, faster and further with the same effort when you use Spring to ...    NAN    Views 3670


0    miniyoT is a control surface type MIDI controller for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It represents a transport bar from which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)/sequencer software basic playing/recording operations can be initiated and monitored. miniyoT is the iPhone/iPod Touch version ...    1 MB    Views 968

Running Non Stop

+4    Make your morning running even more entertaining with Running NonStop This application will be following your jogging, controlling the time of your running and resting with the help of music Enjoy the playlist of prerecorded compositions to match with your ...    81 MB    Views 6971
+5    The Zoo released to pets, animals and have gone mad, just want to run and run, by this endless adventure full of dangers and obstacles, you will have boxes surprises to help you on this adventure animals running around town ...    47 MB    Views 6675
music workout running apple gps spring movement https
+10    The world's first music service for exercise. Spring makes running and walking easier by helping you match your movement to the rhythm of the music. Run or walk faster and further with the same effort when you use Spring to synchronize ...    NAN    Views 4391


audio running recording recorder device ios streaming file iaa network stream
+10    Audreio is an elegant solution for connecting devices in your music making process. Stream and record full bandwidth audio between iOS devices or iOS and desktop DAWs (running Audreio AU plugin). No audio interface needed. Using your existing router over the ...    3 MB    Views 8525
iphone running coins cute run game super exciting jumping
+1    "These CLABS are at it again, running, jumping and clashing Chevy, Miny and Terror Cute litte angelic babies we all love them. But these ones are special. With a glint in their mischievous eyes and a grin or grimace, they ...    43 MB    Views 4616
+2    Once set BPM to play songs, you can run with your favorite playlists at the uniform tempo. This app also measures your running log such as distance, time, calories and paces, so this app supports your runninglife entirely Do you feel ...    9 MB    Views 1460

ChorusDS HD

media running linn server control present playlist
+1    Control Point for Linn DS products. ChorusDS works with all current Linn DS equipment running Cara 6 or later. It provides control over the Playlist, Radio Stations and where a preamp is present will provide source and volume selection. It is ...    2 MB    Views 6328


running application record machine server stop support reason
+24    The dashMIDI application enables the control of Propellerhead Reason and Propellerhead Record over a WiFi network. If you've ever wished that you could start and stop recording without having to run over to your computer, this is the app for ...    114 kb    Views 5055

Opera Magazine

running issues issue subscription current page tap device sync subscriptions pages
-8    Recently described (in The Daily Telegraph) as ‘the bible of the industry’, OPERA has been the world’s leading commentator on the lyric stage for almost 60 years. The free Opera application includes access to selected pages from the current issue. Within ...    3 MB    Views 9336


software iphone running midi applications ipod mac folder application
-6    WiFiMIDI is a remote keyboard, drum pad and controller for MIDI. You can send MIDI signals to your MIDI compatible applications on your mac : GarageBand, Reason… Your iPhone or iPod need to be on the same WiFi network than the Mac ...    5 MB    Views 3414


running text remote streamer user simulator network buttons settings swiping current
-4    MRSim is a m:remote simulator that lets you control your m:streamer in the local network via iOS devices. It simulates m:remote behavior but requires a readily set up and running m:streamer (as connection is made via network and not via ...    1016 kb    Views 8927

Hype Alarm

music time clock playing sleep running alarm hype backup alarms internet songs
0    Hype Alarm is a free alarm clock for iPhone. While you sleep, Hype Alarm figures out what songs are trending on music blogs. It wakes you by playing the hottest tracks. Hype Alarm was designed never to skip a beat. It ...    2 MB    Views 9725


running media music web linn firmware control http digital players
+5    Please do not purchase this application, buy Konductor'12 instead; it's a lot cheaper This app is only in the AppStore to allow people who don't want to upgrade to Konductor'12 to continue to receive bug fixes. Thanks. Konductor'11 allows you to control your ...    NAN    Views 8733
Related Apps music driving running screen player swipe tap song finger shuffle
+14    Whether you are running, driving, walking or cycling, Firefly Music Player is the perfect music App. The Firefly Pro Music Player is controlled by gestures to make controlling your music player easy. This promotes safe driving, makes it easier to control ...    743 kb    Views 3384
+1    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Make your morning running even more entertaining with Running Non Stop Pro This application will be following your jogging, controlling the time of your running and resting with the help of music Enjoy the playlist of prerecorded ...    76 MB    Views 9899
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-3    Get ready for an awesome line runner in the dark world. Run your way through the variety of fun and challenging obstacles.. This game is a complete action packed line running game. Keep control over the running character. So run as ...    15 MB    Views 3869
running gorgeous track entertaining skills
+23    The most beautiful and sizzling Angelina is here to entertain you the most So enjoy this amazing and new exciting game “Angelina Cheers Entertaining And Gorgeous Cheerleader ”. Practice your running skills to run through your track but yes at ...    18 MB    Views 1092


Related Apps iphone running ipad facebook dhol connect play device ipod screen devices
0    For all the Bhangra fans around the world, you can now play the Dhol on the go on your iPhone or iPod Touch using DholE. Dhol is a musical instrument played in the Asian subcontinent especially in the northern part of ...    6 MB    Views 4645


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-7    This application helps you find all the information that you need during the current Widspread Panic US tour. iTour.phish uses the iPhone's location technology to get you to the venue safely, as well as help locate nearby hotels, restaurants, gas ...    10 MB    Views 8358


tour running music videos twitter tickets itour venue phish seating charts review
-8    Thank you for your interest in iTour.rhead (formerly known as iTour.radiohead). We will update the tour date information whenever new shows are announced This application helps you find all the information that you need during the current Radiohead North American tour. ...    10 MB    Views 3212

-8 is a distractionfree way to keep track of your current pace, while running, walking, or cycling. will increase or decrease the tempo of your music, relative to your current speed. 1. Pick a song from your Music collection. 2. ...    741 kb    Views 3421

Konductor for iOS 5

running media music web linn firmware http control digital support
-3    Konductor allows you to control your Linn Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS, Sekrit DSI or Sneaky Music DS from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Konductor was designed from the ground up to control the complete range of Linn Digital ...    NAN    Views 364

Audiobus Remote

apps ipad iphone music running audiobus remote controls compatible devices mini
-1    With Audiobus Remote, transport your Audiobuscompatible music apps’ controls onto a second iPad or iPhone: it’s a second screen for your Audiobus session, powered by Bluetooth LE and Apple's iBeacon technology. Audiobus Remote requires iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, ...    20 MB    Views 5325

Emo Radio

0    Do you love Emo music? If so, you've got the best app. This is 1 Emo Radio app. While running this app, you can use your phone for other apps and radio will be running on background. It requires Internet connection to ...    4 MB    Views 1166

Musicmotion Running

iphone running music fitness compatible pace bpm cadence tempo
-7    Your music and your pace are finally synched. Musicmotion seamlessly synchronizes your favorite songs to match your pace and motivate you to go further, faster, better. Running with a suitable music tempo will help you increase your fitness level and get ...    17 MB    Views 8831

Walking Player

Related Apps music running person library tempo walking original player list play playback range
+18    Walking Player v1.11 does not support iOS9 . If you are using iOS9, please wait until the next release. The person who has already used Walking Player , please refrain from update to iOS9. About the latest correspondence situation , please refer I'm sorry ...    2 MB    Views 5142
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+14    Do you need a wireless headphones for watching movies or listening to music without disturbing your family or roommates? With AudioIn, you'll never hear them tell you to "turn the volume down" ever again AudioIn can turn your iPhone/iPod Touch ...    267 kb    Views 3036
music workout running apple gps spring subscription account movement unlimited month
-2    The world's first music service for exercise. Spring makes running and walking easier by helping you match your movement to the rhythm of the music. Featured by Apple as Best New App and Best New Health & Fitness App. Recommended by ...    56 MB    Views 2321


running music songs song run don click skip
+20    runPod will make you fall in love with Music and Running all over again What is runPod? Think of it as the DJ that plays music just for you while you run, based on your own personal cadence. runPod listens to your ...    7 MB    Views 3221
Related Apps ipad running control studiolive mixer series remote wireless channel network geq page
-8    SL RemoteAI for iPad provides remote control of nearly all of the mixing functions of PreSonus StudioLive™ AIseries mixers. SL RemoteAI connects wirelessly to any StudioLive AIseries mixer on the same wireless network, freeing the sound person to move around ...    36 MB    Views 5978


music history library running home devices ios songs youtube sources
0    Together we are loud Enjoy music together: Seedio connects multiple iOS devices to create one perfectly synchronized loudspeaker. Play songs from your Music Library and from YouTube (more sources to be added in the future). Broadcast (seed) music to other iOS ...    4 MB    Views 3234
music running blog bpm minute run 180 beat step volume
+3    Reduce your risk of injury when running. Run faster AudioStep helps you to run consistently by running to the beat of all your music. AudioStep analyzes your music and adjusts the tempo on the fly. The pitch does not change. No ...    4 MB    Views 7216
running news pace access device push
+2    Pusher will analyse your running gait and automatically pace your tempo up. Used at best in your back pocket controlled from your wrist by your Apple Watch. Once your device fastened and calibrated, Pusher helps you stabilize your pace and gait by ...    18 MB    Views 2595


+14    Watch HOWTO video: Stream synced music from your iOS device using any compatible digital media player This includes your Playstation 3, Xbox 360, DirecTV HD DVR, Windows Media Player, WDTV Live, Bluray players, TVs, and many more === HOWTO === 1. Make ...    2 MB    Views 4805


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+5    Review "Perfect for both onthefly adventure and advance tour planning, iTour is the touring companion that has been begging to be made since Phish and iPhones collided." Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts in a review of iTour.phish This application helps ...    10 MB    Views 8525

The Wire

ipad running issue subscription page current issues tap sync subscriptions device wire
0    The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and nonmainstream musics. Although The Wire is a London based publication, it serves an international readership. The iPad/iPhone edition brings you selected ...    3 MB    Views 218


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+21    This application helps you find all the information that you need during the current Dave Matthews Band tour. iTour.dmb uses the iPhone's location technology to get you to the venue safely, as well as help locate nearby hotels, restaurants, gas ...    10 MB    Views 7827


running monitor ipad mixer mix control firmware channels version sources assign
+11    QuYou release V1.70 This version is for Qu mixers running V1.7 firmware. QuYou is a personal monitor mixing app for the Qu mixer giving you customised control of your own monitor mix on stage using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It ...    4 MB    Views 8018
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-4    Streaming music player for iPhone/iPod/iPad Stream all Your music directly from home PC using Your home wireless network. No need to sign up at some 3rd party servers. INTRODUCTION Wstreamer application lets You stream Your music files directly from Your PC computer. All You need ...    2 MB    Views 1698

Caveman Feast Run

running run game obstacles kill fun reach
-4    Description: Caveman Feast Run is exciting running game where lonely caveman has to travel through the wild to reach his Meat. Help Caveman Run and Jump and kill some tigers mammoths and dinosaurs to reach his food. Feed some meat ...    19 MB    Views 4069

PlayOn Mobile

video iphone running watch server mobile online channels free
-2    This app requires that you have PlayOn Media Server running on your PC. You can get it at PlayOn has received praise from Money Magazine, CNET, The New York Times, and more. PlayOn Mobile on your iPhone or iPad, paired ...    1 MB    Views 830


running devices
+3    This application scans the network for MediaMatrix nodes running Kiosk2Go, and presents a list of all the Kiosk2Go devices. You can tap a device to open Kiosk2Go full screen, in Safari or in Chrome. See the help page in the app ...    817 kb    Views 7124


ipad running jazz issues page subscription issue current tap device subscriptions
+15    Jazzwise, the UK's biggest selling jazz monthly and the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe, has changed the way jazz magazines look and think with a stunning editorial and design package that reaches out to both the new jazz ...    3 MB    Views 5296

Biker player

gps time running language player remote speed intervals set distance
+3    Biker player is a simple music player for distance sports like biking, running, walking, or just going to work. It has a voice feedback feature with time, elapsed time, distance, speed, average speed which can be controlled with the remote. You can hear ...    4 MB    Views 7821
camera love running ipad 360 slash full studio cameras
+1    Experience Apocalyptic Love as never possible before in the studio with Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators The Slash 360 app brings you into the studio with Slash, Myles and the Conspirators, along with producer Eric Valentine, as they play ...    138 MB    Views 7739


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-3    Updated with the newly announced Winter Carnival dates This application helps you find all the information that you need during the current String Cheese Incident US tour. iTour.sci uses the iPhone's location technology to get you to the venue safely, as ...    10 MB    Views 9582
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+24    MoovMe is a music player designed for running, that chooses songs to play from your library, based upon your tempo, how energetic the song is, or the song's speed. I created this app because every time I went running my iPod ...    4 MB    Views 1939
Related Apps iphone time apple running garageband mac adjust control track ipod touch
+14    Use your iPhone or iPod touch to remote control GarageBand on your Mac gbXRemote works only with the current Apple GarageBand for Mac (the version that has been available since October, 2013). It does not work with earlier versions of ...    5 MB    Views 8876
time guitar running music home moon dance blues song fingerstyle tracks man
-8    Fingerstyle guitar is the technique of playing the guitar by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to fingers, as opposed to flatpicking (picking individual notes with a single plectrum called a flatpick). Fingerstyle Guitar Music at ...    667 MB    Views 6412
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+12    The pioneer and biggest rock festival in Malaysia celebrating our local heroes 13 years running and still going strong, Rock The World is a major household name to music fans of Malaysia's rock scene. Born in 2000, Rock The World has grown ...    7 MB    Views 8226


music ipad home house running download version play including
-2    WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU HAVE A CASATUNES MUSIC SERVER AND YOU HAVE INSTALLED CASATUNES VERSION 5 OR LATER. NOTE: If you are running iOS 8 or later, please download the CasaTunes App. You should only download ...    2 MB    Views 1558

GLD Remote

running ipad remote console control firmware channel version tempo mixing sound
+5    This version is for GLD systems running V1.5 firmware. We recommend that you disable any automatic updating to avoid unexpected incompatibility with the firmware version your mixer is running. GLD Remote is an engineer’s mixing tool providing wireless mobile control for the ...    4 MB    Views 9634
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+16    Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Let your music push you to the limits Keep your focus on the training and Runify will take care of the music. Runify matches music from your Spotify ...    13 MB    Views 7242


running music system step sweep process listener listening
+12    We are proud to introduce the new Cardas Clarifier App for iPhone. The Cardas Clarifier delivers a unique experience that you can use to impress your friends and make your enemies green with envy. Running this app periodically will degauss, and ...    7 MB    Views 4527
running sound control playback computer copy tap remote events
+7    Sound Byte Control lets you control a copy of Sound Byte running on a remote computer from your iPad. Now you can run Sound Byte for all your sound clip playback needs, without being tied down to your desktop or ...    698 kb    Views 2879

Seedio Free

music history library running home devices ios songs sources youtube broadcast
+21    This is the free version of Seedio. It allows you to receive seeded songs at any time and to broadcast (seed) songs for 10 minutes every hour. Download the full version to enjoy unrestricted seeding Additional music sources ...    4 MB    Views 8366
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